Sunday, January 6, 2013

Black women, 'thou shall not steal': Bronx teen charged with stealing iPod

Sisters, these days we have too many reports of female teens acting like hoodlums. There is a spirit of rebellion among young black women.   Those of us who are saved elders need to make sure we unite, fast and pray against demonic forces that has tricked our young women into being criminals. Felicia Cooks is an example of other young black females whom need salvation. 

This teen (above photo), Felicia Cooks and two others jumped another teenager and robbed her of iPod at a bus stop.  When the teen received the photos on her Facebook page, she turned Cooks into the cops, very smart.  Now, Cooks has been charged with robbery.  However, Felicia Cooks does not have to remain a criminal, there are choices one must make in order to become better. 

Let us spread the Word of God to black women of all ages and remind them of scriptures like this one found in Exodus 20:15: 'Thou Shall Not Steal'.  We need to go back to original biblical principles, too many black women of all ages have gotten away from spiritual values and many of them do not even know Jesus Christ.   This is the time when we need to spread the message of love and hope, so many of our young black women will realize there is a better way and not become involved in criminal activity.    There needs to be humble spirits among our sisters, so Jesus Christ will be able to lead them into a positive direction in life.  Therefore, those of us whom are elders, let us make sure we become positive examples for our young teens like Felecia Cooks.

 In the meantime, we will keep Felicia Cooks in our prayers.

Bronx teen charged with robbery after being caught posting pictures she snapped of herself with a stolen iPod

Felecia Cooks may have taken her own mugshot.

The 17-year-old was arrested Friday after robbing an iPod from another teen at a Bronx bus stop and then providing the victim incriminating pictures of herself, police say.

Cops apprehended Cooks in the Dec. 21 robbery a day after photos of the Hawthorne teen posing in front of a...Read full article, here.

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