Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Black Women, Texas Woman who was knowingly given HIV warns others to be cautious

First, we want to ask you sisters why is history repeating itself, which involves many black men whom already purposely infected black women with the AIDS virus?   Now, of course, we had a previous case in that involved a Texas woman who purposely infected a black men with HIV, he then killed her, after she told him.   After many 400 years in slavery and many black men and black women have already died of AIDS, ask yourself, why are many African Americans still being careless with this deadly disease in the 21st century?  This guy, Bernard Billingsley purposely infected an unidentified Texas woman, now she forewarns other women to be careful who you sleep with.

There are a lot of reasons we could reveal here at Souls of Black Women why we feel still we are hearing about this ancient issue, but we are just going to name just one.   Years ago, we studied the black community and heard that some HIV/AIDS victims were so bitter they caught it, so they would purposely infect others.  This has not went away yet, because this is a spiritual issue, many of our people need Jesus Christ.   Many have denied Jesus Christ and refuse to totally surrender to His will and His way.  God is tired of the rejection against His biblical commandments.   You must understand we were once a race that was in slavery, the only race in this country, no other race was enslaved except for African Americans.  Therefore, as we always remind you, we have much in common with the children of Israel.   In our opinion, HIV/AIDS has not ceased, simply because of the rebellion.    We cannot continue to have this annual special day to honor the victims and people are ignoring the root of the problem.  Even if it is a manmade disease as some claim, God wants complete repentance.   If AIDS is a man-made disease, it probably would not have been invented if many of our people were spiritually right with God.   Yes, AIDS infects all races, but according to statistics at minorityhealth.hhs.gov, it has infected our race the most like various other diseases. 

In the meantime, we will keep this unidentified woman in our prayers and we sincerely pray this guy, Bernard Billingsley repents and gives his soul to the Lord, Jesus Christ before it is everlasting too late.

Sisters, maybe you are infected with HIV/AIDS, God is a healer it does not mean it is a death sentence.   Please go straight to our Salvation page and give your heart to Jesus Christ, if you don't know.   For those of you whom are saved and you need God to heal you, contact us and we will have an appointed minister return your phone call and pray with you.  God bless you dear sisters and Jesus loves you so much. 

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Woman who was knowingly given HIV warns others to be cautious


FORT WORTH -- Worried about the stigma of being HIV positive, a single Fort Worth mother would only tell us her story is we agreed not to identify her. She told us she contracted HIV from a man who knew he had the disease at least a year before they became intimate.

"I never knew," she said. "I didn't have any clue."

She said she trusted 42-year-old Jimmy Bernard Billingsley to the point where she abandoned her insistence...Read full article, here.
Source: WFAA
Source: Rense.com



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