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Does Genetics have anything to do with growing long healthy hair for black women?

There are a lot of black women whom grow up believing the myth that if women in their family did not ever have long hair, they cannot grow long hair themselves.   Reality is, your hair grows based on how you take care of it.  It is not true that genetics have anything to do with whether your hair is long, medium length or short.  One of the greatest myths is you have to be of mixed heritage to grow long hair.   Read this very clear ladies, there are many bi-racial women whom struggle to grow long hair just like the rest of us, they are no better than the average black woman.  Think about a few famous bi-racial women whom have worn their hair short, most of the time and the few times we have seen them, it really appears as though they are wearing a weave.   This is because genetically, nothing dominates the black genes.  Therefore, what some bi-racial women think of as having bad hair, is really not, they just have not loved their hair enough to learn how to manage it like many other black women.  The reason all sorts of black women struggle to grow long hair is simply because they never learned how to take care of it, it has nothing to do with their blood line.   Even if you have a black woman whom may come from a family of black women who may have a history of growing long hair, her hair alone, still can be very damaged and break off, if it is not taking care of, properly.

Other races of women naturally grow long hair, because their hair does not easily break off as black women.  We have a different texture, which can be very fine hair, but if you do not put chemicals in your hair, it may not break off as easily.   Many times, you may see white women and other races flinging their hair and glaring at you as though they are sending a silent message, 'black women can't grow long hair' or 'you will never have long hair like me', but even they are without knowledge and do not realize we can grow long hair, but we must manage it much different than the way they do.  The strands of many European descent women are thicker, but it does not mean their hair cannot break off or get damaged.  There are plenty of European women whom have damaged hair so much, they even wear weaves, most of the time.  Therefore, not all of them know how to grow long hair and manage it.

Many of us come from a family of black women who may have long healthy hair on one side of the family and on the other side,  some of the black women may wear weaves and wigs all of their lives.   It is very sad, many black women are even buried wearing fake hair when they die.   Let us be real with you, the cycle of wearing fake hair over your real hair needs to stop, if you ever desire to ever see your hair ever grow.   Genetics is the problem if you continue the bad habits such as your mother, grandmother or aunts who may have always covered their hair and never gave it air to breathe.   So you need to find out what texture your hair is, then maintain it, according what is needed to keep it healthy and eventually growing it long.  You may hear a lot of sisters say, well many of the women in my family grow long hair, except for me, which maybe true, only because you have not done what they continue to do to keep their hair nice and healthy.  Possibly, some of them could be selfish and not really share their tips, especially if they are your in-laws.

So just think about it, what is the real reason why you may not have ever enjoyed your very own long hair?   There could be a number of reasons why you have never have been able to grow long hair.  Get it out of your mind, the reason is because you are black, that has absolutely nothing to do with it.  As we have said in our previous articles, you have to make a vow to change your mindset, if you want to grow long hair.   Possibly, you are over-processing your hair, that is, putting too much chemicals in your hair.  Often times, we may see some of our sisters with very damaged short hair in different spots, this may come from using relaxers and dyes at once.  If your hair has been very damaged for a very long period of time, you need to stay away from relaxers, perms and dyes for a very long time, maybe over two or three years.   Give your hair a chance to grow and be healthy without anything damaging the roots of your hair.   Your best bet is to go natural, which we have been encouraging many of you to do in our previous articles  Possibly, you are not eating healthy foods, many times your hair will not grow ladies, because you lack vitamins and minerals that are naturally in fruits and vegetables.  Are you combing your hair too often?  Whatever the bad habits, you have been doing for years, just needs to come to an end now.  It is time to make a decision to eat right and stop putting chemicals and heat in your hair.  Give your scalp plenty of air and stop wearing wigs and weaves.  Start handling your hair with plenty of care.  When you comb your hair, start at the end and gently move upward. Sometimes your hair may not grow, because you are pulling it too much.  

In conclusion, you must think about why your hair will not grow, but we promise you, it is not because of genetics.   

If you desire to know which proper foods to eat that will help you grow your hair, please read some of our previous articles at Real Long Hair blog.

Dr. Mae Jemison, First Black Woman to journey out of space plans to take us into the future

Dr. Mae Jemison, the first black women to become an astronaut wants to take us on a journey out of space, 100 years ahead of our time to another star system.  She has chosen to do this adventure in Houston and many natives there are very proud that she chose that city.  DARPA, the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is backing up her project, the same organization that discovered the internet back in the 1960's.

Dr. Jemison's life is truly as success story and the fact that she is the first black woman to take a journey out of space and will now be the first to come up with an idea that would take us into another galaxy, 100 hundred years ahead of our time should inspire us as black women.  We should be just as ambitious and creative in anything we do in our lives.  We may not be astronauts like Dr. Mae Jemison, but we can have that same mindset to create exciting explorations that will help many people whom may have an interest in our invention.  Let us learn something from Dr. Jemison and that is to be very successful in anything we choose to do.   We recognize one very important thing she mentioned in her own words on this following video and that is, she wants other scientists and physicists whom join her to make her vision come to past not to give up and to believe whatever seems impossible is possible.  So it is the same with us dear sisters, it does not matter what may seem difficult in our lives, we must strive to make our dreams come true and forget all negativity around us.

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1st Black woman in space wants you to take 100-year journey
By Damali Keith, Reporter


What is the biggest task you've ever been expected to pull off?

Well, one Houston woman is now charged with taking space travel one giant step further.  This is no ordinary woman.  Dr. Mae Jemison is the first black woman to travel to space.  Now the former astronaut...Read full article, here.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Teacher's Aide Charged After Daughter Found Naked, Eating Trash: Is this black woman guilty of child neglect or just homeless?

Tracy Lynn Betts was arrested by police after leaving her daughter alone in the car while she went to work as a teacher's aide.   Someone spotted her naked 12-year-old daughter, eating out of trash cans.  All over this country, many parents are having such a hard time caring for their children and even themselves.   We are in a recession and are not surprised of what sort of news we may hear.  This story does not sound like this mother purposely left her daughter alone.  It sounds like it is a great possibility she and her daughter were homeless and she continued to work as a teachers aide, hoping no one would ever find out.  What do you think sisters?  Do you think this single mother would purposely leave her daughter in the car, naked?
Well the story goes on claiming that Betts allegedly told police she took her daughter's clothes off, so she would not get out of the car.    So this sounds like they may have been living in the car and in the daytime, Tracy Lynn struggled to survive by working as a teacher's aide and possibly she caught her daughter before, eating out of the trash.  Many single mothers of all races do it,
not just black women and they have been doing it for many years.   However, this is summer time, it would have been a good idea for Tracy Betts to find a safe place at the school while she works, but only she knows her own situation.  It is not so easy to keep people out of your business, if they start asking your child questions. 

this is how bad the economy is today.  Many single black women do not know where to turn.  Their family may not help them and if they do, they do not have any peace while living with them and facing persecution for being poor.  Then, if they go to the average church, they may turn them away, we have heard of so many similar testimonies to know it actually happens.  Therefore, we must learn how to look very close at certain situations and understand what could have happen, especially if we have been there, ourselves.   Too many of our sisters are homeless and they go to work and act as they though have a bed to lay in when they get off of work.  We really feel deep in our hearts, Betts was not neglecting her child, but doing the best she could to survive as a single black mother in California.  In order to live in most cities in California, it is very expensive these days, so this news about Tracy Betts going to work while leaving her 12-year-old daughter out in the car does not surprise us.

What should you do if you are in a situation life Tracy Betts?
   We encourage you not to give up and be very careful while homeless.  Also, be very careful with your children.   You must find a way for them to be in a safe place while you are at work.   Create a strategic plan and figure out how you are going to be able to afford a place to rent.   Motels can be very expensive, so we encourage you to plan to save as much as you can, out of each paycheck you receive.  Many times, it can be very hard to move into an apartment with bad credit, but there are some low income places that may not make a big deal about it, unless you save enough for a first and last month's rent, along with your deposit.   It is not that easy to find a place to live, in an expensive city, but if you keep searching you maybe fortunate to find a place outside of the city, although you may drive extra miles to work.   Matthew 19:26 says, 'But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.'

Most of all, we want you to believe Jesus Christ will make your life better, if you and your children are homeless.   Possibly you have given up on life and think God does not love you, because people have turned you away, but God loves you so much and He is very concerned about you.   We invite you to accept Jesus into your life by going straight to our Salvation page.  It does not matter if you have no place to go and have been poor for a very long time, God will give you an answer to your situation, all you have to do is trust him and not give up.   After you accept Christ, your life still may not be easy, but it will be so much better, because He will abide in you and will never leave you alone nor forsake you.  You will know Jesus is with you, because you will feel different.  So go give Jesus your life right now, dear sisters.

Possibly, you do know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but you are having a very hard time in life and do not know where you are going to sleep tonight or where your next meal is coming from.  We want you to keep serving the Lord and trusting in Him.  Let us pray for the Lord to change things in your life, dear sisters.

Dear Lord, we bring our sisters before you right now.   Lord, we humble ourselves in your presence, asking you to forgive us for whatever we have done to offend you or anyone else.   We want you to know we fully surrender our souls to you.  If there is anything in our lives that is not pleasing in your sight, we ask you to take out it, right now.   Jesus, although the recession is very bad in our country right now, our sisters have always had a hard way to make it.   Many of us have not had mothers to train us how to be independent women.   We ask you dear Lord to train us how make a living even during this recession and train us to be successful ladies.   Give us the guidance how to become not only wealthy, but remain in good health and most of all, teach us how to remain holy and righteous, dear Father.   We ask you to lead, guide and comfort our dear sisters.  Any personal and financial hardships they are dealing with, we ask you to make it better.  Make their lives so fulfilled, they will not ever have to depend on anyone else.   For our sisters who are homeless, we ask you dear Lord to protect them from evil while struggling to survive on the streets, including their children.   We believe you have heard our prayer, in Jesus precious name.  Amen.

In the meantime, we will keep Tracy Betts in our prayers and for her daughter to return in her care. 

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Teacher's Aide Charged After Daughter Found Naked, Eating Trash

TEMECULA, Calif. (KTLA) -- A teacher's aide has been charged with child endangerment after leaving her 12-year-old daughter naked in a car outside her school.

Tracy Lynn Betts, 41, is accused of parking her car near Vail Elementary School where...Read full article, here. 


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How Black Women Can Manage Their Natural Hair and Grow It Long Wearing Protective Styles

Many of our sisters give up on wearing their natural hair, because they often complain about it being too difficult to manage, but what is so beautiful about black hair is this fact, once you learn how to manage it, you don't have to do much to it.   One of the biggest mistakes some black women make is once they began growing out their natural hair after about 3 or 4 months time, they rush to buy relaxers and perms to not only help them manage their hair, but also to show off the real length of their hair.   Once they straighten their hair, they get used of wearing it straight and then their hair may eventually fall off.  Why?  Simply, because it is better to grow your hair natural and not style it too often.  Black hair grows better once it is protected in certain styles.  One of the things, we noticed about a low percentage of black women whom are blessed with long hair, is simply that they have learned the secret of wearing protective styles, similar to Janelle Monae.

Before you we show you this following video of this young lady who has been inspired by Janelle Monae to wear protective styles, let us give you some advice to take better care of your hair, first.
  •  Do you have a perm or relaxer in your hair, but you wish to go natural? The best way is to allow it to grow out and continue to keep your ends clipped while doing so.   On a regular basis, wash and condition your hair.  Keep your scalp nurtured with natural hair conditioners like Shea Butter, hair mayonnaise and olive oil cremes.    Every-time your hair grows out new growth in three months time, stop the habit of wanting to straighten the roots, just leave it alone and take care of it.

  • Remember, do not get tempted to straighten your hair, once your hair becomes extremely kinky.  Start buying hair lotions, moisturizers and cremes to help soften your hair.  There are some black women whom give up too easy and don't take their time to research the best products to help soften their hair.  If you learn how to use products that will soften your hair, it will become easier for you to avoid straightening your hair.

  • Months later, after your hair grows out from being so straight, began braiding your hair at night then, un-braid it when you are ready to wear it out, pin it up into a style, which you will see an example of on this following video clip.
  • Learn how to cover your hair every night before you go to sleep and even when you lay down for a quick rest.    
Now, this is just a snippet to give you an idea on wearing protective styles. 

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Celebrity News: William Balfour gets 3 life sentences in Hudson family murders

If you have not heard yet, William Balfour has just been sentenced to 3 life sentences, in addition to 120 years for other charges.   This may seem like a victory, but the sad part is, his verdict will not bring back Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother and nephew.  Only God can take away Julia's memory of finding her mother dead in the house.  However, hopefully she and Jennifer will now be able to put this horrific crime of losing their relatives behind them and look forward to positive things in life.

In the meantime, we pray Willam Balfour repents for what he has done, accepts Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and fully surrenders his life to Him. 

May the deceased family of Jennifer and Julia Hudson rest in peace.

Breaking News: William Balfour gets 3 life sentences in Hudson family murders

CHICAGO (FOX Chicago News) - William Balfour received three consecutive life sentences in the deaths of Academy Award winning actress Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother, and 7-year-old nephew.

Judge Charles Burns Balfour received 120 years for other charges. Balfour faced a mandatory life sentence, and will now spend the rest of his life in...Read full article, here.

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Celebrity News: Jennifer Hudson in court for Balfour sentencing, new trial denied

This is an update, regarding Jennifer Hudson's family killer, Balfour who was sentenced for the gruesome murders.  William Balfour has been denied a new trial.  Although Balfour may have a chance to speak and eventually face the judge, it may not do him any good, since he is facing life without parole.

This was one of the most horrific stories that has ever occurred in the history of tragic murders, involving family members of celebrities.   Balfour possibly has murdered people before, because it seems like that sort murder was something very similar of  gang members would do, shooting multiple people, execution style.   Regardless of his possible past history of crime, we could imagine how intimidated he must have felt in the court room when Jennifer Hudson sat along with her sister, Julia to face him.

As black women, this just teaches us to be very careful whom we allow to come into our families and mingle with them.   We cannot trust anyone around those we love, unless God leads us to do so.  If we marry someone and eventually discover they are not so pleasant, we must pray and seek God how to cease the relationship.  It is nothing wrong with admitting you have made a mistake.  William Balfour must have had this monstrous spirit for a very long time and it is very sad, Julia could not have detected it and not even Jennifer before he murdered their family.  If you recall, Jennifer allowed him to once attend an awards show and even pose with her and even hold the award in front of the media.   Obviously, Jennifer Hudson and her family tried to be kind to him, but he was too envious of Julia.

Jennifer Hudson in court for Balfour sentencing, new trial denied

CHICAGO (FOX Chicago News) -Academy Award-winning actress and singer Jennifer Hudson was back in a Chicago courtroom Tuesday for the sentencing of her former brother-in-law, William Balfour.

Judge Charles Burns denies motion for new trial on Tuesday. The sentencing hearing began around 11:30 a.m.

Balfour was convicted of first degree murder in May for gunning down Hudson's mother...Read full article, here. 

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Source: The Associated Press

Monday, July 23, 2012

Woman Dies After Abortion At Planned Parenthood In Chicago: Black Women does God condone abortions?

Tonya Reaves is a young woman who recently died after having an abortion at Chicago's Planned Parenthood.  Since birth control began by Margaret Higgins Sanger in the early 1900s, God has not been happy about it.  God never desired for humanity to stop babies from being born on His planet.  We are very sad, regarding the death of our dear sister, Tonya Reaves.  However, for the rest of our sisters whom are yet living, we want to encourage you to bore your children and after you have them, give them up for adoption, if you do not desire to raise them. Among black women or any other race of women, God wants a change, He no longer wants to see us having abortions, it hurts Him.

As black women, once we come into the family of God, we should think about how Jesus feels about the choices we make in our lives.  No longer, should we be so diverse that we allow ourselves to choose how the world lives their lives.  Instead, we are women of God and we must began to operate our lives based on God's expectations.   Now, we are not saying Reaves deserved to die, but this article is for the rest of us who are still alive.  Let us vow to no longer condone abortions for our lives.  You may ask, how do you know God does not agree with abortions?  Based on Bishop Earthquake Kelley's alleged testimony, which can be found at Sanctified Church Revolution's video page (toward the bottom, start at 35:05), God told him, He does not agree with abortion.  In heaven, Bishop Kelley saw children in their own circles and in the second group, Jesus showed him little children whom were aborted. God told him, he had a purpose for these children whom were aborted.  He had a purpose for their lives, but their parents sent them back and God sounded very sad and disappointed about it.  Therefore, we plead with you to get your heart right God and not have any abortions.   Now, specifically, if you have been raped are a survivor of incest, God may understand, we are not sure.  However, you must pray and seek God and vow to no longer go get abortions, which offends God.

May Tonya Reaves rest in peace.

If you have had an abortion and you do not know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, we want to invite you to go to our Salvation page.   No matter who impregnated you, we want you to know Jesus forgives all sinful behavior and will accept you and your baby, even if it happened because of incest or even rape.   Ladies, the Bible lets us know, murder is a sin.  The Bible says, 'Thou shall not kill,'  in Exodus 20:13.  Therefore, many women are alleged murderers when they have abortions.  However, God forgives them, just like any other murderer.   God obviously does not want us sending our babies back, so as women who are in a relationship with Jesus Christ, we must no longer have anything else to do with supporting abortions.  So, when you become a child of God, you must change the way you think and the choices we make and agree with God on any matter.   Even if you are pregnant right now and have scheduled an appointment, you must think about how God feels about it, because He allowed you to be born, regardless of how you got here.   Do you love God enough to give Him your life and willing to be obedient to His will and only accept His way?   If so, please go straight to our Salvation page, right now.  Jesus loves you and accepts you as you are.  Welcome to the family of Christ, dear sisters.  

For the rest of you who know Christ and you have had an abortion, just repent.  If you are pregnant and about to get one, change your thoughts according to God's plan and do not schedule an abortion. God would rather you place your child up for an adoption.  God bless you. 

Woman Dies After Abortion At Planned Parenthood In Chicago

The family of a Chicago woman who died after an abortion at Planned Parenthood says it wants answers about her death. Tonya Reaves, 24, died late Friday night from a hemorrhage, with a cervical dilation and evacuation, as well as an intrauterine pregnancy as contributing causes, according to the medical examiner’s office.

She died after she’d had an abortion at Planned Parenthood at 18 S. Michigan Av, according to the medical examiner’s office. Her death was ruled an accident, but the Reaves family wants to know more, especially...Read full article, here.

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Church Scandal Report Blog by AT2W

Visit AT2W's News Church Scandal Report Blog!

We want to introduce to you our new sister site called Church Scandal Report. This site will feature church scandals of all kind, from the Roman Catholic church to the Presbyterian Church the Church of God in Christ. Church Scandal Report will expose as many scandals amongst pastors, bishops, music leaders and even the church janitor.
If there is anyone a part of the church doing things out of order in the church, (CSR) Church Scandal Report will have it available to read.
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Colorado Massacre Killer James Holmes Made Racial Remarks, Lil Wayne: What does it matter, since Lil' Wayne made alleged racist remarks about dark skinned black women?

What we do not comprehend is why there are still some blacks who get angry when a white person makes racist remarks about a person like Lil Wayne whom made alleged racist remarks about dark skinned black women and even his own daughter?  This prejudice has been within the black race for many decades and this includes even some dark skinned black women, even dark like Lil' Wayne, for some crazy reason they get all offended if a white supremacist can't stand them because they are black, but they resent dark-skinned women.

You know, we know God is just shaking his head, every time this occurs, because while some black people are being offended over racial discrimination, they yet have not learned how to love who they are.  While this ancient ignorance of shade issues among black people continues, many souls are yet in bondage on their way to hell, every second.  Every time Satan gets a soul of the black race into his eternal place of torment, he is satisfied because they fell for the old trick to always focus on racial discrimination while not searching their souls that possibly resented God's creation of dark pigment or any other sort of color or shade.

We sure don't have much to say about this one, because if it is true that Lil' Wayne discriminated against his own daughter, including black women who is dark-skinned like himself, no wonder this mass killer, James Holmes said things about him, you reap what you sow.  According to and other online black news outlets, we know you may recall Lil' Wayne's alleged statement: “MY daughter is the first and last dark skin child im having, the rest of my baby moms light skin chicks i even got an asian baby moms to make sure i have a daughter with good hair, too bad we had a son...not everybody hate dark skin girls Young Money just allergic to Chocolate...'  This is why many black people are yet complaining racial discrimination, because they don't like themselves and each other.   Why be upset about what the mass killer, James Holmes said about Lil' Wayne?

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Houston Mom accused of whipping boy to death: When Black Women go too far with corporal punishment

Houston mother, Vastie Coleman, 27 has been charged with causing bodily injury to a child.   She previously had been in trouble with Child Protective services for various charges as seen on the below photo.  Coleman whipped her 4-year-old boy about 20 times until he stopped breathing.  Now, many of us black women whom are 70's, 80's babies and even born before those twin era's were also whipped with whatever our mothers could find.  If it was not the belt, it was the extension cord or a branch off of a tree, simply because back in those days most black mothers disciplined their child, according to God's Word, not according to the law. Our families had just came of a society of inequality and it was not so diverse for the laws to instruct black parents how they should discipline their children.  Our country was more religious and children did not die from a whipping back then, although it may have stung us very bad. Although, we still believe in God's Word, we want to share how far our sisters should go when using corporal punishment. 

The question is, are we supposed to yet obey God's commandments when it comes to disciplining our children?   The answer is yes, but not so hard to when the lives of our children are cut short.  In Proverbs 3:13, it says, "Do not withhold discipline from a child; if you punish him with the rod, he will not die."  So just from that scripture right there, we have sense enough to know, if we do not use any discipline, demonic forces will cut short our children's lives.   They have to know what is right and what is wrong, in order to live a long life.  For example, they cannot avoid discipline while being disrespectful toward an adult.   However, because biblical scriptures were written many years ago, they were translated by King James, according to his knowledge of scriptures written by holy men who walked with God.  Common sense lets us know, we cannot whip our children to the point of killing them.  God does not agree with abusive discipline.  He only agrees with using the rod enough to correct the child.  In this case, Vastie Coleman put her son in a bathtub and whipped him about 20 times.   The first mistake was placing the child in a closed area and to where his air may have been cut off, every time he shielded from the lashes of the belt.  In Proverbs 13:24 it says, “Whoever spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him.”   That scripture is simply telling you that if you do not correct or discipline your child, you do not love him or her, but if you do so, you are showing love.  However, this is where many of our sisters have gone too far, they use excessive force that may cause physical injuries, they do not know where to draw the line.  You should not discipline your child so harshly to where there are signs of physical wounds, because by doing so you also cause emotional wounds and then your child's rebellion gets worse and then you end up whipping them much worse, because of their attitude.  So there is a limit and God never wrote His Word to advise whipping to cross the line of where a child's air is cut off like in this case of Vastie Coleman whipping her son in the bathtub.

Vastie Coleman has a long history of various alleged accusations of abuse with CPS from March 2007 to this year of April 2012Therefore, if this woman really knew the Lord as her personal Savior, none of this probably would have never happened.   However, even some black women whom claim to know God may use excessive discipline when whipping their child while thinking they are doing it, according to God's Word.   Ladies, God said something very important in His Word, in Matthew 19:14, 'But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.'  He cares and is concerned about children, he does not want them abused, neglected or rejected.  If you read Ephesians 6:1-3, the Bible tells children to obey and honor their parents, but Ephesians 6:4, it goes onto say, 'Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.'  So, wouldn't excessive punishment drive a child to anger?  It seems like before Vastie's child grew past the age of 4, God took Him to heaven so he would not have to grew up with bitterness in his heart against his mother.

Sisters, we have to know when too much, is too much.  This is why there are laws against corporal punishment, although it is in God's Word, simply because some mothers like Vastie Coleman went too far.  Obviously, there were some deep issues for Coleman to have a record with CPS since 2007.    On the second video, a neighbor allegedly stated the father was slapping Vastie around and they both were seen arguing outside, this could be a case that reveals she possibly used excessive discipline toward her little boy who probably had some similarities with the father that could have reminded her of him, which led to the abuse.  Therefore, sometimes a troubled marriage or relationship can cause a mother or father to take it out on their children.  Black women we advise you to leave your man, if your life is that stressful with him.  That way, you can love your child and see him or her for who they are and not be reminded of their father  through their similar looks and personalities.

Do you have personal issues in your life that is causing your children to suffer when you discipline them?  Are you so stressed out, you take it out on your children.  Are they so rebellious to when you do not know how to discipline them without whipping them so hard and so many times?  Sisters, are you placing your child in closed areas like the bathtub, which could cause their air to be cut off?   You need God's guidance to help you learn how to discipline your child with love.   You must obey God's Word and not lack discipline, but not to where they suffer bodily injuries.  If you are not saved and do not know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, maybe this is why you lack love toward your child and do not know the difference between disciplining your child, according to how Jesus would do it.   If this is you, please go straight to our Salvation page and accept Christ into your life.      

Possibly, you are saved, but you have bitterness toward your child's father and your child looks just like him or maybe you are very stressed out you just go too far.  Would you like us to pray with you?

Dear Father, we come before you right now, humbling ourselves before your throne.  Our sisters are praying with us, because they admit they have gone too far when whipping their child.   Lord, please forgive our sisters as they repent for chastising their children too hard. We know you are very gentle Jesus and you love children, just like you loved their parents when they were young.  Lord Jesus, we want to obey your Word when it comes to disciplining our children, but we realize there are some mothers like our dear sister, Vastie Coleman who messed it up and made our political leaders in various states think it is wrong to chastise your children, using the rod.   God we ask you to direct and guide our mothers.  Lead us as black women to be better mothers.  If there is anything in our hearts like anger and distress, we ask you to take it out right now.  In the mighty precious name of Jesus.  Amen.

Now sisters, believe the Lord is going to give you guidance on how to discipline your child with more love.  God bless you.

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Mom accused of whipping boy to death had long history with CPS 

 by Jeremy Rogalski / KHOU 11 News I-Team

HOUSTON—The mother charged in the beating death of her 4-year-old son was allegedly upset that the boy wet himself, according to CPS and court documents the I-Team reviewed.     Vastie Coleman, 27, was being held without bond Tuesday in the Harris County Jail for allegedly killing Kyron Barnes. The boy’s two surviving sisters described routine whippings...Read full article, here.        Source, Video and Photo Courtesy:   Video:

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dr. Juanita Bynum Tell Atlanta's V-103 She's Been a Lesbian in Interview

Juanita Bynum Admits She's Been Lesbian on Interview
(Photo: V 103)

Dr. Juanita Bynum Tell Atlanta's V-103  She's Been a Lesbian in Interview

Juanita Bynum had an interview with Frank and Wanda on Atlanta's V-103 last week. She shared her testimony of being on drugs and also admitted that she has been with men and women... while using drugs from the past.
Reports have already been circulating about rumors that she was a lesbian which have been around for years. In Bishop Thomas Week III's book' What Love Taught Me, he revealed that she had orgies with women, but we were not sure if he was saying this out of spite due to the public spectacle they both made of themselves in the domestic abuse case years ago.
Juanita Bynum tells V-103:
“I’ve been there and I’ve done it all,” Bynum confided. “I’ve [done] the drugs. I’ve been with men. I’ve been with women. It’s not a line, it’s my life!”

Read full article HERE at AT2W

Dallas Cowboy Dez Bryant assaulted his mother: When Black Women are abused by their grown sons

Angela Bryant is the mother of famous Dallas Cowboy's football player, Dez Bryant.  She called police, because her own son allegedly assaulted her.  On this following video, you will hear her exclaim, she is going to put an end to his alleged assault.  That statement alone sounds like he possibly hits her all the time.  Of course, we do not know for sure, but why would she say she is going to put an end to it, twice?   You read between the lines and figure it out.  However, we would like to discuss an issue that black families do not like to talk about and that is when grown sons abuse their Moms, there is possibly an old buried issue we do not know about.  Dez Bryant assaulting his mother is not the first time we have heard something like this happen.  One of our journalists of AT2W told us of a story that she witnessed when she was a girl.  A mother was crying outside of a KFC when a teenage son was abusively talking loud to his mother.  This has been going on for many years and may explain why there is so much division between black men and black women today.  Keep reading and you will understand why we say so.

Ladies, every time we face a black man's glare in public for no reason, it could be buried hatred against his mother.  You figure, if a man cannot love and respect his own mother, it is very impossible for him to love and respect you.  For example, the same hatred we as black women experience when we stare into the glaring eyes of an angry black man holding onto his white woman could express he hates the womb that carried him.  Although, the wombs of many black women bore strong and healthy sons, many of them grew up to automatically hate us.  It is not normal for any son to grab his mother's T-shirt, rip her bra, grab her by her hair, then hit her across the face with his cap.  According to the following video, that's what allegedly happened over the weekend between Dez Bryant and his mother, Angela.  Just think about that behavior, we as black women suffer for the possible hatred some black men have toward their mother.   For an example, there was a story of a woman who went on a job interview while homeless years ago.  When she went into the office for an interview, the supervisor sat her down along with another young man.  The story is, when she sat down she met face to face with a very angry man whom glared at her during the entire interview.  She received the pain from a young man whom was born just like her, from the womb of a black woman.   At that time, there was a spirit of prejudice spreading within the souls black men she never felt before in the San Francisco Bay Area.  You see ladies, spirits transfer quickly and whatever animosity some black men feel toward their mothers, is possibly why they are not with us today and it hurts.  Is it fair for us to have to deal with their resentment and we do not even know them in most cases?  No, absolutely not, but this is the psychology of why many black men are turned off by us, they do not have good relationships with their mothers.   The ones whom are attracted to us may seem to like us a lot, but we often have to be on guard, because we do not know if we will endure his bitterness he may have for his mother.   Therefore, in order for this sort of black man to feel complete and be connected with you, he will have to make peace with his mother, love and respect her.   Even if his mother has passed on, he will have to release the bitterness in his heart and can only do it through God.

Mothers, this message is for you.   If your son is abusive toward you, love him, but do not deal with it.   Your son must be willing to love and respect you, because many times if this occurs, this spirit could be traveling from his father's spirit into his soul to attack you.   This is if you did not have a good relationship with his father, which is most likely the case.  Many times, this could be why some females do not feel like they have a chance for a relationship with a man, because they are yet dealing with the same hatred from their son's father through their son.   That is a demon, so you must rebuke it.   If your son is not willing to sit and listen to what you have to say in a respectful manner, he must be dismissed from your life, because your bore him and it is because of God through you, he has life.   God does not expect for you to continue to have communication with your son any longer, once he puts his hands on you.  Sister, you must get your life together and care about yourself enough to dismiss that old demon that possibly transferred from his father's spirit.  Leave the past behind and before you part ways with your son, inform him to surrender His soul to Christ.

Dear sisters, we pray this article has been a blessing to you and has given you some precise direction in your life, if you have been enduring the same conflict with your son as Angela Bryant.  Now, we want to pray with you, because often times, when you raise your son(s) without a man in your life, it can be very difficult.  The root of the problem in your son's life, is possibly he has not given his soul to Christ, but you have to make sure you are saved too.   So, are you save? If not, after this prayer, go straight to our Salvation page and accept Him into your life.   God cannot change your son, unless you allow Him to change you, first.  Even if your son never changes, at least you can say, you are serving the Lord and the problem is now in God's hands.   

So now dear sister, let us pray:
Dear heavenly Father, we thank you for this time we are sharing with you.  We humbly are coming to you now dear Lord, asking you to heal the mind and soul of this woman's son.   She is dealing with a spirit of rebellion and it has been so unfair for her to deal with it, after his father has walked off and left her.   Father, we humbly ask you to step in right now to change this son's life.   Change him into a righteous man and when you change him, we ask you to give him a mind to love and respect his mother.   Do not allow her to endure her son's abuse any longer.  You were there when she carried him for 9 months, you were in that hospital room when she was in labor and you were there when he came into the world.   God, we rebuke this demonic spirit that has taken over this son's life to combat his mother, right now.   We rebuke his rebellious spirit.  Spirit of rebellion, go back to the lake where you came from, in the mighty precious name of Jesus and we give you the glory.  Amen.

Now, sister do you believe the Lord has heard your prayer?   If so, please make sure you go to our Salvation page and accept the Lord into your life.  God has got great things in store for you, but He wants you to surrender your all to Him.  Also, your life is not over, after you have raised your son (or even your daughter).  He has given you life to enjoy it, so do not let anyone take that away, not even your son.   God loves you so much and don't you forget it. 

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View more videos at:

Dez Bryant Accused of Assaulting His Mother

Bryant free after posting $1,500 bond

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Florida's lieutenant governor Jennifer Carroll says Black Women who are Lesbians Don't Look Like Her

On this article, we are going to dig in real deep, because we are dealing with a case where this Lt. Governor of Florida, Jennifer Carroll is claiming that black women whom are lesbian do not look like her.   First of all, that is very untrue, lesbians can be feminine or butch and those of us whom have been out in the world know the reality of it.  Jennifer Carroll's denial of being a lesbian was very offensive in our opinion, because if you are going to deny you are gay, do not ever say black women who do things like that do not look like yourself.  First of all, that's a spirit of pride, because one whom say something like that is putting certain black women down as though they are not good enough to be straight and if they they look hard and butch, they are the only ones lesbians.  We come to tell you, the Devil is a lie, lesbians come in all types, just like gay men.   We will dig a little more into Carroll's alleged statement on this following video clip that allegedly degrades some black women.

Let us assure you, some of the most active lesbians are those whom wear lipstick and dresses.   You don't have to wear a man's tie and suit to look like a lesbian.  The spirit of lesbianism is not necessarily what you wear, the main core of it is within the soul of any woman, whether she be black, white, Latino or Asian.  Does God want us to look and act feminine?  Yes, but all whom do are not straight women. Some of the most practicing lesbian women are those whom are married with children, not just the single ones.   You see, this is why a lot of black women are so bitter against others, simply because they cannot stand hypocrites.  It is not fair to say women whom indulge in homosexuality do not look like a conservative and feminine woman.  That is absolutely incorrect and the fact is, the married lesbians (to men) are the ones, most of the time, whom are down low and only married their spouses to hide who they really are is no different than down low men.  Now, let us deal with what she said about this single black woman who is an ordained minister, Carletha Cole.

First of all, it is a terrible thing that Lt. Governor not only put down some black women who do not look like her, but specifically she mentioned this woman who allegedly caught her in the act of lesbianism is the one that's single for many years.  That statement is very nasty and so untrue.  You can be single or married and involved with the same sex and it does not matter if you bore children.  Again, Jennifer Carroll is making distinctions and stereotypes among black women.  Just because a woman is single or never been married does not mean she is gay.  Carroll stated on this following video, 'I'm the one that's married for 29 years, the accuser is the one who has been single for a very long time.'  Do you see why we have so much division among our sisters?  Her words are unfair and it causes much strife among our sisters of all classes. Let us remind those married women whom make such a statement that many black women are single, because they choose to be, not because they are gay. There is a high percentage of single black women today, more than ever.  If you have an educated black woman whom makes such statements like this in the media, then we will always have division among us.  Therefore, Carroll's remarks were very offensive.  This ordained minister, Carletha Cole also passed a polygraph test, but in the state of Florida it cannot be used in court as evidence.

Sisters, we once heard of an actual story of a married couple whom were landlords over an apartment building.  She and her husband gave this lesbian couple a very hard time.   She discussed their sexuality and said negative things to tenants who lived in the complex and even told one of the lesbians it was wrong to be that way, but she and her husband belong to a Baptist church of a male pastor who was a homosexual and had several boyfriends of different ages. The landlord's husband even would leave out of the house, wearing her fluffy pink slippers while doing chores around the outside grounds of the property, this is a true story and happened in the late 90's.   Let us remind you that God rather us be cold or hot and not lukewarm as what He stated in Revelation 3:16.  He does not like it when some black women whom may be married point the finger at the ones whom are single and insinuate they must be gay or even if it was the other way around.   He would rather you be real and choose which master you are going to serve, God or the Devil.  The Bible also said, everything hidden will come to light.  Therefore Carroll could be just mad, because she got caught in the act, allegedly.   Polygraphs may not be allowed in court in a lot a states, but at least it proves Minister Carletha Cole was telling the truth.

In the meantime, we will pray for Minister Carletha Cole and even Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll and the core of this situation is this, God knows which woman is deceptive.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Brooklyn Mother Who Beat Son With Hammer Tried to also Electrocute and Smother Him: When Black Women Crack Up, They Must Pray

This is an update from our previous article, regarding this Brooklyn mother, Tenika Revell who murdered her son who neighbors called 'Little B.'   The boyfriend of this mother in the above photo claims she is dying of terminal cancer and did not want anyone to care for him when he died.  If that is so true, why did she allegedly go and ask her family to raise him and then when they said no, she turned to a church who also allegedly turned her away?   We do not know if she is telling the truth, because they boyfriend allegedly claims she refused to put her son on the phone, because he was sleeping, when he really was dead.   

Alleged reports confirm that Tenika Revell tried to smother her own son with a bag, then electrocute him.   This is insane and does not seem like the actions of a person in their right mind.   This woman was controlled demonic forces.   If she tried to go to the church, we wish she could have asked for prayer for not only healing in her body, but also in her mind.   No sane mother would harm her son and make an excuse that she's dying and does not want anyone to care for him, which is what she allegedly told her boyfriend.   Remember, we told you hell is in the bowels of the earth, so if a person is not controlled by God, then he or she is controlled by the Devil and his demons.   This woman had to reject God too many times before she was turned over into the hands of the enemy to do harm to her innocent 7-year-old boy.  If Tenika really desired for someone to help her, she would have taken her son to the adoption agency, after being rejected by the church and family.  However, this woman is an ex-con and was arrested about 33 times for prostitution and possibly other crimes.   So, how can anyone believe her story?

This news regarding Tenika Revell is very sad, think about all of the stories we are hearing in the 21st century within a society that has hardly any morals and values.  Think about the history of our fore-mothers whom faced discrimination, scrubbed floors and escaped slavery.  Could our fore-mothers ever imagine some black women as they are today, murderers of their own children?  If they are not being killed by their boyfriends and husbands, some of them are being used by satanic forces to take the lives of their own innocent children.   We really think in many cases these black women have cracked up.

Sisters, are you in a state of mind to where you feel driven by an unseen force to commit evil on your child?   If so, we plead with you to seek God.  Surrender your life to Him and allow Jesus to help you.   You must first admit you need God's help.  You see, it made no sense for this mother to claim she was looking for someone to raise her son while claiming to be ill.   Tenika Revell did not need anyone to raise him, if she would have sought God to heal her soul and mind.   This is what we are saying to you right now, when you feel confused, telling people different stories as though you care about your child, but deep within you want to kill him or her, you need Jesus and you need Him to come into your life, real quick.    We certainly encourage you to seek professional help at a psychiatric ward, but while doing so, call on God to deliver you, because if you have a similar spirit to this woman who killed her son, you need salvation.   Do you want to be saved?   Do you desire for God to come into your life and set you free from the demon of murder?  If you are physically sick, Jesus can also heal you, but it is according to your faith and after you have accepted God first into your life.   If this is you, please go straight to our Salvation page, nobody has to know who you are and you do not have to be ashamed when you go to Christ.   Jesus will accept you, just as you are.

May Bernard, 'Little B' rest in peace.  In the meantime, we pray for Tenika Revell to fully surrender her life to Jesus Christ and repent before it is everlasting too late.

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Two Texas women killed while changing tire, 16-year-old driver ran them over: Black Women, please wait for roadside assistance

Now, we are not placing the blame on these two black women, when we forewarn you to wait for roadside assistance, we clearly understand there are crazy drivers of all ages whom have no regard for humanity or they are just not good drivers.  Sisters, look at these cousins in the above photos, Shun Jones, 48, in the left picture and Omo-Iyamu, 38 in the right one had no idea that would be their last birthday trip together.   They both were young and died before their time.  Even if your children do not know how to change a tire, it is always best for you to be safe and be patient as you wait for roadside assistance to change your tire for you.  Sometimes, some of us black women can be so stubborn and won't listen to nobody.  You may say, 'oh I've done it before, I've done it a dozen times and everything was alright,' but ladies, you do not know when it maybe your last time.   So please take heed from this story and do not change your own tires, look under the hood, underneath your car, or even in your trunk for no reason.   Think about your life and be safe and smart.

It is time for we as black women to be willing to be careful when driving across country or even within the same city or town we live in.  When you took your driver's lesson, do you recall your driver telling you to always drive for other careless drivers?   In this case of Shun Jones and her cousin Omo-Iyamu, they both had no choice, because you can remember to drive for other drivers while driving on the road.  For instance, when a car is coming over without a signal, you do not just keep driving and blurt out, 'they better watch it, they know they see me,' no, you go slowly, do the right thing and let them over.   In this case, these two women were not driving, they both were simply changing a tire on the side of the road and they could not think for this inexperienced driver.  Instead, he took their lives and they both were flown from the vehicle.  There was nothing Shun's son could do as he stood in shock watching the entire scene.

Sisters, we would not always forewarn you about this fatal tragedies, if we did not care about you, but we plead with you to be wise.  Use the sense God gave you and please call roadside assistance.  However, we are not saying these two deceased cousins were not intelligent, it just seems as they made the wrong choice to do it themselves without thinking about what could happen.

Michel Martin, a 37-year-old relative of the careless 16-year-old driver,  lied to police officers and claimed he was driving during the fatal accident, when in fact, Tristan Martin vanished from the scene.  Tristan Martin was not even old enough to drive the tractor trailer, they law requires the driver to be at least 18-years-old.  The older Martin was selfish in our opinion and cared more about his teen relative and not the two black women whom died.  This is why we as black women must care about our safety, if nobody else does.

May Shun Jones and Omo-Iyamu rest in peace. We hate it that their tragic story had to be a lesson for other black women to take heed.

If you are not saved and you do not know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, we want to invite you to go straight to our Salvation page and accept Him as the ruler of your life.  You don't know when it will be your last chance.  Take heed dear sisters, before it is everlasting too late.  God bless you.

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Two women on birthday road trip killed as they changed tyre when truck driven by 16-year-old ran them over


Two cousins were killed on a birthday road trip when they got out of their car to change a tyre - and were hit by a truck-tractor being driven by a 16-year-old. The women, from Texas, had pulled over to the side of Interstate 70 in Limon, Colorado, and were fixing the flat tyre on their 2007 Pontiac Vibe when the vehicle ran them over, according to police. The two women have been...Read full article, here.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ethelda Burke, Tukwila School District Superintendent, Resigns: Black Women Aren't You tired of this ancient issue?

Ethelda Burke, a former superintendent for Tukwila School District has resigned.   If you are a regular reader of, you will recall a previous article we did about several African Americans complaining about her racist remarks.   This is nothing new, ignorant black people have always offended their own race making racial remarks as though they are not black. 

One of our journalists of AT2W, told us about a personal experience that occurred in an alleged racist town, Stockton California.   As we have told you before, many blacks whom live in California seem to be very weak and will not offend one when they see they are facing racial discrimination.   Instead, they rise up against them andif they defend themselves they label them as militant to their face. This is not just an issue in Stockton, but other similar actual situations have happened in Sacramento (not far from Stockton), Los Angeles and even in Oakland, California.   Anyway, one day this woman was sitting on a lawn in a Stockton city park and a black guy walked past with his white girlfriend and blurted out with a glare of hate, 'she is so dark,' and he was just as dark or even darker.  This ignorance just did not happen in Tacoma Washington with Ethelda Burke discriminating against her own kind, it has happened around the country for many years, every since we were children.   When you were a child, many of you, probably remember discrimination on the playground, black children did not play with you, because you had dark skin and they're skin was just as dark as yours or darker.   Then, you had to grow up and face that same racism, but from white people whom disliked you because you are black.  Let us a assure you, the Devil has not only used white supremacists to harass us as black women, but he also has used our very own race to oppress us and make us feel inferior.

Sisters, we are indeed in a spiritual warfare and as you can see, racism has not ceased among us, but it remains, simply because of ignorant people like Ethelda Burke.   Black women, black men and black kids carry that demon of racism against their own kind throughout their lifetime, in this case, Ethelda is in her 60's, which is very sad at her age, she caused others whom looked like herself to feel inferior.  It is such a shame, she oppressed these grown people with prejudice, harsh words, they probably already dealt with when they were younger. Elthelda Burke's actions were very immature, although she is in her 60's.  If you noticed, she just did not humiliate dark skinned African Americans, but she also humiliated light skinned black men and black women.  So this is a demonic cycle, Satan created for all those whom are not children of God to be a part of.  This sort of foolishness causes many of us to divide and this is why there is no unity among our race of people.   Blacks are yet killing each other, not just with a gun or a knife, but with words.   Don't you think it is time, we all recognize God created us much stronger than these sort of cruel people?  He wants us to separate from such ignorant people, forgive and pray for them, but have nothing to do with them, because they are unknowingly a part of Satan's plan to make us hate ourselves and if you hang around that sort of ignorance long enough, you will become just like them.  He also wants us to accept the scripture in Ephesians 6:12 that says,  'For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.'  Ethelda Burke is nothing but flesh and blood, just like white supremacists whom have played games to divide us since slavery, putting light skin slaves in the big house and dark skin slaves in the fields.   Burke's assignment to oppress us was to speak evil words to add to what began in our American history during the era of slavery.

As black women, God wants us to focus on Him, although we realize some black people will never change.  They will go through life accepting Satan's assignment to help white supremacists make us feel inferior.   If this is you, you have brought down your race because of a skin shade, you need to repent and ask God to save you.  You make think you are already saved, but you're not saved if you speak words to hurt people.   You are the very black person whom will quickly complain if a white person discriminates against you because you are black, but you can't stand your own kind.   Repent, thus saith the Lord, you are under an ancient curse.   Satan has controlled you to cause oppression within the race of African Americans.  If you are not saved, you have a chance to be, so we invite you to go straight to our Salvation page and ask God to come into your life.  Do not continue to be a worker for the Devil like Burke's, but choose to serve God.   The Bible says in Joshua 24:15, 'Choose ye this day whom you will serve.'  You cannot serve the Lord and be a worker the Devil.

Maybe you are not like Ethelda Burke, but you feel like God does not love you, because your own race has brought you down so low, along with white supremacists.  You are bitter and think God did not make you beautiful.  You need God to help you change your thoughts. Once you accept Jesus Christ into your life, He will make you realize how beautiful you are.   Please go straight to our Salvation page now, if you want God to save you.

Ethelda Burke, Tukwila School District Superintendent, Resigns From Post Amid Investigation Into Racial Discrimination Complaints

Longtime Washington school administrator Ethelda Burke has resigned from her post as Tukwila School District Superintendent due to an ongoing investigation into race discrimination complaints against her, the News Tribune reports.

Nine district employees have alleged that 66-year-old Burke made racially...Read full article, here. 


Friday, July 13, 2012

Three African-American former managers sue Wet Seal for alleged racial discrimination: Why does society continue to hate black women?

This is very sad, in the 21st century we are yet facing racial discrimination.  Here are two of the three black women who are suing Wet Seal, Inc. for favoring their white employees over them, Nicole Cogdell (left) and Myriam Saint-Hilaire (right).   As usual, this is another company denying racism and claiming they promote diversity in their campaigns, but that has nothing to do with what goes on in the stores and they certainly cannot claim they are always fair in their promotions.   Many of these white owned corporations most of the time make sure they get one black person to make it look as though they are not racist.  If you look at their below advertisement, there is a token (one black), we have seen this mess since the 20th century, nothing's changed.

One of the very reasons why we as black women are yet dealing with racial discrimination, is simply because the majority of the race has sold out.  For example, you can clearly see it, every time you see only one black.  Many African Americans have always thought they were fortunate to be the only black person, whether they worked various jobs, as models or even in movies.  Being a token, the only black chosen for a position has been the greatest enemy against us all.   Many African Americans never were strong enough to say 'no' to being a token, because maybe they either want to feel special than the rest of the rest or they want the money or both.   Possibly not this black lady in the above campaign, but there should have never ever been any such a thing as one black person filling a spot while all the rest are white people.   This sort of stuff creates trouble for other black people, in this case, black women.   Many black women may not think it is relevant, but it hurts when only one is used to show as though the company of any other organization is not racist.   Wet Seal is allegedly using the same ancient response of white people whom do not want to admit racial discrimination, using tokens.

There has been a responsibility for all black women to not only unite, but refuse to be the only one, unless another one is chosen for a campaign.   So as you can see, this company is very slick, they try to show this one black woman shown in their campaign among the three other white women, but allegedly have mistreated three black women in their store.  We can never get enough support from other black women to say, enough is enough.  Instead, many times, when we face these racist situations, we face it by ourselves.   This is why we are very surprised there are three black women sticking together to file this lawsuit against this company, because unity and support has been very absent among our race of women.

Ladies, let us assure you diversity has never helped us, it has only covered up the dirt of white supremacists, in most cases.   This is what we were trying to show you in our previous article, involving the California professor, Professor Marilyn Joshua Williams who has filed a lawsuit against CSUN (California State University of Northridge).  Although, California has a lot of diversity and bi-racial couples, whenever there is racial discrimination, many African Americans take sides against their own race on jobs and in some of the colleges.  A few of our journalists have seen and experienced it while living there.  Naturally, many African Americans are born to be slaves to white supremacists, although they witness the hurt of their to their own kind.  Many African Americans fell for the trick in California and other states to act as though all races are treated equally in the midst of diversity while watching their own race endure severe racism.   They accepted to act as though they are so united with other races, but when they witness such an ancient demon of racism, they remain quiet and so the ancient strategic game to use one person to cover up their dirt continues in the 21st century.

This is nothing new and what this company Wet Seal is doing is a game that has worked most of the time.  Hopefully, because there are three strong black women sticking together to testify against them, it won't work this time.

It does not surprise us that this company, Wet Seal is based in Foothill Ranch, California.

Three African-American former managers sue Wet Seal for favouring 'blonde hair and blue-eyed' workers

By Olivia Fleming
 Wet Seal Inc, a nationwide retailer selling apparel and accessories for young women, is being sued by three former employees accusing it of discriminating against black store managers, because they did not fit its 'brand image'.

A senior vice president of store operations allegedly emailed subordinates in March 2009 after visiting 20 stores in the Philadelphia area and Maryland, writing: 'Store teams - need diversity/African American dominate - huge issue.'

One plaintiff, Nicole Cogdell, claims she was fired from her job the day the email was sent...Read full article, here.

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