Saturday, January 19, 2013

Black Women: Rev. Bernice King talks about King Center, MLK Day events

Rev. Bernice King is very courageous to carry on the vision of her late father, Dr. Martin Luther King, after all these years.  She's still strong, after losing her mother, Coretta Scott King in 2006, then her big sister, Yolanda King in 2007.   How is she able to go forth by making sure the King Center remains the landmark of Atlanta?  God gives this woman courage, no one else.  

We highly respect and admire Rev. Bernice King, for taking a stand against guns, reminding us her Dad was a man of peace, not of war.  She makes it very clear she opposes Americans arming themselves.  On King Day, this coming Monday the speakers at Ebenezer Baptist church will touch on gun violence.   

Interim, her cousin Alveda King allegedly opposes taking measures against gun violence, claiming it won't solve the problem, according to Black Christian News and we say to her, if it wrong to have an abortion, it's wrong to use a gun to kill. 

The CEO of the King Center, Rev. King has to meet with the board, regarding the future remodeling of the organization, which we know will occur. 


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Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5  

Bernice King talks about King Center, MLK Day events

By Morse Diggs, FOX 5 reporter

ATLANTA - As preparations are made to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday, his daughter talked to FOX 5 about important decisions she'll have to make as chief executive of the King Center.

Bernice King is the now the most visible member of the King Center. She'll be out front when people gather on Monday for the ecumenical service...Read full article, here. 


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Source:Black Christian News



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