Tuesday, February 19, 2013

City of Atlanta to pay $45K after supervisor allegedly calls employee 'angry black woman'

In the 21st century, a white supervisor called a subordinate, 'an angry black woman.'   This is why we are very tired of some whites, claiming there is no such a thing as racism.   After the Trayvon Martin case and other racial discrimination cases that have been in the media, we are certainly not surprised of any racial discrimination lawsuits against any city in America. 

As we've mentioned before sisters, it seems to some degree we are going back in time.  There maybe more diversity in this country, but racism seems to still be very prevalent across the nation.  In the city of Atlanta, which is a black dominated place, we would never expect for this to occur, but this only shows that racism exist there like anywhere else.

The identified employee will get a check for the amount of $45,000.  Although, the city supervisor seemed to allegedly complain it will cost taxpayers money, this woman deserves every penny of it.  Whomever she is, in the meantime we will keep her in our prayers.

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City to pay $45K after supervisor allegedly calls employee 'angry black woman'

 By Morse Diggs, FOX 5 reporter

 ATLANTA - A racially-charged phrase allegedly uttered by an Atlanta city supervisor will cost taxpayers money.

A Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport supervisor allegedly called a female employee an "angry black woman." The exchanged was witnessed by...Read full article, here.


Source, Photo and Video:MyFoxAtlanta.com




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