Thursday, February 14, 2013

Black Women, Dancer who spent $15,000 on butt injections tries to tell another woman to stop

We think it's wonderful another black woman, Vanity Wonder (photo below) is trying to stop this woman, Karmello from being addicted to butt injections.  However, we have forewarned you sisters, time and time again to be grateful the way God has already made you.  Back in the day, we would have never heard of black women getting these illegal or legal procedures, it's happening too often these days, which has led to death, in some cases.

We are not going to waste time on this subject too long black women, for if you have read our previous articles, we have already forewarned you of the risk of getting butt implants.   Therefore, it makes no sense to keep repeating ourselves, just stop it.

This woman nearly lost her life getting these procedures done until two years ago, she almost died of an infection.  Sisters, we know many of you maybe dancers or just don't have a loving mother to tell you, you don't need to add to your rear end, but it makes no sense to die for something that is not beautiful.  Furthermore, your disrespecting God by remaking yourself over.  How do you think He feels about you allowing someone to cut or puncture your body in order to make it look different?

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Dancer who spent $15,000 on butt injections tries to cure woman addicted to them

 By Sara Malm

A woman who spent $15,000 on black-market butt injections that nearly killed her, is dedicating her life to saving others from the same fate.

Vanity Wonder, 30, says she is lucky to be alive after becoming addicted to using illegal silicone shots to increase her hips and...Read full article, here.

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