Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Black Women, Mother, daughter sentenced to prison after kidnapping Houston boy

We cannot understand why some people kidnap babies, when they could just simply adopt.  There is never an excuse for taking someone else's child.  This mother and daughter duo kidnapped an 8-month old boy and held him for 8 years.  Black women, there are too many orphaned children just waiting for someone to love them and take them in.  

The mother in the above photo seems to be humiliated, but she brought it on herself.   Why would you team up with your daughter to kidnap a child?  Even if she did not physically do it, she still knew about it and that's what you call being an accessory to a crime. 

This case just doesn't make sense.  Could you imagine the mother of this young boy in Houston, wondering who kidnapped her child for 8 long years?  This is not the first time we are hearing of a black woman doing something like this in Houston. There was a previous case of a black woman who stole a white baby from a mother and shot the mother to death.   What's wrong with some black women of this era?   One of the main problems, is they need Jesus Christ in their lives.

If you desire for Christ to come into your life, please rush to our Salvation page.  Don't just except him and play around with salvation, you must totally surrender and mean it.

Mother, daughter sentenced to prison after kidnapping Houston boy and holding him for 8 years
SAN AUGUSTINE, Texas — An East Texas jury sentenced two women to prison Tuesday after convicting them of kidnapping a Houston boy when he was 8 months old and hiding him for eight years before he was found.

Gloria Walker was sentenced to 30 years for injury to a child and eight years for kidnapping, to be served concurrently. Her daughter...Read full article, here.

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