Thursday, January 31, 2013

Black Women, Bronx judge tosses theft charges against victim of 'trap' sting

Deirdre Myers was falsely accused of trying to take cash from a car, which the cops purposely set up to trap a thief. She was arrested at gunpoint by undercover cops. Although, a Bronx Criminal Court Judge Linda Poust Lopez dismissed the case against Myers, she allegedly explains the reason for such a sting is to fight crime.   However, it does not help black women to be set up like Myers.   What if Judge Lopez would not have been so considerate to dismiss the crime against this single mother of three?

If Judge Poust Lopez would not have been fair in her judgement, Deidre Myers would have been still carrying this theft on her record and would have had a hard time finding a job or even being accepted for financial aid in college.  There are a lot of advantages to having a clean record, many cops whom may purposely set up similar sting operations know this and this is why they do it.  Therefore, we want to encourage you to fight any charge you feel you did not commit.   It is not fair for black women to be a felon, if they are innocent.  Yes, even in the 21st century, there is racial discrimination within our diverse society.  Therefore, do not ever put your hands on anything that does not belong to you, because sometimes, cash or even anything of value is sometimes purposely left out in public for someone to be arrested by police.  We have seen these sting operations on reality TV and it really happens everyday.  Why do you think the jails and prisons are so full with black women, sisters?

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Bronx judge tosses theft charges against victim of 'trap' sting designed to get her to take cash from a car

A Bronx judge has thrown out charges against a single mom who was the victim of an “elaborate” scheme by cops to “trap” her into taking what appeared to be a wad of cash from a car.

Bronx Criminal Court Judge Linda Poust Lopez decried the 2010 sting operation by cops as she dismissed the case against Deirdre Myers, a mother of...Read full article, here.

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