Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Celebrity News: T-Boz Was Told She would not live Past 30

Beloved sisters, God is a healer and T-Boz proves it through her testimony.  Not too often do we hear of black celebrities sharing their testimonies of healing and faith, T-Boz is 42 years old and has no shame about being a miracle. T-Boz whose real name is Tionne Watkins was told she would not live past 30 years old, according to

T-boz has been through the worst trials when it comes to health issues, she was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia when she was only 7 years old and throughout her life doctors told her she would never bear children, fought a brain tumor or even lost her sight and hearing, but she's still here at 42 years old. 

We want to encourage you black women to have faith in God, no matter what your health issues are, even if you have been diagnosed with AIDS. T-Boz is not sharing her testimony for no reason, she is sharing her testimony to help many of you whom maybe in a similar situation.   Many of you sisters, may have given up on life, just because you have not been spiritually perfect, but God is a loving and forgiving God.   It does not matter about your past mistakes, He is able to heal you and keep you living like T-Boz.  T-Boz did not make it to 42 years old by herself, she is here because God loves her and He still works miracles.   

Often times, we do not have testimonies of faith and courage to share with you when we are talking about a celebrity, but this time, God made it possible for T-Boz to share hers.  

Sisters, if you do not know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior or just walked away from God, we invite you to go straight to our Salvation page and humbly accept Him into your life.   Maybe you do not have a health crisis, but-you are emotionally distressed and it seems like no one cares, God can heal your emotions, no matter the atmosphere you live in, from day to day.   If you are already saved, we want you trust God to heal you, there is nothing too hard for our Lord Jesus Christ to do.

T-Boz brings reality to TV

By Alan Duke, CNN
Los Angeles (CNN) -- Reality for TLC's T-Boz has been a challenge, starting at age 7, when she was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia.

"I was told I wouldn't live past 30, I would be disabled my whole life and I would never become a mother," T-Boz, a member of one of the most successful girl groups ever...Read full article, here.

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