Saturday, June 30, 2012

Houston Woman Creates Successful Business for Natural Hair Trend

We would like for you to see how popular natural hair has become among black women.  These black women are learning that it is time to be natural, who God created them to be without shame.   It is so beautiful to see these black women showing themselves natural without chemically straight hair.  They have learned the secret of being beautiful and that is simply being natural.

  As black women we need to watch more inspiring mentors like the creator of Uncle Funky's Daughter.  Tanya Reed created a product for black women whom enjoying natural hair with no regrets and she has made a fortune doing it.   After being laid off from her job, she has been blessed to become a successful entrepreneur who is not just known in Houston, but all over the world.

More and more black women are joining the trend of wearing natural hair, not just because it is growing more popular, but because being natural is good for your hair and also for your self-esteem. 

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Businesses booming from natural hair trend

 By Tom Zizka, Business Reporter 


Whether you call it a trend or a new reality, the amount of African Americans turning toward a more natural look, for their hair, is on the rise.   

While there are those who choose to chemically straighten their hair...Read full article, here.

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Heaven Sutton, 7, Shot and Killed in Chicago: How Black Women Can Protect Their Children From Being Victims of Gunfire

It must hurt for Heaven Sutton's mother, Ashake Banks to go on with life without her.  About a month ago, Heaven had just asked her mother, if they could move away from all of the gang violence and her response was they were about to move.   Unfortunately, it was too late for Heaven and now her mother is marching in the streets, regarding her death.   This should let you know how bad things are specifically, in Chicago.  When a young child is afraid for her life and wants so bad to get away, that says a lot about a city.  Now, certain people whom are not in the midst of such violence want to say Chicago is a beautiful place to live, but not for Heaven Sutton or any other child who died in the midst of gunfire.

Sisters, our hearts go out to all of you who has lost a child, because of gang violence or any other sort of crime in your neighborhood.   It is too bad many African Americans do not care enough about each other in the 21st century to put an end to using guns for any reason or even selling drugs.   This poor little girl Heaven maybe in a better place, but she died before her time.   We would like to give black women a solution to help protect their children from being victims of gunfire.   So many times, we are criticized by some whites for specifically reaching out to our own kind, but God has assigned us to help those whom do not know Him and to also help put an end to crime within the black community.

As we have told you before, the root of the problem with crime and gang violence in the black community all over America is, the absence of Jesus Christ in many lives of black families.   We are not insinuating that this mother, Ashake Banks nor her deceased little girl did not know Christ, but we are referring to those whom commit crimes.   We cannot continue to live around epeople whom refuse to accept God in their lives, because many times, their rebellion causes various sorts of demons to control them and then, they end up harming other people.   We ought to be very tired of people trying to convince us that we must unite with our own race in general, because the only way unity will work is for lost souls to yield to the throne of God.   The fact that African Americans were the only race enslaved in America and now many refuse to change their ways reveals this is simply a spiritual problem.   However, if they never accept Jesus Christ and believe He is their only solution, we as black women must be very wise and pray for them, but escape from such oppression that is not only taking the lives of innocent grown-ups, but our youth.

We love our dear sisters so much, we have got to tell you the truth and the truth is, as soon as your child speaks up and request to move away from an evil environment, you must find some way to escape.   We are not blaming Banks, we are just speaking to the rest of you mothers whom are now hearing their children pleading to cease their dangerous neighborhood.  It would be a good idea for you to take heed and listen to your child's plea, because God speaks through children.   If your child says he or she wants to get away from where you live, then find a way to urgently do it, before it is too late, because God will make a way for it to happen.   

As born again believers, we encourage you make sure your soul belongs to God.  Give your soul to Jesus Christ and then pray and ask Him to guide you how to make enough money to cease your dangerous environment.   It may not be easy at first, but you must trust and believe, He will make a way.   Then, you must stay in the Word.   Let your children know you are now a born again Christian and they too must accept Jesus Christ into their lives. Teach them how to pray and read their Bibles and you should pray and read with them on a daily basis.  When you pray, make sure you ask for God's protection and for His angels to surround you and your family.   Do you believe in angels?   Angels are very real and some saints of God have seen and spoke to them.   However, you may not believe in God and this is why it is so hard for you to believe that angels actually exist.  Therefore, you must believe in God first, before you can believe in angels.  A lot of times, when we live in an oppressed environment as black women, it is so very hard to acknowledge God's presence.  If there is gang violence and murder around the clock, it is very hard to believe that God is real, but sisters, let us assure you, God is very real, but you have to look beyond where you live and acknowledge His existence.   Do not look at racial issues as the problem for the foolishness that yet goes on within the black community, the blame is within any man, woman or child whom refuses to serve God.   The same Devil that has controlled racism for many years is the same Devil that has controlled extreme hatred within the black community, so it is time for you to realize that fact.  Once you realize that fact, you will acknowledge the circumstances we face as black women has to do with evil and not color, then you will open the door for God to come into your life and guide you away from such a demonic atmosphere.

We pray for Ashake Banks and ask God to keep her strong during this difficult time in her life.   May Heaven Sutton rest in peace with Jesus Christ.

 If you are not saved and would like very much to get to know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, we invite you to go to our Salvation page and invite Him into your life.  We love you so much through Jesus Christ and encourage you to remain strong in Him.   God bless you all.

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McCarthy Expects Arrest Soon In Murder Of 7-Year-Old Girl

CHICAGO (CBS) — Police Supt. Garry McCarthy said police have very good leads in the shooting death of a 7-year-old girl overnight, and he expects an arrest soon.

Heaven Sutton, 7, wanted to move because she was scared of shootings around her North Austin neighborhood home. Now, police are searching for two men who opened fire at a group of people Wednesday night, and took Heaven’s life.

Asked if he could say what he knows about the investigation on Thursday, McCarthy said, “The answer to your question, technically, is no. I can’t tell you what I know. What I can tell you is this: We have incredibly strong...Read full article, here.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Update: Dr. Andrew Chung admits he spoke with starved teen's mom, Ebony Berry

This is an update, regarding the Georgia mother, Ebony Berry who starved her daughter to death.   Now, we have discovered she was following the instruction of an Atlanta graduate of Emory University, Dr. Andrew Chung.  Dr. Chung is a licensed cardiologist who admits he knew Ebony, but not her deceased child, Markea Blakely-Berry.   He claims he did not teach starvation, although he wrote a book called, 'Be Hungry', which seems really twisted to us.  Another strange tale, he allegedly claims, Ebony Berry did not properly follow his instruction, although he admitted to telling her being hungry is wonderful, according to our source.   His philosophy teaches people to eat no more than 2 pounds of food per day. Although, Berry is being charged with murder, Dr. Chung is now under investigation for being the possible cause of the child's death.

Ebony Berry is originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan.  She had already been charged with child abuse about a dozen times there, allegedly Berry was accused of soaking her young son in freezing water and then, her beating her child, Markea with the high heel of a shoe.  After the last complaint she moved to Georgia with her children.   Her family spoke about the alleged complaints on this following video.

Before you watch this following news clip, involving the case of Ebony starving her disabled daughter to death, we want to encourage all of our dear sisters to love your children.  Do not place them in freezing or scalding hot water and do not even beat them.   Your children are a part of you and God gave you such a wonderful blessing every time you bore each one of them.  We also would like to encourage you to not seek advice from anyone whom teaches philosophies that would harm yourself or your children.   Starvation is never the solution for dieting in our opinion.   God created natural food and He would rather you eat enough fruits and vegetables, instead of eating a limit amount of food, which may eventually kill you.

May this beautiful black queen, Markea Blakley Berry forever rest in the loving arms of Jesus Christ. God bless her soul.

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'Hungry' doctor knew starved teen's mom

Police: Markea Blakely-Berry was starved to death

By Leon Hendrix

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) - Family members of a Grand Rapids teen who starved to death in the Atlanta area over the weekend are concerned that the teachings of a Georgia cardiologist may have played a role in her mother's decision to starve her to death.

Markea Blakely-Berry died at her home in Cobb County, Georgia over the weekend. Investigators have arrested her mother Ebony Berry, 38, and charged her...Read full article, here.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Woman allegedly tries to sell baby on Craigslist: Black Women Learn To Place Your Child Up for Adoption For Someone to Love Your Baby

Remember this, no recession or having a lack of income could ever be a reason for giving up a child you carried for 9 months, then endured painful labor.   We do not think all of our sisters would do a thing like this, but if we are not hearing about mothers abusing and killing their children, then they are giving them away, most of the time.   We as black women of all ages should ask God to anoint how we think.   If you have children, ask yourself, 'would I want my mother to give me away on Craigslist or any other way?'   This Dallas woman, Britany Hill was trying to sell her  four-month-old child for $6,500.  We do not care if it was for a million or one billion dollars, it is extremely wrong to sell your baby and it is against the law.

You could be a mother on crack and you cannot afford to supplement your crack habit or you possibly cannot afford to survive and take care of your children, but it is not your child's fault, because you are the adult. When God blesses you to have a child, you should have enough money to take care of him or her.  When we watched this following video, we could not understand why if Britany wanted to give her child away, she just did not think about taking her baby to an adoption agency.   There are too many black women hurting their children, all sorts of ways and it is not fair when they suffer and sometimes die, all because of lack of consideration from their mothers or fathers. Children are God's gift to the world and they do not deserved to be neglected, rejected or even abused by their own mothers or anyone else.

We just want to spread the word to all of you black women whom are having unprotected sex, if you are not ready to have children, then make a wise decision and become celibate, meaning do not have intercourse until you are married.   One of the main reasons why we have so many problems dealing specifically with black women whom bore children and then abuse them, is simply because they do not prepare themselves to give birth.   In order to give birth properly, a woman must evaluate if she is in the right position in her life to bore children.  It is not a good thing to just have sex because it feels good, but it is so much better to have intercourse with a man you fall in love with, after marriage.   These are the sort of principles we as saved women must talk about when we witness to our sisters.   Let them know, it is so very important to first give their lives over to Jesus Christ, but after doing so, they must learn how not to have sex before marriage.  If they are not born again Christians, then the least they could do is to make sure they do not give birth.  Many children suffer because of their mother's personal struggles, because their births were not planned while in matrimony.   As black women, we must first love God, then make a wise decision to serve Him and obey His commandments.  Then, if we wait on God for the right man, then children will not have to suffer and you will not even think about selling your own child for money.   Salvation is the key to making the right decisions in your life and it will also make a better life for your children you bring into the world.  

Are you having a difficult time raising your children?   Did you bore your children without waiting on God?   If you answered yes to both questions, then you must make a decision if you want God to come into your life and help you make better decisions.   You need God to help you and you cannot do it alone.   Maybe you did not wait on God and the children are here, but you are a single mother and you can hardly take care of yourself.   If this is the case, please think about giving your life to Jesus Christ.  After you give your life to Jesus Christ, then pray on a daily basis and ask Him to guide you on how to take care of your children.  Trust God to help you make the right decisions in your life.   However, you may not do everything right, after accepting Jesus Christ, but realize you are only human and you will make mistakes.  Your walk with Christ is a process.   However, when you have Jesus Christ in your life, you will learn how to love your children and you will not ever think it is okay to harm or give them away to strangers.  Please go to our Salvation page and accept Jesus in your life, right now.  God bless you dear sisters.

Police name woman in alleged baby-selling scheme  

DALLAS — There is new information in the case of a woman accused of trying to sell her baby boy.

The classified ad posted online several weeks ago offered a four-month-old child for $6,500. Police have identified...Read full article, here.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Why are a lot of black women raising gays sons?

One of the main reasons why a lot of black women have been raising gay sons for many years, is simply because some of them are infatuated with having gay men as their close friends.   During the era of the 1970's until now, we did a study and noticed many women having a mutual spiritual connection with gay men in their households, even the married ones. Although, many of them claimed they did not agree with homosexuality, they spent much of their time with gay black men.  For many years, some black women have enjoyed the company of gay men, whether if it were making friends with them, dating them or even enjoying their effeminate family members.  The spirits of these specific black women are not uplifted unless they are in the presence of gay men whom are snapping their fingers, shaking their hips and cracking jokes.   This spiritual imbalance has ruined the minds of many young black boys whom grow up in that sort of environment, because they are hardly in the presence of masculine men.  Therefore, these mothers could be responsible for their sons growing up feeling as though they are gay.

Now, as we look around today, it seems as though we are living on a strange land.  Now that we have a black (bi-racial) president who supports gay marriage, it seems as though many African Americans, both men and women have rushed to join his agenda and for many black women whom have been seeking a good black man, it seems like there is no chance.   However, you must think about the root of this spiritual problem, the Devil began long ago using some black mothers whom did not feel complete unless they were in the presence of gay and effeminate black men.   We can describe the spirits of these specific types of black women and they may not be very kind to their own daughters.  These are the type of women whom they may call, 'fag-hags', the ones whom avoid having female friends, but prefer to have gay male friends and mostly support their interests and even desire to have them as their boyfriends.   They do not support the emotional pain of women and will resent her if she speaks up against a gay man whom may offend her, which has weakened and divided the race of black women over the years. They will bring another black woman down to make a gay black man happy, even if it that black woman's brother.   Back in the 1980's and 90's, we can recall these sort of women complaining on previous televised talk shows about catching their husband in bed with their gay friend and acted as they did not understand how an affair could have ever happened between the two of them.  This spiritual warfare, regarding the division between black men yearning homosexuality, instead of only being married to his wife began long before President Obama announced his support for gay agenda.   Also, we did another study and noticed these type of women hate lesbians but love and adore gay men, which is possibly because they are down low women or have obscure lustful desires to try homosexuality themselves.  Because of these particular black women, we began to see young black boys growing up, infatuated to be around their mother's gay male friends and even gay effeminate relatives.   Then, eventually, their sons came out of the closet as bold and very sassy gay men.   These certain black women formed the minds and spirits of their sons when they were very young.  They yearned to be in the environment of effeminate spirits of the gay men they idolized in adored in their lives and so their sons had that same desire.  To be honest this sort of demonic spirit that has used these huge circle of black women has also used some white women whom have raised their sons in that same sort of homosexual environment, simply because they too, yearn to be entertained by the alleged demon of effeminacy.  However, we will remain on this problematic issue that has destroyed the masculinity of black men who should have never became a homosexual.   

Many times, single black mothers have sought the help of gay men to raise their sons.   There have been actual cases that involved down low gay pastors and flamboyant choir directors whom were mentors to young boys and eventually, they molested them.   Some of these mothers seemed as though they were desperate for a man to give their fatherless sons advice, when really the man may have been down low and even claimed to hate homosexuality.  This is what allegedly happened in the case of Bishop Eddie Long, the victims claimed they did not have their fathers around and so Long was like a father-figure.   Sadly, there are so many other cases like the previous sex scandal involving Bishop Eddie Long and his alleged victims.   Many black gay men grow up and admit how they were molested, but very few will admit their mother was to blame for trusting them in the accompany of grown men whom were possibly down low or even out of the closet as homosexuals.

When we look around in our universe, we ought not to hear and see so many gay black men of all ages, but if we can identify the root of the problem and change it, then it will die.  This is a demonic spirit and in the Bible it just does not say that God opposes homosexuality, but it also mentioned God does not even want us to be infatuated with homosexuality.  In 1 Tim 1:10, it says: 'For whoremongers, for them that defile themselves with mankind (sodomites), for menstealers, for liars, for perjured persons, and if there be any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine.'
Now, we can understand why He told us not to do so, simply because if your sons or daughters are growing up around what their mothers enjoy, then those same spirits will entice them to follow.  Because we are souls, we have to be careful whom we allow around us and even our children.   Therefore, much of the responsibility came from what parents allowed in their presence, whether the alleged demonic spirit came into the house or they were enticed by it outside of the house, for instance: church, choir rehearsal, beauty salon, fashion show, etc. 

Sisters, this is why it is so very important for us to remain holy, because when we carry our children in our wombs, our unborn babies will become what is inside of our souls and so, it is the same even after they are born.  You have to be extremely careful whom you associate with or you allow to associate with you and your children, especially during a time when so many African Americans (and other races) are coming out of the closet as homosexuals.   Decide if you are going to remain saved and filled with the spirit and remain holy in everything you do.  Let your young sons see you socializing with spirit-filled masculine men and we are not just talking about those that lift weights to build their muscles, because a lot of times, many of them could be down low, but we are talking about the spirit of men.  Let your young sons be in an atmosphere where there are some spirit-filled men whom are masculine with in their souls.  Do not even associate with other black women whom glorify and idolize homosexuality.   Even church women have a very bad habit of choosing wrong friends, so you must continue to pray and ask God to send you some spirit-filled female friends whom avoid homosexuality or any other sin. Shield and protect your spirit from this alleged ancient demon that has not only ruined our sons, but also our daughters.   Create an atmosphere in your household that is completely holy and righteous, even if it means loving your effeminate and butch relatives at a distance.   Pray for them, but protect your family from people dominating the atmosphere around you, your children and the man you love, your fiancee or husband.  

Ladies, you do not have to raise gay sons.   In the 21st century, it is time for black women to remain holy, so their sons and daughters can also be holy and righteous.   God blessed you to be a mother, so you must uphold the complete standard of holiness.   In 1Peter 1:16, it says, 'Because it is written, You will be holy; for I am holy.'  Then in Proverbs 22:6, the Bible says: 'Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.'

If you know you have been mingling with the spirit of homosexuality and it may have caused your sons or daughters to feel they are gay, then you must repent.  If you do not know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, we invite you to go directly to our Salvation page and allow Him into your life.  Maybe you have already accepted Him, but you need guidance on living holy, then we invite you to go directly to our videos page at Sanctified Church Revolution to learn how to be a righteous woman of God.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

HIV for Black Women Doubles in Washington D. C. Since 2008: Black Women Must Fully Surrender to God

Sisters, we are living in an evil time while witnessing many black women being followers of society and believers of man-made opinions, but not obedient to God's Word.   It is time for us to draw near to Jesus Christ and not backslide.   If you notice, this news of HIV doubling in D. C., is an alert for all black women in America, not just there. You would think HIV would have declined by now for most black women, but it seems as though God is trying to get the attention of our sisters.   No matter if they say it is not a disease caused by God's wrath, God still allowing it for some reason and it is time to wake up and seek Him.  Satan created the disease just like any other sickness, but God allows illness to get the attention of humanity.  Therefore, because this disease seems to be attacking more black women than anyone else, you must seek God and live for Him, only on His terms. 

You may wonder why God is allowing black women to catch it more than any race and the rate is allegedly much higher than black men?  It is simply because many black women are chosen by God for righteousness, but many of them refuse to completely surrender their souls to God.  Instead, they choose to follow the wicked ways of our society.  For example, if the majority of society is saying it is okay to be gay, then we have began to see an increase of lesbian couples marrying and following what they see other black women do and they think it is the right thing to do since a lot of black men are not attracted to them.   Another example, if the majority of society is saying it is okay for black women to have babies out of wedlock, many of them have chosen to have babies and make the excuse that they cannot find a husband, so they may sleep with a married man or any man, available.   Another example, if some black women are agreeing with Monique and Sidney, Will and Jada to allow open marriage and even are condoning open relationships and swinging with all sorts of couples in their own lives, then some of them excuse their behavior with the belief, it is a good way to keep a man.  Ladies, if you are guilty, you are going to have to start changing the way you think and began making decisions strictly based on God's Word, not based on liberal society that condones sin as being right.   We are not saying all black women have been guilty of this, but many of them reveal they have agreed with sin in their lives when we listen to them talk on radio or televised talk shows.  Today's American society seems to be swaying away from righteousness and this is a big sign, God does not want black women to be a part of it.  Just because we have a black (bi-racial) president whom agrees with gay marriage, you do not have to agree with it, because it has been so difficult to find a a good-looking black man to love you or even treat you right like other races of women.   The more we hear of HIV statistics doubling up on our sisters in D. C. or any where else, it should let you know, none of us should risk losing our souls to be followers of what is sinfully popular in our society.
Sisters, Satan has a plan to take us all out, it is time to get serious with God.  Yes, this news about HIV being the highest for African American women  always have been scary, but there is a spiritual answer to the problem.  God expects black women to no longer be controlled by lust.   You may think, 'well other people are doing it...white women are doing it..., but we are not them, we are chosen by God and He designed us to be different, to be holy and strictly follow His Word, not the evil ways within this society.  It maybe very difficult to find a good black man and maybe you do not want to date outside of your race, because you are not attracted to them, that is very understandable; however, on God's terms you do not have the right to sleep around and have unprotected sex neither do you have a right to date the same sex.  The only choice you have is to be pure and holy and wait on God for the right man whom is holy and righteous to come into your life.   Do not commit fornication and have unprotected sex, just because you have been wanting to bore children or finally settle down with a husband.   For whatever reason you maybe having unprotected sex, whether it be with a man or woman, God is not pleased with sin.  

Now, we acknowledge there are cases that involves black women whom are HIV positive, because they caught it from their cheating husband, they were not committing fornication or sleeping with multiple partners.  You are yet supposed to live for God and have faith to live.   Possibly, your children caught the disease when they were born, because their father, your husband infected you with the virus.  God still loves you and can work a miracle in your life, but you must also remain distant from this sinful society and give your life to Jesus Christ.   If you feel you have received a death sentence when the doctor informed you and you think God may not love you, simply because you feel you have been living a righteous life as a wife, it does not mean God does not love you.  Many times, God may allow you to endure such trials, simply because He wants you to trust Him and then win many lost souls whom may also be infected with the virus into His Kingdom. These lost souls may have given up on their lives and just waiting to die and God is just allowing you to trust Him for healing to give them a testimony.  Furthermore, you are not responsible for your husband's promiscuous behavior, but you must forgive Him, pray and ask God to lead and guide you, during your possible separation.

HIV/AIDS is very real, but God is still real and has all power over your life.   He even has the power to heal you, but you must believe and accept Him into your life.  No matter how you were infected with the disease, God is waiting for you to pray and humble yourself before the almighty throne of God.   God's Kingdom is open for you to receive Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but you must agree to no longer follow the evil ways of our society and only submit to His will and His way.   Just because a lot black people may have opposed the Word of God by committing fornication or homosexuality, you do not have to agree with it.   Therefore, you must now make a decision to serve the Lord Jesus Christ before it is everlasting too late.   Like we mentioned before, you may have done nothing wrong to be infected with HIV, but your cheating husband gave it to you and your children, God still wants you to repent for anything else in your life and fully surrender your soul to Him.   If this is you, please go to our salvation page and give your soul to Jesus Christ and allow Him to abide in of you on a daily basis.  God bless.

HIV crisis hitting women in Washington DC; Infection rate among poor African-American women has doubled since 2008

There’s a female health crisis brewing in our nation’s capital.

The HIV infection rate among poor African-American women in Washington DC has doubled, from 6.3% in 2008 to 12.1%, according the city's Department of Health data.

While the stunning jump in numbers is likely attibutable to wider testing in DC’s most needy neighborhoods, HIV rates in heterosexual black women, a high-risk group...Read full article, here.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Black Women Please Don't Do This: How Could Kenisha Pruitt Allegedly Freeze Her Baby To Death?

What has become of a lot of black women whom murder their babies and children all sorts of ways?  This case involving this mother, Kenisha Pruitt and father, Antonio Cervantes (Latino) who allegedly froze their baby to death makes us wonder why certain cruel mothers or fathers do not just consider adoption.   There are too many women whom have not been blessed to bore children to result to such evil.  Yes, we see that this young black women is very young, but the saying is true, if you were old enough to conceive the child, then you are old enough to take responsibility for raising the child, if not, then it is so easy to put the baby up for adoption, not result to murder.

It is bad enough, we heard of previous cases that involved black mothers whom left their babies in the garbage or even in a suitcase on the street, some were found alive and some dead.   We must put an end to this cruelty that occurs in the hearts of alleged wicked black women.   Children have no choice to be born, why take their life away, instead of giving the gift of life to someone whom can raise the child and give him or her love as they grow up to be healthy people?   Yes, this baby's soul is now with the Lord, but think about how God feels about these sort of situations, it definitely hurts Him.  You know if it hurts for Him to know women get abortions, it must also hurt him that they conceive, then kill their babies after they are born, it is all murder.

Black women, the choices you make in life are very important to God, it does not matter what age you are.  If you feel you are too young or just cannot take care of the child, you must be wise and turn to God.   To freeze a baby to death or even murder the child is never an option, but you must seek God and ask Him to help you love the child He gave you.   It does not matter if your boyfriend or husband tells you to murder the child, you must love the baby God gave to you, so much to give him or her a chance to enjoy life.   For example, if your boyfriend told you to kill your child, you have to admit he does not love you, right?   Even if he decided to kill your child, whether he helped you to conceive the baby or not, he still does not love you.  Therefore, you must recognize real love through Jesus Christ, which brings us to this point.   If you do not know, Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and want to Him to be in your life, you must go directly to our Salvation page.   There, you will be guided how to accept Jesus Christ into your life.   God bless you, dear sisters and please continue living for Jesus Christ.

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Kenisha Pruitt's, Antonio Cervantes' Baby Found Strangled In Freezer

TOLEDO, Ohio -- An Ohio coroner says a newborn found dead in an apartment freezer had been strangled and dunked in water.

The ruling released Tuesday also says a man and woman charged in the infant's death were the mother and father of the child.

A landlord found the baby boy's body in April while cleaning out a rental property in...Read full article, here.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Black Women Please Don't Abandon Your Children: Nude Mom ate ice cream at drug store after leaving children alone in wrecked car

Sisters, we cannot understand why this 34-year-old Mom, Stephanie Dilliard could leave her three young children in a wreck while she goes and eat ice cream at a drug store.   This news is embarrassing to the entire race of black women, except for those of us whom are children of God.  We are not a part of a race of women whom would neglect their children.   What sort of mother would leave her children in a wrecked car, in the midst of a busy intersection and then strip off her clothes in a drug store while eating ice cream?   This should show you how so many black women are either cracking up or are on crack.   We must be on a mission to lead these lost souls to Jesus Christ, so innocent children will no longer be neglected, rejected and abused.

There used to be a time when black women would love their children so much, they would not leave them alone for any reason, especially in a car wreck.  Back in the previous years of the 20th century, mothers within the black community would even watch out for other children whom were not their own.   They took care of their neighbor's kids like their own children and it was not any conflict if they would discipline or correct them, but these days many black women will neglect their children and do not want any other mother within the community to care for them.   In the 20th century, black mothers were more in unity and their children became close friends.  Most definitely, it was a different era, but we need to return back to those days, because we are living in a time when a mother will go buy ice cream, strip naked and then allegedly fight with police on their arrival in the store, which gives us a clear message that we are in trouble.   However, returning back to more love among us and teaching our children to do the same thing is going to take a lot of witnessing within our neighborhoods.   It is not enough to just invite unsaved black women to church, but those of us who are born again Christians must approach them with love, give them a tract and a New Testament Bible and tell them about the love of Jesus Christ.   If they do not know Jesus Christ loves them, then how will they love themselves and show love to their children?   In this case, we can assume Stephanie Dilliard does not even care about herself, because if she did, she would not allowed strangers to see her naked body.  We need to let these lost souls know Jesus not only loves them, but we must encourage and show them how to love and respect themselves.   Ladies, let us go back to morals and values based on God's Word, then uncaring mothers like Stephanie Dilliard can see the light of Jesus Christ.   They need to admire a change among black women, in order to change their careless ways.

What Stephanie Dilliard did what uncalled for, but we are living in a very evil day.  People of all races have turned against God and no telling what we may hear about in the media.   We must speak out against indecent exposure, child abuse, child neglect and drug use, but include biblical principles when doing so.    If we do not include biblical scriptures, then we will never see a change that will spiritually empower black women.  God must always be the center of our discussion when witnessing or ministering to lost souls.  For this reason, only Jesus Christ can save lost souls, we cannot do it.  He only wants us to reach the lost for Him and He will save them, if they accept Him.

Dear sisters, if you are unsaved, do not love and respect yourself, you need Jesus Christ to come into your life.  If you do not love and respect yourself, you will never love and respect your children.  Will you allow God to lead and guide you?   You may not see Him, but you can sure feel Him.   You must be willing to turn your back on sin, if you desire for your children to grow up to love and respect you as their mother.   Allow God into your life, no matter who you are or where you live.   Maybe you live in the projects and cannot do any better?  Possibly, you have been on welfare and cannot find a job to support yourself and your children?  Possibly, you got fired, because you did not want to be mistreated on the job and cannot find work, so you began robbing stores and snatching things that did not belong to you?  God wants to change your life, it does not matter if you are 26 or 56, you are never to old or too young to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.   Allow Jesus to come into your life and save you from doing things that are not pleasing in his eyes and may be a disgrace to yourself.   Furthermore, do not allow the lies about God being a white man's god to confuse you, do not get it twisted, God is not a white god for one race, but He is a Spirit who will deliver all races from sin and shame.   Come to Jesus right now before you lose your soul to eternal hell.   Do you need Him?   Yes?   Then, we invite you to directly go to our Salvation page and fully surrender yourself to Christ and He will save and deliver you from your sins, no matter what they are.   God bless and remain strong in Him.

Naked mom found eating ice cream at drug store after leaving her three INJURED children alone in wrecked car

By Snejana Farberov

A mother of three was found naked and eating ice cream inside a Houston pharmacy after leaving her children unattended in a car following an accident.

According to police, Stephanie Dillard, aged 34, had her three kids ages five, 12 and 16 in the car when she collided with a city bus near South Post Oak Road and Orem Drive last...Read full article, here.

Photo Courtesy: KPRC

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Black Women, Please Don't Starve Your Daughters: Woman arrested after child found dead at Smyrna home

These days we are hearing a lot of news, regarding either black mothers killing their daughters or daughters killing their mothers.   We even feel hatred if we are in the presence of various black women we may not know at school, work or church.   There is so much evil within many souls of  black women of all ages, you do not have to be related to them to feel threatened.  We who have accepted Jesus Christ as our personal Savior recognize Satan forces trying to constantly create strife among us and we must take power against the enemy by making a change.   How is it, in the 21st century, yesterday we released a story involving a daughter killing her mother and today, it is the other way around?   The woman in the above photo, Ebony Berry, starved her daughter to death is not the first story we have revealed to you.  Previously you read another story involving a mother who allegedly did the same thing to her four-year-old daughter.   Precious sisters, these are satanic forces that continues to cause so much hatred among us and it is time for a whole new generation of black women to seek God more than ever before.


The reason why we created this blog, Souls of Black Women, is simply because we wanted to create more love, joy and peace through Jesus Christ among us, but we must tell the truth and cannot sugar coat any words we speak.   We seriously feel as children of God, we must now defeat the enemy that has caused so much hatred and division among black women.  For too long, we have recognize the hypocrisy among our race of women.   We went through previous decades of hearing many black women complaining about the irresponsible black man, but then some of them were the very ones breaking up marriages and relationships for potential marriages.   Now, it is time for us to admit the root of hatred and to no longer place all the blame on black men.   The time has come for us to also realize we can no longer just see racial discrimination as the problem.  The time has come for us to now show love to our sisters, but to no longer deal with conflict and make sure we are living holy for Jesus Christ and to rebuke the enemy that has used many black women to either kill their mother, kill their daughter or even close friend.  

It has been said that Ebony Berry starved her 16-year-old daughter to death, but the other two younger children were not skinny like her deceased daughter.  So, this brings us to a very important question, why would she allegedly do something like this?   Next question, why are there some mothers whom will allow some of their children to suffer and not be cruel to the other ones?   It is so plain and simple, this sort of mess took place back in the 1970's and 80's and probably even before those two decades, many mothers saw the fathers in the spirits of their children they abused.   The same type of stuff is going on today, many children are suffering, because they naturally look and/or act like their fathers whom most likely emotionally or physically hurt the mother very bad.   Whatever happened in the mother's past is certainly not the child's fault.  So, we wonder, when will it ever be a time when those particular mothers will no longer see their child as the man they once were in a relationship with?   When will these mothers look at the child for whom she or he is and no longer think about how their father mistreated them?   Now, this could not be the case with Ebony and her daughter she starved to death, but we assume so, because she mistreated her as though she had a different father and the other children did not starve.  There are many previous cases involving some mothers whom have mistreated a child, but favored her others, it has happened for many years and many black women do not want to talk about it.  They would just rather live with this evil resentment that has ruin the lives of many daughters with the black race.   If it was not the past with the child's father that caused this mother, Ebony Berry to starve her child to death, then for what reason?   For whatever reason, no sort of hatred is excusable and it is time for mothers within the black race whom are guilty of this sort of crime to repent and show more love to your daughter by treating her equal to your other children and making sure she is well fed.


We pray for Ebony Berry and hopes she surrenders her soul to Jesus Christ, but she will also need psychiatric treatment during her time in prison.  May her daughter rest in peace in a better place where she is no longer starved and that's heaven.

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Woman arrested after child found dead at Smyrna home

 COBB COUNTY, Ga. - Police arrested a 38-year-old woman after finding a child dead inside a home in Smyrna on Friday.

According to Cobb County police, investigators responding to a 911 call found the body of a young teenage girl. Authorities said an investigation revealed that the child was severely malnourished and neglected.

Police arrested Ebony Berry and charged her with murder and first degree cruelty...Read full article, here.


Source and Photo Courtesy: Souls of Black Women


Friday, June 15, 2012

Black Women Don't Hurt Your Mothers: Woman accused of murdering mother after eviction

This is a very sad story that involves a daughter, Takeyia Guthridge who murdered her dear mother, Delois Adu, because she was not only being evicted, but her mother also denied her money when she requested it.   Something is for sure, if Adu no longer wanted her daughter in the house, there was definitely extreme conflict and obviously she got tired of dealing with it.  According to a friend and neighbor of the deceased victim, Guthridge would not do anything with her life.  The conflict was so bad, the neighbor asked Delois Adu, if she needed protection and she replied, 'no, it is in God's hands.'   Obviously, there was some sort of violence going on in that house for the subject of protection to be mentioned.   Dear sisters of Souls of Black Women, no matter what age you are, whether you feel it is either right or wrong for your mother to kick you out of her house, do not disrespect your mother and do not hurt her.

We want to post this article to daughters whom are bitter against their mothers, it is time for you to accept Jesus Christ into your life.   We understand many times as black women, some of our mothers may not have taught us how to be responsible while growing up.   Often times, some mothers want their daughters out of the house when they get grown, but when they were teens, they did not allow them to work, this is a known fact.  This is the reason why a lot of grown daughters are very angry at their mothers, but sisters, as a black woman you must be very wise to change the way you relate and communicate to your mother, no matter if she failed to train you responsibility before you were grown or not.   This world is very difficult for any black woman, because it seems like there is such a demonic force against us that makes it extremely hard to become successful.   Satan has planted so much hatred in the souls of many people within our own race and even other races, it makes it seem like there is no way out, if we do not know Jesus Christ.   We want you to know, we understand both sides of this situation between Takeyia and her mother, Delois.   Even as mothers raising daughters, it is very difficult, especially when fathers leave the mothers all alone to raise them.

Now, speaking of Takeyia's father, he claims that she recently lost her baby and wants a psychiatric evaluation.   However, where was he during the conflict?   We are curious to find out, how come he did not allow his daughter to come and live with him?  Another question, why didn't he get his daughter a psychiatric evaluation before she harmed her mother, if he knew there were some serious problems?   You see, it does not help for her father to allegedly help his daughter out now, because a life is gone.   This is one of the main problems in the black race and why there is no love between mothers and daughters, the fathers either walk away or they are not around when there is trouble.   Females are left to deal with their own pain and resentment sets in, all because of some previous issues that may not have been settled with the father of the child when they were very young.   As black women, we need to understand that no matter if we feel our mothers are turning their backs on us, most of the time they are trying to cope with life themselves.  They are not necessarily turning their backs on us, but maybe they are turning their backs on the past.  They want their past to be dead and many times, they need privacy to make that happen.  Although our mothers bore us, they still have a life and all of us black women whom are grown need to understand that fact.   Possibly, the father of the killer hurt the mother so bad, she did not want to remember what happen during her pregnancy or how they broke up.  You see, there could have been many reasons why she finally wanted the daughter out of the house.    The root of this murder did not have to happen, if the daughter would have understood that her mother loved her, but it was time for them to live their lives, separately.

Sisters, if you do not understand why you feel your mother maybe turning her back on you or evicting you from her house, you do not have to kill her.   Even if she denies you money, after evicting you, you do not have the right to take your mother's life, because she gave you birth.  Therefore, it is time for you to find a new life with Jesus Christ.   We invite you to go directly to our Salvation page to learn how to find yourself as a grown woman.   God wants you to be a complete woman and He will teach you responsibility, even if your mother never taught you.   Allow God to live inside of you and guide you into becoming a righteous woman.   No matter how old you are, it is not too late.  You can become successful, no matter how many people within this society of all races resents black women.   You must now see yourself as a child of God and realize that your color cannot hold you back, if you are serving the Lord Jesus Christ.  All of that bitterness, you may feel against your mother, give it to Jesus and let Him change your life.   Forgive your mother and understand, in many ways she may not be complete and all she wants is to live her life in peace.   Go now to our Salvation page and accept God into your life.

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Woman accused of murdering mother after eviction


A 24-year-old woman is in jail after, police said, she killed her mother just hours after she was evicted from the victim's home.

Clayton County police said Takeyia Guthridge stabbed her mother, Delois Adu, seven times in their home Monday.

The incident happened after Adu asked a judge to evict her daughter in a hearing. The judge fulfilled...Read full article, here.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Atlanta teacher, Angela Williamson accused in CRCT scandal speaks out

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Atlanta teacher, Angela Williamson now has to go through a process of getting her job back, even after it was discovered she did not cheat back in 2009.   We feel it is very unfair for her to be without an income, if she was innocent.   It does not make sense for her to financially suffer for what she did not do and she makes it very clear on this following, video it has not been easy living off of one income raising her children with her husband.


So now, is this the type of society we live in?  We have to fight to get our jobs back, even if we have been proven innocent?   Angela Williamson must now wait and if she does not get her job back, she will have seek employment, elsewhere, which she may not do.   She appears and seems to be a very strong woman, so we would not be surprise if she takes her case to court, if she does not get her job back as a school teacher.   


In the meantime, we will be praying for God to work on behalf of this woman, Angela Williamson. 

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Atlanta teacher accused in CRCT scandal speaks out

 By Aungelique Proctor, FOX 5 reporter 


An Atlanta public school teacher accused in the CRCT cheating scandal is speaking to FOX 5. A tribunal of educators decided that Angela Williamson did not cheat during CRCT testing back in 2009.

According to Williamson's attorney, the allegations against the Dobbs Elementary School teacher were that she nodded her head and coughed to help steer students towards the right answers.

Williamson went before the tribunal last Saturday. She presented four witnesses and after 25 minutes, the tribunal decided she...Read full article, here. 

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Greta Hawkins Banned God Bless America Song from New York kindergarten's graduation ceremony: What Is Wrong with Certain Black Women of this Era?

We deeply feel within our spirits many black women will lose their souls, if they do not surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ.   School principle, Greta Hawkins is among many stories we have heard that dishonor this country's history of patriotism.   Hawkins, a Jehovah witness is no different than atheists who do not want Christians to be able to pledge to the American flag, pray in schools read Bibles at schools or on the jobs or even wear crosses on school campuses.   Her authority to stop kindergarteners from singing God bless America is very annoying to us as born again believers.  According to Mail Online, she allegedly stated says the song could ‘offend other cultures’ and are ‘too grown-up’ for five-year-olds.

Her negative reaction for these young children to celebrate American history seems to be in rebellion against God, simply because
'God bless America' is an historical song that has always brought unity among all races, in the name of God. Although, this country has not been perfect, we have been much blessed compared to other nations.  The song is simply requesting for God to bless America, because this country needs to become better, we need more love, joy and peace among all races.   Greta Hawkins is a pure example of various black women and black men whom have allegedly caused destruction not only within the black community, but also in this entire country, because of their ungodly beliefs.   It is so very clear that white supremacists are not the only ones responsible for destroying the unity within America, it is also some black people whom have no respect for God nor this country.   We cannot ever expect for many black women to be respected by black men unless they can respect God and have the decency to respect America.   It would be very wise for Greta Hawkins and others like her to seek God and repent before it is everlasting too late, because God has always blessed America and even did more to free our ancestors who were delivered from slavery.   Too many black people of this era whom feel they have arrived have chosen to serve other gods, false doctrines and religions, the more America has became diverse.  What they do not realize is that each and every one of us will be judged how we lived our lives and we will reap the consequences if we have chosen to believe man-made philosophies over God's Word.  We can enjoy diversity among various cultures, but we are not supposed to forget God or what He has done for us as black women.   Many times, our sisters complain about how black men mistreat us, but they cannot expect for black men to respect them, if they disrespect God and have no respect for freedom of religion and celebration of patriotism in this country.  It is time for all black women to seek God and fully surrender their lives to Him.  Yes, diversity is good, but not when those like Greta Hawkins cares more about diverse cultural beliefs that excludes our pride and unity as Americans under God.

We pray Greta Hawkins repents and completely surrenders to God and also others whom do not honor our historical patriotic song,
'God Bless America.'  She needs to realize if young children are not allowed to sing the song or become involved with patriotic activities, then they may become a rebellious generation as they grow older.

God Bless the USA BANNED from New York kindergarten's graduation ceremony to avoid upsetting 'cultural sensitivities'

By Laura Cox

A New York principle has sparked fury among parents, students and teachers after banning a patriotic song from being sung at graduation. 

Kindergartners at PS 90, the Edna Cohen School in Coney Island will not be allowed to sing ‘God Bless the USA’ at their moving-up ceremony because principle Greta Hawkins has decided it is inappropriate.

The lyrics, she says could ‘offend other cultures’ and are ‘too grown-up’ for five-year-olds.

Controversially, Hawkins is allowing alternatives...Read full article, here.

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Black Women Beware where you work: Hooters waitress caught tuberculosis from a manager at the restaurant, then fired

Black women, God will protect us wherever we work, except in places where it displeases Him.  We feel bad this former Hooter's employee Jheri Stratton, 19 was infected with a virus that could have killed her, but God did not create us to work at Hooters or any other place that reveals too much flesh.   Furthermore, there were about 75 other young ladies whom were also allegedly infected at this Baltimore Hooter's restaurant.  Although, Hooters is restaurant where many people go to eat, God does not want any woman working at such a place and because of this, we feel Jheri Stratton and her other co-workers could have been protected from catching tuberculosis.   Of course, it could have happened anywhere to anyone, but in Psalm 91 King David says, 'Surely he will save you from the fowler's snare and from the deadly pestilence.'  This means that if we are saved as a born again believer while obeying God's commandments, God will protect us from anything or anyone.

Now, we as black women are so much better than working at a place like Hooter's, but of course you would have to give your life over to the Lord to know what we are talking about.   God wants us to have the best, work at good jobs with nice pay, but if it allegedly requires that we greet men in a way that could be similar to a harlot or a stripper, then we should not do it.  For example, God would not ever understand any of us wearing hardly anything while washing cars for money.   We as black women are going to have to learn how to trust God and believe that we can make just as much money or even more wearing much more than the women working at Hooter's restaurant.

Now, Jheri Stratton may have been fired after being compensated for catching tuberculosis, but really God must be trying to keep her from working at such a place, because He knows she and many other (black) women are so much better than that.  In the 21st century, it is time for each and every black woman to make a choice to totally surrender their lives to God, so they will be able to learn how to trust him, not just to work at better jobs, but so that God will keep them safe as employees or even as entrepreneurs.

We pray for Jheri Startto that she gives her heart to Jesus Christ and trust Him to make a way for her than working at a place like Hooter's.   Also, it is such a blessing that the disease, tuberculosis did not kill her.  God really is so good, because He protected her.

Hooters waitress quarantined after contracting tuberculosis from a manager at the restaurant

By Daily Mail Reporter

A former Hooters waitress was forced to spend a month in quarantine after being diagnosed with tuberculosis which she allegedly contracted from a manager at work.

Since being diagnosed with the life-threatening disease in November Jheri Stratton also had to wear a mask to walk her dog, cancel vacations and is still on an intensive course of medication.

Several other Hooters' employees at the Harborplace branch in Baltimore...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo Courtesy:

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Carlotta Brett-Pierce sentenced from 32 years to life in prison: Black Women Don't Cry in Court After You Murdered Your Children

If you read our previous article, 'Jury Hears How Carlotta Brett Pierce Murdered Her 4-Year-Old Daughter: Why Do Some Black Women Hate Their Own Daughters', then you will be able to understand why this young mother, Carlotta Brett-Pierce was sentenced from 32 years to life in prison.   In the above photo she appeared to look innocent as she cried in court.   God have mercy on this black woman, after acknowledging the fact that many black women endure emotional pain of not being able to bare children.  Women like Carlotta Pierce are selfish in our opinion to do harm to their innocent children, not even thinking about how many black women imagine how it would be to at least hold a newborn.

Marchella's 5-year-old brother brought food to his sister's funeral, because of how she died, this reveals how painful this situation was, regarding her death.   Black women, Marchella belongs to all of us.  Every child belongs to us and when we hear of cases like this, it ought to make us care more about children, even if they are not are own.  God gave us children to enjoy, not to starve or beat them to death.  Children are so special to Jesus Christ.   In Bishop Earthquake Kelley's testimony on Sanctified Church Revolution video page, you will hear him say how Jesus has a special place reserved for children in heaven, so this is how important children are to God and so it should be the same way with us.  We should be more concerned about children, whether we bore them or not.   God gave us children and all of them belong to us.   

As for Carlotta Brett Pierce, we pray that she gives her life to the Lord Jesus Christ while she is in prison.  We pray she repents and admits she did her little girl, Marchella wrong and the same thing goes for the grandmother, Loretta Brett.  We pray that Loretta repents during her 5 to 15 sentence in prison.   This is the picture of a lot of black women in America, they just do not care about their little girls and grand-daughters.  So, we must pray that God heals the minds and souls of abusive black women, so we can finally be honest that it is not just the white supremacists who hate us.

Let us pray that Carlotta and her mother Loretta Pierce repent and accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior:   
Dear Lord, we come before you right now praising you for another day and another chance to say yes to your will and to your way.   Lord, we as black women need you.   We have a lot of sisters whom do not care about their children and grand-children and that same pain is carried on if the children survive and grow up.  That seed of hate has poisoned so many spirits of black women for many years.   We need healing within the entire black race.   We pray that you heal our sisters from whatever bitterness they may have deep within their souls.  We pray that they repent and seek your face before they lose their souls.   Too many little black boys and girls have died from the hands of their parents.  Too many little black children are hated by their mothers, just because they may come out to look just like their fathers.  So Lord, we need healing right now.   We bind every demon from the pit of hell.   We ask you to block every demon of hate, in the mighty precious name of Jesus.   Lord, heal Carlotta and her mother's spirit right now.  Save them and make them whole.   We know you love both women, no matter what they have done, but you expect them to accept responsibility for murdering Marchella.  Give them a mind to repent and admit they did wrong and save them, in Jesus precious name, Amen. 

Rest in piece, Marchella and see you in heaven.

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Brother, 5, of girl who was starved to death by mother, brought food to her funeral 'so his sister could eat in heaven'

The five-year-old brother of a girl who was beaten and starved to death by their mother brought food to her funeral so she would have enough to eat in heaven, it was revealed. 

'Monster mom' Carlotta Brett-Pierce was found guilty of murder last month and sentenced to 32 years to life in prison yesterday. 

Her four-year-old daughter Marchella died covered in bruises and open wounds and weighing only 19 pounds in September 2010. She was found drugged and beaten...Read full article, here.

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