Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Black Women, You Don't Need a Sugar Daddy to Pay for College and other Expenses

We want to forewarn some of you sisters whom are seeking for a sugar daddy while in college and/or just want him to take care of your expenses, to be an independent woman.   In our opinion, it does not make sense for Della Williams to attend college, if she is going to be an alleged 'kept woman.'   If you desire to become a successful in life, trust God and use your own abilities to gain wealth, not depending on a sugar daddy to give it to you.

Black Women, this is a forewarning for many of you whom may not know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, too many women or all races are coming up dead.   We have heard many stories on reality television about mistresses, kept women, prostitutes and strippers whom were found dead, all because they chose to get money the fast way and spent time with the wrong person.    God created you with a mind and for those of you whom have low self-esteem, you need to start praying for God to give you confidence in yourself to not seek for a man to give you wealth.   Start thanking God for the mind He has already given you and praise Him for your ability to accomplish whatever you desire in life, although you may not have it yet.  In the Word of God, Philippians 4:13, it says: 'I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.'  It does not matter how long it takes for you to reach your financial goals, the Bible says He gives you strength to achieve all things, which He approves of, that is.   If you do not have money for your education, do not seek a Sugar Daddy, because when you do so, you are not depending on God as your Daddy, above the father who may have left you when you were very young  Many of us black women did not have a father growing up and some of us were even disowned while our mothers were carrying us in their wombs.   However, God told us in Romans 1:20, 'we are without excuse.'

Sisters, if you do not know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and you need Him to teach you how to make a fortune instead of possibly putting yourself in harm's way, please go straight to our Salvation page.   Salvation is free, you don't have to pay for it and it is very much a privilege and thank God for that.

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