Saturday, January 12, 2013

Black women, Hamtramck woman was raped, then rapist cut off her ponytail

Do you recall us doing previous articles about the two missing young ladies in Hamtramck whom were supposed to testify against a suspect?  Eventually the two victims were found dead and buried in a park.  Well, this is the same town where a young woman has just been raped on a street by a rapist who was so crazy, he cut off her ponytail and took it with him, along with her bra and panties.   Sisters, be very careful wherever you live, not just in Hamtramck. We live in a very evil world where Satan has a hold people whom deny Christ. 

As black women most of us are already unappreciated and unloved as young girls, even after we become adults, none of us deserve to be mistreated as though we are nothing.  Some of us were disowned by our fathers and abused by our stepfathers while resented by our brothers, life is too precious to endure such abuse.   Now that we hear this young woman was raped on the street, it hurts us to wonder how she will be able to communicate with men, this time forth. Now wonder, many black men have left black women for other races, they seem to hate us, although they were blessed to be born through the womb of a black woman.  Should we start praying to no longer conceive boys in our wombs, dear sisters?  It hurts to acknowledge we may carry male to grow up and abuse black women.   Souls of Black Women says no more, enough is enough, we should pray and ask God to stop males through our wombs. 

Let us pray for our dear young sister: 

Dear heavenly father, we come before you right now. bringing our dear sister to you.   Lord, we do not know why many black men hate us, but they do.  God you saw what this guy did to our sister, he raped her, threatened her, cut off her ponytail, took her bra and panties.   We know you were there and you saw it all.   Now, God we ask for you to save this young male and give him a mind to repent for what he has done to our dear sister.  Whether he repents or not, we pray he is yet caught by police, so he does not harm any other woman.   Lord Jesus, touch this young woman right now.  Take the pain away and anoint her, so she will not be bitter and have a testimony to share with other abused women.   Bless her, heal her and make her whole, right now.  Do not allow her to be tormented by the painful memories of being raped on the street.  Touch her right now, in your might precious name, Jesus. Amen. 

 In the meantime, we will be praying for this unidentified rape victim.   We pray that her rapist is found and repents for what he has done to her before it is everlasting too late.

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Fox 2 News Headlines

Hamtramck woman says ponytail cut off after she was raped

By Amy Lange
Fox 2 News

HAMTRAMCK, Mich. (WJBK) -- A 21-year-old rape victim left her Hamtramck home around 6:15 p.m. Thursday near Grand Haven and Woodland and was walking to the store to get some milk for her little boy when a man rode up on a bike behind her.

"I just heard a man ask me like 'why are you walking like you lost your best friend?'  I didn't look up.  I didn't do [anything].  He said, 'Turn around.'"

She didn't turn around, but she...Read full article, here.


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