Monday, February 18, 2013

Black Women: 2 questioned in fatal shooting, Sister attended Obama's Speech on Violence

Sister, this is an update for the young lady who was just shot in the head, when a bullet was meant for her friend.  This fatal shooting occurred in North Chicago when Janay McFarlane was visiting family and friends.  As we've mentioned in our previous article, this is very sad, after Chicago was just faced with Hadya Pendlton's murder and many more before her.   However, it is also very sad, after McFarlane's sister, Destini Warren attended President Barack Obama's speech on violence, she discovered her sister was shot dead.

Black women are hit with some of the worst tragedies in their lives, even in their youth.   We think it's about time our sisters, wake up and spread the word that we will no longer tolerate violence of any sort, because too many black women of all ages are dying before their time.   It is time we insist on African Americans saying no to crime.  If not, they must take responsibility for what we yet endure with racial discrimination.   We cannot continue to complain about racism and people whom look like us are so quick to cause strife. The journalists of this blog, Souls of Black women say 'enough is enough.'

This is very sad Destini Warren lost her big sister, after she was behind President Barack Obama for his speech in Chicago against violence.   Sisters, just ask yourselves this question 'why is it we are free from slavery, but our very own race continues to try and put us in spiritual bondage with such malicious evil?'   This is something definitely spiritual, when some of our people refuse to accept Christ, there will never be any peace as long as they will follow Satan's agenda, to take over the job of white supremacists from years ago, but in a different way.

In the meantime, we will keep this family in our prayers and may Janay McFarlane rest in peace.

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