Friday, January 4, 2013

Congratulations! Mellody Hobson engaged to George Lucas: Black Women Don't Limit Yourself

Souls of Black Women readers, it is time for a celebration, Mellody Hobson is engaged to the creator of Star Wars, George Lucas.   When it comes to getting love, color is irrelevant and we encourage you to no longer limit yourself.   Every time we see this couple in the media, they look happy, something we hardly see among black men and black women in matrimony.   

Sisters, it is time to revolutionize ourselves in the 21st century.   Let us make a choice not to just be happy for Mellody Hobson, but let us be happy for ourselves.  We have had enough pain as black women, feeling left behind and mistreated by most black men who do not value us.   Many of our fathers abandoned us in our mother's wombs, our brothers resent us for having a different father or being the image of our mothers and most black men in the black community do not appreciate us while degrading our beauty.     

Do you have your glass of grape wine?  Shall we give a toast to Mellody Hobson's engagement to George Lucas?

George Lucas, Mellody Hobson Engaged: 'Star Wars' Director, Businesswoman Set To Marry

 By Kiki Von Glinow

HuffPost Celebrity can report that filmmaker George Lucas and his girlfriend of seven years, businesswoman Mellody Hobson, are engaged.

The famed director, 68, and his longtime partner and president of a big-time Chicago-based investment management firm, Ariel Investments LLC, 43, are no strangers to showcasing their relationship in the spotlight. The pair are often...Read full article, here.




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