Friday, November 30, 2012

Celebrity News: Gabrielle Douglas thought about quitting gymnastics to work at Chick-fil-A

Black women of all ages, whatever you are pursuing in life, do not give up when times gets hard. Even Gabrielle Douglas thought about quitting the Olympics to work at a fast food restaurant.  What if she would have given up?  She would not have won her gold medals, all of her mother's long hours of working hard on the job for Gabby's success would have been wasted, her father would not have been put on the spot for leaving the family and there are many other reasons.   

Sisters, we want to encourage you to never give up on your dreams.  We don't care if you are 100 years old,  60, 40 or 20, you must believe in yourself and thank God for faith, because without it, none of us would be able to have faith to see, hear or move our limbs.   It is such a blessing for Gabrielle Douglas to have achieved such great success.   If you have been reading Souls of Black Women for a period of a few months at least, you will recall our previous articles about Gabby's personal tests and trials.   As we know, racism was a part of the problem, it was so bad, she just did not want to try anymore.   Sisters, how many of us have felt that way?  For any black woman whom denies she has experienced racism even in the 21st century, she will have to eventually admit it, because it is a part of life, as long as we live on earth.   For all the pain she endured being the only black female on the team and living in the big house in Iowa, God showered her with the blessing of being a champion.   If she would not have pressed on, she would be working a minimum wage job at Chick-fil-a.   

Many of you are working where you do not want to be.  Although, you may have to pay bills, do not give up on God, trust him to make your vision come to past.  You may not have anyone to encourage like Gabby who had her mother and sister, but as you know, God is more close to us than family once we make up in our minds to serve Him.

We are so proud to have a young black woman talk about her past failures, because many celebrities have made it, but they do not share their trials on their journey to success.  Let us celebrate Gabrielle Douglas' gold medals as a champion, simply because there are not many like her.   Let us plan for our future stories as successful black women, no matter how bad our personal situations may seem in the present time. 

Gabby Douglas on road to Olympics: I nearly quit gymnastics to work at Chick-fil-A

Before she secured two gold medals at this year’s London Olympics, Gabby Douglas was just like any other aspiring athlete — full of doubts and contemplating other ambitions, like working at Chick-fil-A.

The 16-year-old tumbling powerhouse, who made history as the first black woman to ever win Olympic gold in...Read full article, here.

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Photo: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Celebrity News: Bobbi Kristina's Ex Nick Gordon Arrested for reckless driving

Sisters, this news about Bobbi Kristina's adopted brother and ex-boyfriend, Nick Gordon does not surprise us, since after a few months ago there was another car accident, though not so bad as the above photo.   After Whitney Houston's death, this does not seem like the pair should be  caught together, ever again.  We would really very bad, if Kristina was to go back to him, because we know this is not something Whitney nor her mother Cissy would approve of.  Thank God, she called it quits, according to

Sisters, do see Nick Gordon here smiling?  Really, this is no laughing matter and we do not think Whitney would be so happy about this situation, since she unofficially adopted him.  Next time, he could be dead, if does not change wild behavior.   If Bobbi Kristina takes him back, possibly she could lose her life in a future car accident, which we would not want to hear.  Just maybe he purposely did this to get her to feel sorry for him.  Do you think sisters?   If so, we sure hope she is smart not to fall for his foolish game.
In the meantime, we will keep Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon in our prayers.

Bobbi Kristina Brown's ex Nick Gordon SMILES in mugshot as he's booked for reckless driving hours after she totals her own car 

By Daily Mail Reporter
A newly-released booking photo of Bobbi Kristina Brown's 'adopted brother' Nick Gordon shows the reality star smiling following his arrest for reckless driving.

The 23-year-old, who was informally adopted by Bobbi Kristina's mother Whitney Houston, was booked at Georgia's Alpharetta City Jail on Wednesday night after he...Read full article, here. 

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Black Women, a Fight erupts outside Milwaukee courtroom where a man was sentenced to 1-year in prison

Sisters, this fight that erupted outside of a Milwaukee courtroom happened because a man was sentenced to 1-year in prison and one year on probation for killing a 6-year-old boy, Christopher Wade by allegedly driving over him.   Although, this could have been an accident, obviously, his family did not think it was fair.  Now, we do not know if this driver, Dedrick Ashford was drunk or what, but this boy's life is gone.  

This is why it is so very important for all drivers not to drive while drunk or high on drugs, text while driving, talk on a cell phone and to pay very close attention while driving on the road.  It only takes a slight second for an accident to occur.    For whatever reason Ashford ran over this young boy, he may not have deserved to receive such a light sentence.  However, over two dozen people throwing punches will not bring Christopher Wade back.

According to Dedrick Alexander Ashford, 23, was driving his girlfriend's minivan west on North Ave. on April 17 when he turned right onto N. 51st St. He said he was not speeding. One boy ran across the street in front of him to a playground, and when a second boy - Christopher Wade - appeared, he hit him with the front of the minivan.  The article went on to say Ashford immediately stopped at the scene.  Now, although he admitted to police he allegedly smoked marijuana and did not have a driver's license, he probably received a light sentence, because most drivers do not stop.  In most cases, it is a hit and run, let's be honest black women.

We sincerely regret to be honest with you sisters, but the fact remains there needs to be strict regulations for drivers who do not watch what they are doing.   Although, we do not know why this young boy was allegedly crossing the street by himself, there also needs to be strict guidelines for parents whom allow their children to run in the streets alone.  There needs to be a parent or a guardian attending them whenever they are playing outside or going to and from school.  They should not be allowed to go to the store by themselves.   We are living in a dangerous age when safety measures are not properly set by many state officials.

We do not want to disrespect the parents of the little boy in any way, but this is for the rest of you black women, do not just bring children into the world and allow them to roam the streets by themselves as though nothing will not happen to them.   You have to watch your kids at all times and make sure no one kidnaps or harms them in anyway and no one will accidentally run over them.

May Christopher Wade rest in peace and our prayers are with his parents and family.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Black Women, regrow your hair with Onion

If you recall us doing a previous story on our sister blog, Real Long Hair, you will recall us giving you complete directions for regrowing your hair, using pure garlic.   Of course, garlic and onion are from the same family, so either one can regrow your hair.  Now, there are some debates on which one is more stronger, to the best of our knowledge, we have learned garlic contains the highest sulfur.  However, both garlic and onion are very powerful, so we like to call them our miracle hair growth sent straight from God.

Why is using onion so powerful to regrow hair?  According to
Onion (Allium cepa) retains healing qualities that include their antibacterial, cleansing, stimulating, and nourishing powers. Onions contain a number of important minerals and vitamins, such as vitamins C and B6, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and germanium.

As black women, we all should get into the habit of using natural home remedies not just for regrowing hair, but also for keeping in good health.  A lot of you may think there is no way to regrow your hair if you have Alopecia, but that is not necessarily so.   On Real Long Hair, on our previous article about using garlic for hair regrowth, we informed you about a man who had been to three doctors and there was nothing they could do.  When he decided to give garlic a try, he began regrowing his hair back within five days.   Now, we do not guarantee it, but this is how powerful the garlic/onion family is, it works in a lot of cases where it looked like there was no hope.   Also, as we informed you on Real Long Hair blog, one of our journalists had suffered Alopecia at the temples of her hair, but when she started using garlic about a month ago, she began to see results.  Get this, she lost her hair at the temples for almost 15 years.  Again, we do not guarantee it, but it worked for her and others.

When using the onion treatment, apply freshly-squeezed, raw onion juice directly onto the scalp, massage deep into the scalp and hair roots. Left on the scalp for about half-an-hour to two hours before doing your co-wash (just using conditioner).  Remember to cover your hair with a plastic cap as we told you in our previous article using garlic.   Remember, if you shampoo your hair too often, you can strip the natural oils out, so we suggest just washing your hair about once or twice a month and using conditioner the rest of the time. You can do these treatments between 1 to 3 times a week, whatever you are comfortable with.  In the majority of cases, regular onion treatments will result in dramatic improvement of hair thickness within so many months, it all depends on an individual experience. Since onion juice restores hair follicles and improves scalp circulation, it will make your hair very strong, eventually.

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Valdosta State University Student Found Dead: Black women, what happened to Jasmine Benjamin?

Sisters, this 17-year-old nursing student, Jasmine Benjamin was found dead and her parents did not find out about it, until someone posted the news on Facebook.   Because Jasmine's parents were not contacted by Valdosta State University and their daughter had been dead for 12 hours, police are now calling Jasmine's case a murder homicide.

We as intelligent black women know something is extremely fishy about Jasmine's murder case.   So we ask you sisters, who killed this young lady,  Jasmine?

We agree with Jasmine's parents that the University owes them answers.  Just because it was Thanksgiving weekend does not mean Mr. and Mrs. Jackson should not have been  notified about their daughter's death and they should not have had to find out about it on Facebook.  What is even more disturbing, is that she had been found dead in the study area of the dorm and investigators allegedly say it seems as though her body was moved.   Now, who moved Jasmine's body as though they would fool police?   Also, who posted the news about her death on Facebook and how did they find out about Jasmine's death?  You know, black women it seems like since some social networks have been around, they seem to have been used as tools to commit evil. Although, we enjoy using computers, this era of often finding out about someone dying after meeting someone on Facebook or any other social network, bullying or even postings that hurt good people like Jasmine's parents is certainly not good.   Really, in order to stop all of these senseless crimes, if we could turn back the time without the internet, life would be so much better, although less convenient.

May Jasmine Benjamin rest in peace, she would have been 18 years old this coming Saturday.
Also, we pray her murderer is found and convicted.  We hope her parents really think about filing a lawsuit against Valdosta State University.
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Monday, November 26, 2012

Black women, I dated a Hollywood celebrity and I found out he was gay before he broke up with me for a white woman

Now sisters, we cannot give you the name of this well-known black man who has been making millions in Hollywood for years, but 'Jackie (fictitious name)' shared he is an actor and a producer.  Jackie sent us a confidential email pouring out her heart to us, allegedly claiming when she found some photos of some very attractive younger black guys in the nude, he went into a rage and demanded she get off his property and never return.  A few house guests of this famous celebrity happened to see her storming out of the front entrance in tears as they looked at her, then up at 'Benny (fictitious name)' standing at the top of the stair case, looking embarrassed.  We also briefly chatted with Jackie and she said he has a secret fascination with guys, but she thinks he dates women for a cover-up.

Jackie has been heart broken for several months now and she says there were also some photos of transsexuals she found in Benny's bedroom drawer.  When he walked in on her looking at the photos, he immediately accused her of being like the rest of black women, 'dog-gon' nosy black women, always snooping around in a black man's business!'   She claims after she used the master bathroom, the drawer was already opened and you could not help but see them, so she looked at them, not thinking he would walk in on her.   Every since they broke up, she says he has been seen with a few other races of women in the media, white and Hispanic.   She says, Benny is just trying to hide his other side, which she feels is his only side as a gay man.   She feels Benny is not bi-sexual, he really likes being with just men, but he does not want the public to know who he really is.  Jackie says she loved Benny, but she felt he did not love her, because she believed he was using her for a cover-up, just like the rest of the other black women he had been with.  Now, he is out showing off with this white woman as though he is joining the popular trend of other black men whom just do not want to be seen in public with black women of any shade.

When we asked Jackie why she contacted us, she allegedly claims she is tired of him pretending  like he is really attached to his new white girlfriend while showing off in the media like he is so much in love.   She also says she wanted to get her hurt out and try to find out how to not blame herself for finding out about his secret life.   She said she sometimes blames herself, because she feels like she was so close to marrying him.  Also, she admits the way he talked to her the last day at his estate, she no longer knows how to love herself as a black woman.

First and foremost Jackie, thank you for reading Souls of Black Women blog and we sincerely appreciate you for sharing your past relationship with this famous Hollywood celebrity.  We just want to let you know you are a very strong black woman to open up and help other black women whom may have been through the same thing.   

Jackie, you should not blame yourself, because this whole trend of getting back at black women out of bitterness is now very old, not sure why some black men and even some black women are still playing that game.  It's a game that does not hurt you as bad as it is hurting him.  He may look happy with his new white girlfriend, but really he is not only covering up his fascination for guys, but really, he is also covering up a whole lot of pain.  Don't blame yourself, because his lustful desires has nothing to do with you, he's just sorry he got caught.  Furthermore, you ought to be glad you didn't marry him, because what if you would have found those pictures in his drawer, after you became his wife?  Then, he possibly would want to get an annulment or be seen in the media cheating with the white woman he's with now while yet married to you.  Realize all those bad things he said to you was probably something he said to some other black women who could have also discovered his double life.  Learn how to love yourself Jackie, no matter what a man says to bring you down.  It does not matter about his household name, how much money he has or how powerful he is in Hollywood, he could never love you the way God loves you..   He could never make you a complete woman, God is the only One who can give you that fulfillment.  You are like a lot of other black women who feel empty and blame themselves, after their relationship does not last with a successful black man, but success will not ever make him a good man, only morals and values.  If he never has morals and values, the only thing he has to share with his new white woman is money, so you did not miss out on anything.

Note: All names and photos are fictitious
Photo: Pixland, Photodisc

Update: Sterling Heights man charged in 'Backpage' Escort murders


Sisters, this is an update, regarding the 'Backpage' Escort murders.  James Brown is the Sterling Height man charged in the 'Backpage Escort murders.    These murders were for four black women in Detroit who allegedly placed ads and were killed after meeting Brown.  For all four deceased black women,  24-year-old Demesha Hunt, 23-year-old Renisha Landers, Natasha Curtis and Vernithea McCrary, he will have to either face four life sentences and possibly even more charges.

Sisters, we wonder why some strange men haunt their victims, regardless if they were escorts, street prostitutes, strippers or just hard-working citizens?  We always have certain civil rights activists complaining about the white supremacists killing our people, but really, there is too much hatred within our own race.  No, these four black women should not have been allegedly placing ads for escort services, but-it is wrong for this defendant, full of rage to have murdered them.   The world is too evil for any of us black women to even risk our lives, thinking we will come back home, after one night of meeting strangers.   This is very sad, we love all four of these victims so much, we wish we could bring them back, but life just does not work that way. 

For the rest of you sisters, we beg you to just take one step at a time and do not ever think about risking your life for some quick cash.  Life is too precious, something God gives us to live one time.   If no one cares about you in your race, please care about yourself and most of all, realize God loves you.  Yes, we may struggle to pay bills from time to time, but life is too precious to risk our lives to make sure they are all paid.   God will make a way for all black women, if we continue to choose righteousness, but we also have to trust Him no matter how hard life may get.   It is stressful to think about all the debts we may owe, but it is better to financially struggle than to reap death and afterwards there is judgement, we cannot pay for our lives back.  Once we die, that's it.

Sisters, if you feel stressed out and you thought about placing ads for escort services or even thought about becoming a stripper, we want to invite you to go straight to our Salvation page.   Jesus loves you and  it does not matter if you are poor, God will provide and will protect you, if you choose to serve Him.  God bless you dear sisters and welcome to the true body of Christ.

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Fox 2 News Headlines

Sterling Heights man charged in 'Backpage' murder case

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. (AP) -- A man who authorities say killed four women in December 2011, locked their bodies in car trunks and abandoned them in Detroit has been charged with murder, prosecutors announced Monday.

James Brown, 24, of Sterling Heights in suburban Detroit, faces four counts of murder and other charges in the deaths. He was in court Monday morning in Sterling Heights for an arraignment on four counts of...Read full article, here.



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College Students and professors mourned for student, thinking she committed suicide: Black women, it's not good to lie

This is very sad news to learn a relative of Odessa Jones allegedly informed her college that she committed suicide.  Sisters, is this how some of our family members feel about us, they desire for us to commit suicide?  It is very cold-blooded for a relative to lie and make people think you are dead and you took your own life, it's very cruel.   

Now, we do not know if her relative was a male or female, but it is not good to lie.  This relative not only fabricated the story to UMBC (An Honors University In Maryland), but also to her church, Christ Congregational Church, which began to prepare for her funeral.  It seems like this family member wished Odessa Jones was dead.  Why would he or she lie and make her college and church think she killed herself.

Sisters, this is why it is good to love yourself, if no one else loves you.   They used to say the world is a cold place, but nowadays, if your family and close friends do not know Jesus Christ, they can be very cruel people.  As black women, we should make sure we are so close to God, evil desires of those whom claim to love us or admit they hate us will not bother us.   One of the greatest weapons against black women is hatred from our own kind and when it is our loved ones or close friends whom gives us a bad reputation by spreading lies, it may cause some of us to have suicidal tendencies, but this is an evil spirit we have to beat, no matter how bad it gets.

In the meantime, we will keep Odessa Jones in our prayers.   Also, we pray for her relative to repent for what he or she has done, because this could cause anyone to go into a deep depression.
Campus in mourning for student after family member told college she had committed suicide... only to find out that she is actually alive 

By Daily Mail Reporter

Members of the University of Maryland-Baltimore County were put through a roller coaster of emotions when they were notified that one of their own, Odessa Jones, had committed suicide only to discover her alive and well.

 After the university sent an email to its students and faculty notifying them of the reported death, detectives sent to...Read full article, here.

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Black Women, JetBlue flight attendant arrested after she helped steal an iPhone for boyfriend

This flight attendant, Stacy-Ann Smith, 27, has been arrested for allegedly assisting her boyfriend, Jason McCaulay, 23, to steal a passenger's iPhone.  However, she claims McCaulay slipped the iPhone into her pocket, after swiping it from a bin.  Therefore, there is a possibility she did not know he stole it, until after he tried to blame it on her.   Sisters, as you notice this guy is a little younger than Smith.  Although, age is nothing but a number, it only is true if the person is mature.

As intelligent black women, we have to be very careful about whom we choose as our men.   Stacy-Ann Smith maybe a very good person, but her human flaw was spending time with an immature guy that meant her no good.  It seems like Smith was spoiling her boyfriend, taking him on free trips with her, but obviously, he did not appreciate her generosity.    

Many of us black women have made that same mistake, we have dated certain guys, because we wanted them to not just like us, but also love us.   We did not know they would use us or lie on us, until we realized who they really were.   Sisters, some of you have to get out of just dating a guy, because you think he's cute and pays you some attention.   Of course, we know there are not a lot of black men to choose from as it was years ago, because if they are not in jail, dead or gay, they are attracted to men outside of our race and the problem with that is, some of us black women do not have a taste for other races of men.   However, you have got to be very picky in the black men you choose to date, because if not, you will be just an average woman who will not be a virtuous candidate for a good man.   You cannot follow some other black women whom are not picky and will just accept any guy, not saying this is what happened with Stacy Smith, but we feel she could have done much better like a lot of us whom have dated the wrong guys in the past.

Hopefully, the right guy will come along in Stacy-Ann Smith's life who will not take advantage of her, but appreciate her kindness.   For the rest of us black women, we are praying God will do the same for us, because life is so precious and we have no time for foolishness.

JetBlue flight attendant arrested after 'helping boyfriend steal a passenger's iPhone' 

By Daily Mail Reporter

A uniformed JetBlue flight attendant on an off-duty free plane to Puerto Rico was arrested Friday at JFK Airport after her boyfriend allegedly stole an iPhone from another passenger.

Police said Queens couple Stacy-Ann Smith, 27, and her boyfriend Jason McCaulay, 23, were waiting to go through security on their way to Aguadila late Friday night when McCaulay swiped an...Read full article, here.

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Women, a Maryland woman stabbed brother with fork over Thanksgiving dinner

This Maryland woman, Shenika Allsup stabbed her half-brother, Deonte Wallace in the neck with a fork over Thanksgiving dinner.  You see, this is why certain family members avoid being around mess, because is nothing new, family fighting during family reunions, funerals, weddings and for the holidays is nothing new.   For some of us smart black women, we do not like to deal with any conflict and we have just decided to dust our feet for good, although we do not hate anyone.

According to Mail Online, Allsup and Wallace have a different parent, here we go again, that different daddy syndrome, it just doesn't work.   Those of us sisters who have been in a dysfunctional family will not deny this is a part of the main problem, this is why if we are disrespected by anyone in our families, it is just better to keep peace, pray and stay away.  Yes, it would be nice to have unity, but after we grow up being beat up on, picked on by our siblings and even seen some of them almost stabbed to death, it is better to follow the biblical scripture found in Proverbs 17:1 that says,  'Better is a dry morsel, and quietness therewith, than an house full of sacrifices with strife.'   

In the meantime, we will continue to pray for this woman,Shenika Allsup and her half-brother.

Woman 'stabbed brother, 23, in the neck with serving fork over Thanksgiving dinner'

 By Daily Mail Reporter

A 27-year-old Maryland woman has been arrested and charged with stabbing her half-brother in the neck with a serving fork following an argument over Thanksgiving dinner Thursday, police said.

Annapolis police were called to an apartment on Madison Street where they found 23-year-old Deonte Wallace...Read full article, here.

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Update: Black women, more evidence comes out about 13-Year-Old Stabbing her Little Sister to Death

Sisters, more evidence has came out, regarding the death of 2-year-old Sasha who was stabbed to death by her older sister, Tyasia Jackson.   We already knew Tyasia was disturbed about something, but did not know a boy was allegedly hiding in the bedroom closet.  However, it is inexcusable for her to have murdered her little sister.    

What did little Sasha have to do about anything she may have not been allowed to do in the house?   This was a toddler and it still seems to us, this is a case of an older sibling full of rage and jealousy.   Like we mentioned in our previous article, 'Black Women, Stabbed Little Sister 7 Times,' there has been a lot of cases of older siblings whom physically attacked their younger siblings, because they are envious of the attention they receive.   On the following video, you will hear Tyasia Jackson's step-father, the father of the little girl allegedly state she admitted to the murder and mentioned she did not feel right in her head.   In our opinion, there is more to the story, because this case is no different than many others, the black race usually does not like to discuss when it comes to big brothers and sisters physically abusing their younger siblings. 

Black women, please take heed and consider reality of why your older child may assault their younger sibling, especially if they have different fathers.  If you think it is normal for an older brother or sister to threaten or beat up on their younger sibling, it is time you seek counseling before your younger children grow up bitter.  Realize this does emotional damage to younger siblings whom survive.  Furthermore, this is one of the main reasons why we have a lot of bitter and hostile African Americans, because this is one of those subjects many parents have failed to discuss.  Do not expect your children to grow up having a bond, if you do not deal with your older children being bullies to their younger sisters and brothers while they are young.  Unfortunately, it is too late for Sasha's parents to discuss this matter, which could have saved her life. 

In the meantime, we will pray for Tyasia to repent for killing your little sister.  May Sasha rest in peace, she's in a much better place with Jesus Christ.

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CBS Atlanta 46

13-year-old charged as an adult in death of 2-year-old sister

Celebrity News: Nia Long to Star In Tyler Perry's New Film, 'Single Mom's Club

We all know whatever Nia Long plays in, it's gotta to be good, because in the past, she has played inspiring roles.   It has been a long time since we have seen a good movie, featuring Nia Long.  Nia Long will star in this new movie, along with three other women.

Thank goodness Tyler Perry is opening up doors for black celebrity actresses who possibly have had a difficult time in the Hollywood industry getting big roles in blockbuster films. Even in the 21st century, the Hollywood industry can be somewhat prejudice in choosing certain actresses and many black women are less likely to get leading roles to star in certain movies.  So, we will look forward to seeing Nia Long in this upcoming film, Single Mom's Club in 2014.

Making It Rain…Nia Long Scoops Up Lead Role In Tyler Perry Flick

By Bossip Staff

Nia’s coming back to the big screen as one of Tyler Perry’s leads in his new film, Single Moms Club.

Wendi McLendon-Covey (think Reno 911! and Bridesmaids) and Colombian actress Zulay Henao are also starring in the film, but the fourth lead hasn’t been...Read full article, here.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Black women, Jacquetta Simmons punched elderly Walmart greeter jailed for five years

This 27-year-old woman who allegedly punched an elderly Walmart greeter, Grace Suozzi in the face has been sentenced to 5 years in prison.  Although, Jacquetta Simmons apologized in court as seen on the following video, the judge says she did not show any remorse.   For whatever reason, Simmons got angry when the greeter asked to see her receipt As black women, we all have felt stressed out at one time or another, but it is unacceptable to ever assault an elderly person doing their job.

Why would Jacquetta Simmons hit the former Walmart greeter, Suozzi in the face, after she was asked to show a receipt?   Was she trying to steal something?  If theft was the reason, she did not get away with anything, simply because she now has to spend 5 years in prison for assault.

One of the things sisters who disrespect our elders forget is this, one day we have to get old and if God blesses us to live long, we reap what we sow.   It was very wrong for Simmons to punch Suozzi in the face, because it not only possibly caused her injuries, but it also caused her to lose her job.  Now, Suozzi allegedly states she is afraid to return to work and feels nervous whenever she sees a Walmart commercial.  She did not even go to a relative's funeral, because of this incident.    She allegedly stated this job helped her to pay bills.  Now, how will Suozzi pay her bills?

As black women, many times, we make mistakes when we are out in public and do not know how to communicate with people, in general.   Why?  Possibly, because of our background of how we were raised or mistreated by someone.  In this case with Simmons, there is a possibility, Suozzi reminded her of a white racist woman or she could have been trying to get away with stealing something.   In Exodus 20:15, the Bible says, 'Thou shalt not steal.'  Whatever the reason, we as black women have got to do better.  We must put the past behind us and be respectful to our elders, no matter who they are, because the fact remains, we have to put the past behind us, in order to heal.   This what the Bible says about putting the past behind us in Philippians 3:13,  'Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before.'

In the meantime, we will be praying for the former Walmart greeter, Grace Suozzi.  Also, we will continue to pray for our dear sister, Jacquetta Simmons.

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Shocking video reveals moment woman shopper punched elderly Walmart greeter - as she is jailed for five years 

By Daily Mail Reporter

The woman who punched a 70-year-old Walmart greeter in the face after she asked to see a receipt for merchandise she was carrying out of the store has been sentenced to five years in prison.

Jacquetta Simmons, 27, was sentenced Wednesday for the attack that knocked Grace Suozzi to the ground, and...Read full article, here.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Update: Jessica Tata sentenced to 80 years in prison

Sisters, this is an update regarding Jessica Tata who was charged with murder for four infants.   She has been sentenced to 80 years in prison and is eligible for parole in 30 years.   Now, the state must decide if there will be further trials, because this was just for one child.   The good part a part it is, one of the grandparents mentioned forgiveness before hugging Jessica Tata's mother.

Now, one of the things we want you to realize is this, life is not over for Jessica Tata.   When our sisters go to prison, they become suicidal, whether they committed a crime on purpose or by mistake.  Therefore, we must hold her up in prayer.   Yes, four little lives are gone, but not really, they all are in a much better place, heaven.   Now, Jessica Tata must think about them while living in her cell for many more years to come.   However, like many other black women serving hard time in prison, she must not give up and continue to seek God, because if not, there is a worst place.  This is why we encourage each and every last one of you to not give up, no matter how hard life can be and no matter what you have done in your past.   It is very important for each and ever last one of us to not only learn from Tata, but to realize we must not forget black women in prison.   We have got more work to do sisters and that is to love our sisters no matter what.   If some black women whom are free do not want our love, then believe us, there are many more in prison like Jessica Tata who need it and will appreciate it.  So, let us pray for Jessica Tata and have faith God will not only save her, but someday give her another chance for freedom.

For the rest of you whom have been incarcerated and feel nobody loves you, because you made a mistake, we offer you Jesus Christ.  The door is open to salvation, if you want it, but you have to make a choice, because God will not force you to serve Him.   In our society, so many times people like to judge you based on your past, but sister, God is a deliverer and to Him, your past is dead.   Your past conviction or sin is irrelevant in the Kingdom of God, the only thing He wants is your soul.  Therefore, when people bring up your past, ignore them, walk on and serve Jesus.  Would you like to be saved?   Would you like for Jesus to give you the love this world is so selfish to give you, just because you may have committed a crime or sinned against God?  If so, please rush to our salvation page and humbly surrender your soul to Jesus Christ.  Welcome to the body of Christ, dear sisters.

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Day care worker who abandoned children and went to Target sentenced to 80 YEARS after four toddlers died in a fire 

By Associated Press

The Texan day care worker who left young children in her house while she went on a shopping trip to Target was today sentenced to 80 years in jail after four of the children died and three others were injured when a fire started in her home.

On Tuesday, Houston jurors sentenced 24-year-old Jessica Tata to 80 years in prison for the death of one of the children...Read full article, here.


Photo: AP


Black Women, Sister Stabbed little sister 7 Times

This case, regarding this 13-year-old sibling, Tyasia stabbing her little sister, Sasha wakes up a lot of memories for some of us.  Some of us black women can recall being hated by our older siblings, because we had different fathers and it did not help when our mothers always talked about how bad they were mistreated by them.   Some of us can recall our older brothers or sisters beating us up for no reason. When we complained about it, we were ignored and our elders simply called it, sibling rivalry.  However, we all know it is much more than that, our older siblings hated and envied us, because we had different fathers and our father was hated the most.

Now, we do not know the specific reason why 13-year-old Tyasia Jackson killed her little sister, Sasha, all we know is that she allegedly was upset about something, waited until a kid left from her house, then murdered her.   This seems to be a case of an older sister being jealous of her younger sister, possibly because she feels like she got more attention than her as the baby girl and also she possibly disliked her step-father.  This sort of stuff has been going on for many years, but as you know, black families do not talk about it, they blow it off as sibling rivalry.   Many of us black women could be dead right now, but God protected us from our older siblings.  Some of us had older brothers who hated us and beat us up all the time, which caused us to feel discomfort around men as we got older.  Then, some of us had older sisters who did not like us, because they felt we were taking heir place.  Some of us experienced hatred from both, older brothers and older sisters who did not like us because we had different fathers or mothers than them.  It is such a shame, the only way people will pay attention to our personal pain, regarding being bullied by our older brothers and/or sisters is when a baby-girl is murdered, but this is how shallow many black people are, they just did not listen when we tried to cry out to them about this situation before.  They accused us of being spoiled or wanting to always get our own way, but it was never about that, we cried out, simply because our older brothers or older sisters did not like us, because we had a different father (or mother).   Personally, some of us can recall our older brothers glaring at us or hitting us for no reason and we knew deep down inside it was because they were very close to our mothers who hated our fathers, especially if we looked just like him.

Sisters, we must discuss this matter, because if you really want to know the truth, this is one of the main reasons why black families are divided and we cannot get the race to unite.  Those of us whom have avoided being murdered by our older siblings are the most hated within the black race, simply because it seems no one understands why we avoid such animosity.   We are often confused with being an outcast, the black sheep of the family, a snob or stuck up, when in fact it has nothing to do with any of those accusations, it is just that we are tired of all the hatred coming from our older siblings.  We are too good to fight or argue with them.   If we stayed around them long enough, we probably would be dead by now.  Remember the story in the Bible about Joseph being put into slavery by his brothers (Read Genesis 37)?

As black women whom have been emotionally beaten down by our own race and misunderstood by our own family so much, you have to agree it seems as though we can see right through this case of Tyasia killing her little sister, because they had different fathers.

May Sasha rest in peace and we are praying her sister repents for killing her little sister and gives her life to Christ while serving time in prison.  She is being charged as an adult, according to

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Family: Sister stabbed toddler 7 times

DeKalb County police said they have charged a 13-year-old girl with murder after she killed her 2-year-old sister.

The toddler's father, Shelton Ray, told Channel 2's Ashley Swann that police have charged his teen stepdaughter in the death of the toddler. He said the 2-year-old was stabbed seven times in the heart area. He said the teen confessed to him, along with detectives.

Investigators said both parents were away Monday afternoon when the incident...Read full article, here.

Source, Photo and Video: WSBTV
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Update: Concert to benefit, Attorney Adina Parson recovering from shooting

If you recall, Adina Parson was the previous story we did about her husband, Michael Parson allegedly shooting her eight times in the head.   As you know, she is still alive, but there are medical and therapy bills that need to be paid.   So, a concert is being given to help pay those bills.  If you live in the area of Atlanta, then you can contributeThe concert will be scheduled for 8 p.m. Tuesday at Center Stage in Midtown.

In the meantime, we will continue to keep Attorney Adina Parson in our prayers and thank God she is still here.

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Concert to benefit lawyer recovering from shooting


Friends and family of a lawyer who was shot eight times in April say proceeds from a concert in Atlanta will be donated to help pay her medical and therapy bills.

Adina Parson, a 40-year-old attorney, was critically wounded in April when she was shot in front of her apartment in Sandy Spring. Her husband...Read full article, here.


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