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6 Teen Girls Charged in woman's videotape beating in custody: Black women, teach your daughters love and be ladies

Although, there are four faces shown on the above photo, there were actually six of them whom are now in custody for beating the mentally challenged woman in Chester, Pa.  Sisters, what has become of some of our female teens?  It used to be a time when boys and girls did not beat up on any woman or man, even if they were mentally challenged.   As black women, if these teen girls are not taught by their parents, they need someone to teach them how to love and be ladies. 

There is a possibility these teenagers are trying to be in a gang, but picked on someone too weak to fight back.   According to our source, the unidentified woman told her neighbor she was afraid to tell anyone this is why she did not call police.   You see?   These teen girls knew exactly what they were doing, they assumed they would not get found out, simply because they knew she allegedly appeared to be an emotionally troubled woman.  They possibly saw her all the time and planned to do it, so they could become big-shots on Facebook, but one of the teen's father was wise to turn them in.  This is one of the main reasons why we feel young children and teens should not have accounts on Facebook, simply because some of them, use it in the wrong way.

As black women, it is time to teach these teenage girls how to be ladies, because many of them lack discipline in their homes.   We know a lot of parents do not like for elders to instruct their children these days, so some of us sisters who can find time should create projects to give them information on how to be a lady.   Then, it would be up to them to humbly accept information.  There should be programs across the nation to teach young black teenagers how to be young ladies and gentlemen, not gangsters.   They need to know what to do with their time and how to  use it, wisely.   Also, they need to be informed one of these days, they may become a victim and reap what they sow when they get older, especially if they refuse to change.  If they refuse to make the best out of their lives, it is their choice, but they need to know how to become productive as young ladies, not out in the streets, trying to be bullies against helpless individuals or anyone else.

As we said before, there was a parent who called police, according to,  so not all parents lack discipline.  Possibly, his daughter was already rebellious and he got tired of it and just wanted to teach her a lesson, which is very good.  If he had not of called police, they possibly would have done this again and then could have gotten shot dead.  However, one of the parents who will be seen on one of the following videos claimed she had not spoke with her two daughters, Davis and Bell about the incident.  When your kids do wrong, you should correct them and if they break the law or harm anyone and you know about it, you should do what this father did in this case, call police on your own child.

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All suspects in woman's videotaped beating in custody (PHOTO)


Police say all six teenage suspects in the videotaped beating of a mentally disabled woman are now in custody. 

Police tell Action News the remaining two girls were rounded up late Friday afternoon...Read full article, here.


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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ann Coulter: 'Civil Rights Are for Blacks' Only: Should today's black women think like Ann Coulter?

Recently, Ann Coulter was seen on ABC's 'This Week' discussing civil rights at a round table discussion.  Ann Coulter raised a good point, in so many words she allegedly stated, 'it is not fair to share civil rights with other races who were not enslaved on a plantation, lynched and raped in the fields neither should our rights be shared with the gay community.'  Usually, some people do not like Ann Coulter, but as courageous black women of God, we should be able to agree with her on some level, especially when it comes to homosexuality, because God told us in His Word He does not agree with it.     

Sisters, many of us were strictly raised on biblical principles and know better, but we are seeing many black women being silent on something our fore-parents struggled so hard for and that was for our race to be equal, but it was not ever meant for us to agree with any sinful lifestyle nor become involved with it. Think about it, did we have gay African Americans in slavery?  We do not that idea came across their mind, for they were so busy praying to God for freedom and trying to avoid being physically beaten and lynched.   However, if some of our sisters are in sin, there is no way for them to understand Ann Coulter's opinion.  Many of us can recall when our race had morals and values and would be afraid to accept any sinful lifestyle similar to being black.  Now, in the 21st century, Ann Coulter has boldly admitted what many of us should be also say, 'our rights were never meant to be shared with homosexuals,' and we should add, based on biblical principles.'  We are not saying we should be militant in anyway, but we should most definitely agree with Ann Coulter, because we as black women have had it more harder than any other race and even the black man to some degree.   Who would have thought Rev. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and many other activists fighting for a group of people, which should not concern us, according to God's Word? To be fair, many of us should feel very hurt when thinking about this civil rights issue, because we were the ones who recall our ancestors being the only race enslaved because they were black.  Now, we have became so free within our society, some of our youth have a European mindset against God's Word.   

Some black mothers and black fathers are responsible for not sharing the importance of the civil rights issue and what it meant for our race, before we became equal.   So, we ask you, how is that this white woman has been strong enough to admit the truth and we hardly hear of any black women publicly saying the same thing?  Has the majority of black women become so spiritually weak, they are now in submission to Satanic forces?  It seems Satan has allegedly tormented many of our sisters so much, they do not even have strength enough to publicly speak the truth like Ann Coulter.   If we are so diverse these days, why can't we celebrate Ann Coulter's strength for have the courage many of our sisters have lost?   Coulter hit on a touchy subject the average civil rights activist or even a black preacher would be afraid to admit. 

We ask you, why is it we are living in an age when many black women, along with black men are willing to share civil rights with the gay community?  Some of you black women, where is your fear of God?  Why is Ann Coulter strong enough to speak the truth and many of our sisters have allegedly weakened to Satan's authority?  As far as what she mentioned about other races sharing civil rights, yes, they should have rights too, but-Ann Coulter was so accurate when she admitted they did not endure slavery like our race.   Of course, if you have cross boundaries, God told us not to cross, you cannot understand Ann Coulter and sadly, you may die weak until the day you die.

Biblical Scriptures against Homosexuality 
  •  1 Corinthians 6:9-10 - "Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God." 
  • Leviticus 18:22 - "Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable." 
  • Leviticus 20:13 - "If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads." 
  • Romans 1:26-27 - "Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion."

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Update Black Women: Triple murder suspect, Joseph Smith waives court appearance and accused of third crime

There is a correction to made in the case of Joseph Smith who allegedly murdered three people.   He was not married yet, he had one more month to marry his fiancee, Shatikey "Tiki" Griffin.  We apologize, we were just going by the previous report.   Also, we found out after he murdered Shatikey Griffin and her daughter, Demiya, he murdered his girlfriend.  The dead woman found in the motel room was Smith's girlfriend, Loveitt Wallace.  Now, that it's all clear, we just want to send out our condolences to all of the families of the murder victims. 

We want to start off this article, by informing all of you sisters that Joseph Smith is also wanted for a third crime, rape and aggravated assault.  However, he has waived his court appearance and now all of the families will have to wait to see him in court.     

Sisters, Joseph Smith is a very cold soul and as you can see, he must not care about allegedly killing all three black women.   He does not even have the heart to face the judge, immediately.  Instead, he has chosen to commit another crime while making the families wait.  It cannot be understood why he has the right to waive his right to appear his court, we suppose this is what it means for criminals having rights  Whatever the case, these three black women are dead and he has allegedly raped another one.   Joseph Smith is a very dangerous person whom is possessed with a demon to kill, possibly any black woman who comes in his sight. 

It is time for you to wake up, be very careful what man you choose to marry or even spend time with in a relationship, because you do not know what level of hate is boiling in their soul.  Are there any good black men?  Of course, there are, just like some of us are good black women, but you have to make sure your soul is right with the Lord Jesus Christ, so you will trust Him to send the right man to you.   Again, we are not judging the deceased victims, but for the rest of you whom are living, please make sure you are saved and have accepted God in your life, because if not, you cannot expect a good and saved man to come you way.  The Devil has got many monsters roaming the streets, they may so fine to you on the outside, but in their soul is is dark, dirty and very ugly.   Therefore, you must think about meeting a man on spiritual level, not just attracted to his physical appearance, which we don't see with Joseph Smith, but obviously, these two dead women thought he looked good.  

This brings us to this point, are in you a dangerous relationship and you feel like you need to be saved?  Maybe, you are not in a dangerous relationship, either way you need to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, dear sister.   God is waiting on you to accept Him, finding a good looking black man with slick personality, is not the answer.  Just like you looking like a fast woman is not the answer for him, the answer is Jesus Christ and when accept Him, you allow Him to mold you into the woman He wants you to be.  Please go straight to our salvation page and humbly surrender your soul to the Lord, before it is everlasting too late.  

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Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5  

Triple murder suspect waives court appearance



A triple murder suspect was a no-show in court in Fulton County on Tuesday. Joseph Smith,  accused of killing his fiancee, her 12-year-old daughter, and his girlfriend, waived his court appearance.

Police say Smith shot and killed his fiancee, Shatikey "Tiki" Griffin, and her daughter, Demiya Griffin. Smith, 32, was taken into custody after a standoff at their family...Read full article, here.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Celebrity News:Tameka Foster Speaks Out: Black Women, How is she able to be so kind after the betrayel in her marriage to Usher?

We must say after the preview on this following video clip, Tameka Foster is one of the most kindest women to claim we all have to admit Usher is charming.  Usher proceeded with the custody battle, after she grieved for the loss of her son and then, accepted primary custody of their two boys.   How can any woman sit on an interview in front of cameras, after so much emotional pain, not to mention her bridesmaid who slept with Usher?  It must be the love of Jesus Christ.  She was kind enough to say, she feels sorry for the bridesmaid.  Tameka has such a kind heart, God created inside of a courageous black woman.

Really, Tameka is being too kind.  We all must admit Usher is very charming?   Some of us black women don't think so, because we cannot imagine allegedly losing our two sons to a low down cheating man, after mourning the loss of an older son.  Usher even had the audacity to allegedly defend his girlfriend on the witness stand in court, allegedly stating that Tameka tried to attack her.   No, Usher is not charming at all, he seems to be a lustful immature brat who expected the case to be won in his favor because he is a celebrity and seems to be his mama's baby-boy.   

You may say why insinuate he is an immature brat?  Simply, because after you tell the world you loved your woman who you chose to marry at one time, even after your mother did not show up at the wedding, you do not have an affair with someone whom was very close to the both of you.  You do not snuggle under your mother on Oprah's show as though you are an angel who made a bad decision to marry a bad person.   Tameka Raymond is not the one who had an affair and she is not the one who chose to proceed with the custody battle after he lost his child, it was the other way around.   Furthermore, the way Usher's mother stuck up for him on Oprah's Next Chapter was so sickening.   She came on the show all dolled up as though her son is the champion against a woman who she never gave a chance to be her daughter in-law, allegedly.  We are going by what was said on the interview with Oprah.   Patton allegedly stated she waited 8 years for Usher's relationship to break up with Tameka, then had the audacity to allegedly claim he apologized.   Sorry, for what? He is her son, that's it, not a baby nor anything more.  Usher is a grown man and he made his own decision to marry Tameka Foster and she is not a bad person, because she is an older woman.   If it were the other way around, people would not be so prejudice, younger women with the older man seems like it's alright, but it's wrong to mistreat women like Tameka just because she is 10 years older than Usher.  Jonetta should have given Tameka a chance, even if she did not go to the wedding, simply because she is a woman who was hurt just like her several years ago when Usher's father allegedly walked off and left her.   You see, many times, black women complain about their own individual lives and do not even consider what the next black woman is going through.  

In the meantime, we will keep Tameka Foster in our prayers, including Usher, because he is going to need it if he does not repent, this includes his mother and mistress.   For this reason, God does not put Usher upon a pedestal, because he is a celebrity and Tameka much lower, because she is a woman, 10 years his senior.  God loves them both, equally and He not One who favors one over the other, that's this old selfish world.

Sisters, if you desire to see Oprah's interview with Usher and His mother, you may go here, after viewing Tameka Foster on the following video, below.  God bless you.

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Flight attendant brings revolver through Philly airport security and gun accidentally fires into TSA break room: Black women, use your head

It is hard to believe that this flight attendant, Jaclyn Luby left her gun in her purse when she arrived for work at Philadelphia International airport.  Fortunately, no one was hurt when it accidentally went off, but what if it had of hurt someone?  No doubt, she would have gotten fired, but she only received a citation.

Ladies, when you get dressed for work early in the morning, what do you do?   You wash up, get dress, put on your make-up and possibly go through your purse to make sure you got everything, especially your car keys.  However, this is why it is very unclear how Luby could forget the gun was in her purse.  Especially working for an airport, you know there is heavy security.   Every since 9/11, each and every employee knows everyone is under suspicion.   

Come to think of it, Jaclyn could have had the gun in her purse for protection while being stalked by someone, possibly an ex-boyfriend or husband.  However, the fact remains, going through an airport, you still have to be on guard knowing you just cannot being a gun pass security without the detector going off.  

 Thank God, no one was hurt. 

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Flight attendant brings revolver through Philly airport security and gun accidentally fires into TSA break room

A gun found inside a flight attendant’s handbag by screeners at Philadelphia International Airport early Sunday accidentally discharged into a break room — but missed hitting anyone, according to reports

Republic Airlines flight attendant Jaclyn Luby was walking through airport screening around 6:50 a.m. when she placed her carry-on bag...Read full article, here.

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Atlanta man accused of killing wife of 1 month, 12-year-old girl, another woman: Black women be careful who you marry

It's bad enough the other day, we heard of a Louisiana woman dead after being married to her husband for 2 months, but after one month, sisters, we really have to start thinking about being very careful of whom we marry.   Joseph Smith is accused of killing his wife of 1 month, Shatikey Griffin, 36 and the woman's 12-year-old daughter, Demiya.  Then, Smith is also suspected in connection of a third murder of 36-year-old Lovett Wallace who was found dead in an East Point motel room.  Very sad, all three black women shot dead by one black man.   Is this how some black men treat us?

 Now, you see why we forewarn you sisters all the time about rushing to be a wife, you don't know what type of demon a man maybe be possessed with.  It is good to take heed when hearing about these black women being murdered by their husbands or boyfriends.   Many of you black women like the thug appearance of a black man, you know, the type with dangling braids and pants hanging down, but that's what's wrong with many black couples, both men and women looking at the wrong thing, instead of waiting on God to give you the right person.  So what, if a black man is gentlemen and does not like hip-hop.  What's wrong with a real gentlemen of morals and values?  We are not judging either deceased black women, but sometimes, black women want these fast thuggish men.  You have to seek God for the right man to come into your life. 

 All the time, we hear of some folks within our race making fun of single black women whom never marry or do not date at all.  One thing for sure about those type of women, at least they are still alive.   It is a great possibility, many single black women do not marry, because of fatal situations like this one in Atlanta and just possibly, they have sense enough to wait on God.   Just because you meet a black man whom finally says he wants to commit to you for life, it does not mean he is the right one for you and if he's got a murdering demon, he may not be right for anyone else.   Many of you sisters are always worrying about tying the knot, because you don't want to be called an 'old maid' or a 'lesbian', but you must stop worrying about what people think of you and wait on God for the right man  Just because you are single, it does not mean anything is wrong with you, keep that in mind every-time you feel bad whenever, you see another black woman with her husband or boyfriend, because you do not know the hell she maybe going through. 

Sisters, before you tie the knot you need to not only make sure your fiance has accepted Jesus Christ as His personal Savior, but you too, must make sure your soul is right with God.   Are you saved?  If not, please rush to our Salvation page, but you must be willing to invite Jesus into your life.  Jesus won't force you to serve Him.   You do not know when your last time could be here on earth, so please make sure you not hesitate for God to come in abide inside of you.  God bless you.

Watch My FOX Atlanta video Here

No court for man accused of killing wife, 12-year-old girl


ATLANTA - A man accused of killing his wife of a month and her 12-year-old daughter will not face a judge on Monday. Joseph Smith is facing two counts of murder for the death of his wife, Shatikey Griffin and her daughter, Demiya.

The bodies of Shatikey Griffin and her daughter were found inside the home after the standoff ended. Griffin's father, Thaddeus Griffin...Read full article, here.



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Ohio woman unknowingly married father: Black women, do you know who your father is?

Sisters, could you imagine being married to your husband for several years and then, after his death, you discover he was your father?   Well, believe it or not, this is what happened to Valerie Spruill.   She allegedly claims, her uncle admitted to her that her late husband was indeed her father.  She confirmed it was true by taking a DNA test.  This strong black woman admits she thought about if her father knew she was his daughter, but she refuses to hate him, which is a good thing.

We cannot comprehend Valerie's story, simply because in 1998, he allegedly died at the age of 60.  Now in 2012, she is sharing her story at 60 years old.  So this means, he was actually 14 years old when he impregnated her mother?   So, this would have made him just 14 years older than her?  Yes, of course, we know boys and girls are sexually active, even back in the old days, but-this story is very awkward.   The main thing is this, Valerie Spruill is able to move forward with her life, realizing that she did nothing wrong.   We are smart enough to know, it could not have been just her uncle who knew about this family secret and this leads us to also acknowledge those whom knew should repent, because in a way, this could be sort of like rape, a daughter being married to her father for years and not being told she is his daughter.  Possibly, this is why she has been physically ill, because of all the stress of dealing with this issue.  However, she has been able to survive, all because she has faced the truth and been able not to blame herself.  

Furthermore, please realize God allowed Valerie to endure this emotional distress, so she could help many other women whom feel guilty after being involved with incest, whether they knew or not they were related to their lover.

We think Valerie Spruill is a very courageous black woman and her courage will help a lot of women of all races, those whom knew or did not know they were in an incestuous relationship.  According to, Spruill allegedly stated, faith helped get her through two strokes and a diabetic coma that kept her in intensive care for 11 days.  So you see black women, whether you intentionally are a survivor of incest or not, God still loves you.   Do you realize God has healed this woman, because He loves her.  You must take this story for courage in your own life and love yourself, no matter who does not understand or judge you.

Are any of our sisters out there incest survivors?   Whether you knew you were in a relationship with a family member or not, Jesus loves you and He wants to deliver you.  God wants to set you totally free.  If you discovered late you were sleeping with a relative or knew from the very beginning, you may feel guilty, but sisters, you have to forgive yourself and move on.   If this is you, you would you like to be saved?   God loves you so much and will accept you, just as you are.  He does not hold your past against you like mankind.  If this is you, please rush to our Salvation page, now.   God bless you and stay strong in Him.

Secret revealed: Ohio woman unknowingly married father

By Chelsea J. Carter, CNN

(CNN) -- It was a dark secret. The kind that destroys lives, devastates families and decimates faith.

Nobody shared it with Valerie Spruill while her husband was alive. For years after his death, she heard bits of the story. It was something about an absentee father, something about her husband.

None of it made sense, she said. That's not until her uncle finally told her what no one...Read full article, here.

Photo Courtesy: Phil Masturzo/Akron Beacon Journal

Friday, September 21, 2012

Update: Victory black women, Maxine Waters Won't Be Charged With Ethics Violations

This is a victory, black women, Rep. Maxine Waters will not be charged with ethics violations.  As some of you already know she was accused of steering millions of dollars in federal bailout where her husband owns stock, but after the hearing they found she was innocent of the charges, according to We hope she and her husband will now celebrate and get some rest from all of the stress.  

In the meantime, we will continue to keep Rep. Maxine Waters in our prayers. Maxine Waters Won't Be Charged With Ethics Violations 


Maxine Waters Won't Be Charged With Ethics Violations 


WASHINGTON — California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters won't be charged with ethics violations following allegations she steered a $12 million federal bailout to a bank where her husband owns stock.

House Ethics Committee members said Friday at a hearing their investigation found no violation by Waters, a senior member of...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo:
Photo:  Associated Press

Ethics panel to hold hearing in Maxine Waters case

Although, Maxine Waters denies she did anything wrong, today she must face the ethics panel who will decide if she is guilty of trying to move U.S. bailout money to a bank where her husband owns stock.   For several months, we have been waiting to hear what was going to happen in this case, regarding Waters fraudulent allegations.  

In her defense, she claims she only requested a meeting at the Treasury Department on behalf of an association of troubled minority-owned banks that included OneUnited, according to    

Over the years, Representative Maxine Waters has been a very powerful black woman who is the senior member of the Congressional Black Caucus.  She has always been known to defend black organizations and some famous cases like in the case of the CIA Drug Trafficking.  Possibly, this it why it seems there is a conspiracy against her.  Even after the suspicious death of the late Caucasian journalist, Gary Webb who broke the story about how drugs may have gotten into this country, Rep. Maxine Waters continued to be courageous and faced legislators on the issue that has killed thousands of drug users and dealers, all sorts of ways.   

Very rarely, do you hear of a black woman as strong as Maxine Waters who stands up against racial discrimination for fear they maybe labeled militant, but she has stood her ground and it does not surprise us why she must face a hearing today.  Whenever you choose to do right black women, do not be surprise what the satanic forces may bring against you.  Rep. Waters is in a spiritual warfare, because she opposed evil in this country. 

  In the meantime, we will keep Rep. Maxine Waters in our prayers.

Hear the next clip here and then so on...

Ethics panel to hold hearing in Maxine Waters case 

Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) - The House Ethics Committee will hold a hearing Friday in the case of Rep. Maxine Waters, a senior Democrat on the Financial Services Committee, who disputes allegations she tried to steer U.S. bailout money to a bank where her husband owns stock.

The hearing indicates the committee is nearing a conclusion in its investigation of the California Democrat, who has maintained her...Read full article, here. 

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Dr. Maya Angelou Speaks on Politics and Asks: “Can We Be Intelligent?

dr maya angelou interviewed by melissa harris-perry

Dr. Maya Angelou Speaks on Politics and Asks: “Can We Be Intelligent?

New interview on MSNBC with Melissa Harris-Perry and her show who interviewed Dr. Maya Angelou. Dr. Angelou expresses her heartbreak on the subject of politics and its current state.

"I don't know how we can, after the fact, after the election, how we can look at each other with friendly eyes, having for all intents and purpose, cursed each other out and said that this person is not -- this person is a liar, a brute. This person is a fraud...

Read more at AT2W

Shirley Sherrod Talks New Book and Blacks in MSNBC Interview

shirley sherrond  new book

Shirley Sherrod Talks New Book and  Blacks in MSNBC Interview

Shirley Sherrod is an important figure in African American history though her career hit an unexpected highlight when she was fired from her position as former Georgia state director of rural development for the United States.

She has a sit down interview with MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry and they discuss why...

Read more at AT2W!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Black women, did you say your husband wants to bring his male lover in your house?

Sisters, if ever your husband thinks he has the right to bring his male lover in your home, get a divorce, because really, you do not have a man.   Your husband does not have the right to infringe his lustful desires in your presence.  That is purely disrespect and he needs to know he cannot have you and his male lover too.   Now, this is just one among many letters we have received from unidentified sisters whom feel like there is no way out, because her husband is bringing home a lot of money and she has no career.   Black women in this sort of predicament usually do not have any family to turn to and they become very bitter, thinking they no longer have a life.  We come to tell you, you have a life and it is your time is to live it and push your husband and whom he chooses to be with in your house, out of the way.

So obviously black women, if you are in a similar situation of being married to a man whom wants to bring his male lover in the house, you know it is time you move on to the next chapter in your life.   Do you love yourself more than that man?  Well, if the answer is yes, then you need to realize when you met that man, the Devil set you up.   You need to realize God did not put the two of you together.   You may thought he was so fine at one time, but sister let us tell you the truth, this type of man is very ugly, inside and out.   Now, we are living in an age when we have a such a thing as gay marriage.  Now, as true children of God, we do not believe in that, but your husband needs to agree to a divorce and if he feels he needs to live with that man, let him make a decision to be with him.  Black women, you are so much stronger than that, you just need to set goals to move on with your life, because if you do not move on, your man wanting to infringe his double life as a bi-sexual husband may cause you to catch AIDS, if his male lover is sleeping around on him.   He may use ask you cunning questions like, 'I thought you loved me?   Didn't you marry me for better or for worse?'   However, your answer should be, I love God and then myself more than you and I married you for better or for worse without putting up with your double lifestyle.    

What's so scary is, there are so many African Americans willing to risk their lives, even after millions have died of AIDS since its' existence.  They are not afraid to live a double life, no matter who they may hurt in the process.  If you are married to the opposite sex, morally it is right for you to be faithful to that one person, otherwise be with the other someone else.  Just because you make the income, you do not have a right to infringe your lifestyle on your spouse.  It is not only unhealthy, it is not right in the eyes of God.  Furthermore, this sort of living arrangement is not healthy for your children.  

Black women, now you must be real with yourself, although you may not have money to move out on your own.   You must find what you want to do in life, no matter how old you are.  Many black women put up with this sort of foolishness, simply because their man is hard working, but God gave you intelligence. Have faith in God and put all your trust in Him.  No, you may not have a good job or the education, but think about it, there are a lot of people in this recession whom have had a good job and a degree in the past and they are homeless, right now.   Therefore, you can become very wealthy without your bi-sexual husband.   If he does not choose to be with only you, then you have got to kneel and pray.  Ask God to help you out of your situation and begin creating a strategic business to help you escape that marriage.

Possibly, you do not have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. You are not going to be able to live your life without God's help.   Our Word tells us, 'Satan comes to steal, kill and to destroy, but God says He came that we may have life and have it more abundantly (John 10:10).'   No matter how bad your situation is that is causing you to feel trapped, Jesus will be more of a friend to you than those whom have deceived you.  Nothing is too hard for God to do, all He wants is your soul.  If you are not saved and you not only need God to help you, but become a part of your life, we want you to humbly accept Him as your personal Savior.   If this is you, please rush to our Salvation page and receive Jesus into your life.

Photo: the agency collection (not real people in article)

Mom defends herself for fighting teenager on a bus, says she was defending her child against a bully: Are some black women this foolish?

Dannetta Phillips is right, many children do need a good old fashion discipline, but you cannot go around putting your hands on kids that are not being properly corrected by their own parents.   A lot of us parents do not want our kids being bullied by others, that's to be understood.  It is a reality that many children act grown, but they remain immature, simply because their parents are childish.  The problems from their homes comes to the school and in this case, it came right on the school bus.  

For many years, it has been a known fact that the problems inside of the home is the reason many children are very disrespectful toward adults, but it is wrong to punch them out. The kid called this mother out of her name and she wanted to teach him a lesson.   Of course, it gets flustering dealing with these rude kids, but-this is why it pays for our sisters to work hard and place our children in a better environment and put them in a better school.  It does not help to physically beat them up, if they call us out of our name and disrespect us.  Yes, they can get ignorant, but it is not worth you stooping down to their level.  If it were possible we would change all of these rude kids like magic, but it does not work that way, it gets worst when physical harm is inflicted on these children.  Of course, we know Dannetta is not a child abuser, but she got fed up, all because this child obviously was not taught how to respect adults and not bully other children. We are going to tell you the truth, the solution is not to allow children push us over the edge.

Now, this mother has been charged with child abuse, all because she refuse for this child to disrespect her.  We want you to learn from other people whom make mistakes.   This is not the end for Dannetta Phillips and she can move forward, but we would suggest to all of you sisters who may find yourself feeling pushed to throw punches on these rude kids is to just walk a way and get your kids into a better environment.  It is not easy, but there other ways to avoid such a situation.

Mom defends herself for fighting teenager on a bus, says she was defending her child against a bully 

A Florida mom arrested for getting in a fight with a teenager says she was just protecting her child from a bully.

Felicia Dannetta Phillips, 35, was charged with child abuse and trespassing on Wednesday morning after getting into a physical altercation with...Read full article, here.


Charlotte-2 Black women team up with guy in fake ID check scam in Salisbury

Two black women, Candice Tucker and Janique Williams allegedly teamed up with this guy, Omar Clarke to use a fake ID to cash a $9,000 check.  What would possess either of them to become a part of a trio with a black man whom obviously does not respect black women?  Any man that wants to commit a crime that will take your freedom lacks respect for you.  However, nobody put a gun to either of these sisters' heads to make them commit a crime.   Therefore, you have to be smart, if you expect for men to respect us, do not ever think about committing a crime with them.  

One younger, Candice Tucker (r.), 27, the other older, Janice Williams (l.), 45, both have potential to be smart black women to become anything they want to be in life.   Both women can do much better and did not have to partake in this crime of trying to use a fake ID to cash someone else check.  Life can get very hard sometimes, but we cannot make foolish decisions to break the law.   Many times our sisters place themselves in a situation to where they did not have to be in the first place.   Yes, we have to eat, put clean clothes on our backs and pay bills, but we must legitimately get the funds to take care of those necessities, that is what responsibility is all about.  Once you look in the mirror and acknowledge you do not have to accept less in life, you will watch who you spend your time with.   Both of these women could have just been in the wrong company with the wrong guy.   Therefore, black women, be more cautious of the company you keep.   What did the Bible tell us in I Cor. 15:33?  It says this, "Be not deceived: evil companions corrupt good morals."  Therefore, hanging out with the wrong people will eventually get you in trouble.   Now it is not others fault you end up in trouble, but you have to have sense enough to make wise decisions, so it is your fault for hanging out with the wrong crowd and following the wrong that they do.

In the meantime, we will be praying for both of our dear sisters, Janique Williams and Candice Tucker.   We pray they both accept the Lord Jesus Christ in their lives.   We also will keep their acquaintance, Omar Clarke in our prayers.  

Are you an unsaved black woman who has been in trouble for theft?   Would you like for the Lord Jesus Christ to save you from doing such things?   If this is you, please rush to our Salvation page and humbly allow God to abide in you.   It does not matter how bad your life turned out to be.   It does not matter how old or young you are.   Jesus Christ will accept you just as you are, because He loves you.   Would like to become a born again Christian?  If this is you, please rush to our Salvation page.

Three from Charlotte charged in fake ID check scam in Salisbury

Submitted by David Whisenant

SALISBURY - Two women and a man from Charlotte have been charged in Salisbury for trying to use a fake ID to cash a $9000 government check.

Police say the trio went into A Friend In Need Check Cashing at 802 N.Long Street on Tuesday and tried to cash the check using a...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo:

De'Andre Lane 'obsessed with toilet training beat his two-year-old daughter to death for having an accident: How black women can choose the right man to father their children

In the 21st century, many of you sisters yet envy women whom you think are so very fortunate to have man in their lives, but it is not always a pretty picture.  In reality, there are some fathers like D'Andre Lane whom are allegedly obsessed with potty training their children, they end up killing them.   Now, D'Andre still insists that he was carjacked and that is when his little girl, Bianca was stolen from him, but when police found the car, less than an hour, little Bianca was nowhere to be found.  This is sad, do you see how Bianca's mother is looking back at D'Andre? 

Bianca bore a little girl for him and he may have killed her, but has left Banika with unanswered questions, which is very unfair.  For many years, she may never know what happened to her little girl, Bianca.  This is the type of man who can be very dangerous, a man who has a lot of mystery about him.   If a man has a lot of secrets, this is a sign what he could be capable of doing the worst kind of evil, even if it's murder.  Now, as the trial begins in the case of D'Andre on trial for murdering his own daughter, jurors will determine, if he is guilty. 

 Many of you black women maybe obsessed with the look of a high yellow man, as though he is your handsome Messiah, but you must realize the spirit of a man is more important than looks.  Therefore, you have got to learn how to make sure the spirit of a man is righteous before you allow Him into your life and you do not choose him, learn to ask God to choose the right man for you.  This is where a lot of women make mistakes within our race, not saying Bianca's mother does not know Jesus Christ as her personal Savior, but many of you whom are still searching for the right man to keep you company, you have not learned to allow Jesus to keep you company, first.   You see, when you love Him first, then you will not make a mistake meeting a man who may have killed his own child like D'Andre.    According to, Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor Carin Goldfarb told jurors,  D'Andre believed in physically punishing 2-year-olds if they have accidents.   If this is true, this is not the type of man we as black women want to be the fathers of our kids.  When God gives us the right man, he will be gentle and kind with us, including our children.   Now, you may be thinking D'Andre looks like a very nice man, but do not be fooled, we do not know what type of evil this man could have in his heart. 

We cannot imagine being the mother of Bianca, boring her for 9 months, then going into hours of labor, but a couple of years after she is born, she comes up missing and her father is a suspect for her her possible murder.   We as black women already go through enough hell as it is, why put ourselves in a predicament of being with the wrong man who may eventually kill our children we bore for them?    

D'Andre  has allegedly fathered 7 children with 7 different women.  We wonder if he has physically harmed his other children during potty training, the same way as Bianca?  If so, that is evidence right there, although his attorney, Terry L. Johnson allegedly claims there is no evidence to give him a life sentence.

How do you allow God to choose the right man for you?   You must make sure you have accepted Jesus Christ into your life.   Black women, you cannot expect God to give you the right man, if your heart is not right with Him.  Therefore, be fair and admit you need Jesus Christ to come into your life.   After you become saved, God will send you the right man, if you are faithful to Him first, that means being without sin in your life.  Then, you must pray and ask God to make you a righteous woman, one with morals and values, totally separated from sin.   Then, when God knows you are faithful to Him, He will send you the right man He desires for you to have in your life.   You see, for every righteous woman, God has a righteous man, but you must spiritually prepare yourself.  Then, once you give your life to Jesus Christ and live for Him as a righteous woman, you do not have to fear the father of your children being obsessed with potty training or even murdering them.

If this is you, we invite you to rush to our salvation page now.  Give your heart to Jesus Christ and allow God to lead the right man to you.  Would you like to be saved, sisters? 

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Man 'obsessed with toilet training beat his two-year-old daughter to death for having an accident - then told police she had been kidnapped'

By Daily Mail Reporter
A Detroit man was so obsessed over toilet training that he fatally beat his 2-year-old daughter for having an accident, a prosecutor said on Wednesday in an opening statement to jurors at the man's first-degree murder trial.

D'Andre Lane, 32, charged with child abuse in the Dec. 2 disappearance of Bianca Jones, whose body has never been found, has maintained his innocence...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo Courtesy:
Photo Courtesy: AP

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mother of suspected ‘Frankenstein’ robber denies son is a monster: Black women, please stop protecting your sons

One of the biggest problems in black families, is that we have some mothers like Sherry Jefferies who deny the evil within their sons.   We have got to many black men of all ages whom are not taking responsibility for their actions.  This is what has caused trouble within the black community, mothers whom will defend their sons, no matter how much they hurt or harm other people.    If Eric Orr was caught on camera of robbing stores, wearing a Frankenstein mask, he is guilty and Sherry Jefferies needs to stop protecting her 28-year-old son who is probably nothing but a spoiled brat.

Black women like Sherry Jefferies create sorry husbands and treacherous brothers, uncles and cousins in black families, simply because they refuse to admit their sons are immature, claiming he has a mental issue is a cop out.  This is the type of guy who causes trouble for other people and when they complain, he will act out.   Now, if her son comes up dead from the next robbery, then she will be the first one crying on the news, talking about the police are racist and her son should not have died.   However, now when the law has arrested Eric Orr, it is time for her to admit her son needs to get help for himself, if he wants it.  She may admit he has an alleged mental disorder, but that's not enough, he needs to take responsibility for robbing stores.   There are a lot of people with mental issues in this world, but it does not give them the right to cause trouble for other people.   Is Sherry Jefferies going to continue making excuses that her son needs help until he runs into the wrong store owner whom refuses to allow him to rob, again?  If her grown son needs help, she needed to make sure that occurred a long time ago.  Now that he is in jail,  it is not the time to claim he needs help and committing crimes has nothing to do with schizophrenia, it's a choice.  He did wrong and now he must face the consequences for his evil.  It's time to stop the baby-boy syndrome, black women like Sherry Jefferies.

Mother of suspected ‘Frankenstein’ robber says her son ‘is not a monster’ 

Jefferies said that while she's not excusing his storied criminal history, her son missed out on desperately needed medical treatment when he was young.

The mother said that doctors diagnosed the 28-year-old with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia soon after he...Read full article, here. 

Source and Photo Courtesy:

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Why Some Black Women Shave Their Heads to Regrow Hair

Sisters, many black women do not know, but there is a such a thing as your hair having the ability to become virgin hair, again.   However, you have to be willing to make that commitment to not be ashamed of being seen as a woman with a clean shaved head.   A lot of black women may do it as a symbolic thing, "This is me and I am beautiful without hair", you know, they just want to be seen as an original woman, but some women do it, because they simply desire to regrow their virgin hair.  Really, it can be a healthy thing to do.  However, you have to take on that secure attitude similar to strong confident women who wear just because they love who they are.

Of course, we are aware some of our sisters have gone through chemotherapy treatment and that is the reason why they have no choice unless they wear a wig.  Fortunately, they can regrow their hair, if after they are blessed to combat their illness. 

Now many of you black women may not be secure like Erykah Badu to go out in public with a clean shaved head, but we have seen some black women very happy to wear it and we can comprehend very good reason why, when it comes to regrowing your virgin hair.  Many of our sisters have the wrong concept and think you only can grow virgin hair once, that's not true.  You can regrow your virgin hair, from the roots.   This could mean it will be a very slow process depending on how fast your hair can grow on an individual basis.  Some women just prefer to go natural, because they do not have the patience to go bald for several months or they just do not want to be identified with the masculine look.   Therefore, it is according to how you feel about yourself.  Do you have the confidence to feel comfortable with a clean shaved head, regardless of our society of some people whom may feel uncomfortable with seeing you that way as a woman? 

It is sort of like with sexuality, many people feel once touched you cannot ever go back to being a virgin, but with your hair it can be very much different.  If you regrow your hair from its' roots, it can be purely natural, because it was never chemically processed and in many cases, it can grow out in a more healthy state.   By chance, if you feel uncomfortable wearing a clean shaved head, do not do it, just because someone else does it, do it because you are happy with yourself and you have made the decision for yourself.   Also, please acknowledge you can still grow a full head of healthy hair and you do not choose to shave your head.   Just continue to keep all chemicals out of your hair, do not hot press and allow your hair to grow out in its' natural state.  Virgin or non-virgin hair, you still can grow naturally long hair, so do not give up sisters. 

Photo: Blend Images

Monday, September 17, 2012

Houston Woman Protects herself with gun and kills a man in road rage: Right or Wrong, Black Women?

Sisters, usually we do not like to agree with guns, because we believe God will indeed protect your life, if you truly serve and trust Him.  However, we only can comprehend this woman's circumstance of shooting a man who tried to attack her while on her way to work at a bank.  First of all, we do know about Harris County and believe it is a very dangerous place to reside like many other locations America.  Road rage has been an extreme problem for the past 20 years or more.  If you were in a situation like this mother anywhere in this nation, would you kill a man trying to get into your car? 

We clearly understand why this single mother was carrying her gun for protection and did not hesitate to shoot, because he was trying to physically harm her.   Often times, we hear people in general tell black women, you don't have to defend yourself.   It all depends on the situation, in this case, this was a man who was also a stranger to this woman and she no doubt thought about getting back to her child, just in case she was not able to make it to work.  When you do not have a man by your side to watch your back as a single black woman who is caring for your child by yourself, you are doing the best you can.   Therefore, this single mother was not just thinking about herself, but also her child.  We cannot help but wonder what would have occurred if she did not have a gun.

Black women, let us pray for God to reform the American family, so single mothers will not have to be faced in such a hostile situation like this one while going to work.   No, we do not believe in guns at all, but we need more black women to come together in continuous prayer not only for a better and safe nation, but also for good saved men to be there for us, in case we are attacked by strange men, whether in a road rage conflict or in general.   Most of all, we need to pray and ask God to send His angels to take charge over our lives, because many of us sisters are single and cannot depend on anyone to watch our back.   We come to discover this woman also belongs to a prominent pastor's church in Houston, Bishop James Dixon (see video), we wonder what he teaches about God's angels and their divine protection over our lives?

In the meantime, we will continue to pray for this single mother.  We are so very glad she is safe and saved her own life.  May the deceased attacker rest in peace, hopefully.

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Road rage erupts in gunfire, death

A morning commute turned deadly after a fender bender led to a fatal shooting.

Around 7 a.m. Monday, a white pickup truck and silver Toyota made contact, deputies say.

The Toyota driver, a 23-year-old single mom, was on her way to work at a bank.

The pickup truck driver went berserk...Read full article, here.

Source, Video and Photo Courtesy:

Update: 3 will be charged in Detroit Princess shooting: When will some black women understand love and peace is the answer, not guns?

Like we said in our previous article, it would not be fair for Latoiya Mitchell and her husband to be charged alone in the Detroit Princess shooting.   On the previous video, too many of those whom cried victims to Attorney James Galen wanted to make sure Mitchell and her husband faced jail time without realizing there were more whom should have been held responsible for the shooting.   However, Ladon Richard claims she was only using self-defense with her gun, but no guns should have ever been used on either side.

Why is it that the prosecuting attorney is being accused for retaliation when all she wants is for all parties to be held responsible for the shooting?  It just seems like the same old pattern, a whole bunch of African Americans making sure a couple of people get locked up, when the root of the problem is really all of them need spiritual help, no other side is better than the rest.  We have seen this same old pattern for years, several black people teaming up against one or two people and often times they are making a negative report to someone like Attorney James Galen, in this case a white person.   How are we going to decrease the prison rate, if African Americans are always teaming up against others to make sure someone white gets them locked up?  Should this married couple be held responsible?   Yes, but we do not see the two of them as the only ones who were guilty of the Detroit Princess shooting.  The saying that says, there are two sides to every story is very true and if all of these people whom complained against the couple would have just accepted the prosecuting attorney's decision not to press charges, then Ladon Richard would not be facing time now.  Always locking people up in prison is not the answer.  Many times, the answer is for more black men and women to vow to love and have more peace among each other, then we can expect our children to love and respect each other.   

Of course, we were not there during the night of the Detroit Princess shooting, but we have faith for people who allegedly are caught in the wrong to become better people.  Therefore, we pray for Latoiya Mitchell and her husband Michael Thomas to get right with God, along with anyone else who do not know Him.  

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Fox 2 News Headlines

3 will be charged in Detroit Princess shooting

DETROIT ( - Prosecutors are finally ready to file charges in connection with the Detroit Princess shooting.  Three people will be charged, including Latoiya Mitchell, who allegedly shot six people back in August.

Her husband, Michael Thomas, will also be charged along with Ladon Richard...Read full article, here.



Tashyra McDowell who went missing and left autistic son unattended found dead inside combine harvester

This single black woman, Tashyra went missing and now has been found dead in a gruesome discovery by a farmer.   It is so gruesome, we will not go into details here, but you can read our source and find out how she died, after there multiple gunshot wounds to her head.     It is suspected this young lady was murdered by her ex-boyfriend.   What type of guys are among us these days, black women?  Who in there right mind would shoot a person in the head and just leave there body in a corn field? That's cruel.

Many of you may think it is irrelevant to serve God, but it is very important that you make sure you surrender your life to Jesus Christ and allow Him to lead you. We keep trying to help you sisters to live for God before Satan destroys your life through an evil person.  Please take heed and watch who you meet and spend your time with, because Satan is on a mission to use anyone whom is not a child of God to take your life.

We encourage you to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.  Would you like to be saved?   You don't know when it could be your last time and there are no guarantees tomorrow is promised to you.   If you desire for Jesus Christ to abide in your life, please rush to our Salvation page, before it is everlasting too late.  God bless you.

May Tashyra McDowell rest in peace and our prayers are with her child and family.

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Single mother, 24, who went missing and left autistic son unattended found dead inside combine harvester

A body of a mother who had been reported missing was discovered in a farmer's combine harvester.

Tashyra McDowell, 24, died of multiple gunshot wounds before being wedged into...Read full article, here.

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