Thursday, February 14, 2013

Black women, Family of Hadiya Pendleton`s accused gunman speak out

You see black women, this is the problem, some thuggish guys are protected by their families, no matter what they do to us.   Why is it the culture within the black race to defend those whom mistreat black women?   The nerve of this aunt to even imply her nephew, Michael Ward is a good kid.  Any person whom sprays bullets on innocent victims is evil, he or she is never good.   

We don't feel sorry for this family defending the alleged killer of Hadiya Pendleton, not one bit, because this is one of the reasons why there is still racial discrimination, our race protects those whom are wrong. To be honest with you, it seems like even black women don't care about others sisters whom are hurt mentally, verbally and physically and it is a crying shame.  Some of us black women have been so disrespected by our own kind so bad,we cannot see any hope for unity as a people.    Shame on the alleged killer Michael Ward and shame on his family for painting him out to be a good person.  A young sister is dead, black women.   A black mother lost her baby all because these thugs did not have enough respect to say, 'no' to gun violence.    

Here at Souls of Black Women, we don't pamper thugs whom take the lives of our sisters.    Just like Hadiya Pendleton worked hard in school to be an honor student, Ward and Williams could have done the same thing, there is no excuse and this aunt, Janise Cooper ought to be ashamed of herself.  This is why we have it so hard as black women, because there are some ignorant females whom will defend our enemies, no matter what. We hurt to the extreme, day and night and we do not get enough support from enough black women, that's the problem and that's why black people are still suffering although we have a black president. Many of our people oppress each other and don't care how they hurt other people whom look like them.  If we as black women cannot do better as a whole, then blame those whom defend thugs like Michael Ward and his accomplice.   May God have mercy on Janise Cooper and her family's soul.

Now, look at Michael Ward's record, are you going to say he's a good kid?   No good kids do this type of stuff.  Good kids are honor students like our late little sister, Hadiya Pendleton.   Shame on this family for defending their relative who is an alleged killer. 

May Hadiya Pendleton rest in peace and we are praying for her parents, family and friends, including the ones whom were in the park that day who witnessed the fatal tragedy.  Furthermore, we sincerely hope Michael Ward and Williams repents for what they have done.

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Family of Hadiya Pendleton`s accused gunman: We`re torn apart too 

 By Larry Yellen, FOX 32 News Legal Analyst

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) -Family members of the man accused of shooting Hadiya Pendleton spoke out on his behalf Wednesday.

Janise Cooper is the aunt of Michael Ward, the 18-year-old South Side suspect accused of spraying six bullets into a group of high school teens, killing 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton and..Read full article, here.

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