Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Black Women, did Florida ex-cop mean to shoot his own son dead?

Sisters, by looking at this entire video caption of this ex-cop in Florida, we honestly do not think he can claim self-defense.  It seems like Tom Davis, Sr. was ready to shoot to kill when he went straight to his car, took out his gun and charged toward his own son.   Now, as black women, we have to admit some young black men can be very disrespectful toward their mothers, but as a black father, he should have been able to handle him without using a gun.

Allegedly, Davis had his camera set up to capture the chilling moment of the dispute; however, the evidence could work in favor for the prosecuting attorney in the case.  In other-wards, Mr. Davis could have set himself up to spend the rest of his life in prison, possibly.  In our opinion, it seems as though, Davis could have had enough of his mouth and was waiting for him to get smart just one more time, so he could plan his defense.   The way he went straight to his BMW to get his gun does appear like he is innocent, but guilty of malicious murder.    However, according to wftv.com, Tom Davis, Sr. saw his son pulling off his shirt as though he was ready to fight and that's when he went for his gun, which could have occurred previous times.  Allegedly, he claims his son had already beat him.  Was it self-defense, black women?

Black women, it is sad to admit, but Tom Davis, Jr. could have still been alive, if he did not have a father.  May God rest his soul and we pray his father repents for the murder he committed against his own son.

Sisters, usually we do not cater to issues that deal with black men, but we felt led to do so, because some of you may feel helpless dealing with your rebellious son(s) and there is no man in the house.  For these issues may arise of either parties are not saved. If you are able to have a decent conversation with your son and you are not saved, maybe the both of you would like to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.   Allow Jesus to be the Father in your son or daughter's life, because as you can see this young man is dead, because of his father's alleged hatred toward him. If this is you, please rush to our Salvation page, now.  God bless and welcome to the body of Christ.

Watch Video
 Watch Video


The moment ex-cop shot his own son dead and claimed self-defense... and video is key evidence in his murder trial

By Daily Mail Reporter

A surveillance video shows the moment a retired police officer in Florida grabbed a gun from his car and shot dead his own son during an argument.

The grainy footage will be key evidence at the murder trial this week for Tim Davis Sr., who is claiming he killed Tom Davis Jr in self defense after the...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo: .dailymail.co.uk

Source and Photo: http://www.wftv.com


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