Saturday, February 23, 2013

Black Women, Alleged Rebellious Massachusetts boy calls cops to avoid bedtime, not cute

Now, a lot of you modern age black women may think this story is cute.  However, in our opinion, after all the actual tragedies we hear that is taking the lives of our youth at such an early age, it's definitely not cute.  Too many children today are given too much power in their homes and we need to go back to strict discipline when raising our kids.  Thank goodness, Shamayne Rosario is not one of those lenient parents who will not correct their child, after they insist on getting their way.

Sisters, this young boy who called 911 on his mother is not the only alleged rebellious child.  There are so many other children in America whom may use psychology just to get what their way.  However, this story is no laughing matter when we think about all the black kids and teens across the nation who end up kidnapped and murdered for no reason.  Trayvon Martin couldn't even go to the store and buy some skittles and ice tea for a grown man gunning him down in Florida and that was in broad daylight.  There is a reason why parents like Shamayne Rosario tell their children they cannot stay out late.  If Trayvon Martin got murdered in the daytime, what does this kid, Daniel think could happen to him at night? 

There are other kids who have actually called 911 when they do not like corporal punishment, according to the Word of God.  As strong black women of faith, if we desire to reverse the power within our homes, we must pray about this issue.  For this reason, it is unfair for children to rebel and call 911 while we are grieving about how other children are dying from gun violence, racism and gang affiliation.  It is time for them to be taught about the reality of life and it is certainly time for them to recognize who is in authority in the home.  It is not good to become so diverse with other cultures to where we think everything is so cut.  We need to go back to the Word of God and make sure our children know who is the head of the household and why they should honor and obey guidelines.  However, you have to be saved to be able to understand where we are coming from as God-fearing parents.  In Ephesians 6:1, 2, the Word of God says: '1. Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right. 2.Honour thy father and mother; (which is the first commandment with promise'

If you feel your child is ruling the household and you would like Jesus to guide you on how you should raise your child, according to biblical standards, please go straight to our Salvation page now.  Accept Christ into your life black women, because we are living in a dangerous hour and many children are going astray.  However, there is a possibility, there is no fear of God in your home or maybe, you and your children know anything about Christianity.  You need the power of God in your life, so your children will learn how to also live for Christ and also, so you will be able to teach your child respect and not to rebel against your authority.

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Massachusetts boy calls cops to avoid bedtime

A 10-year-old Massachusetts boy called 911 for backup after his mom broke the news that it was time for bed.

Instead of a superhero rescue, the boy was subjected to a lecture.

Dan Davis, of Brockton, Mass., was home from school for the week...Read full article, here.

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