Thursday, January 10, 2013

Black Women, Cops ID the burned body as Shaniesha Forbes found on Gerritsen Beach

Sisters, this is very sad about this 14-year-old teen being identified as Shaniesha Forbes.  She had her whole life ahead of her, but someone murdered and burned her to death.  Forbes was a runaway, but like many other children, she did not deserved to be murdered.   If you have kept up reading our previous articles, you will realize this is why we encourage all black women to unite and love one another, for we are losing our sisters of all ages.
Black women of all ages are being murdered and as we already knew, it was not going to stop in 2013, because the Devil never stops his dirty work.  We gave you so many stories last year of many black women being murdered all sorts of ways.   This is very sad and it must end.   You may ask, what is the answer?  The root of the problem among our race has always been spiritual.  Therefore, you must believe in a higher power, because there is no other way for God to block Satan's children from destroying our sisters.   Often times, as we black women live our lives, we witness some of our sisters taking sides against us for some black men whom do not care about us and even other races whom may also oppress us.   Each and every one of you dear sisters are going to have to make a conscious decision to love each other and show consideration to those whom honestly cry out and tell you they are being offended by their enemies.  Do not ignore their cries, for this is what weakens the entire race of black women.  Then, when one of our dear sisters, like this teenager, Shenisha Forbes gets murdered, many of you wonder why.   God cannot stop these tragedies unless we learn to stop going against each other, when we know one is hurting.   This has been going on for too many years and we must admit many black women are to blame, for they have ignored the cries of our dear sisters while being supporters of their enemies whom resent them.  

May Shenisha Forbes rest in peace and we pray her killer is found that he surrenders to Jesus Christ before it is everlasting too late.   In the meantime, we pray for her family in their time of bereavement.

Beloved black women, if you do not know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, we want to offer you Salvation.   Therefore, if you feel you need to be saved and are out of God's will, please go straight to our Salvation page and humbly invite Jesus into your heart.  God bless you.

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TEEN'S HELL: Cops ID the burned body found on Gerritsen Beach

The naked, scorched remains of a girl found in Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn, over the weekend were identified Tuesday as a 14-year-old runaway from Flatlands.

Cops said Shaniesha Forbes vanished after leaving her Avenue I home at 8 a.m. Friday, saying she was going...Read full article, here.

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