Thursday, January 31, 2013

Celebrity News: Cissy Houston On Oprah About Whitney Gay Rumors

We think it is a wonderful thing there are still some righteous black women of morals and values in an era when immorality is widely accepted.    Cissy Houston honestly and bluntly opens up about her thoughts regarding the speculation of Whitney Houston's previous lesbian relationship with Robin Crawford.  We love and respect Cissy Houston, but some of us black women may have never tried lesbianism if our mothers would have love and paid more attention to us, not saying this is the case with Cissy and her late celebrity daughter.   

Sisters, it is a reality some black women may turn to being in a lesbian relationship women, because they lack their mothers understanding or may not like their mothers catering to their sons while caring more for their daughter in-laws.  Now, this may not be the case with Whitney Houston if she ever was allegedly gay, but for some other black women it is very true.   Furthermore, we noticed Cissy Houston, allegedly claiming Robyn was not as kind and did not like her daughter spending time with her, but honestly, if it was not going to be Robyn in that time of the late celebrity's life, it possibly would have been another woman; for this reason, there are more alleged black lesbians in this world than Robyn.   Also, we feel Robyn could have saved Whitney's life, because Cissy went on to allegedly admit, she was the one whom informed her of Whitney's drug use.  Therefore, if Robyn would not have said anything, Whitney probably would not have been alive until the age of 48.  So, there was some goodness in Whitney being friends with Robyn, at that time in her life, although she may not have approved her their friendship.  

We were so proud of Cissy, not backing down when Oprah asked her, did she like Bobby Brown, right after she allegedly admitting how she felt about Robyn.  For she did not have to approve of Bobby just because she may not have wanted her daughter to be in an alleged lesbian relationship with Robyn.   When you really love your daughter, you maybe very picky of whom you desire her to be with.

In the meantime, we will keep Cissy Houston in our prayers, we are sure she still misses her daughter, the celebrity superstar of love ballads, Whitney Houston.

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