Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Black Women, Police looking for Estranged husband Dondrelle Moultire in shooting death of his wife

Sisters, this is a very sad case that reveals a possible homicide of an estranged husband who killed his wife when she sat in the driver's seat in her driveway.   Police are now looking for the estranged husband of Melanie McQueen-Moultrie who is responsible for the deadly shooting of his late wife.  Allegedly, he is suspected of driving a teal Silverado truck that pulled up along side of her car and fired several shots. 

If Dondrelle Moultire is guilty of murdering his wife, no doubt, he had a murdering demon in him all along.  That's why we always try to discourage you sisters from being so quick to get in a relationship with a man, you don't know what's in him.   Sisters, demons are very real and although, a man may look good so you, he could have a very ugly soul.  There have been so many times, we have heard some black women talk about how fine a man is who laid eyes on her, but hardly ever do we hear them describe if he is holy or if he has been cleansed by the blood of the Lamb.  This is why it is so very important to for you to be saved, not saying our sister Melanie was not a child of God, but for the rest of you sisters, please make sure you are connected to Christ, so you will be protected by His angels.

Look at this ugly picture, this man was a ticking time bomb.   Look at all these shots fired in this front window.  Dondrelle allegedly hated his wife and probably was so jealous of her, he did not want her to have any peace, if she was no longer going to be with him.   There is a reason, she was moving on with her life, just look at the above photo of the car she was sitting in, when he allegedly shot her to death.

Dondrelle Moultire could be Moultrie may be driving a 2008 teal Chevy Silverado, with license plate No. BCQ 8516.

May Melanie McQueen-Moultrie rest in peace.

Also, we pray Dondrelle accepts Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and repents for the murder of his estranged wife.

Sisters,  if you would like for Jesus Christ to come into your life, just simply humble yourself and invite him in.   Many of you do not feel complete without a man, but to be honest with you, your better off, if they are not saved.  Jesus will love you more than any man and will never harm you, in anyway.   If this is you, please go straight to our Salvation page.  God bless you and welcome to the body of Christ.

Watch Video

Watch Video

Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5

Estranged husband sought in woman’s shooting death

ATLANTA — Police are searching for the estranged husband of a woman who was shot and killed outside her home. Atlanta police said Melanie McQueen-Moultrie, 35, was behind the wheel of her car on Emerald Court in southwest Atlanta...Read full article, here. 

Source, Photo and Video: WSBTV.com
Source, Photo and Video:  gadailynews.com


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