Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Black Women, Sylvia Ennis miraculously survives a tree limb entering her body

God is certainly a miracle worker, Sylvia Ennis was impaled by a tree limb, which went straight through her abdomen, but she's still alive.  When God wants you to live, you will not die and Ennis's testimony is for all of you black women whom are enduring any health or personal issue, most people would not survive.   Sisters, could you imagine driving down the road and all of a sudden a tree goes straight through your body? 

After you watch this video, if you have ever doubted God, we would like for you to repent, because there is nothing too hard for Him to do.    For those of you whom do not believe in God, possibly you're atheists, if He does not exist, then why did this woman survive a tree limb going straight through her body when she could have died?  There are some black women whom proudly boast about being atheists these days, please realize you did not come into this world by yourself and it is God that works miracles in your life once you surrender to Him.  

If you do not know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, please go straight to our Salvation page and humbly ask Him to come into your life.   Jesus loves you so much and wants you to know how real He is.   The same miracles he performed many years ago, He's still doing them today, He just wants us all to serve and trust Him.  God bless you dear sisters and welcome to the body of Christ.

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Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5

Woman impaled by tree limb makes miracle recovery

By Aungelique Proctor, FOX 5 reporter

ATLANTA-Doctors at Grady Memorial Hospital call a Conyers woman's recovery a miracle.  They expect 50-year-old Sylvia Ennis to make a full recovery after a 4-foot long tree branch impaled her the day after a heavy rain in January.

Ennis, who is the clinical business manager at Emory School of Medicine, was driving on Clifton Road in Druid Hills last month...Read full article, here.


Source, Photo and Video:MyFoxAtlanta.com



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