Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Black Women, Nurse sues Flint hospital for allegedly fulfilling father's request, 'No African American'

This latest report of a Flint Michigan hospital fulfilling a father's request to refuse a black nurse to care for his child reveals we are definitely going back in time, sisters.  There have been too many racial discrimination cases popping up all over the nation.  This time is a definite proof, the hospital put a sign up for black nurses not to care for a white baby.  

We sincerely hope this African American nurse sues Hurley Medical Center for at least 100 million or more.  Tonya Battle, 49, has been working for this hospital since 1988.   She did not deserve to endure such racial discrimination on the job.   The fact that the baby's father showed a swastika on his arm before hospital officials allegedly chose to put up a sign for black nurses not to touch his baby reveals how much power some people give white supremacists.

Black women, it's time for some of you to stop covering up, just so we can fit in with white people or even marry into their families.   Diversity is fine, but it only has been an advantage to a certain degree.  Racism is still very prevalent in the land of America among black on black crime.

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Fox 2 News Headlines


Nurse sues Flint hospital that allegedly fulfilled father's 'No African American nurse' request

By Fox 2 News Staff

FLINT, Mich. (WJBK) -A hospital in Flint is being sued by one of its nurses over allegations of discrimination. That nurse, who is African American, says officials at Hurley Medical Center fulfilled a father's request that only white nurses take care of his white child.

The lawsuit claims 49-year-old Tonya Battle, who has been with the hospital since 1988, found a note prominently posted on the patient's file...Read full article, here.

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