Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Black women, Detroit Mother in police custody, after 9 year old stabbed to death

Sisters, this hurts us so much to give you this news, but we must discuss this ongoing problem among some black women.  Now, in this specific case in Detroit, there were a few nearby neighbors who claimed 26-year-old Semeria Greene was negligent when it came to caring about her children.   One of the neighbors allegedly admitted Greene was more concerned who was going to care for her kids, after she was in custody, not so much concern about the death of her daughter.   The nature of some black women has to change. 

Now, we do not know exactly what happened, but this following video reveals 9-year-old
Tamaria was murdered.  Before this tragedy, child welfare had been allegedly contacted several times about the mother's neglect . This was the oldest child who died, we assume, because she had to care for all four of her younger brothers.  That's a whole lot a responsibility for a girl.  Often times, Semeria Greene would leave her children alone with the door wide open.    According to MyFoxDetroit.com,  she was also not feeding and giving her children proper clothing.    So many more black women across America are guilty of child neglect and we must admit, this is why there is hardly any unity among us.

Now, we have heard of many more cases, similar to this one.  What can we do to prevent some black women from neglecting and harming their children?  First, we must go back to previous generations when our fore-parents back in the day cared more for their children in any era when they endured severe racial discrimination and there was more unity among our people.  These days, there are so many dysfunctional families, because our people are not just enemies to each other, but some of our sisters are enemies to themselves.  Therefore, if they do not care about themselves, there is no way they are going to consider the welfare of their own children.   For many of us who were 70's and some 80's babies, this era is very foreign to us, it cannot be understood how many black women are resenting their own children. Yes, some of our mothers also did not care for us as they should, but these days, the spirit of neglect reside in every other household.  It is such a shame in most of these tragic cases, they attack and murder their daughters, although they may also neglect their sons.  Let us look at the culture of black women: for some odd reason, they hate other females so much more than they hate males.   So what does this tell you sisters?   Many of our sisters have a lot of self-hatred and are so enslaved to the male culture, they do not mind if their daughters, sisters, friends or any females die.   They spare the emotional pain of the black male, but yearn for black females to endure such abuse of all sorts.   Black women today are the descendents of slaves, why is that some black women do not consider the emotional distress of their own daughters, sisters and former close friends?   It all goes back to spirituality,  many black women are not seeking God, so He can reveal their errors to them.   If they are not saved, unbelievers of Jesus Christ or not fully surrendered to His will as a child of God, then there is no way they can observe how they are not doing right by other black women.

Sisters, if you know Christ and you are guilty of ignoring another black woman's emotional distress, then you need to repent and seek God.   You are not close to God, if you are refusing to care for other hurting black women, especially those whom are constantly telling you, you are offending them.

The rest of you may not know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.  You may not have ever felt love coming from black women like your mother and others in your family.   Possibly, you have had a close friend to turn on you to cater to an abusive black male.   Please pay close attention, the only way you are going to be able to get over these uncaring black women and forgive them is to seek God and give Him your entire heart, mind and soul.    Your soul is so valuable to God and He is concerned about who hurts you.   It does not matter if you are are a child or a grown person, you need to fully surrender your soul to Christ, so He can give you the love some of our sisters fail to give you.  The answer is Jesus Christ and He is the only solution to stop these tragedies from happening.   Your mother maybe abusing you, but you must realize God is near and sees everything that is going on  You maybe a grown woman and are experiencing the same neglect you dealt with from a child through a friend.   God is trying to get your attention and He wants you to serve Him, no matter who is ignoring your pain and no matter how bad you enduring the abuse, mentally, verbally, sexually or even physically.

Sisters, let us pray this New Year's, dear heavenly Father, we come before you right now, bringing this matter of this mother in Detroit who allegedly killed her daughter.  We ask you to come into her life and save her.  Give her a mind to repent  Jesus, we do not know why we are a part of a race that consists of many uncaring black women, but we know you love us.   Our mothers, sisters, in-laws, cousins and close friends have offended us.   They knew we were hurting and ignored our cry.    Lord, you told us if we cry to you, you would hear us, many of us are crying within our souls.  Please save us from the sanity within our own race and deliver us from being around uncaring black women.   We repent and we are sorry for anything we may have done or said to offend you or anyone else.  We fully surrender our lives to you and humbly ask you to save us from the evil within our own race, in Jesus name, Amen. 

 Watch Video

Mother in police custody after girl, 9, murdered in Detroit

By Amy Lange
Fox 2 News

DETROIT (WJBK) -- A stranger stopped by with flowers Monday for the growing memorial of stuffed animals and balloons placed on a doorstep in memory of a little girl murdered inside. Police said it happened around 2:30 a.m. Sunday. Her own mother is under arrest, but not yet charged.

"I heard my neighbor two doors down say, 'She [has] been stabbed,'" said Kimyatta Craigmiles. "And then I heard just screaming like a torture scream."

Craigmiles ran to help another neighbor...Read full article, here.

Source, Photo and Video: MyFoxAtlanta.com


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