Monday, February 4, 2013

Black Women, If you catch Your Husband Cheating with a Transgender Woman, Should you forgive and forget?

Sisters, this subject of catching your husband in the act of adultery with a transgender person or transvestite is not discussed much among us.  However, since it is now somewhat popular in today's society, we must touch on the issue that has separated so many black couples, today.   Therefore, we do not think any black woman should remain married to a man of any race who cheats with a transgender or transvestite person, but you should always forgive.

For some odd reason, in the black culture wants forgiveness to mean putting up with a lot of mess or dealing with a lot of abuse in our lives, we already experienced from years ago, but that's what forgiveness means.  Forgiveness a lot of times means letting go of anyone whom has offended you and/or not even apologized for their offenses.   Yes, you should always forgive your enemies, whether they are your husbands, brothers or even in-laws, but you cannot remain enslaved to them.  So, this brings us to this point, it is very healthy to forgive your husband if he is caught cheating with anyone, including a transgender or transvestite person, but very unhealthy not to release him as your spouse.   This is why we feel it is very necessary to divorce your husband, if he is caught cheating on you with a transgender individual or anyone else, simply because God does not want us enslaved to any sort of painful memory nor does He ever want you to have to feel like you can never measure up to a person your husband has cheated with.  In the Word of God, he told us in Matthew 5:32, 'But I say to you that everyone who divorces his wife, except on the ground of sexual immorality, makes her commit adultery, and whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery.'  Therefore, you can forgive, but you have the right to let go of the marriage in order to forget.   

In our opinion, it is very unhealthy to remained married to any man who cheats with a man who cannot stop committing adultery with women, in general.  In our opinion, we feel you must let them go, because you never know when your husband may give you an STD.   Many of our sisters are no longer here, because they have repeatedly given their bodies to a man who is doggish and did not care anything about them.   Any man who cheats on you and has unprotected sex with other people does not love you.  They contracted AIDS, simply because their husbands were not faithful, in some cases, it only took one time.  If your husband commits adultery with a transgender person, God will not accept his lust in your marriage.  Therefore, do not be a fool to believe you have to remain married to any man who is caught in the act of adultery with a transgender person, a transvestite or any other person.  Be safe and love yourself enough to forgive and let go of your marriage, not unless you choose otherwise.  Of course, we cannot tell you what to do.

It's very sad, in this age, there are more and more black women making a choice to accept their husbands in an open marriage.    God obviously has became obsolete in their lives and this is why He cannot bless many of our sisters, because they have tolerated sin over God's Word.   Yes, it is wonderful to be married for many years, but not enslaved emotionally for so long, when you could have been happily connected to a man He chose for you to marry.  You see, a lot of these men some black women are marrying, God did not give them, even if they married them 20 years ago.  They married them because they chose to do so, but in many cases, God never ordained the marriage, they were joined with their spouses out of lust.  Therefore, just because you may see a black couple married for many years like 15, 20 years or more does not mean it was ever or is approved by God.    God never ordains an open marriage and never expects for any woman to deal with her husband's lustful appetite.

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