Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Black Women, Shooting victims` mothers meet First Lady Michelle Obama in D.C.

Sisters, no other first lady in the country probably has done what First Lady Michelle Obama has done.   She not only welcomed the parents of Hadiya Pendelton, but she also welcomed other mothers who lost their children to gun violence.   We are so glad to see the Obama's showing more love to the black community, especially after the latest tragedy of Pendelton occurred right in their previous neighborhood of Kenwood in Chicago.

Now, it gives us much pride as black women to have a first lady who is very concerned about the crime that has effected all mothers in this nation across America.   At the State of the Union Address in D. C., we saw mothers holding up pictures of their children whom died to gun violence, it was an awesome sight to remember.

We are very sure the parents of Hadiya Pendelton felt very blessed to be comforted by First Lady Michelle Obama, including Mr. President, himself.   This is going to help them in the grieving process, but just think about it, if this had of occurred when any of the other (white) presidents were in office, those previous first ladies would have never showed any concern or remorse for the deaths of shooting victims within the black community, just for their own kind.

May all of the shooting victims rest in peace.

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EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Shooting victims` mothers meet first lady in D.C.

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) -
Hadiya Pendleton's murder has come to signify the ongoing violence gripping Chicago, but as the president has said in his State of the Union address, it's one of too many family tragedies nationwide.

Several people whose lives have been shattered by gun violence will be watching from the packed House gallery as President Barack Obama....Read full article, here.

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