Sunday, January 6, 2013

Black Women, the Black Church Mistreats Me Because I Have a Different Father

Sisters, one of our dear faithful readers, Cheree confided in us that still to this day, many people whom attend the church she grew up in mistreats her, because she has a different father from the rest of her siblings.   This caused her to feel God does not love her, so she has not been back at that church nor does she even go to church.  Whenever she goes to any black church, it is very hard to feel comfortable.  As black women, many of us can relate with Cheree, if we do not share the same father as our brothers and sisters and this is one of the reasons why many of our dear sisters do not like attending any black church.

Cheree opened up to us, sharing her story of how she was brought up in a Bay Area church and many of the church people knew she had a different father.   She can recall when certain people would approach her and ask her why did she look different from the rest of her siblings or why did she come out dark.  They are supposed to be saved people who probably are always complaining about racism like many other African Americans.  Sisters, this is an insult and this is one of the bigest reasons why many black women do not believe God loves them, because when you have some ignorant church people approaching you and have the audacity to ask you why God created you with a particular skin tone, they cannot feel God in that church or even feel like God loves them.   Cheree goes onto to share her story with us about how she and one of her best-friends was rebuked in front of the church as though she is still a sinner, regardless of how she had already accepted Jesus Christ.  Every time, Cheree returns to that particular church, she is mistreated as though she is still a lesbian and a harlot.

First and foremost, we want to share our love with Cheree.  Cheree, do not ever feel like God does not love you just because most people within the black church have persecuted you.  For many of us black women, we can identify with your pain, because we realize prejudice is also within the black church and even black families, it does not just come from white supremacists.   Therefore, we want to encourage you to keep your eyes on Jesus Christ and do not take your focus off of Him.   Remember the biblical scripture found in Colossians 3:2, which tells us to 'think or set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.'  This goes for you and each and every one of us black women, we have to ignore the shade ignorance or the shade war which has haunted us all of our lives,.  Let's do our best to ignore it and move forward as children of God.   Shade ignorance is no different from white supremacy. It is an ancient demon that seems not to have diminished, even in the 21st century.  So, this is why Christ told us not to focus on earthly matters, because emotionally, it will cause us distress and eventually kill us. Also Cheree, we want to remind you that God loves you no less than your siblings.   By you having a different father and having a darker skin tone makes you no less beautiful than they are.  Furthermore, we want to encourage you to not return to that church, but go elsewhere where there is a multicultural congregation.  God would rather us be around all races, instead of feeling like we are in spiritual bondage of evil around our own. In heaven, there will be souls of all races, nationalities and backgrounds.  Another important reminder for you dear Cheree, do not feel you are not saved, just because people remind you what you have done in your past.   Just because you may have enjoyed sinful pleasures in your past, it does not make you who you are in the present time.   Pray for them, but do not allow their reminders about your past sins keep you down.  Move forward in your life and remain focused on Jesus Christ.  Remember, God loves you and has thrown away your past sins into the sea of forgetfulness (Psalm 103:12).

Many of you dear black women out there feel confused about God, because you have experienced what Cheree went through growing up and even as an adult.  You dread returning to a place where you were ostracized and rejected because of your dark pigmentation and also, because the church people knew you had a different father.  You feel as though you are thrown away, because many church people within the black church have treated you like an outcast.   Often times, these same people throw your sinful past up, as though you cannot forget being a homosexual or a harlot.  However, we of Souls of Black Women want you to know Jesus loves you.   It does not matter who has rejected, neglected and persecuted you.   God bless you Cheree and keep reading Souls of Black Women blog.

Because of how you were mistreated growing up in the black church and even if it lingered on in your adult years, you probably turned away from God.   We want to encourage you to rededicate your life to Jesus Christ and do not ever turn away from Him, because of how you were mistreated by the black church or your family.  If you desire to give your soul to Jesus Christ, if you are not saved, please go straight to our Salvation page.   However, if you are already saved like our dear sister, Cheree, do not ever stop serving Christ, because of how you are mistreated by your own kind or even some racists people of other races.

Note: Name and photo is fictitious
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