Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Black Women: Woman missing, car she was driving found on Detroit's east side

Tynesha Taylor's mom, Maudie suspect something very bad has happened to her 23-year-old daughter.   The last time she saw her was this past Saturday and allegedly claims she left the house in a good mood.  Now, that her car has been found on Detroit's east side parked in between two abandoned houses, there could be foul play, because the car appeared to be intact, but Taylor was nowhere to be found.  Haven't we heard of similar horrific stories like this one, black women? 

We pray Tynesha Taylor is found safe and very much alive, but there is an evil spirit wandering around Detroit and it has been for sometime now.  It seems as though Satan has plotted some evil men to snatch black women and kill them for no reason, whether they be living a decent life or not.  Those of you whom live in the Detroit area and profess salvation, it is time for you to become prayer warriors and begin binding demonic forces, too many black women have came up missing and found dead.    

We do not know why, but there are some prominent pastors in the area of Detroit whom are just preaching for fame and fortune and they are not encouraging their members to pray on their knees for at least an hour per day.  Back in the good old days of the black church, many of us saved black women can recall when our mothers made us pray and there were mothers in the church whom prayed on their knees for hours, sometimes overnight.  There needs to be a fresh anointing returning not only to the city of Detroit, but all across America where many (black) churches are growing into popular mega ministries.  It is time for the church to do more street witnessing and passing out tracts, instead of just showing off like celebrities in the pulpit while focusing on growing a multimillion dollar corporate ministry.  Then, maybe will finally see black women being able to leave and return home, safe.  

In the meantime, we will be praying for Tynisha to be found safe and very much alive.

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Fox 2 News Headlines 


Woman missing, car she was driving found on Detroit's east side

By Alexis Wiley
Fox 2 News

DETROIT (WJBK) -- Maudie Jordan's 23-year-old daughter, Tynesha Taylor, hasn't been seen since Saturday.  As far as her mother knows, she is the last one to have seen her.

"She left her about 11:15.  She said, 'Ma, I'll be back,' Jordan explained.  "That was Saturday night, and she told me she was going to go out downtown with a friend."

"We [were] cracking a lot of jokes
...Read full article, here.


Source: MyFoxDetroit.com



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