Tuesday, January 29, 2013

So Sad Black Women: Murdered Eastpointe mother and owner of Big Top Popcorn's husband in custody

Sisters, this is an update, regarding the mother and business owner of Big Top Popcorn who was found dead in her Eastpointe, MI. home.  Christina Lazzana Webster was found by police when her family told them to go and check on her.  Now, we can connect the dots, they must have felt something very bad had happened to her for them to call police, but we do not know if they suspected her husband, Anthony who is now in custody for his wife's murder. 

A good friend of the Webster's claimed everytime you would see the couple together, it seemed like Anthony really loved Christina.   How many of you sisters know that does not make a difference?  A man can act like you are his queen in public, but when he gets behind closed doors he can treat you much worst.   This seems like this was the case, regarding Anthony and his dead wife, Christina Lazzana Webster.   He must have put on a good act in front of friends, because they are very shocked he would murder his wife and business partner of the Big Top Popcorn. 

Black women, it is a dream to become and entrepreneur with a black man we are so much in love with.   However, some of us can recall our mothers being beat when we were young girls, because our (step)fathers were so jealous of their success and this was back in the day when things were not so easy for our people.  In this age, you do not have to take any mess off any man who has a streak of envy.  You must be very smart and seperate from a man who will give you no peace, because he has low self-esteem.  It does not matter if your husband is black, white, Hispanic or Asian, jealousy against black women is still very real today, but for some reason succeeding while married to black men it is much worst in most cases.  You may ask us why?  Simply, because being in a relationship with a black man just does not work, most of the time, except they be saved and filled with the Holy Spirit.   Therefore, you must love yourself enough to pray for a man who is not a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  You want someone who is going to love you behind closed doors just how people see him loving and respecting you in public.   If not, then you don't need a man, just depend on Jesus to love and care for you, because non one knows how to love you like Him. 

We pray Anthony Webster repents for taking his wife's life, because it's not right to kill anyone.  For Exodus 20:13 says, 'Thou shalt not kill.'  This man may have not ever been charged and convicted of a crime, but evidently he had murder in his heart when Christina married him.

May Christina Lazzana Webster rest in peace.  We are praying for her two children who do not deserve to be raised with out her. 

Sisters, if you feel threatened and you need Jesus to protect you or show you a sign your husband may harm you, go straight to our Salvation page and accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.  Demons are very real sisters and if you do not have the power of God in your life to ward them off, you are in trouble.  This is why it is so very important for you to not only accept Jesus as the ruler of your life, but serve Him, fully.  

For those of you whom are saved and are married to a demon possessed husband we are going to pray for God and His angels to take charge over your household, because the Devil comes to kill, steal and to destroy, but we know, Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly as our Word tells us in John 10:10.  

Father in the name of Jesus, we bring our sisters before you right now.  We humbly submit ourselves to you, because we know you are the answer to any problems we may have in our lives.   We ask you to rebuke demonic forces that try to take away our joy and peace.  Satan, we command you to flee!  Get our of our households, right now.   Lord, we ask you to save the black men who hate us, whether they be our husbands, fiances, sons of friends or any family members, we bind the demon in these men who may try and torment us.   We rebuke you Satan, leave our sisters alone, now!  You cannot have our joy and peace, we belong to God.   Go back to the lake where you came from, right now!  Lord, we just want to praise you, for you are so worthy to be praise and we have faith you are going to handle any problems in our lives.  We thank you and love God.  Amen. 


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Fox 2 News Headlines 

Sources: Murdered Eastpointe mother's husband in custody

By Alexis Wiley
Fox 2 News

EASTPOINTE, Mich. (WJBK) -- Christina Lazzana Webster's husband, Anthony Webster, is being held in connection to her murder, according to sources.  Meanwhile, people we spoke with said he is the last person they would suspect of doing something so awful.

"Every time [you saw] Anthony with Chris, you could see that Chris was the love of his life," said Catherine Green.

46-year-old Anthony Webster turned himself in...Read full article, here.


Source and Photo: MyFoxDetroit.com


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