Thursday, February 21, 2013

Black Women, School kids ‘act out’ slavery in Alabama classroom

Sisters, let us seriously ask you this question, 'how would you feel if your child was told to get on a table and pretend to be auctioned off in slavery and the slave masters were his or her light skinned class mates?'  Wouldn't it make you feel less of a person? Jamelle Young's son will remember this for the rest of his life, because after being asked to get on the table in front of the class, he along with others were told to go home and ask their parents how they would it feel if they were auctioned off today.  Could you imagine sisters, in the 21st century your child coming home asking you something like that?

You see, this is why there is so much division between dark and light skinned people, many times darker skin African Americans are put into a situation as though they are inferior to other light skinned blacks and this starts off when they are just kids.  Now, we usually don't touch this subject, because we are so tired of it keeping us in spiritual bondage and we realize the shade issue was invented by Satan many centuries ago.  This reminds of stories from black history that discussed how white slave-masters had the lighter skinned (mulatto) individuals up in the big house while the dark skinned slaves were out in the fields picking cotton.  We hate to be honest, but we have seen that same sort of mentality among many African Americans, in the family as well as within the black church.  As you know black women, this shade issue is an ancient demon and no wonder, there are many African Americans whom would rather just not deal with being around their own kind, too much painful division that is control by some white supremacists and carried on by some black people.    

As for the teacher making his or her young students act out slavery in class, we feel it could have been the a way of causing them to be inferior, if he or she is white.  If  this teacher is black, there is a great possibility she does not like herself.   As for this identified teacher requesting for her young students to ask their parents how they would feel to be auctioned off today is clearly as sign that times are trying to reverse back to the days before we were equal within our society.  Therefore black women, it pays to be seek God, so demonic powers that work through some people whom feel they are superior will not have any power over us.  This case is a spiritual matter, just like the one we revealed to you yesterday about the sign that was put up in a hospital to stop a black nurse from caring about a white baby in Flint, MI.   

How do we handle the times seeming to reverse back before the civil rights movement?   Simply commit our souls to Jesus Christ and be willing to love for God as holy women, set a part from the world.  If you would like for Christ to be the ruler of your life, please go straight to our Salvation page, now.  God bless.

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School kids ‘act out’ slavery in Alabama classroom 

An Alabama mother says she's outraged after a teacher allegedly asked her to child to act out a slave auction during a kindergarten class on slavery.

"He said he didn't want to get on the table at the auction block," mom Jamelle Young...Read full article, here.
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