Monday, January 14, 2013

Black Women, NC Mom, Sandra Palmer Shot Kids and Boyfriend before killing herself

Of course, many people will judge this shooter without looking at all the facts.  However, we want to first discourage you black women from owning any sort of weapon, because it is very wrong to hurt or kill anyone as God's Word says in Exodus 20:13.  Therefore, we must do something to avoid extreme anger and when it seems like no one understands, the instant thought should be to distant yourself from even your children when you get stressed out. Sadly, this 47-year old North Carolina Mom, Sandra Palmer must have felt so fed up with life, she thought everybody was against her, including her own two children.

Maurice Edmonds, Sr. was obviously the father of her second child, Jr., because he has the same last name as the child.  This is what we are wondering, did he ever ask to marry Sandra Palmer?  You may wonder, 'what does this have to do with the case?'  It has every bit to do with it.   Now, we do not know what led up to the deadly shooting, but-Palmer's second son who is dead along with his mother was 14-years old.  She and Maurice Edmonds, Sr. were not married.   So, why was he staying in the home without being married to this woman?   Did he ever think she was good enough to marry, after she bore their son 14 years ago?    Sisters, let us encourage you to not live with a man whom is not your husband, because it is so unfair to carry his child, if there is not going to be any marital commitment.   No man is worth you getting so full of rage, you would kill your children or even yourself.   If a man does not respect you or your children do not respect what you are going through as an unmarried woman, then you should distant yourself and start a new life, alone.

Now, it is as though we can see through this clear picture, although we do not know for sure.   However, we feel that Sandra Palmer, the mother of these two beloved children did not feel appreciated or loved.   So many times, black women whom are being mothers to their children and trying to consider their mate's welfare do not feel as though they are appreciated or anyone loves them.   Sandra Palmer could have felt like her life was going nowhere and if there was an argument between she and Mr. Edmonds, her own two children could have liked her boyfriend so much, they would often side with him.   Therefore, as strong black women of God, we must learn not to turn to anger, but start our lives without people whom do not care how we feel, after they offend us.   

There is a selfish spirit among black families and among many African Americans in general that causes some black women to feel like an outcast.  They cook, clean and say kind words, but people they live with, do not love nor appreciate them.  In the 21st century, it is the nature of most black people not to understand nor consider the feelings of good black women whom try to cater to everyone, except for themselves.   Dear sisters, let murder be the last thing on your minds.  We want you to start a new life, even if it means giving your children to a relative, but do not allow any black man to dominate you so much, you would turn to commit a murder-suicide.

May Sandra Palmer's son, Maurice Edmonds II, including herself rest in peace.   In the meantime, our prayers are with her daughterDanielle Imani Jameison who is recovering from gunshot wounds.   Also, we pray for the boyfriend Maurice Edmonds, Sr., but if he did anything to cause the late mother of his child to feel less of a person, we sure hope he repents and fully surrenders his soul to the Lord.   She may have been very wrong for committing this murder-suicide, but there is always a root cause for a malicious tragedy.

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Mother shot teenage son, daughter, and boyfriend before killing self

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Sandra Palmer, 47, shot her 14-year-old son, Maurice Edmonds II, her 18-year-old daughter and the children’s father before killing herself Monday morning after a dispute inside a Greensboro home, Police Chief Ken Miller said Tuesday during a...Read full article, here.

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