Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Black Women, 43 Year-old Ja Ray stabs 21 year old woman to death and drowned her in a creek

In our opinion, this case steams from alleged child molestation, this deceased 21-year-old victim, Essence Willoughby had no business with this 43-year-old man, Ja (Jay) Ray, because he started going with her when she was just 14-years-old.  Their whole relationship stemmed from a demon of lust, from the start.   Black women, we desire for you teach your daughters after a grown man touches them as a child, not to continue a relationship with him and have his children. 

Allegedly, the family of the dead victim, Willoughby had broken off their relationship, but agreed to go to an AME church service with the father of her two boys.  After church, he took her in the woods where they got into an argument and Ja Ray repeatedly punched Essence in her face and drowned her in the creek, in front of her two sons, very sad sisters.   However, we sincerely feel Essence would still be alive today, if she had of refused to no longer see him, at all. 

This ongoing relationship was a dangerous one for a very longtime,  Ja (Jay) Ray should have been arrested along time ago.   Where was this young woman's family at the time of the alleged child molestation?   Why did they keep quiet from police, when they continued to be together as a couple?   Sisters, this dysfunctional relationship was headed for destruction, when Ray was not arrested when the victim was a young teen.   

Now, we don't know anything about Essence Willoughby's parents, but for some reason, Ja Ray felt he had the right to continue being in a relationship with Essence.   Black women, many times, some of us can recall dating older men when we were younger, because we were looking for a father figure and did not have enough self-esteem, except in this case, this young woman was bound to a man whom allegedly sexually violated her as a child.   We want to encourage you mothers to not allow your daughters to be with a man whom molest them or even an older man, it's unhealthy and immoral in the eyes of God.   Many times, when an older man has sexual relations with a younger woman, it is rooted from the demon of lust, especially when he has already molested her as a child.   God is expecting black women to pay more attention to your daughters whom are raised without a father, because if not, she will always seek love and attention and get hurt in a worst way.

May Essence Willoughby rest in peace. 

Some of you young black women have been seeking love in the wrong people, even some of you elders.  If this is you, we want offer you Salvation.   The only man you are going to receive ultimate love from, is Jesus Christ.  Many times, men in the family dog us and don't even care, even after they know we are disowned by our fathers.   Jesus Christ will be your father and your mother, because many times, even our mothers reject us and some of our sisters end up in a lesbian relationship, because of it.   If this is you dear sister, please go straight to our Salvation page and humbly accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.   God bless you and welcome to the body of Christ.

21, to death and drowned her in a creek as their two young sons watched in horror'

By Daily Mail Reporter

A Kansas City man has been charged Monday with killing his girlfriend as their two young sons watched and wept in terror. 

Jackson County prosecutors charged 43-year-old Ja (Jay) Ray with first-degree murder in the stabbing and drowning of 21-year-old Essence...Read full article, here.

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