Friday, February 8, 2013

Black Women: Judge Wade McCree suspended by Michigan Supreme Court

Sisters, if you have been following the previous articles, regarding Judge Wade McCree, you will recall how he allegedly was caught up in a sex scandal, sending a nude photo to a female court employee then allegedly impregnated a a woman whose child-support case was pending in his court.  Now, Judge Wade McCree has been suspended by the Michigan Supreme Court.  

Black women, this is why we always try to encourage you to live a moral life, according to biblical principles.   Just because a man in power may tempt you into a sexual relationship, it is does not mean you have to accept it.  You must be different than some other women whom are bringing up these accusations against these men in powerful positions, do not ever accept any man's seduction, you're too good for that.  In this era, it is time for black women to be different and not ashamed to avoid any inappropriate propositions.  In order to do so, you need Jesus Christ to lead and guide you to be a positive example for other black women whom are too weak to say, 'no.'  Would you like to be saved and accept Jesus into your life?  If so, you must be willing to be righteous and live completely holy, according to God's Word.  Please rush to our Salvation page, now.  God bless and welcome to the body of Christ.

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Judge Wade McCree suspended by Michigan Supreme Court

 By Fox 2 News Staff

DETROIT (WJBK) - The Michigan Supreme Court has suspended Wayne Co. Circuit Judge Wade McCree without pay effective immediately.

The court order issued Friday comes after FOX 2's Charlie LeDuff reported the censured judge was still being paid $12,000 month, despite being under...Read full article, here.




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