Thursday, February 21, 2013

Black Women, Baltimore Gynecologist Dr. Nakita Levy accused of filming patients Commits Suicide

Sisters, this is a very serious report, we are about to share with you.   First we want to say, we are very sorry to all of our sisters whom had been going to see Dr. Nakita Levy as their gynecologist, some of them for many years. However, we want to inform you, there are some doctors whom enjoy this particular practice, because they want to get aroused by looking inside of their female patients, it's nothing new.  One of our journalists went to see a white female gynecologist back in the 90's and she actually heard the doctor say, 'I can't help myself.'

Black women, someone had reported they found some evidence that directed Dr. Levy's supervisor to investigate what was going on during his visitations.  Whomever the supervisor was at Johns Hopkins Medical Center discovered multiple cameras in Dr. Levy's possessions.  After the doctor was terminated and advised to seek therapy, he went home and committed suicide.  Obviously, he did not know how to deal with being found out and possibly afraid of his patients knowing he had deceived them into thinking he was trustworthy.

Now, we do not know how much evidence are on those videotapes, but we could imagine it would have been enough to convict the Dr. Nakita Levy.  Let us not deny, we have heard of so many other similar cases that got a lot of gynecologists in big trouble.   We also feel this has been going on for a very long time, since it was alleged he had his video cameras set up to film his female patients in different areas in the room.

According to the following report, it was mentioned that this sort of illegal operation of selling gynecologist porn is all over the internet and they are working to put an end to it.

Jessica Wims was a former patient of Dr. Levy and she sounds very upset to discover what he was secretly doing to his patients, she had been under his care for over 10 years.   This is scary black women, just think about all the times we went to see a gynecologist, no telling if they were making money off of filming us, but we have no choice but to leave it in the hands of God. 

As we've mentioned, Dr. Nakita Levy committed suicide, no telling where his soul is, not just for his perverted behavior, but for taking his own life.  In the meantime, our prayers are with all of Dr. Nakita Levy's former patients.

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