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LAPD Officers Investigated After Black Woman Suffocates in Custody: Black Women, this video will make you mad

It's shame for the LAPD officers to arrest this woman by allegedly slamming her on the ground and stomping her in her groin area.  Why would any female officer threaten to stomp another woman in her genitals?  Allegedly, this is what happened in this case of Alesia Thomas who was being arrested for child endangerment.   Sisters, we do not care how someone may have personally offended you, it is wrong for anyone to agree with the LAPD cops another black woman.   Because what if this happened to you or your own mother?

When Rodney King was alive, the citizens of LA showed how much they cared and were not going to put up with such police brutality, but as we see on this following video there is an ignorant black man who claims he watched the entire thing and do not think the LAPD police officers did anything wrong.   This is why the black race is in trouble today, because there are some black men and black women whom will defend the authorities when they cause harm on black women or even celebrate when a black woman is being disrespected within the race or even by some white supremacists.   We should expect the same response as in the previous case of the late Rodney King and never hear of any black person agreeing with this sort of behavior.   It seems like this guy could be a neighbor who did not get along with her, but his day is coming whoever he is.

This is horrible for any human being to die this way.  It is also cruel for the LAPD police to have allegedly call this woman out of her name and physically abuse her, which can be seen on this following video.  It does not matter to us what she did wrong to be arrested or even if she was resisting arrest, you do not do this to black women and think God will not be angry with you.  They did not even give Thomas a chance to get herself together.  If they had not of allegedly killed her, she could have gotten herself together to become a better person and better parent. 

Furthermore for this female cop to allegedly stomp Alesia Thomas in her groin, she does not even respect herself.  If you women of all races are going to be police officers, do not become one if you are going to act like one of the bad guys, it's not ladylike and it certainly is not Christlike.  

Another thing we found out, Alesia only left her children at the police station, because she was suffering with depression and did not know if she would be able to care for her children after her father died.  So, should not have been arrested in the first place.

May our dear sister, Alesia Thomas rest in peace, God loves her more than anyone in this world and so do we.

By the way, if any of you black women need Jesus Christ to come into your life to protect you from such police brutality, whether guilty or innocent, please rush to our Salvation page now.  He loves you, even if black people like this man on the following video do not care about you.  It does not matter what type of person you are or what you have done in your past, Jesus loves you. God bless you, dear sisters and remain strong in Jesus Christ.

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LAPD Officers Investigated After Woman Suffocates in Custody

SOUTH LOS ANGELES (KTLA) -- At least five LAPD officers are under investigation in the death of a woman who suffocated while being taken into custody, police officials confirmed Thursday.

The altercation in front of her apartment was captured by a patrol car's video camera.

LAPD Deputy Chief Bob Green confirmed that one officer...Read full article, here.

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Fatime Gordon, Brooklyn mom walking home from store shot dead on street: Why are so many black women dying all sorts of ways?

It's not safe anymore to walk down the street to the store in your neighborhood, depending where you reside in America, sisters.   It's very sad this young Brooklyn mother, Fatime Gordon was just walking home from the store and did not know it would be her last time.  As we continue to live on earth, we recognize some black women are not willing to change their evil ways while many continue to die all sorts of ways:  AIDS, murder, suicide, breast cancer and various other the diseases.  It is time for black women to realize it is time to get closer to God, because Satan does not care how he kills us.  The question is, why are so many dying all sorts of ways?

Another black woman is gone before her time.   Fatime Gordon was not even safe to walk back home, including three other victims who were wounded in that random shooting.  We know the answer to the above question and it is so clear, when you live in some of the most dangerous cities, you need Jesus Christ in your life, because angels are very real.  The Bible speaks about angels and specifically in Psalm 37, they can be sent to protect us from our enemies, but also danger that occurs in the universe.   Now, we listened to the previous testimony of Bishop Earthquake Kelley on the videos page of SCR blog and he said when he was a boy trying to do voodoo on his two friends whom were on their way to church, he could do them no harm.  Bishop Kelley saw them, they were very tall ones and they protected those young men from evil.  Therefore, God will do it for black women too, but we all have to make sure we are fully serving and Him and obeying His Word.   Angels do exist and they will act on our behalf.   Now, we are not judging our deceased sister, Fatime Gordon, because we also heard in Bishop Earthquake Kelley testimony that his son was gun down from thieves who stole his car and then, he saw him in heaven.   Therefore, just because a person may die in a tragic way, it does not necessarily mean they went to hell.  Some things happened for a reason and God knows why they happen.

May Fatime Gordon rest in peace and we are praying for her kids and family.

Sisters, for the rest of us whom are blessed to be alive, God wants our whole, heart, mind and soul.   He wants us to live for Jesus Christ like He's coming back right now to get us.   Just like the scripture told us in Revelation 3: 3,
'Remember therefore how you have received and heard, and hold fast, and repent. If therefore you will not watch, I will come on you as a thief, and you will not know what hour I will come upon you.'  In I Thessalonions 5:2-4, it says: 2 'For you yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so comes as a thief in the night. For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape. But you, brethren, are not in darkness, so that this Day should overtake you as a thief.'

Would you like to be saved?  Jesus is waiting for you to welcome Him into your life and wants you to live for Him?   Black women, the time is now for you to become completely righteous and holy for the Kingdom of God and then after doing so, you can also win lost souls for Jesus Christ.  Are you ready to be saved?  If so, rush to our Salvation page and receive Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and He will accept you just as you are.   It does not matter what you have done in your past, God wants you to just surrender your all to Him.  God bless you.

28-year-old Brooklyn mom walking home from store shot dead on street, four others wounded as gunfire erupts in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens 

By Kerry Burke AND Barry Paddock / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS 

A 28-year-old mom walking home from the store was killed and at least three other people were wounded Thursday night in a shooting on a Brooklyn street, police sources said.

Shots rang out about 9:05 p.m. on Clarkson Ave. near Flatbush Ave. in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, officials said.

The dead woman was identified as Fatima Gordon...Read full article, here.

Celebrity News: Good Morning America Robin Roberts' mother dies

As you Robin Roberts has been going through health issues herself, she just had to leave Good Morning America to have a bone morrow transplant.   Now, her 88-year-old mother has just died.    It seems as though it could be the wrong time for death in the family, but God knows what is best to those who love him. In Romans 8:28, it says, 'And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.'  Robin Roberts is a born again Christian, we have heard her talk about her faith in God and so we pray for what she and her sister are going through in this time of bereavement.

Robin Roberts is such a remarkable woman, she has been on Good Morning America for many years now.   She is one of the most successful black women on daytime television and we pray she takes it easy during her time in the hospital.  May God bless her.

Lucimarian Roberts passed away in Pass Christian, Mississippi last night of health related issues. 
  May Robin Roberts mother rest in peace.

Robin Roberts' mother dies, ABC News says 

By the CNN Wire Staff

(CNN) -- The mother of "Good Morning America" host Robin Roberts has died, ABC News reported early Friday.

Roberts made it home to Mississippi to see her 88-year-old mother, who died Thursday evening, according to the news network.

The morning show host was preparing to leave the show Friday to take an extended medical leave...Read full article, here.

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Photo: ABC

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Celebrity News: Gabby Douglas was told to get a nose job by staffer at old gym: How black women should deal with racism in the 21st century

You know, we can recall a story by one of our journalist who attended college in Sacramento, Ca. and she can remember a female bi-racial student claiming that racism no longer existed in America.  The white female professor gave preferential treatment to her over the few black ones in class just for telling that lie.  When we think about how our fellow journalist endurance of such ignorance, we are so proud Gabby Douglas is being honest and not afraid to admit the racism she has faced as a gymnast.  She says a staffer at an old gym told her she needs a nose job.  To tell you the truth, Gabby's nose is much smaller than a lot of white women we have seen, not all of them have small noses like hers.  She's only 16 years old.  Why don't they just stop all the jealousy?

You know, that was clearly Satan for whomever told Gabby she needs a nose job, because it seems like as soon as many African Americans become famous celebrities, they are deceived they have to change they way they look to be accepted within our society. All of the celebrities whom fell for the deception, pity on them, because they accepted a lie that God's creation is not beautiful.   When you look at that above photo of Gabby Douglas tell us, if you see a big nose and we don't care if it is as big as the Golden Gate bridge, she is a precious little soul and there is nothing wrong with the way God made her.   Gabby Douglas has a perfect nose and everything else about her is perfect, the way God created her to be and expects for her to remain, even when she gets older.  Shame on the person who told that lie, possibly they do not like what they look like mirror and they are only jealous of Gabby and wish they could look like her and even be blessed with her talent as a gymnast.

There is not many young people who would hold their head up high and tell the truth, instead the average one maybe gullible as a puppet to kiss up.  Now you see why we tell you black women of all ages to take Gabby Douglas success for your own life, because she is such a courageous soul.  Although, we encourage you to focus on God in the midst of enduring racial discrimination and even prejudice from our own kind, we know it is necessary to support the very few intelligent ones like Gabby Douglas who wants to let her hurt out and talk about all the racism they endured.  Let us remind you that racism is a spiritual issue and we only ignore it, when there are some ignorant black people who complain about it, after hating being black and  resenting their own race.  However, we do not feel that coming from Gabby at all.   In our opinion, she is the only young person we have heard honestly admit what she has been through as a black female of this era.   If there are others, we wish they would come out of hiding, but we really do not think they are strong enough to admit racial discrimination.   Gabby Douglas is a very courageous strong young lady God has placed on earth to be an example in an era when many black people would rather lie and claim racism does not exist.    Regardless of all the diversity across America, racism still exist and is very real, but it has been hard to discuss because of some African Americans whom idolize the white race over God.

Black women of all ages, when we look at Gabrielle Douglas, let us remember she is a gift from God for us to model our success after and not give up on life.    Let us embrace her strength and realize that her life is a miracle from God, because she has been so honest to admit the racism she endured as she practiced to become the first black woman as an all around gymnast.

Read more articles like this one @

Olympics champion Gabby Douglas: I was told to get a nose job by staffer at old gym

Years before she won gold and became an American favorite, the comment by a staffer at Excalibur was ‘very hurtful’ to the young star.

Gabby Douglas may be America’s Olympic golden-girl now, but long before she made gymnastic history, the 16-year-old was told by a staffer at her small-town gym that she should think about getting a nose job.

The comment came years before she won two Olympic golds, but this — and other comments about her appearance and heritage made before, during, and after this year’s games — show just how hard Douglas’s path to...Read full article, here.

Photo Courtesy: Jeanne Noonan/for New York Daily News

Officer Veronica Schultz claims top NYPD official of sexual advances for female cops: Why do some professional black women sleep with their boss to get rewards?

NYPD officer, Veronica Schultz claims the head official in her department has allegedly given rewards to other women in exchange for sex.   Schultz is one of the fewest black women to step up and honestly report what her boss has been doing undercover.   If you are a regular reader of The Souls of Black Women blog, you will recall us giving you the details about a previous case in Philadelphia where a former cop, another black woman was forced to have sex, in order to keep her job.  In this era, it's a shame some black men who have some sort of authority over black women will stoop so low to give rewards for sex and it is a disgrace for any black woman to accept it.   Furthermore, we applaud Officer Schultz for her honesty and God is going to bless her.

This is one of the biggest reasons why some black men do not respect us, because some black women will do anything to get ahead.  Now, you may say, white women do it too, but it does not mean we have to follow.   It is time for black women to have some pride and dignity about themselves and learn how to turn their head, if they get such a dirty offer.  If it is true, Officer Michele Alexander ought to be ashamed of herself, because such behavior as a cop is immorally degrading to the entire race of black women.  If you are going to accept rewards for sex with your boss, why work as a police officer?   She denies the accusations are false, but why would Officer Veronica Schultz lie?   Yes, people lie, but when it comes to a serious situation like this one, it is very rare, because not many women will stand up and complain on their boss.  Usually, among police officers, there are codes and many women would be very afraid to break them, because of threats from those in charge of their income like the previous case in Philadelphia.  This is a disgrace and if this really has been going on in the NYPD and other police departments, no wonder there is still a lot of crime on the streets.   How can police officers do their jobs, if they are having sex with their boss?  How can we trust them to protect us from criminals, if they are stooping low to accept sexual advances for rewards?   

Now we do not care if Deputy Chief Michael Blake is the head within his department, he is degrading the race of black men, if he has been giving rewards to female cops for sex.  Sisters, we need to pray for more police chiefs and their officers to have a mind to be righteous, because if they are not going to have morals and values, it will have a negative impact on our society.  Blake may deny it is true, but God always has someone to tell the truth, when a supervisor is guilty.

We want to encourage you black female cops, not to allow these (black) men in higher positions to treat you like prostitutes.  You got your job to protect the citizens in our society, not to just wear a uniform to pretend you are a respectful citizen and have been morally decent as a police officer.  God made a different from the rest of other races for a reason and we were not created to give our bodies away to for rewards on the job or elsewhere.

At sexual harassment trial, Officer Veronica Schultz claims top NYPD official rewarded female cops with plum assignments in exchange for sex

Schultz accuses Deputy Chief Michael Blake of having 'numerous sexual relationships' with female officers. But fellow cop Michele Alexander says Schultz's claims are all a lie

A sexual harassment suit against a top NYPD official is bogus because the deputy chief’s accuser is “lying,” the accuser’s former best friend and fellow cop testified Wednesday.

Officer Michele Alexander came to the defense of Deputy Chief Michael Blake in the civil trial in Brooklyn Federal Court. Blake, 51, who has been accused by Officer Veronica Schultz of having "numerous sexual relationships" with female officers of...Read full article, here.

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Teen Janay Jackson Dead Van Crashed into her Bedroom: Black Women Let Us Speak Out Against Danger in our Cities

This innocent teenage girl, Janay Jackson of Englewood, Florida died as she serenely slept in her bedroom when a speeding van crashed and instantly killed her.   The driver of the vehicle is Ismet SiJamhodzic and so far, it has not determined why he crashed into Jackson's bedroom.   This story if very sad, because her father, Mr. Gerald Jackson did whatever he could to prevent such a tragedy from happening at that particular area where it had already had been a hazard.   Allegedly, he spoke with the city, time and time again and they would never do anything about his complaints.  He even tried to protect her bedroom from what could happen, but now it has happened in the worst way and now she's dead at only 17 years old.

Black women, we have to remember the life of this young lady, because she was an honor student who did her work.   She helped other students understand mathematics, along with other sorts of difficult courses.  She had her whole life ahead of her, prepared to become a nurse someday, but now it will never occur.  Why?   There is not enough people pushing the city to fix up the streets to prevent such accidents that killed our dear sister, Janay Jackson.   Sisters, we have to get serious about these issues, we have no time to argue with each other about infantile misunderstandings.  We must make sure to began taking over our society to help fathers and other parents like Mr. Gerald Jackson,  so they won't have to stand alone.   Allegedly, certain city officials would never listen to him, because obviously it was not enough people complaining about that dangerous street.   We have to sort of take the mentality like back in the days of the late Dr. Martin Luther King and stand together to make those whom govern our land do right, so we will continue to be safe in our homes.   Janey Jackson died an senseless death that could have been prevented by the majority who would have took no for an answer.

Black women, be intelligent to stop danger in our cities and say no to disputes among black women, because as you can clearly see, if our sisters of all ages are not dying from weapons and drugs, then they are dying in their bedrooms from careless drivers like, Ismet SiJamhodzic in this situation.  You may think your voice does not mean anything, because you are not a politician, but 'we the people' have power over the decisions of politicians when we began to speak out about issues that negatively effect our society and one good way to do it, is to simply create an organization to change things to make our towns and cities better places to reside.

May Janay Jackson rest in peace, we know she is in a much better and safer place with Jesus Christ.

Sisters, if you would like for Jesus Christ to come into your life to make sure you make heaven your home, if God should allow your life to end, go straight to our Salvation page now.  Maybe you just need spiritual strength, we also have a link to our Video page, there.  God bless you.

Girl, 17, dies after speeding van crashed into house as she slept in her bed

By Victoria Wellman
A young girl who was left fighting for her life when a van smashed into her bedroom has died from the fatal injuries.

Janay Jackson, 17, of Englewood, Florida, was sleeping at her home on Tuesday night when a grey Ford minivan careened into her bedroom wall at 5501 Kennerly Road.

Immediately following the 2.40am collision, the Samuel W. Wolfson High School senior was taken to Shands Jacksonville Hospital while the...Read full article, here.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Celebrity News: Black Women, are you ready to watch Jennifer and Julia Hudson's upcoming interview on Oprah's Next Chapter?

Celebrity songstress and actress Jennifer Hudson and her sister, Julia will be on the upcoming episode of Oprah's Next Chapter. It will be very interesting to hear what the two Hudson sisters have to say about what has occurred in their lives, after William Balfour has been sentenced to three life sentences for killing their mother, brother and of course, son and nephew.  Also, we see the father of Jennifer Hudson's child, David Otunga will also be on Oprah's Next Chapter and it will be very interesting to hear what they both have to say, regarding their relationship.

What we like about this sister duo, is that the Hudson sisters are not allowing the previous family tragedy separate them and no doubt, they are both much closer than before.  Sisters, this is how we should be among the entire race of black women, for many evil souls seek to destroy us.  Many black women have died in tragic situations and it is very difficult to accept many of our sisters are hated among each other.   We must learn love our sisters we are naturally kin to and even black women in general.  One thing is for sure, there is a lesson to be learned when we think about the Hudson sisters and that is, not to allow anyone separate those you love, even after they have destroyed our families.   God allows certain tragic circumstances for a reason and it was not just for the Hudson sisters, but also for black women to learn to be cautious of what man they allow in their lives.  Julia Hudson has been very blessed to have her celebrity sister stick by her side as they have endured the horrific triple murder in their family, previously.

We know this upcoming interview with Jennifer Hudson and her sister, Julia is going to be very interesting and we are looking forward to it.   Sisters, will you be watching next Sunday's upcoming Oprah's Next Chapter?

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Oprah First Look Interview of Jennifer and Julia Hudson on upcoming “Next Chapter” Episode (video)

by The Church Lady
 I don’t know about you, but The Church Lady is loving me some Oprah’s Next Chapter Episodes on the OWN network, I think O’ has got her groove back! On September 9th she will interview Jennifer and Julia Hudson and from the looks of Oprah’s first look interview...Read full article, here.  

Hicktown Press Says Consider These Before You Sleep With a Womanizing Pastor

Pastor Craig Lamar Davis arrested

Hicktown Press Says Consider These Before You Sleep With a Womanizing Pastor

We have to give it to our friends over at Hicktown Press. They wrote about the story circulating the web, as we did, on the arrest of Atlanta pastor Craig Lamar Davis and his charges of spreading HIV as reckless behavior to women in and out of the church.

We just posted the story yesterday and found our friends at Hicktown Press and their thoughts on the subject. We have to say we agree 100% with their analysis. Like them, we cover stories about false prophets, pulpit pimps, sexual abuse among pastors and church children, whore-munging men and women of God all of the time. It's so easy to blame the pastor or leader of the church because they should represent the purest in our communities and not the adversary they claim to pray against!
In reality, we have to look at both sides. It takes two to tangle. The old saying is true. If we don't want to be victimized, as adults there are steps we can take to avoid some things. We aren't speaking of young children and the very vulnerable of our society. We are speaking about, in particular, women in the church who will sleep with a man of God... just because??

Read full article at AT2W

Celebrity News: Usher Won Lawsuit with help of Tameka’s Former Friend: God Don't Like Backstabbers among Black women

It hurts so bad when we have a friend or a loved one among our race of black women who stab us in our backs.  This has been an ongoing problem among black women for so many years and the only way we can defeat these demons that cause certain females who do this, is to simply just completely submit to the throne of God.   Yes, we still endure racial discrimination, but it can hurt much worse when someone like Tameka's former friend, Linda Brock White allegedly showed up to testify that Tameka was not a good mother, according to The Church Lady Blogs.  Even it was true that Tameka was not a perfect mother, she should not have not testified against her during the custody battle, simply because she was and still is grieving over the death of her son, Kile Glover.

This does not surprise us that White would do such a thing, because for some reason, there are a certain breed of black women whom are allegedly assigned by demonic forces to attack other black women whom refuse to turn away from God.   They seem like they purposely seek out to destroy the dignity of women whom try to be upright citizens and Tameka may not be perfect like a lot of us, but one thing is for sure, she mentioned God and obviously has not turned her soul over to Satan.   God does not like backstabbers of any race, but we as black women know better, because we are the only females whom have a history of ancestors whom were enslaved in America, besides the black man.  In our opinion, it is very wicked to testify against someone you have been close to as a friend, it is not something that is morally right.  It is shocking to know, so many black women, including this former friend of Tameka Foster, Linda White would support Usher, after she lost her son, Kile Glover.   Is there any love left among African Americans?     Of course, we know the answer to that question and most importantly black women who are cold-hearted, even after a mother grieves for the death of her son have to eventually answer to God.

You know the scripture is very clear about those whom separate married couples and it can be found in Mark 10:9, 'What therefore God has joined together, let not man put asunder.'  Marriage can be difficult, but will not last if God did not join the man and woman for matrimony.  However, He does not like those whom love divorce, which are many women whom feel alone in their own lives.  God is not pleased with those whom backed up this divorce,, because marriage is sacred.    God hates divorce and desires for all black women whom could have been envious of Tameka's marriage to not support him during the custody battle, after she lost her son, Kile Glover.  He would have rather they just been there for her during her grievance and pray for Usher to be fair and not proceed for custody of their two boys.   What so beautiful about this situation is that we as black women can learn that certain people cannot be trusted and only God is your real friend.  If you cannot have your own race be there for you, even after losing your child, obviously there is no love and unity among black people of today and there is absolutely no hope unless the entire race repents for not completely obeying God and His Word.

In the meantime, we will keep Tameka Foster, Usher and their two sons in our prayers.  We would like to also add, if it is God's will, Usher and Tameka may reconcile in the future, but friends like Linda Brock White must be kept out of their business, including the bridesmaid who allegedly had an affair with Usher.

The Urban Daily News Alert: Usher Wins Lawsuit with help of Tameka’s Best Friend

by The Church Lady
 Well we all know by now that Usher won the lawsuit against his ex-wife Tameka Raymond and the primary custody of their two sons, Usher V and Naviyd.  While everyone is saying Usher paid to win, it is being reported that his attorney’s actually had an Ace in the hole that Tameka’s attorneys weren’t aware of, one of Tameka’s former  friends, Linda Brock White.

Allegedly, Linda walked into the courtroom and knocked the socks off Tameka and her attorney who had no idea what last-minute witness her ex-husband was going to call.  She explained that she knew Tameka for over....Read full article, here.

Photo Courtesy:
Photo Courtesy:

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

NYPD Sgt. Damaris Diaz arrested for keying her boyfriend's Car: Black women, let's not lose our integrity

This is the daughter of Senator Ruben Diaz, Damaris Diaz.  If you will recall he is one of the fewest politicians whom has publicly opposed gay marriage, although his granddaughter allegedly married a woman.   As a man of God, he stood up for Jesus Christ, leading many blacks and Hispanics in a street rally in New York.  Now, one of his daughters, Damaris Diaz who is a NYPD Sgt. was arrested for keying her boyfriend's car.  The forty-three year old cop was obviously so angry, she sent him almost 60 text messages in two days, according to   Sisters, we cannot allow any man make us so mad, we lose our integrity.   Damaris is not only a known politician's daughter who is standing up for righteousness, but she also has been very blessed to have a job as a police officer, most women could not handle in one of the most dangerous cities in America.

Of course, a woman being a police officer deals with a lot of stress on the job, but also as black women we deal with a lot of stress anyway and we cannot ever allow anyone to destroy our integrity, just because they do not seem to care about us as much as we care for them.  Damaris' boyfriend even kept the text messages, even the one that forewarned him that she would key his car, so this automatically led to her as the prime suspect.   So ask yourselves, what is so good about this man that would make her want to text him almost 60 times and then key his car?  Is it his appearance or personality?  Neither reasons are ever acceptable and if you ever find yourself so angry that you desire to destroy your man's possessions let him go.  God has got too many good men in the body of Christ and He will save one of them for you, if you will learn how to wait on him and not deal with anyone whom is going to cause you malice or to always be upset.

Now, we do not know if Damaris Ruben will be allowed to keep her job, but her boyfriend was not worth her losing it or even having the charge on her record, even if she is allowed to return to work.    We encourage you black women to hold onto whatever position God has given you and do not feel so angry, you desire to get revenge that would take away your freedom.  Love yourself more than that man.

In the meantime, we will Damaris Ruben and her father, Senator Ruben in our prayers.

State Sen. Ruben Diaz's cop daughter arrested for keying her boyfriend's car in the Bronx

An NYPD sergeant— who’s the daughter of State Sen. Ruben Diaz — was arrested for keying her cop boyfriend’s car after sending him a flurry of hostile text and voice messages, authorities said.

Veteran cop Damaris Diaz, 43, was charged with criminal mischief and aggravated harassment for the off-duty incident in Bronxdale in which she...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo Courtesy:

Photo Courtesy: Kevin Heckman for New York Daily News


Have You Watch Gabby Douglas Interview on Oprah's Next Chapter? Why do we as black women continue to face Racism in the 21st century?

One of the things that hurts us black women, is simply this denial.   In our opinion, we heard a little of that coming from Gabby Douglas mother and even Oprah, allegedly claimed the problems she faced was not all racial, we beg to differ, simply because the whites and other races who ostracized her on the team, possibly also in the Iowa household where she resided and even the ignorant black folks tweeting on Twitter about her hair was purely discrimination, because our young sister is black.  Let us not live our lives denying the persecution we face, although we have to admit it is spiritual and all types of prejudice, whether it comes from whites, blacks, Latinos or Asians was created by Satan from the pit of hell.

Now first let us tell you about this white family who allowed Gabby Douglas to stay with them during her 18-month stay in Iowa.  We feel it was a lot of covering up during the interview and it was very ignorant for the father to mention, 'I filled the void for this 14-year-old black girl from Virginia beach.'  That was racist and this is why we as black women and even black men cannot continue to go on in life denying that racism still exist.   We deeply feel the exclusion that Gabby dealt with was not just on the team among gymnasts, but also in that household, because every time the husband and wife spoke, we clearly see in Gabby's eyes, she wanted to cry and when that father said those words, it seemed to hit her in her gut.   Therefore, all of you black people whom have made mockery of her hair, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves.   Don't you know whenever you oppress your own kind with prejudice, this causes the Devil to create racism against the entire race of people?   We are sick and tired of many black people putting down their own race while we all face such persecution for who we are as a race, God created us to be and that is black.

All of you sisters of all ages whom are regular readers of The Souls of Black women blog must continue to be inspired by Gabby Douglas, for she has not just endured oppression from some white supremacists and other prejudice races while succeeding as a professional gymnast, but she has also endured oppression from her own kind, including alleged rejection and neglect from her own father.   She mentions her father wants to now reach out to her. After she has became a success, why now?  She should forgive her father, but we feel he has his eye on her money.   Years ago, he cared nothing about divorcing her mother and leaving the children for Afghanistan.   He even wanted custody of the children, although he was not present in the home and did not pay child support, allegedly.  If you would read our previous articles, you will realize what we are talking about, according to our sources.   Therefore, Gabby Douglas is very intelligent and if she does not feel comfortable seeing him, that's her prerogative.

As you watch this following video dear black women, be inspired, but please recognize the racial discrimination we yet deal with today and also realize it is the same oppression that existed back in the 20th century.  Some whites are still racists among other races against African Americans and some blacks are still prejudice within the race and the only way to conquer it is through our close relationship through Jesus Christ.

Are you saved?  If not, please go straight to our Salvation page and receive Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, because He is the only One who can save us from all of this insanity of racism.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Woman's Body Found 2 Days After Police Neglect Urgent 911 Call: God hears our cry black women, even when no one comes to our rescue

It is such a shame Deanna Cook was allegedly beaten and strangled to death by her ex-husband, Delvecchio Patrick, but her pleas for police to rush to her home were heard on a 911 call.    The 911 call lasted for about 11 minutes and after 9 minutes when police finally found the residence, they walked away when no one answered the door.   Cook previously called her pastor for prayer, prior to her murder, so she really felt her life was in danger.   It maybe very hard for you to accept dear sisters, but the fact remains, God does hear our cry, although no one comes to our rescue.

The 911 operator did not even tell police that Deanna Cook was being attacked, which is a sign of a person who obviously did not care.   You know, some people whom hate us like to see us black women go through emotional trauma, even our own race.  No telling if this was a white woman, a black woman, a black guy, who knows what type of 911 operator heard the entire call when Cook's ex-husband was heard beating her to death.   When her family called police to get them to go check on her, they were told to go to the hospital or prison to see if she was there, first.  However, they ignored that ridiculous suggestion and went to the house and noticed water coming out of the front door, smelled a foul odor and they discovered Deanna's lifeless body, dead.  Let us assure you, God heard this woman's cry, but it is so sad how her plea for help was irrelevant to others.   After two days, her family had to find her lifeless stinking body.

On this following video, you can look at Deanna Cook's ex-husband and see, something is not right.   He appears to be a very evil person, because you can feel the cruel spirit of a person through their eyes.   We encourage you black women whom do not mind being close to God to simply ask Him, if it is His will for you to marry a person.   Do not even take time with a black man, just because it is hard to find one these days to be attracted to you.  You must pray and wait on God to bless you with a good man and when it happens, He won't hurt you.  You must seek God and love Him first before He can send you the right man.   Of course, we are not judging Cook, but for all of you black women whom are always worried if you will ever get married some day, make that the last thing on your mind, for when you rush, it always turns out to be a worst nightmare you will have to deal with for a very longtime.

Some of you black women are in a bad marriage or in a very bad relationship with a boyfriend and do not know how to escape.   You need to get close to God and ask Him to help you safely get away.  If there are threats, you must rush and get a restraining order.  Of course, call police, but as you can clearly see in Deanna's case, they do not always do their job.   Therefore, you must think of a way to move away from your residence, so he will not be able to find you.   It can be very difficult trying to get money to escape, but if you know Christ, He can make this happen for you.

Many of you sisters may not even know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.   If not, please get to know Him, because it is better you learn how to be in a relationship with Him before you allow any man to come into your life.   When you have a deep relationship with God, He will show you the right man when He comes to you and it will be His choice, not your own.   Are you ready to be saved?  If so, rush to our Salvation page now and give your life to Jesus Christ before it is everlasting too late.  In the meantime, welcome to the body of Christ and we will keep you in our prayers.

May Deanna Cook rest in peace and we are praying for her family.

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Watch the next clip, regarding Deanna Cook's plea to the 911 operator

CNN talks to sisters of murdered Dallas woman who was heard choking, pleading for her life on 911 call

Hours after Deanna Cook was laid to rest yesterday, two of her sisters appeared on CNN to speak about the terrible way she died. In an interview on Erin Burnett Out Front, Karletha Cook-Gundy and Valecia Battle said their sister did not deserve the low-priority response she got from Dallas police even after she was heard choking and pleading for her life on an open 911 line. She had called 911 on her abusive ex-husband...Read full articles, here.  

Black Women be very careful in high steep places: New York tourist fell to her death down waterfall in Puerto Rico

Bronx resident, Kenah Huggins went on trip to Puerto Rico with friends and while there, she toured the waterfall in a tropical rain forest.  She was posing for pictures and accidentally slipped and fell to her death.  We just want to forewarn you sisters to be very careful while sightseeing and posing for photos in high places.  This is not the first time, we have heard of people accidentally falling to their deaths.   Allegedly, there have been several incidents in Niagara Falls.   Too many people try to enjoy the beauty so much, they become too bold around steep and high places in front of their friends or loved ones.

Sisters, you do not have to prove to your friends how brave you are while going near these waterfalls or even high rocks that is beyond several hundred feet of land.   It is better to be safe than to end your life before your time.  It does not matter who calls you, 'chicken' or accuses you of being scary.  You have to love yourself more than your friends love you.   It is better to stay away from these sort of hazardous places and just enjoy the sights at a distance.  Evidently, Kenah Huggins did not think the waterfall would take her too her grave as she posed in front of her friends, but now she is dead at only 35 years old.    Not necessarily Huggins, but we believe some other tourists whom have fell to their deaths, such as at Niagara Falls, simply because they were risky people.  For whatever reason, by accident or just taking a risk, this is a very sad situation that ended this black woman's life.

You have to be even careful around deep water, newlywed Maria Pantazopoulos died posing for wedding photos in Canada last week, according to   She posed in a playful ritual called, 'Trash the Dress' where brides pose for photos while destroying their wedding gowns.  Pantazopoulos, a real estate agent was only 30 years old when she was forced under water by the weight of her dress.  She tried to hold on and the photographer tried to save her, but the current was too strong and she drowned under water.  Hours later, her body was discovered about 100 feet away from where she first sank to her death in a river about 20 feet deep.

Over a week ago,
SCR blog just did an article about two brothers who died in Yosemite National Park while on a camping trip with their church in California. Their mother hurt her back while trying to rescue her sons out of the river, one died and the last we heard, the other brother was still lost and rescuers were searching for his body.  There are many other stories we could mention here, but you get the point.  Please be very careful and do not be so eager to take pictures while getting too close to high steep places like waterfalls, rocks and deep water.

May Kenah Huggins rest in peace.   In the meantime, we will keep her family in our prayers.  Also, may Maria Pantazopoulos rest in peace and we pray for her widower and family.

New York tourist swept away by raging river posing for picture near waterfall in Puerto Rico

By Daily Mail Reporter

A New York City woman tragically fell to her death into a rushing river while posing for photos near a waterfall at a tropical rainforest in Puerto Rico. 

The body of Bronx resident Kenah Huggins was found on Sunday in a river in El Yunque National Forest near Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, after she slipped into the raging waters...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo Courtesy:
Source: Sanctified Church Revolution

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Teen Gabrielle Swainson vanished from her bedroom in middle of the night: Black Women, can you even protect your daughters in the house?

The last time 15-year-old Gabrielle Swainson's mother kissed her goodbye was at 3:00 a.m. in the morning on August 15th, then she rolled back over and went to sleep.   Although Elvia Swainson allegedly stated this is not like her daughter to run away, this could still be a case of a troubled girl who just wanted to escape, for some reason.   However, many times we like to say no one knows their daughter like her mother, but many times, it is untrue, because often times when teenagers get to a certain age they retain a discreet personality and may have interests in things their parents would never think of them being involved in.    On the other hand, this could be a case of a girl who was kidnapped right out of her bed, which may involve someone whom was keeping a close eye on the Swainson's household or maybe a close family friend or even a loved one.

Black women, we ask you, is it even safe for your children to be inside the home when you are not there?  This could be a kidnapping case.  Some years ago, we did heard of a case that involved a girl who was actually snatched out of her bad and raped and left in the fields to die.   It took private investigators several years to find her attacker, but they found him.   This rapist and child molester was living in another state and had started a new family working as a construction worker
Do you ever wonder if this could happen to your child?  Yes, we are left asking all sorts of questions or many of you may not even think this could occur in your household.   However, we live in such an evil world, we must always make sure we are protected from demonic forces, which maybe on an assignment to steal our children.   Also, we must always make sure we have family prayers, asking God to keep strange evil spirits away from our household and remain in the Word with our kids, constantly.   This is why it is so very important for all of you to make sure you have a close walk with God, for the Bible forewarns us about Satan's agenda here on earth in Job 1:7, 'And the LORD said unto Satan, From where come you? Then Satan answered the LORD, and said, From going to and fro on the earth, and from walking up and down on it.' 
So now, you can understand why we have so much evil on the earth and many tragic things will occur, if you are not trained to bind demonic forces that may try to destroy you and even your family.   The Devil sends his demons to attack people, but as the scripture just told us, he also causes trouble here on earth, himself.

Now of course, we are not saying that Gabrielle's mother is not a saint, because we do not know her.  However, we are very concerned for all of you black women whom are mothers and not living for Jesus Christ.   Are you saved?   If not, would you like to get to know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior?   If this is you, we encourage you to rush to our Salvation page right now and give your life to God before it is everlasting too late.  Trouble will come, after you accept God in your life, but He will help you to overcome demonic forces as they come up against you and your family.

In the meantime, we will  keep Gabrielle Swainson and her mother in our prayers.

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Desperate search for teenage cheerleader who vanished from her bedroom in middle of the night

 By Daily Mail Reporter

A teenage South Carolina cheerleader has vanished from her home in a mysterious circumstances that have baffled authorities.

The FBI has joined the hunt for Gabrielle Swainson, a 15-year-old Ridge View High School honor roll student, guitar player and tap-dancing virtuoso who disappeared from her second-story bedroom during in the early hours of August 15.
Elvia Swainson, Gabrielle’s mother, has reportedly said that she woke her only child just prior to leaving for...Read full article, here.    
Source and Photo Courtesy:

Celebrity News: Now that Usher has primary custody of Tameka Foster's kids, what next black women?

Think about it, there were at least 3 black women we saw leading this custody case, one of Usher's attorney's, Tameka's attorney and then, the judge, Bensonetta Tipton Lane. According to Georgia Family Law blog, Judge Lane was the judge over T. I. case who ruled that he pay $3,000 a month to LaShon Dixon, because he was not paying enough money in child support, at first, allegedly.  Why does it seem like there was possibly some prejudice toward the mother, Tameka Foster in this case, even after she lost her older son, Kyle Foster?   You know, many times black women hold the power of how some black men mistreat other black women and in this case, it seems as though there was not enough consideration for Tameka Foster who not only bore those two boys, but recently had to bury one.

Sisters, we hold the key to how some black men treat other black women and it really hurts that Tameka will not have primary custody of her two sons, she bore into this world.  In our opinion, we feel there should have been more focus on Tameka's grievance and not for Usher to have ultimate favor, regardless of his fame and fortune.    Allegedly, there is more emotional trauma for our dear sister, now she that has to endure the thought of Usher sleeping with one of her bride's maids and her two sons being in her presence without her consent.   In the African American race, most never think of how a woman feels in her own misery.   In Tameka's situation they are not thinking how she may feel being mistreated as though she is a bad parent, after losing another child.   This is why being black has nothing to do with pride, because when your own kind hurts you, after realizing each and everyone of us has endured racism, it is clearly a spiritual matter.    Now, we acknowledge after the closed chapter of this custody battle, Tameka still has a life, which is very valuable in the eyes of God.   Oh, you may say like those whom were in the court room before Kyle died, 'look at the way she acted and all the smug expressions she gave toward Usher...', but all that does not even matter after she had to bury her son.   God does not think about how we previously behaved in our lives, He is just concerned about our future.   He still expected for Tameka to have more rights as a parent, after burying her son, not elevate Usher as though he is a hero.   Usher, 10 years younger was and still is supported by the masses because of his household name, not necessarily because he has been a good father.   Observing this case, this teaches us that men of all ages are supported in this world more than the woman and it is very unfair, but that fact is very true.  If a man is older, the same age or even younger, it seems like some black women cater to them over the woman, no matter what they have done to offend her.  You know black women, some of us may have never understood why the feminist movement has been in existence until now, because when a woman's rights has been supported by some other women, along with men, there is a cause for such a liberation, in support for women like Tameka Foster.  No, we may not believe in lesbianism, because we are women of God, but such a movement for women of all types should also include black women like Tameka, because for so many years, the feminist movement allegedly seemed to cater to mostly white women.   Therefore, it is time for us to consider what our sisters in Tameka's situation and other painful circumstances are going through in their lives, even if the majority of others do not care to comprehend and have no concern.

Tameka Foster can still rise beyond her painful circumstances by faith.   These are the sort of black women whom become the greatest souls and conquer defeat in their lives for everyone to see God's power in their lives.  It may look like this case is over, but in the heavenly realm, it is not over, there is another chapter which will be revealed to us.   Usher is nothing but dust, just like all the rest of us, he is not superior over Tameka, regardless of her personal flaws.   There is a higher being who created each and everyone of us and it is time for us to realize no matter how much our own kind and other races may mistreat us as black women, God is still the ruler of our lives once we fully surrender to Him.   Tameka and many of you whom are suffering extreme emotional agony like her are empowered to move forward and not look at your present circumstances, but focus on God.  It does not matter whom supports your enemy or what position they may have, God can remove all Pharaoh's in our lives, whether they be man or woman, black or white, young or old, famous or just ordinary people.  What do we mean by Pharaoh's?   Anyone whom has robbed you of your natural right of joy, peace and love, similar to the slave master, King Pharaoh in the Bible whom enslaved the children of Israel for hundreds of years.  Sisters, slavery comes in all forms and many times,  we suffer the same sort of persecution from or own race of people, young and old.

Remember ladies, there is a higher judge and just because it looks as though Usher has ultimate favor and Tameka has no support, God is still the highest power over this entire universe and He sees and knows everyone whom has been unfair to Tameka and other black women whom have suffered such emotional trauma, likewise.  In Romans 8:31, God's Word remind us, 'What shall we then say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?'  Therefore, God always has an ending to the our present sufferings, which are only temporary and He will fight our battle, if we remain faithful to Him.

Source: Georgia Family Law
Photo Courtesy:

Friday, August 24, 2012

Prince George-Amber Deanna Stanley, Honors Student Shot Dead In Bed: Black Women of all ages are dying before their time

This young lady was shot dead while asleep in her home.   Amber Stanley was an honors student whom had her whole life ahead of her.  She was planning to attend Harvard, but someone ended that dream when they walked into her bedroom while she was asleep and shot her to death.  Now, police are allegedly calling this a home invasion, but we question their judgement, because the gunman only harmed her, we did not hear he stole anything and the shooter left her big sister and foster sister alone and ceased the household.  Therefore, this sounds like it could have been a personal attack on the deceased victim.

On America's Most Wanted, we just watched a story about a family whom lived in the suburbs of Omaha, Nebraska.   A mother and son were both attacked in their home and the only evidence investigators could find was the young boy had chatted with several people on the internet on game sites.   However, we are not insinuating Amber was browsing the internet and that was the reason for her death, what we are referring to, is that this possibly was a personal attack from someone whom could have known her.  For this reason, why would the gunmen go directly to her bedroom, shoot her dead and then, just leave without hurting anyone else?   Again, we did not hear that this gunman took any possessions or maybe we missed it.  Then, on the NBC report, we heard that there were recent allegations on the assault on the foster child, but police do not know if that was any connection to Amber's death.

Of course, we are not insinuating the 17-year old foster child had anything to do with the murder of honor student, Amber Stanley, but investigators should speak with her.  Not all foster children, but some of them can be very troubled kids, because they are placed in homes with other families, not related to them.   Some foster children can be very manipulative and very jealous of their foster parents real children.   Therefore, this strange case may not be very difficult, if police would just look a little closer at those whom were unharmed during the time of the murder.

During the time of the murder, Stanley had an older sister, 37 years old, she should also be questioned by police, although she may not have had anything to do with her little sister's murder.

Black women of all ages, whether they are adults, teens or young children, Satan is cutting off our sisters lives before their time.   Now, we do not know the personal life of this young lady, but for the rest of you, we always try to make sure you totally surrender your life to Jesus Christ, so you can have His divine protection.   As our Word tells us in John 10:10, 'The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.'   Many times, we as black women are very troubled in our lives, because Satan works through people whom are closet to us or people we just know, but not very close to.  The Devil brings on the demon of jealousy to torment us, because He knows God has great things in store for our lives and desires to use us for His glory.   Therefore, it is not always strangers whom wish to do Satan's assignment to destroy our lives, it is those whom know us.   So, this brings us to this point, are there any of our dear sisters who need Jesus Christ in your life, so you can live for Him?  By doing so, He can guard you from your enemies?   If you are not saved, we invite you to allow God to come into your life, so He can send His angels to take charge over your life.  Maybe you are saved, but you need spiritual strength from God, because you still are not happy in your life, because of jealous people you live with.    We suggest you go straight to our Salvation page, there, you will see a link to watch videos on how you can remain saved, even when your enemies try to drive you away from salvation.

In the meantime, we are praying for Amber's mother who was not home at the time of the murder and her friends at the Charles Herbet Flowers high school.   May Amber Deanna Stanley rest in peace.

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View more videos at:


Teenaged Honor Student Killed in Home Invasion

By Audrey Barnes, @Audreybarnestv


Prince George's County Police are still searching for the gunman who killed a 17-year-old honor student in her bed.

Amber Stanley was shot multiple times while others inside the home fled.

Neighbors say there has been a lot of increased traffic on Chartsey Street lately where Stanley lived with her mother...Read full article, here.


Source and Video: NBC Washington
Source and Photo:

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