Monday, January 28, 2013

Celebrity News: Murdered NBA Player Lorenzen Wright’s Ex-Wife allegedly spends $1 Million insurance payout In 10 Months

As Lorenzen Wright, the NBA player's death goes unsolved for over two years, there are questions about his ex-wife's spending spree, allegedly.   We do not know if you recall, but Wright's decomposed body was found in the woods, someone had shot him to death.  Therefore, it cannot be understood why his ex-wife spent up the life insurance payout, which is probably why police suspect Sherra Robinson Wright could have something to do with NBA celebrity's death.

Do you recall, Lorenzen Wright's personal assistant allegedly admitting there were death threats, if he was ever caught fooling around with another woman?  According to Married People Problems, a woman by the name of Wendy Wilson, the former personal assistant, has indicated that Lorenzen Wright knew about the recordings and asked her to keep them.  It would be very interesting to hear those recordings, but it could be sealed by investigators.  It seems like it's matching up with the information we previously read on Straight From the A, Lorenzen Wright’s girlfriend Alexis Bradley, posted a photo of the two of them together on Facebook page on July 18th, just one day before he was reported missing.  However, there is a twist to his murder, because there was some court documents discovered by  detailing a transaction between Lorenzen Wright and an admitted associate of accused Memphis drug kingpin Craig Petties.  So, we really do not know if Sherra Wright has do anything to do with his murder, but it is really strange how she was so quick to spend up the insurance money, which should have been spent on caring for all six of his children, according to the deceased NBA celebrity's family, allegedly.  Furthermore, if he did have something to do with the drug kingpin, it's very sad, because bad connections could mean a short life. 

May Lorenzen Wright rest in peace and we pray police get down to the bottom of who killed him.

Lorenzen Wright’s Ex-Wife Spent $1 Million Insurance Payout In 10 Months

Many people including the police believe Sherra Robinson Wright was somehow involved in her ex-Husband’s former NBA player Lorenzen Wright’s death. If she was trying to get people to believe she wasn’t, her actions after receiving Wright’s $1 million life...Read full article, here.

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