Friday, January 11, 2013

Celebrity News: Chaka Khan Admits how she lost weight

The news of music celebrity, Chaka Khan losing weight is very encouraging for all of you black women whom may have given up.  Chaka Kahn admits she drank only liquid for a year, that's the secret ladies, according to

Thank goodness for Chaka Khan revealing how she lost weight, not many celebrities will reveal their secret.  However, Chaka Khan seems very down to earth and does not mind helping people.   For many black women, we deal with a lot of stress and food seems to be the first choice to ease the emotional pain.   However, it helps to pay close attention to a miraculous solution that will help us shed pounds, but when we do it, we must be very careful and follow our physician's advice.  God will certainly bless Chaka Khan for sharing how she lost weight, which may save a lot of lives.

Quote Of The Day: Slimmy Trimmy Chaka Reveals Her Diet Secret “Everything I Put In My Mouth For A Year Was Liquid”

By Bossip Staff

Chaka Khan Talks Weight Loss With JET Magazine

Legendary soul singer Chaka Khan has made a few improvements in her life and she is ready to let the new her...Read full article, here.

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