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Celebrity News: Black women, will George Lucas now marry his black queen after selling Lucasfilm for $4 Billion Dollars?

Those of you whom are also our faithful readers at Sanctified Church Revolution blog have read our latest article about George Lucas selling Lucasfilm to Disney for over $4 billion dollars.  Although, his lady, Mellody Hobson already is a very successful black woman, she manages an investment firm in Chicago of over $3 billion dollars in assets.  Usually, we do not like to agree with bi-racial couples, but-to be honest with you, we have never seen a couple so happy in public.   On the flip-side of black women feeling ignored by some black men whom prefer to date and marry other races, this really is a breath of fresh air.   Two brilliant minds, both making billions of dollars.  Sisters, could this be a match designed by God in heaven?

Now that George Lucas has earned over $4 more billion dollars, we ask you, is he going to finally proposed to his black queen, Mellody Hobson?  You may say, 'now Souls of Black Women, it sounds like you are changing your tune,' but we have seen so many previous photos of the two together and it appears as though George Lucas is treating his woman royal, which is much more respect she would receive if she were to be with a black man.  So, it is okay for us to dissect this happy rich bi-racial couple.  Sisters, we are so hated by a lot of black men, we do not see any harm in being excited for a couple that always seems to be so happy.  Here is another reason why we are so eager to learn about George Lucas and his black queen, Mellody Hobson, simply because he allegedly was honest about the racial discrimination he faced when putting his movie about Tuskegee air men on the big screen, not many white men will do that.  Therefore, George Lucas is so different than the average rich and famous white man and he seems to have no shame in being seen with one of the most wealthiest black women in America today.

According to the article's source, we learned George Lucas is allegedly retiring and going to only be a consultant to his former company, Lucasfilms he is in the process of selling to Disney.   Just ask this question in your mind dear sisters, 'is he retiring to also settle down and marry Mellody Hobson?'   If so, we are so very happy for the two of them, it is much better than being rejected by certain black men whom flaunt there different races of women like Coby Bryant, Chad Johnson and D. L. Hughley who has allegedly admitted he does not like black women because they are messed up and always angry, which came after he was caught allegedly cheating on his wife, according to  Also, let us not remind you about Lil' Wayne whom allegedly discriminated against his daughter, allegedly stating she is the last dark skin child he is having as though he forgot he is chocolate himself.  Now, we know not all black men have given us a hard way to go and we are certainly not trying to ignore the biblical scripture against bi-racial relationships found in Deutoronomy 7:3, but we cannot help but notice George Lucas and Mellody Hobbs always look so happy together as though they are freed from all these issues we deal with of being rejected by some of our own kind as black women.  We are so very sure Jesus understands us being excited for our dear sister, after all the persecution by some black men whom think of us as ugly.  Sisters, will Mellody Hobson finally become the wife of the creator of Star Wars, after he officially retires from Lucasfilms?  If so, we will be prepared to give you the good news.

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Father who posted Facebook picture of bound and gagged two-year-old daughter acquitted: Black women, be careful who you choose to father your kids

This father, Andre Curry allegedly claims he was just playing when he posted a photo of his daughter on Facebook, which showed her bound and gagged.  We feel Curry's excuse is nonsense, although his sister backs him up.  We do not believe either one.  Since when did binding and gagging your kids with their mouths taped shut become acceptable as a joke?   It seems as though the judge and jury believed Curry, because he was acquitted of unlawful restraint.   Black women, what type of men are a lot of our sisters hooking up with in this era?

Also, according to Mail Online, the Facebook post read, 'This is wut [sic] happens wen my baby hits me back,' and a smiley face.  Really, we are frowning just about now and do not see anything thing funny.  Many people within our American society are so wicked, they take certain things lightly, but we as black women have been abused too much to ignore this alleged report.   This hurts so much, because those of us who adults have suffered emotional scars from our childhood and when we see young black girls being allegedly mistreated, it hurts even more.  Therefore, this evidently reveals we are living in a society where all black females are hated, no matter how young or how old.  

Sisters, we want to forewarn you to be careful whom you allow to impregnate you, because no child should ever have to suffer the insult of their parent's alleged careless behavior.   This is embarrassing for a young child whom may grow up to learn about why her father was almost convicted (and still could be convicted for another charge) for showing her bound and gagged on Facebook.  Black women, let us tell you what else vexed our spirits, Yesmin Doss, the mother of this young girl supports Andre Curry.  Now, we as black women whom know Christ must began to pray for God not to allow some women to become mothers if they support this type of foolishness.  This shows you the mind of some young adults these days, both black men and black women, they do not seem to take things serious when it comes to their children. 

Thank God, Andre Curry maybe facing an aggravated battery charge, which could get him up to seven years in prison if convicted of the crime.   So, he may have gotten off for unlawful restraint, which we still cannot understand, but-he still may do time for aggravated battery charge.

Christian black women, let us pray for more good parents within our society, because it seems like too many people are making light of what hurt black females and this is one of them. In the meantime, we will keep this baby-girl in our prayers and also pray for her parents to repent and accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. 

Father who posted Facebook picture of bound and gagged two-year-old daughter cleared of unlawful restraint 

By James Nye

A Chicago man who bound his 22-month-old daughter with tape and posted a photo on Facebook was acquitted Tuesday of unlawful restraint and will find out the verdict on a second charge next week.

Cook County Circuit Judge Lawrence Flood acquitted the 22-year-old father, Andre Curry, of one charge after a bench trial. 

The Chicago Tribune reported Flood later said he wanted...Read full article, here.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Celebrity News: Usher’s Lawyer And Judge In Custody Case Cited In Investigation: Black women, look at God working things out for Tameka Foster

Sisters, do you see how God is working everything out for our dear sister, Tameka Foster-Raymond?  She endured persecution and ridicule in the media, even after she lost her son, Kile Glover in a jet ski accident.  People are so cruel, they sided with celebrity superstar, Usher and celebrated his victory for having primary custody of his two sons.   However, God works all things out for the good for those whom love Him as the Bible says in Romans 8:28.  Tameka Foster-Raymond has remained strong, quoting positive messages on her Twitter, even after Usher appeared on Oprah telling his side of the story, allegedly as though he is the victim.

Millions of viewers tuned into Oprah's Next Chapter and we even got a chance to hear the alleged coldness coming from Usher's mother and we did not feel an ounce of concern for Tameka Foster, whatsoever.   However, if you have been keeping up with our previous articles, you will recall us informing you God sees everything and was and still in control of the situation, regardless of Usher's fame and fortune.   It did not matter about the cordial relationship between Usher's attorney, John Mayoue and Judge Tipton Lane, we always knew God had the last say.  Therefore, it is never over until God says it is over and black women, take this for yourself in any situation you face.   

As black women, Satan always acts up in people, both men and women, white, black or any other race.  As you can see, Judge Tipton Lane is a black woman, Usher's attorney, John Mayoue is a white man, everything we deal with is spiritual sisters, race is irrelevant in this case.   Like we mentioned to you before, the Devil is very busy and he will use both women and men of any race to go against you when you have chosen to serve God.  In this world, celebrities like Usher get favoritism, because they have money, but that is not what is going on in the Kingdom of God.  In God's Kingdom, He works things out for the righteous and the alleged wicked people have no choice, but to yield to His command when all of their dirty laundry is revealed before the press, such as in this case with Usher's attorney and Judge Tipton Lane. 

In general, people mistreat us as though we are nothing, but in God's eyes we are so beautiful, especially when we say yes to His will and His way.   He works everything out for us when we choose to serve Him and obey His complete biblical commandments.  

CBS Atlanta Investigates "Justice For Sale" - Usher Raymond 

Things are about to get really interesting in the custody battle between Usher Raymond and his ex-wife Tameka Foster Glover Raymond.

As you know, there have been may questions raised about the case and the details surrounding the judge’s decision to award primary custody...Read full article, here.

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Vanessa "Honey" Malone Shot Dead During Home Invasion in Stone Mountain, Georgia: Black Women, you are no longer more safe in an apartment

Eighteen-year-old Vanessa "Honey" Malone was shot to death after she entered into a Stone Mountain apartment.  Malone unknowingly walked in on a robbery.  She was heard screaming by the other two victims who were tied up in the bedroom. Then they also overheard the gunmen bringing her back inside the apartment, after shots were fired.  We do not know if you know this, but Stone Mountain it right outside of Atlanta, in Dekalb County.

Sisters, this is very sad news, but this also tell us something very important, you have to be careful even living inside of an apartment.  Also, we do not know if this was Vanessa Malone's apartment, but there is a lesson to be learned for single or married black women.  There used to be a time when apartments were more safe to live in than homes, because of the several units, knitted together, but nowadays, it is much worse.   You have to be safe and take precaution while living in an apartment, just as you would if you resided in a home.  Burglars are more bold, than they were 20 years ago.  The only way to escape such a crime from happening is to make sure you have an alarm within your apartment or if you can afford to do so, move into a gated and very secured community.  As black women, we have to be very careful where we live.   Now you may think this article is only good for single black women, but we also include our consideration for you if you are married, because if you noticed the two victims who were tied up Travares Benford and India Smith were a couple.  They both spotted between 3 to 6 tall black men, so evidently, whomever these robbers were, they did not have any fear facing more than one person.  

Vanessa "Honey" Malone was too young to die, may she rest in peace.

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Friends and family demand answers, #JusticeForHoney

The murder of an 18-year-old Stone Mountain woman has sparked an outcry for justice on her behalf by her family and friends.  Vanessa "Honey" Malone was killed on October 23 when police say she walked in on an armed robbery in DeKalb County.  While her killer is still on the loose...Read full article, here.


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Black women, 'I stayed with my husband in our black church that is changed gay affirming, now he left me for a transgender woman'

Sisters, we are living an in a very evil day when many black churches are accepting it is okay to be gay.  They have turned away from God's Word that opposes homosexuality.  This has put a lot of faithful wives whom are black women in jeopardy.  We as black women have already have had a hard time keep a man, because many of them prefer other races, not just white.   Now, since many black churches are condoning same sex marriage and black married heterosexual couples have to make a choice if they are going to remain in a gay affirming ministry or cease to fully obey God and His Word.  One of our faithful readers by the name of "LaTisha (fictitious)" made the wrong move by agreeing with her husband, "Stanley(fictitious)" to remain in their church (located in Baltimore, Maryland) that once taught it was wrong to be gay.   Stanley became attracted a transgender woman and is now about to be remarried by the same pastor whom once joined he and Latisha in matrimony.

Sisters, this is why we try to encourage you to make sure you are fully serving the Lord, because when you are in full obedience to God, you will not choose to remain in a church that is not in full submission to God's biblical commandments.   Now many black marriages in the black church are being destroyed more than ever, since many preachers within the black church are ignoring scriptures against homosexuality.  Because there are many broken marriages between black men and black women, this reveals this is why it is not okay to remain in a ministry that is allegedly drawing attraction away from the opposite sex.  Therefore as black women, we will not be able to see the trick of the enemy unless we choose to serve God and fully obey His Word. 

Now, Stanley has filed for a divorce and expecting to take custody of his children, although his children do not support his choice to leave their mother for this transgender woman.   The pastor, "Rev. Stone (fictitious)," has offered no support to "LaTisha" and has bluntly suggested she move on with her life.  Interim, Rev. Stone is also in the process of leaving his wife, the first lady to be committed to his same sex partner.   Sisters, what has the black church come to?   What has become of black men and black women, after our ancestors were enslaved for over 400 years.   How did we get to this point of the black church accepting a custom that is not accepted within God's Kingdom?  Now, we are living in an era when many preachers within the black church are selfish and do not even consider the feelings of the black woman losing her man to the gay movement.  Many of them just want to be accepted and included with the majority that is allegedly agreeing the President Obama's gay agenda.

LaTisha allegedly says when her church was once in opposition to homosexuality, family men like her ex-husband, Stanley used to be on fire for the Lord, but now since it has became a gay affirming church, she noticed a difference in the men whom still attend.  If they are still married to their wives, the are fascinated with spending a lot of time around their gay friends whom are married to same sex partners, others either have gay partners along with yet remaining with their wives or then others like Stanley have left their wives to be with the same sex.  She allegedly claims they are more excited about homosexuality than they Word of God.  Sadly, this is the alleged picture of many black churches today whom are now gay affirming ministries.

LaTisha we are so very happy you finally decided to leave this gay affirming church, but we are very sorry it took your husband leaving you for this transgender woman to make this wise decision.  However, we encourage you to move on with your life and fight for your children.   Forget about his decision to leave you for this transgender person, the welfare of your children are more important than his choice to divorce you for this transgender woman.  We advise you to speak with your children and have them write a letter to the judge that is over your divorce case as to why they choose to remain with you.   If the judge sees that your ex-husband's decision is negatively effecting them, he may rule in your favor, but you must make this known to your attorney, so he or she can make it possible for the voice of your children to be heard in divorce court.   Although, the gay and transgender lifestyle is more accepting today in our American society, it also up to the children of gay parents if they are willing to live with it or not and if your children have the judge's support, then Stanley may have less of a chance to gain custody or even partial custody of your children.  

LaTisha, we also want to focus on how you are doing, after your husband has left you for this transgender woman.   We want you to get more closer to God than ever.   We would advise you to start a christian support group for black women whom are dealing with being alone, after their husbands have left them for same sex partners or transgender women.   This is a very hard time for many black women today, it is already difficult dealing with a cheating man whom sleeps around with different women, but it is really a twisted type emotional pain to try and compete with a gay man or a transgender woman whom now is in the arms of your ex-husband.   It is time for you to seek God and leave your ex-husband, including that gay affirming church in the past. Live your life as though you never married him or attended that church.  You know, how they say the past is dead?  It is very true, the past is dead, especially when we live our lives without remembering it.   Do not even pay attention to your broken marriage, but build up your character as a saved and holy woman designed by God for ministry and a possible future with a saved man whom also going to be holy and not be full of lust.  Change your life into inspiring other hurting divorced black women like yourself, which will aid your personal healing process.  God bless you dear sister, we will keep you and your children in our prayers.

Note: All names and photos are fictitious
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Update: Detroit teen who killed mother gets 25-50 years in prison: Black women, let go of our children whom may not want to obey and just pray

Sisters, we are certainly not telling you to give up on your children, but when they get so stubborn to where they are threatening your life, you must step back and just pray.  This 14-year-old teen, Joshua Smith took his step-father's shot gun and killed his mother, Tamiko Robinson who was laying asleep on the couch, after she forewarned him about hanging out in the streets with gangs.   If young people whom you raise to stay out of trouble rebel against your authority, you have no choice but to step back, pray and just turn them over to God, even when they are grown children.

Sisters, we are living in an evil day when you must make very sure you are living for the Lord Jesus Christ, so your children can learn how to also accept Christ as their personal Savior.  Now, we are not saying our dear sister, Tamiko Robinson was not a child of God, but even  christian parents have been dealing with their rebellious children and if the Holy Ghost is not ruling the atmosphere and if their children are not constantly taught the Word of God, then demons can easily work through them.  As black women, it is already hard dealing with rejection in our society, but when you deal with rebellion in your home, you have no choice, but to totally yield to God and allow the Holy Spirit to rule your household.

May Tamiko Robinson rest in peace.  

In the meantime, we will pray for her son, Joshua Smith who is now going to spend many years in prison.  After he gets in there, he is going to wish he had of respected and not killed his mother.  Ephesians 6:1-2 says: 'Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right.  Honor your father and mother; which is the first commandment with promise.'

 Read more articles

Detroit teen who killed mother gets 25-50 years in prison

By FOX 2 News Staff

DETROIT (WJBK) - A teenage boy will spend the next 25 to 50 years in prison for slaying his 36-year-old mother in their Detroit home.

Joshua Smith was sentenced Friday in...Read full article, here.

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African Business Woman stalked on Facebook killed: Black women be careful using social networks

Cynthia Osokogu, 24, was not just a model, but she was also a grad student and a very successful business woman who was supposed to be buying stock from two killers who lured her to travel to Lagos, Nigeria.  Sisters, this young lady had her whole life ahead of her, but like a lot of black women, she trusted strangers who she did not think would harm her.   You cannot be too nice to people.   People always like to accuse reserved individuals of being funny acting, because they refuse to mingle with everyone, but it more better to be safe and be called 'snobby and stuck-up,' than dead.

These are the two alleged killers, Echezona Nwabufor and his cousin, Ezike Ilechukwu Olisaeloka.  These two ruthless murderers persuaded Cynthia Osokogu who agreed to meet them alone in a motel room.  They tricked her into drinking two containers of poisonous fluid and then beat her to death when she tried to defend herself.  No one was there to protect her from these two cold blooded killers.  Sisters, if you are in any type of business do not ever agree to meet buyers or sellers in a private place, but meet them with someone outdoors or in a public place and not by yourself.   Cynthia was a very intelligent woman, but anyone can be fooled when there is a discussion, regarding sales.  Therefore, be very careful when using these social networks, not just Facebook.  Although, the internet is a blessing for many of you in business, you have to be smart and not be so quick to trust these strangers whom may seem like they are nice people.  Do not even trust women, if they should lure you to meet in a private place, some of them have been known to kill innocent victims.

As black women, Satan is just waiting for us to run into the wrong people, because he is already mad we are not taking the easy way to make money, like being a prostitute, a madam or a drug dealer.   Satan does not want us to do legitimate business, he wants us to get into a web where no one will be able to help us out.  He already uses this society to make us feel we are not beautiful and not smart in the head.  So, this is why many of us have faced the demon of oppression to the extreme, no matter how we have tried so many times to reach our goals for success.  He uses people to either make us feel like we can never become successful women or killers to capture us when we refuse to accept the negative lies about black women, even if we are doing legitimate business.  Therefore, do not be discourage by this story, just be smart and use your head, always let buyers or sellers know you are prepared with your team of associates (more than one person you know) to meet them in public.   Again, we are not saying our dear sister was not smart, but we do feel there should have been someone to protect her and she should not have met these strangers in a private place. 

May Cynthia Osokogu rest in peace.  We are praying for her family.

In the meantime, we also will be praying for the killers that they will admit what they have done and totally surrender their souls to God before it is everlasting too late.

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Facebook 'stalkers' face trial for model's murder

By Vladimir Duthiers, CNN

Lagos, Nigeria (CNN) -- Cynthia Osokogu had it all: Beauty -- she was a former model -- intelligence and business savvy. She also modeled herself on her idol, Tyra Banks, and was emerging as a successful businesswoman.

"She was hardworking, loving, industrious and beautiful," said her mother, Joy Osokogu. "She had achieved so much at age 24."

On July 21 this year, Osokogu traveled to Lagos from...Read full article, here.

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Update: Jessica Tata left children alone twice to go shopping on day of fire that killed 4 kids

Sisters, we do not know if you recall our previous story at AT2W, regarding the Houston daycare owner who left the children unattended while going on errands, but now, here is the update.  Jessica Tata, 24, is now on trial and prosecutors are now bringing up more evidence to convict her.  If she is convicted she could spend the rest of her life in prison.  Black Women, please if you own a childcare, do not go shopping and leave the kids alone.  If children die in your care, you will regret having to face a judge and jury.

Jessica Tata must now face a jury, all because she allegedly went shopping and left them alone in the home.  Four children, ranging from 16 months to 3 years old died in a fire, because there was a frying pan left on the stove's burner, according to 

We acknowledge a lot of you are in the childcare business, because time have always been hard for us as black women.  The childcare business or any other similar care taking operation has always saved a lot of sisters and their children from being homeless.  However, it is not good to own those type of businesses, if you are always going to be busy doing other things. Therefore, please take heed and do not let yourself ever be caught in this situation.  Always take the children with you and if you leave them with someone you have hired as a licensed employee, please make sure they are qualified.  You see, the parents of these deceased children will never see their babies again, all because of Tata's negligence.   Jessica Tata may have been doing good for herself as a business woman in her early 20's, but now look where she is at?  She is on trial facing life in prison, because she failed to keep an eye on those kids.  Now, she may die in prison.   Sisters, if God gives you a business, do not take it for granted by going shopping and forgetting about what you are supposed to do and that is to take responsibility and do your job.

In the meantime, we will keep Jessica Tata and the bereaved families of the young victims in our prayers. 

Houston day care worker left children alone TWICE to go shopping on day of fire that killed 4 kids: prosecutors 

HOUSTON  - The Houston home day care where four children were killed in a fire last year was run by an irresponsible woman who twice left the children alone that day to go shopping, prosecutors told jurors Thursday during her murder trial.

Investigators have said Jessica Tata was shopping at a nearby Target when a fire broke out in her home's kitchen and...Read full article, here.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Celebrity News: Woman testifies about underage sexual encounter with ex-Giant Lawrence Taylor

Sisters, do you recall Souls of Black Women doing a previous article about NFL celebrity, Lawrence Taylor?  We forewarned you to be very careful of men like him who may have lust for children.  Cristina Fierro, Lawrence Taylor's victim who is now speaking out in court about how he molested her when she was 16, allegedly says Taylor compared her hair to his wife.  Black women, you do not need a man in your life molesting teen girls .  You must pray and believe God for a righteous man and do not date a man just because he is a celebrity, only date him, because God designed him for you. 

Cristina Fierro who is now 19, allegedly said she thought about committing suicide after Taylor molested her.  It was her first sexual encounter and she allegedly described how painful it was.  According to, Cristina Fierro, who has since married, told a Manhattan jury hearing her lawsuit that she didn't know who Taylor was when she found him naked on a bed, after another man forced her to have sex with him for $300 dollars.   Sisters, being married to a man with a lot of money does not mean anything, unless he has morals and values based on God's Word.  Lawrence Taylor obviously did not appreciate his wife, because he fulfilled his lustful desires outside of marriage with a teenager.  

Black women, you must acknowledge just like God has made many of us righteous, He's got some righteous men out there, we do not have to settle for less.  Often times, you may say to yourself, 'oh if I only had a rich husband I could pay my bills,' or, 'oh, I wish I was in the shoes of of a famous wife of a celebrity,' but it is better to have less and be without a man, than to be with a man who molest children and has a lot of money.  That sort of thinking has gotten a lot of our sisters in trouble.  Sisters, Jesus Christ is enough if you can't find a good and saved man.  There are many men today whom maybe attracted to us, but they have a hidden lustful desire to be with children.  This is why you have to make sure you are a born again Christian, so you can learn how to be patient and wait on God for the right man to come to you.  If it takes a long time to finally settle down with the right man, don't be in a rush to marry, if you should meet a rich and famous man, because you do not know what type of demons he could be possessed with.  He could have AIDS for all you know.  Get saved and be patient while waiting on God to send you the right man. 

Sisters, as black women we need Jesus more than a husband.  Jesus Christ loves us and we never get too old for Him.  Often times, some married men start fooling around with teens or younger women, because they have a lustful desire that is not pleasing in the eyes of God.   Therefore, you need to recognize as a righteous woman of God, God loves you and does not push you to the side once you get to a certain age.   You do not even have to end up a cougar, because many times, younger men may also disrespect and misuse you.   You need Jesus Christ black women and when God sends the right man in your presence, He will not seek out to molest young children or even be with a younger woman, but He will want you, because He loves God abiding in you. 

Woman testifies about underage sexual encounter with ex-Giant Lawrence Taylor 
NEW YORK — A teenager who has accused former New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor of sexually assaulting her when she was 16 cried Tuesday as she described her encounter with the NFL Hall of Famer at the start of a civil trial.

Taylor pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of sexual misconduct and patronizing an underage prostitute for having sex...Read full article, here.

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Photo: David Handschuh/New York Daily News

Black Women, did Louisiana woman fake hate crime? This takes us back to the Tawana Brawley Case

Sisters, do you remember back in the day when we could not believe the ex-boyfriend on Tawana Brawley whom allegedly claimed on national television that Tawana confided in him that she did her own hate crime?  Now, we understand what many people mean when they say, 'history repeats itself.'  Yes indeed, history is repeating itself alright, simply because many black people over the years have failed to love and respect each other, so in the 21st we are allegedly hearing a lie, another black woman faked hate crime.  Black women, why would 20-year-old Sharmeka Moffitt burn herself and write KKK on herself?  We still do not believe Tawana Brawley did such a thing to herself?

Sisters, we cannot continue to hate each other and think whenever we have hate crimes, we will be able to fight them, especially in an age when so many African Americans have neglected and rejected their own kind in friendships, relationships and marriages.  It is so obvious it is going to be much harder to prove that police could be lying to cover up an actual hate crime possibly caused by white supremacists.  Sharmeka Moffitt's mother on this following video allegedly believes her daughter saw three white men wearing hoods when they burned her in a park, so evidently, she knows she would not do anything like this to herself.  This does not surprise us one bit, now that the presidential election is coming up. 

There was another case several months ago that involved a young black man whom was handcuffed in the back of a police car and police allegedly claimed he committed suicide, but again, how can we fight anything when our own race has spent the last 20 years avoiding our own people?  It is very sad, this young black guy was out with his white friends when this happened and police let them go.  So, we ask you, has diversity really helped us as we have become such a divided race in the 21st century?   Sisters, we may have a black (bi-racial) president, but there could be some white supremacists whom may not want him back in the white house another 4 years.   We are beginning to see history repeat itself with the police allegedly claiming Sharmeka faked a hate crime.  If she was depressed, wouldn't she inflict pain on herself another way than burning herself?

As black women, this is why we try to encourage you not to support the gay agenda, because we are yet dealing with racial discrimination.  Lies are still being told that black women create hate crimes against themselves.   How can we join the gay and lesbian community when our sisters have no defense?   We have a black (bi-racial) president whom has supported the gay agenda, but we do not think there is enough power as it was years ago for civil rights activists whom support his stance for gay marriage to combat racial issues, such as this one with Sharmeka Moffitt.   Think about it sisters, now that Rev. Al Sharpton is fighting for the homosexual community, along with Rev. Jesse Jackson, how will either one of them be strong black men to protect black women like our dear sister, Sharmeka?   This is why we must follow God's Word that opposes homosexuality, because racial issues does not have anything in common with sin.  We must become holy and righteous women and completely humble ourselves before the almighty throne of God.  Let us not unite with a group of people whom most likely will not make a trip to Louisiana to speak up for Sharmeka Moffitt.  Black women, don't you see the trick of the Devil?  We are living in a very wicked age of deception that has a lot of black people sharing civil rights with gays and lesbians, but racism still exist.   We are in a spiritual warfare and in order to put racism behind us, we cannot ever go against God's Word.

Black women, make up in your mind that you are going to surrender to Jesus Christ, because salvation is the only way to escape this insane world that is still making our sisters out to look crazy.  Too many African Americans today have chosen to remain silent about these issues to gain money and keep peace, but really, it will not save them.  What is going to happen when they die?  They will have to give an account for merging in with a movement that was against God's Word, which weakened the black race.   We are witnessing repeated history in an age when there is extreme diversity.  

Ask yourself, after all the hell we put up here on earth that has to do with racism and our own race hating us, is it worth the risk us joining the gay movement, then die and go to eternal hell with Satan and his demons?  No, God loves us black women too much for us to join another group's revolution that has nothing to do with what Sharmeka Moffitt and other black women are still going through.

Sisters, many of you may not be saved.  Living in a society that is now repeating history you need Jesus in your life.  As you can see, He is the only One who understands black women.  We are being persecuted not only by some white supremacists, but our very own race has rejected us.   Jesus Christ loves us more than mankind and He wants us to completely surrender our souls to Him.  If you need God's strength and His divine protection over your life, please go straight to our Salvation page and receive Him now into your life.  God bless you and welcome to the real body of Christ.

In the meantime, will keep our dear sister Sharmeka Moffitt in our prayers.

Watch Video

Watch Video

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Police seek suspect accused of stealing from elderly woman: Black women, 'thou shall not steal'

Allegedly, Katherine Allen Carter, 54 stole thousands of dollars worth of jewelry from an elderly woman. Carter was supposed to be caring for the lady and thought she was so slick to get away with it, but police discovered she pawned most of the jewelry.  Although some has been recovered she still must pay for her crime and do time. Sisters, no matter how bad times get, do not ever steal from anyone. 

This is a very bad situation that happens too often this elderly lady was depending on someone she thought she could trust, but obviously Kathrine thought she was too old to realize her jewelry was missing.   Believe it or not, some black women take certain jobs to see what they can get away with and do not even realize there are spiritual laws they must abide by.  One specific scripture found in Exodus 20:15 commands us not to steal: 'Thou Shall not steal.'   We do not know where people get the myth we no longer have to follow the Old Testament of The Ten Commandments, but if that was so, then the police would not be looking for Katherine Carter, right now. 

 Sisters, if you have a problem with stealing things from other people, you need Jesus Christ in your life.  In 2 Cor. 5:17, it says this, 'Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creation: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.'  God can make you into a new woman, but you have to want to change, He can't force you.  God bless and welcome to the body of Christ.If you desire to change, please go straight to our Salvation page and accept the Lord into your life before it is everlasting too late.   Did you know you can go to hell for theft?  Say if you stole something and died tonight, just where do you think your soul will go?  Certainly, not with Jesus, so accept Him, now black women.  

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Police seek suspect accused of stealing from elderly woman



Police in Dunwoody say they are seeking a caregiver who is accused of stealing thousands of dollars in jewelry from an elderly woman she was aiding.

According to Dunwoody police, 52-year-old Katherine Allen Carter is accused of stealing the jewelry from the victim's home in Dunwoody from...Read full article, here.

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Wiltrina Jones is a Weight Loss Success Story: Losing Over 205 Pounds!

wiltrina jones weight loss success
(Wiltrina Jones Weight Loss Success)
 Wiltrina Jones is a Weight Loss Success Story: Losing Over 205 Pounds!

Wiltrina Jones is a weight loss success story. She's 43 years old and weighted over 375 pounds. Over one year later, she put herself in determination mode and lost 205 pounds! She now weighs 165 pounds! What an amazing transformation. We all know that she is inspiring many people to do the same. (Us too!)

We want to thank Wiltrina personally for sending us her story. We are all so proud of you!! Thanks for inspiring the world to be healthy and fit!! Go girl!

Read part of her story of how she gained the weight and when she got to her breaking point below:

How I Gained It:

'I have battled obesity for the majority of my life. I was in a host of activities growing up, like track and field, cheerleading and gymnastics. Although I was active, I still seemed to load up on all the wrong foods. I remember in...

Read more at AT2W!

Black women, the Black Church Kicked Me Out After My Married Pastor Impregnated me 3 times

One of our avid readers, Francis (fictitious name) contacted us and admitted she has been pregnant three times by her married pastor.   When she confronted him about paying child support, she was asked to take a leave of absence by this very prominent "Pastor Jackson (fictitious name) " whom requested that she keep quiet while spending time away from the church.  Francis refused to leave the church and called a meeting by inviting some church members to hear her confession outside of the church. At this meeting in front of church members, she was embarrassed, but admitted she bore children for Pastor Jackson.   She then was ostracized and persecuted by his church members, including his wife who found out about her meeting.   She ended up wanting to commit suicide, after she was stopped at the front entrance of the church on the following Sunday morning by Pastor Jackson's armor bearers.  Now, Francis does not know how to raise her children as a single mother or even attend another church.

When we asked her why did she allow him to impregnate her two more times, after the first time, she allegedly admitted she was getting paid as the leader of his praise team in this popular mega church and she enjoyed singing praise and worship songs.  She felt special, like a star. However, she wanted him to fulfill his duty as the father of her children, so all of that popularity became unimportant to her.  She never thought about getting an abortion, because she followed her pastor's teaching that is was wrong, although he suggested it, each time she secretly informed him about her pregnancy. Pastor Jackson had seen his kids by Francis at church many Sundays, but never got close or even looked at them.  In otherwards, he acted as though they were not his kids, every time they were in his presence.  Pastor Jackson is still a very rich and famous televangelist and has declined our request for comment and his secretary refused to allow us to speak with his wife.  Francis brought her problem to Souls of Black Women, simply because she admits having a secret affair with this well known pastor was wrong, but now that she must raise all three of her children alone, she does not know what to do or even how to be a mother to them.  Also, it has been over 8 months and she is still on leave of absence as though she has been fired as the praise team leader.

As black women, we often get misused in the black church, especially if our family has been attending for a very long time.  It is the usual custom to remain quiet just because the pastor is known as the 'man of God.'  If you even admit the truth about his lustful seduction, you will get rebuked not only by him, but also by your mother in a lot of cases, depending on who she is within the church.    Not all pastors are like "Pastor Jackson," but there have been some whom expect certain women to secretly fulfill there sexual desires, in exchange for a prestigious position. Such prestigious positions in the black church is an honor for the average mother who is also a dignitary to see her daughter standing before hundreds or even thousands of people at every church service or conference, especially when their mother is also a high ranking employee of that lucrative ministry.  However, in Francis case, her mother got her start as an evangelist and is now known all over the country, just because of previously being on the board of trustee's at Pastor Jackson's mega church.

Francis mother, "Rev. Cook" suggested that she forgives him and moves on with her life.  We questioned how that is possible if Francis mother has no consideration for  her daughter's distress after boring all three children.  Whenever, she confronts her mother, 'she replies, if I did not care, I would not have been there for you each time you gave birth to my grandchildren.' Then she makes Francis feel bad for approaching Pastor Jackson and causing conflict between he and his wife.  She also makes her feels very bad by reminding her the money she makes through her ministry would not have been possible without him, so she might as well enjoy some of it, which is over 6 figures, monthly.

Francis, it is time you realize God loves you, although you have discreetly bore your pastor's children out of wedlock.  You are still very special, although you may not be leading the praise team any longer.  He loves you regardless of not being allowed to step foot in Pastor Jackson's church.  You must believe what we are telling you. As black women, a lot of times, we make mistakes while being raised in the church.  You may have done wrong by being your pastor's mistress, but your pastor has to give an account, if he does not repent.  He is a pastor of a church and has a wife and kids.   He should not have taken advantage of you, just because of his powerful position.   As for raising your children, you should still thank God you bore them, they are very valuable in the eyes of God, no matter how they got here.    Your children are God's children and although, they may have been born out of wedlock, they are still a gift to you from God.  We make mistakes in our lives all the time, especially when a pastor or an evangelist has the power to take advantage of us, but you can feel comfortable raising those children knowing they are not mistakes, they have a purpose in life.  No matter how you got to be a mother, accept yourself as a fortunate parent.   As for your mother, forgive her, no matter how bad it hurts.   She may not be sensitive to what you have been through, but God knows what she has done has been very wrong, although she is your mother.  Many times, our mothers whom have high prestigious positions in the church ignore our feelings as though the pastor and first family is all they care for.  Although your Mom loves you, she must learn all the money she is getting through ministry is not valuable as you are, especially when it comes to salvation. You have to give this entire situation over to God, you can't carry it, it's too painful.  Often times, we as black women who may have been raised in the church continue to carry bad situations from the past throughout our lives, especially when we were mistreated by the pastor, the first family and his church members, but you have a new life now and it involves your children.   So what, you are not the praise team's leader anymore?  You can sit down at a keyboard and start creating songs and one of these days, you may share your gift to those whom will want to hear you on a CD or at a concert.  If you should come out with a music CD, Pastor Jackson and his wife will be very embarrassed to see you rising above your circumstance, they won't be able to deal with it, because they know they did you wrong.  Your testimony of your past trial many times makes you a very powerful woman and years later, no telling what will happened with this pastor and wife if they do not apologize to you for shunning and turning you away from the church, it's not right and they are certainly not saved.  They do not know Jesus, because if they did, they would show some compassion and not put you out of the church.  So Francine, never forget our response to you.

In the meantime, we will keep Francis, her children and mother in our prayers.  Also, we pray for this pastor, because he is going to need it.

Note: The names and photo are fictitious
Photo: Design Pics 
Photo: fStop

Monday, October 22, 2012

'Black women, tight braids gave me alopecia now I can't grow hair in those Bald spots!' Try Cayenne Pepper to regrow your hair

Sisters, we always try to tell you to give up the braids, simply because when many of you wear them, you most likely will be tempted to pull it back, in most cases, to hide your kinks, which has been going on for years.  This is also how a lot of you get into trouble wearing weaves that is stitched with a braid to your head (not saying we agree with using bonding glue either, both are bad in our opinion).  One of the main reasons why many of you have a receded hair line and bald spots in other areas, is simply because you have worn tight braids for too long and killed your hair follicles.  One of the things we can say, in some cases, it is never too late to regrow your hair in those bald spots that has not regrown hair for years, because cayenne pepper has been a natural solution that has worked for some women and men.

Many of us have worn braids since we were young kids, the danger for most of us is the older we became, the more diverse our society grew.  Therefore, many black teens and black women no longer wanted to identify with kinky hair or even being black.   When many black women wore braids they endured extreme headaches from wearing tight braids that pulled the their locked hair around the edges to appear straight.  By the time when many of you try to straighten your hair you have to style your hair to hide the bald spots and you straighten your hair, because you feel you do not have any other options.  Sounds familiar? Now, we are not going to tell you cayenne pepper has worked for all black women, but in some cases we have seen evidence of not only new growth, but it has also has been known to grow very long hair.   So, if you have been struggling to regrow your hair in those bald spots and even regrow your hair to a certain length, you should try using cayenne pepper.  Make sure you use quality, organic cayenne pepper to get the full results in order to regrow your hair.

What is it about Cayenne Pepper that can make your hair grow?  According to,
cayenne pepper increases blood circulation throughout the scalp to deliver more essential nutrients to the hair follicle required for healthy hair growth. Capsaicin, a chemical in cayenne pepper stimulates the hair follicles, another chemical, quercetin, increases blood flow to the scalp which is beneficial to hair growth. 

Note: Sisters, when making your hair solution, make sure you precisely follow the instructions given in the following articles.  However, if you feel it is breaking you out or burns so bad (it doesn't in some cases), please immediately discontinue using cayenne pepper.  For instance, some black women have broke out using castor oil, you can try substituting it with olive oil, but if the cayenne pepper does not agree with your scalp, discontinue your regimen.

This article at Ehow, 'Cayenne Pepper & Olive Oil for Hair Growth,' gives you step by step instructions, but we have allegedly read in other articles you can not only use Olive Oil, but also Vodka (see here) or Castor Oil.  

Remember sisters, nothing happens overnight, be patient and in so many months you may see new growth, we do not guarantee it, although some black women have proven testimonies it worked for them.

Photo: Comstock

Update: Pregnant Brooklyn bride’s killer left note demanding DC sniper Lee Boyd Malvo be released from prison

Sisters, is this the beginning of a serial killer on the loose?   Vindalee Smith's killer left a chilling note, forewarning that if D. C. Sniper, Lee Boyd Malvo is not released from prison, there will be one pregnant woman found dead, per week.  Allegedly, investigators believe the note is just to throw them off and we agree it is a possibility this feuding neighbor of Smith's could be responsible for her murder and is just trying to fool them. 

As you know, Vindalee Smith was going to become a wife today, but she was found dead in a pool of blood by her landlord.   Smith's landlord went to check on her and saw the gruesome discovery. We cannot imagine seeing her layingdead while carrying unborn child who was also pronounced dead.

You may ask why did God allow Vindalee Smith to die, she was a born again Christian?  Sisters, God allow certain tragedies for His own reason, we do not have the answer for what God allows, all we know is that she nor her child did not deserve to die. In some cases, God is trying to get the attention of someone close to the victim, we do not know.  However, Vindalee Smith, along with her baby is in a much better place.   This world is so wicked, some people like this killer do not any consideration for a single black woman who lives alone while carrying her unborn child.   We have discovered her feuding neighbor was evil and would not give her any peace, so much, she moved around the corner to live in another apartment.   God created earth, but-some people while live on this planet have no regard for humanity ruin the environment with their wickedness, because they are rebellious and refuse to serve God.   

Sisters, are you saved?  If not, would you like to ask Jesus Christ into your heart if Jesus should call you home?   Jesus loves you so much, He loves you even more than you best friend.   Humble yourselves before the almighty throne of God and accept Jesus into your life.   If this is you, please go straight to our Salvation page, now.  God bless you and welcome to the family of Christ.

 Watch Video


Pregnant Brooklyn bride’s killer left note demanding release of DC sniper Malvo: sources 


The fiend who killed a pregnant Brooklyn bride-to-be left a chilling note under her body — vowing that more expectant moms would die unless “the DC sniper” is released from jail, law-enforcement sources told The Post yesterday.

The single-page, computer-printed message was discovered Saturday after cops were called to the blood-spattered Flatbush basement apartment where Vindalee Smith, 38, had been stabbed and
...Read full article, here.

Source, Video and Photo:


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