Thursday, January 17, 2013

Black Women, Billionaire Rupert Murdoch makes fun of obese lady who fell through sidewalk in New York City

We will never be able to understand why some rich white men think they have the right to say hurting things about women.   Recently, one of our journalists at SCR blog just did a report about Pat Robertson allegedly accusing some women of being ugly and the blame for their broken marriage.  Pat Robertson is supposed to be a born again Christian, but we suppose he's got so much money, he may not care how he offends women.  

Specifically, as black women we always get humiliated very bad, because we are the mothers of civilization. According to Mail Online, Ruport Murdoch allegedly tweeted, 'How did fat lady who fell thru street get to 400 lbs? Welfare, stamps, etc?'  Now, what he said about Ulanda does not have to be her destiny.  It's a shame with all of the billions of dollars he's got, one day he will have leave it behind and let's hope he repents before that happens.  He may reap those harsh words in a worst way, if he does not ask this woman and God to forgive him. Now, Wikipedia allegedly describes him as a Christian, that's hard to believe the way his has publicly insulted this woman.

It hurts us to look at this 31 year old woman, Ulanda Williams who suffered a broken arm after falling through the concrete. She's still young and has her whole life ahead of her.  Sisters, if no one cares about us, we must care about ourselves.   Let us not support cruel men whom humiliate us as though they are superior, but let us please God who is the only One who created us.  Some of you maybe overweight or obese, do not let that stop you from enjoying life.   You must imagine yourself as a thin woman, then work at it, no matter how hard it gets.  Many times severe oppression that causes extreme depression may cause us to turn to food to take away the stress, this is why we have a lot of overweight black women, but-there is a solution dear sisters. Various types of men, whether they are black, white or any other sort of race will pull us down by saying demeaning things, but we must learn to seek God and not allow it to make us feel less than a human being.  You must realize no matter how we are publicly insulted and even offended by people we personally know, we are valuable to God.   Sometimes, other women whom may have more than us, may also cause us to feel inferior, simply because it's not about gender, we are in a spiritual warfare. 

In the meantime, we will keep Ulanda Williams in our prayers.   Also, we pray Ruport Murdoch repents and ask God to come into His life, for money cannot save or deliver his soul from eternal hell.

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Billionaire Rupert Murdoch mocks fat lady who fell through sidewalk in New York City

 By Jill Reilly

Rupert Murdoch today sparked anger by mocking the 400lb woman who fell through the sidewalk in New York City.

Ulanda Williams, 31, was hospitalized on Friday with a broken arm after falling through the concrete as she attempted to shelter from the

Source and Photo:
Photo: Splash and ABCNews


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