Thursday, February 14, 2013

Detroit Woman Chaunta Davis dead, child shot after by posing officers: How Black Women Should Protect Themselves?

This is not the first time, we are hearing about burglars posing as police officers in Detroit. This is the the latest trick, thieves are using to rob from innocent citizens like this 35-old-victim who was gunned down in her own home. For you black women whom reside in Detroit or elsewhere, you need to learn how to use precaution, if ever you are faced with this sort situation. 

This tragedy was so bad, the dead woman's little sister is injured from gun shot wounds.  Black women of this era must be learn how to outsmart burglars whom try to pretend they are police officers.  Please realize, just because someone claims to be a police officer and they are shouting for you to answer the door, it does not mean you have to open the door.  We believe some residents fall for this trick, because they never think they are the next victim and if someone is pounding on your door and shouting police, it is an instant impulse is to submit to authority. However, it is time to change how you react when someone claims to be a police officer.  

Here is what you do to avoid burglars, trying to break into your home:

If you don't have a phone, because you cannot afford a monthly bill, please purchase a prepaid cell phone. As we all know, on a prepaid cell phone, we can't dial 911, so always keep the regular number to the police station in sight, at all times.

 If someone is claiming to be a police officer and you cannot see them, do not open the door, immediately call police. 

Always immediately call 911 whenever someone is claiming to be a police officer, no matter how much they shout and pound on your door. The longer you keep these suspects waiting, your neighbors will look out and see they are imposters and they will indeed run off if they know they are being watched. Of course, the operator will ask expect you to have a reason for calling.  Therefore, if it is your gut feeling these are posing police officers, then you should always say there is a burglary.  

Make friends with a neighbor across, so they can look out of their front window and see who is at your door.  If they have a phone, they can always call police.  

Get an alarm system, because if ever burglars break into your home, it will scare them away.  

Get a peephole placed in your door, but it is better to call police first, before approaching the door.  

Make sure you have a couple of bolted locks or more on your front and back door and always get locks placed on your windows.   

Put up a sign in front of your home and let them know, you have video cameras, although you may not afford to buy them.   For example:  If you put up a sign that says:  'Anyone who comes to this house is being recorded on video.  If you are trying to break in, your identity will be seen by police.' They have no choice but to leave, because that is alleged evidence.   

Get a few guard dogs to protect your home, inside and out in the backyard.

We hope this could be of some help to you, if not, please contact police and ask them how you should use precaution. 

May Chaunta Davis, rest in peace and we are praying for her little sister.

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Fox 2 News Headlines 

Woman dead, child shot after men break into Detroit home posing as officers

 By Fox 2 News Staff

DETROIT (WJBK) -A shooting has left a woman dead and a child injured after men broke into a home on Detroit's west side.

Investigators say the home invasion happened around 3 a.m. Wednesday in the 14900 block of Marlowe Street. As many as three men entered the...Read full article, here.

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