Friday, February 8, 2013

Black Women, Joe Walsh to Protest Michelle Obama For Attending Hadiya Pendleton's Funeral: Shooting happened in Obama's former neighborhood

How dare anyone criticize the first lady of this country for paying respects to Hadiya Pendleton who was shot dead last week?   How dare anyone question or even have the audacity to oppose First Lady Obama for caring about the young life of Hadiya who went to the White House for President Obama's Inauguration before her death?  We tell you black women, we are living in a cold world and it is nothing but alleged racism for Former Rep. Walsh to protest against First Lady Michelle Obama for showing consideration for the late student and her family.

Sisters, we do not know if you have visited our Videos page at Sanctified Church Revolution, but if you have not, there is a testimony of a woman of God, by the name of Minister Mary K. Baxter.   Minister Baxter actually was taken on a tour to hell by our Savior, Jesus Christ and in those eternal flames she saw a minister who Jesus said was there because he was prejudice.   Right now, we rebuke any demon of racism that is coming up against our first lady, Michelle Obama.  As strong black women of God, we also rebuke the weakness of some black people whom will back this man up.   As strong women of God, we rebuke the stubborn demon of racism that is rising up all across this country, while Satan is using some black folks to kill their own kind, just like the killer who gunned down our little sister, Hadiya Pendleton.

May our dear little sister rest in peace, we know Hadiya Pendleton is in a much better place with Jesus Christ.  

Sisters, if you want to make sure you make heaven your home and someday would like to see Jesus first and then Hadiya, please rush to our Salvation page and give your life to Jesus Christ, now.  God bless you and welcome to the body of Christ.

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Joe Walsh Criticizes Michelle Obama For Attending Funeral

By Edward McClellan

Former Rep. Joe Walsh, Tea Party-Ill., is going all Westboro Baptist Church today, protesting the funeral of Hadiya Pendleton, the 15-year-old girl who was shot to death on the South Side nine days after participating in...Read full article, here.

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