Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Remains Of Missing Pregnant Woman, Trudie Hall Found

This is very sad news that the remains of Trudie Hall have been found in Massachusetts.   Now, about two years ago, Trudie Hall went missing and the alleged father of her unborn child was an alleged suspect, according to police. Hall's mother spotted traces of blood in the rental car and that's when she first suspected something was wrong, according to   Now, that her Trudie Hall's remains have been found, along with some of her personal belongings, the case will go on and it will be very interesting to hear what her ex-boyfriend has to say when he appears in court.

We would like to encourage all of our dear readers to be cautious of whom you allow in your life.  You do not know if he has a demon of murder, although he maybe a very fine man.  The man you may get into a relationship with, may be the most handsome man you have ever seen, but it is what inside of him that matters.   You need to evaluate his soul and find out if he is walking with Christ, because if he is not a born again Christian, then he will never be able to connect with you.   Often times, this is why many men we mistakenly allow into our lives hate us, simply because have no love for God.  You see, they have to have a burning desire to serve Christ and love Him with all of their heart, mind and soul, before they can love and respect us.   Therefore, even if you claim to know Jesus Christ, it would be wise for you to seek God for the right man to come into your life and be the father of your children.  If you do not know Christ, this behooves you to go to our Salvation page and surrender now before it is everlasting too late.

We dread hearing this sudden news that Trudie Hall's remains have been found, but at least investigators on the case have been making progress.  Now, a new chapter can begin in solving her case to find out who really killed her and if it was the father of her unborn child, he needs to not only face charges, but repent to God for what he has done, then serve Him.

May Trudie Hall rest in peace and we pray for her mother, Vivienne Walker that God gives her strength as she prepares her daughter's remains for a proper burial.

Trudie Hall Case: Remains Of Missing Pregnant Woman Found

Human remains found in Massachusetts have been identified as those of a missing Nantucket pregnant woman whose mysterious disappearance captured national headlines nearly two years ago.

Dental records confirmed that the skeletal remains were those of Trudie Hall, said Cape and Islands District Attorney Michael O'Keefe. He said she died of multiple gunshot wounds and ballistic evidence was recovered with the body.

"Though Trudie will never speak again, by finding her, she has told us much. Among other things, she has told us how many times she was shot and with what kind of bullets," O'Keefe said during a Tuesday press conference.

A dog walker found the remains...Read full article, here.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Pastor Jomo K. Johnson Advises Black Women to Stay Single: This 'So-Call Man of God Is a Disgrace to the Humanity of African Americans and Church Leadership

First and foremost, as black women we should be in outrage, regarding Pastor Jomo K. Johnson's new book coming out in June that advises us to remain single.  Respectively, our response to Pastor Jomo K. Johnson is this, 'become a naturally born black woman before you tell us to stay single.'  After all, it took a black woman to give him birth.  Why would he write anything like this?   It is extremely offensive and since he allegedly mentioned many black women attend his church, we hope they make up in their minds to be strong and leave, because Johnson does not deserve to be the Sheppard over their souls.   This "so-call" man of God is a disgrace to church leadership and should not have the position as pastor over any church.   Black women and black men are divided as much as it is.  Therefore, this statement is very emotionally painful to read.   Furthermore, he mentioned his church, Philly Open Air Church is mostly made up of black women?  If you click on that link you will see it seems to be what it is called,  'full of open air and hardly anyone there.'

Of course, since we hear these alleged words coming from Pastor Jomo Johnson, we now see why a lot of black women are beginning to date outside of their race.   For this very reason, because if there are possibly black men out there talking like Pastor Johnson (from the pulpit). No wonder why we have so many black women whom are bitter and have no desire to be with a black man.   How could this black man allegedly write a book, advising black women not to marry and remain single when he came out a womb of a black woman?   It took her to yield to a black man's seduction, in order to bore him.  Even if his mother was white and his father was black, he should not take the authority over any black woman's life.   In our opinion, he is not only a disgrace to church leadership, but also a disgrace to the humanity of African Americans.

If Jomo K. Johnson would open up his mind, he would already realize that most black women are already single for many reasons.   One of the main reasons is because of black men like himself who acts as though he has no problems as a black man and black women are the only ones with problems.   Secondly, black women remain single because of such cruel words similar to what Johnson has planted into those whom listened to them.  Thirdly, black women remain single because a lot of black men are not attracted to them and so it is common that they reject them for other women outside of their race.  Fourth reason, because black women have been so abused in all sorts of ways by their (step)fathers, brothers, uncles and cousins, it causes fear to date a black man.  Fifth reason, many of our black women are raped and they do not want to be reminded of the man that destroyed their womanhood and some of these black men are in their families.  Then, there are so many other reasons, Pastor Jomo K. Johnson is not educated enough to know about and if he had enough knowledge, he would not be putting down black women.  

Furthermore, the nerve of Jomo Johnson to allegedly judge black women as though we do not know how to hold relationships and how to hold husbands.   If black women made a judgement and said black men should remain single, because they have not learned how to hold onto relationship and husbands, how would that statement make him feel?  As a supposed man of God he needs to evaluate his spirit, because he is not in the position to define any black woman's life and because of his ignorance, he is going to cause many black women to become more angry and more division between black men and black women than is already is in America.  

Pastor Jomo K. Johnson is keeping the black women enslaved by advising us to remain single.   A person can enslave other people through the words they speak and through their actions and Johnson is causing more misery in the minds black women whom have not yet learned that in the eyes of God, they are just as beautiful, intelligent and ambitious as any other race of a woman in America. 

Another thing, if Pastor K. Johnson is called by God to minister, then how could he bring secular songs written by Tupac, Mario Winans, Stevie Wonder...into God's Kingdom?  He not only wrote this book based off of Erykah Badu's song title, 'Call Tyrone', the book's soundtrack features secular songs.  That is enough right there to reveal what type of man who is calling himself a pastor.  Furthermore, how could he have the audacity to use songs written by black women (Erykah Badu, Karen White and India Arie) and put them down?

In conclusion, if Pastor Jomo K. Johnson ever gets in a situation like Trayvon Martin, his family would be the first to call Rev. Al Sharpton requesting for black men and black women to march and rally against racial discrimination.  However, this is the very reason why we as black women should avoid such movements, because it is too much discrimination against us within the race and even in the black church.  Over the years, since our ancestors were freed from slavery, we have felt too many emotional restraints that have placed us in emotional bondage like what we are experiencing from Pastor Jomo Johnson.  There is no reason to talk about unity as African Americans, but we should only discuss unity among us within God's Kingdom.    

In conclusion, Pastor Jomo K. Johnson does not define black women and he is not a true representative of God.   For he represents a demonic spirit that has always tried to keep black women unhappy and in misery for too long.  Many of our sisters are already single.  So why would he say such a thing? His words written in his book is coming straight from Satan and God would not instruct anyone whom is a representative of His Kingdom to offend and oppress black women or any one else.  We will continue to pray for his soul.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jury Hears How Carlotta Brett Pierce Murdered Her 4-Year-Old Daughter: Why Do Some Black Women Hate Their Own Daughters?

This is a very sad case that involved a little girl who was murdered by her mother.  Just look at that adorable face in the above photo.  Who could hurt such an innocent child like Marchella Brett Pierce?  You know, it is not just the black men whom are responsible for neglecting and rejecting their black children.  In this era, we see many black women neglecting, rejecting and harming their children, sometimes much worse than black fathers.   In order for black men to respect black women as a whole, there needs to be more black women seeing their own flaws and being willing to change themselves, because it hurts to hear that some of them hate their own children and specifically, their own daughters.  Marchella was starved, beaten, drugged and tied to a bed by her mother, allegedly.  That is so similar to how our ancestors were mistreated in the days of slavery.  Why do many of our black men and black women mistreat their own little girls and boys?  Children are innocent and they did not ask to come into this world.   Marchella did not ask to be born.  Therefore, she did not deserve to die in the hands of her mother, Carlotta Brett Pierce.
Marchella's mother, Carlotta is on trial for murdering her daughter.  Her daughter was in the hospital for the first three years of her life, because she was born premature.   In our opinion, Carlotta enslaved her own child.   Even the grandmother, Loretta, Carlotta's mother neglected to assist her granddaughter, according to various sources.  This sort of mess goes on in many black families and it is our own race's fault for the racism we endure from other races.  If we cannot love and respect even the children we bring into this world, how can we expect fair treatment as a people from other races?   It is so unfair to always point the finger at white supremacists, but when making a decision to love the children God gave us, many of our own race fail to do so.  Yes, there is still racism and many racists are yet murdering our children, including adults.  However, how much different is this situation of Marchella being murdered by her own mother, Carlotta different from what white, Latino or Asian racists do to our race?   We may have a black (bi-racial President), but it is nothing to be proud of, if we cannot love our own race and even our children.  

It's time to pray and ask God to heal our race from so much hatred.   For too many years, parents have hated their children just as much as children have hated their parents.   African Americans will never unite, if we do not deal with this issues that have been ignored among us.  
Dear Jesus, we bring this situation to you.  It hurts this mother, Carlotta allegedly killed her own child.   Our race have always been oppressed, because it seems like our own race murder each other all sorts of ways.   God, this situation with Marchella not being born into this world healthy, then being able to grow up into maturity hurts.  This little girl died before her time and Lord, it is not fair.   Lord, we acknowledge our own race has not done right and we know although, we yet deal with racism, it is so obvious why.   Our own race fails to love and respect each other.   Lord, we ask you to have mercy on the race of black people whom have failed to do right.  In all fairness, we admit it is not about race, but it is a spiritual warfare.   There is either good or evil inside of a person and we must accept that fact, dear Lord.   As righteous black women, we know our own race is killing us emotionally, not just physically.  So, we are asking that you bring these mothers and fathers whom are harming their own children to serve you.  We pray they surrender their lives to you before it is everlasting too late.   Specifically, we pray Carlotta repent for the alleged harm she caused on her own child.   Please Lord, here our prayer and heal our race, right now.  Give black men and black women a mind to serve you, because if they choose not to, no telling what they may do to their own children and each other.   We give you praise and glory, right now, in Jesus mighty name.  Amen.

We pray Marchella Brett Pierce rest in peace with Jesus Christ. We know she is in a much better place. 

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Every rib visible and tied to her bed with a jump rope: Jury hears how 18lb girl, 4, 'was starved, beaten and drugged to death by her mother'

By Daily Mail Reporter

A four-year-old girl who weighed just 18lbs when authorities found her starved, beaten and drugged body tied to a bed was so emaciated that every rib was visible, a jury has heard.

Marchella Brett Pierce was tied to her SpongeBob SquarePants bed with a skipping rope when she died in September 2010, prosecutors in the case against her mother and grandmother said.

Her dehydrated, starved body contained just a single kernel of corn when she died, they added.

The girl's mother, Carlotta Brett Pierce, is on trial in Brooklyn, New York for her murder, while her grandmother, Loretta Brett, has been charged with...Read full article, here.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Raquel Nelson, Cobb Mother Asks Court to Drop Charges in Son's Jaywalking Death: Shouldn't The Driver Been Charged?

In this case of Raquel Nelson being charged for her son's death, we feel it is very unfair.  We agree the charges should be dropped.  No, none of us should be jaywalking and we would advise pedestrians to please be careful when crossing the street, if you decide not to cross at the light.  However, how many people jaywalk and have been jaywalking for many years?   All drivers should watch what they are doing while driving and in this specific case of this dear mother and her child, a life should not have been taken away due to the lack of responsibility of the driver.  You ever hear the law that says, pedestrians are right, no matter what?   Maybe, it is different in Marietta, Georgia, if so, they need to change the law and look into charging this driver with vehicular homicide.

It is only fair that the charges be dropped against Raquel Nelson, because it is bad enough she is mourning for the loss of her son.  She will not ever get a chance to see him grow up, graduate from high school, attend college or even have a family of his own.  The thought of his life snatched away by a careless driver is something this mother must live with for the rest of her life.   However, we believe God can heal her from these painful memories.

One more thing, although we side with Raquel Nelson, we request that all mothers and fathers not jaywalk with your children.   For you see, the consequences can risk not only their lives, but also your own.  The saying. 'it is better to be safe than sorry, it so true and definitely not a cliche. 

We pray for Raquel Nelson and pray that the charges be dropped against her, in Jesus name.  May her son, rest in peace.

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Cobb Mother Asks Court to Drop Charges in Son's Jaywalking Death

Darryl Carver


ATLANTA - A Cobb County mother has asked the Georgia Court of Appeals to throw out her conviction.
A year ago, Raquel Nelson was convicted of 2nd degree vehicular homicide after a hit and run driver struck and killed her 4-year-old son, A.J., as they walked across Austell Road in Marietta.

A judge sentenced her to a year's probation. However, the judge also made a rare...Read full article, here.
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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Update: Job Hughley Charged in Shooting of Mother with Baby and Two Other Cases

This is an update, regarding the Detroit would-be rape case of a woman whom was simply walking down the street with her baby in a stroller and almost rape and now in critical condition.  However, we have more thought to add to this story.  We are very pleased Detroit police has caught Job Hughley real quick, but it is very sad this man had already sexually attacked two other women, just days before.  Spiritually, this case reminds us that African Americans are too far on Satan's territory to regain unity in this era.   This suspect is 18-years-old, yet a teen, is possessed with a demon to rape women.   Church leaders and civil rights activists are not dealing with the root of the problem, which has divided our race, they yet bring up racial discrimination like that is the only reason why we have so many problems as a whole.   It is not fair to deal with haters outside of the race and not deal with those within the race.  Therefore, we will mention it again like in our previous article, this is one of the main reasons why African Americans are divided, too many black women are being raped and black men and women refuse to agree with the only solution to end this matter and that solution is by the entire race is simply yielding and repenting to God.

As black women, we struggle while not being understood by our very own race.   At least when it comes to rape, we should notice, if not men recognizing there is a problem and there needs to be a spiritual change of love and respect among ourselves.

We hope and pray all three women recover emotionally, physically and seek God spiritually, because the truth remains, if no one cares God cares.   Furthermore, throughout the years, it has been so hard dealing with racial discrimination while enduring so much animosity and confusion within the race, it is time for a revival to breakout among black women.   God expects us to seek His face more than ever before.  We are to avoid those whom refuse to serve God, but pray for their souls and focus on what He expects from us by staying in the Word and concentrating on Him.

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Detroit Man Charged in Shooting of Mother with Baby

Job Hughley Also Charged in 2 Other Cases

DETROIT (AP) -- Prosecutors have charged an 18-year-old Detroit man with sexually assaulting two women and shooting a third who he allegedly abducted while she was walking along a street with her infant daughter.

Job Carlyn Hughley is charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct in the first two attacks, which happened last week and Tuesday. He is charged with attempted murder...Read full article, here.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Update: Illegal Butt Injections: Ex-Cop Martin Freeman Pleads Guilty To Assisting Illicit Injector Kimberly Smedley

This is an update, regarding Kimberly Smedley's illegal butt injection case.  She did not commit her alleged crime alone, but she has an ex-cop, Martin Freeman who assisted her and earned $5,000 for providing security at her various sessions.  We think that it is a shame this ex-police officer would stoop so low to assist this woman in her illegal activities.  Never could we imagine a man who was supposed to be trusted to protect our society would be involved in butt injections, but it happen in this case with Smedley.  Obviously, the saying about misery loves company is accurate.  If Kimberly Smedley has been charged, she is going to drag everyone in with her to make sure they spend time in jail, so she won't have to feel guilty, alone.  Isn't that the way it usually happens with criminals?

Illegal Butt Injections: Ex-Cop Martin Freeman Pleads Guilty To Assisting Illicit Injector Kimberly Smedley

It turns out the alleged D.C. butt-injector had a little help -- from a former cop.

Martin Freeman, a former District police officer, pleaded guilty in a Baltimore federal court on Monday to providing security for the illegal silicone swindler, Kimberly Smedley, the Washington Examiner reported.

Freeman, 48, is charged with conspiracy to introduce a misbranded device into interstate commerce, court records show.

Between 2009 and 2011, the former police officer earned approximately $5,000 for providing security at locations where Smedley...Read full article, here.

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Mother with Baby Shot by Would-be Rapist in Detroit In Critical Condition: Is God There For Black Women While Being Raped?

When these sort of crimes happen, it sort of makes you wonder what sort of day we are living in.   What would possess a man to take a woman against her will, away from her baby and rape her?   There is a demonic issue that no longer only involves a discussion of racism, but we face such crime among our own people and there is no way to stop it, except through Jesus Christ. No longer are we marching to just be equal in society, but as black women many of us must fight off rapists while struggling to get our own race to pay attention to what is happening to our sisters.  Rape is a very serious issue and many times when black women are raped, it messes them up mentally and spiritually, not only physically.   Black women whom are raped do not always relate or communicate like average people, because their natural rights were taken away.  These sort of things many civil rights activists refrain from talking about, but the truth remains, this is one of the main reasons why the black race is divided.   Too many women are getting raped and in many cases, even in front of their children.   This unidentified mother in Detroit was just simply walking down the street with her baby in a stroller when a man snatched her and tried to rape her.  When she fought back, he shot her and now she is in critical condition.   Think about it, this mother was raped and now in the hospital, because of a rapist whom had no consideration for her nor for baby.  After black women are raped or almost raped, can they get the men in their own families to love and respect them?  In many cases, their pain is irrelevant in the minds of the brothers, fathers, uncles and even male cousins.  So the hearts of our dear sisters turn bitter and cold.

In the African American race, many do not understand how important it is to consider the emotional pain of black women.   Many black women are raped not always by white men like in the era of slavery, but by all races of men these days sexually violate our sisters.   It hurts to admit it, but many women do not even think how important it is to consider the possibility of rape when they insult other black women, in general.   There has been so much disrespect among black women, when situations like this occur, many do not realize what may have occurred in the next black woman's life they are putting down.  It is time for us to embrace our sisters whom are raped and let them know they are still a woman, they are still whole and yet very important not only to us, but especially in the eyes of God.  It is time to spread the word to our dear sisters that their lives are not over.   Now, in the case of our dear sister whom was raped by this man in Detroit, as sisters in Christ, we must pray that God spares her life, so that she may continue to live and raise her baby.  It is very important that we pray for God to touch her body and heal her from the gunshot wound that is trying to end her life.   It would not be fair for her baby to be raised without her.   So, let us pray now.

Father God, we come before you right now, thanking you for our dear sister whom was raped while walking with her baby in a stroller.   God, we know you were right there and saw everything.   God we ask you to allow our dear sister to raise up now.  She has a baby to raise and a life to live for herself.   Jesus, our dear Savior, we humbly ask you to heal our dear sister right now and do not let her die.   It is your will that she live a long life.   It is your will her baby grows up with her mother in her life.   Please do not let her baby grow up without her mother. So, we ask you to dear Jesus to show your amazing love right now and anoint her body.   Remove her from being in critical condition to stable condition, right now, in Jesus mighty name.  God we praise you and we believe you for this miracle.   Thank God, Amen.

Now, if you prayed with us and you ever recall being raped and need God's healing please go to our Salvation page, if you are not saved.   If you need someone to talk to, we will find a minister to call you back, once you subscribed to our blog.  God bless you dear sisters, stay strong in Him and we love you in Christ.

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Mother with Baby Allegedly Shot by Would-be Rapist in Detroit
Baby Safe, Mom in Critical Condition

DETROIT (WJBK) -- A man allegedly tried to rape a woman out for a walk with her six-month-old baby on Detroit's west side in the area of Lyndon and Westwood. That same man reportedly shot her as she tried to get away.

The woman in intense pain and barely conscience was lifted onto a stretcher -- her beautiful baby girl in a stroller watching it all as she was comforted by a female police officer.

"I heard 'take off your clothes,' and then he's like 'you scream, I'm going to shoot you,'" says witness Miguel Marshall.

The 15-year-old heard and saw the whole thing. The woman was going for a walk with her baby when a man...Read full article, here.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Update: Hearing for Mom, Son in Fatal Shooting of 12-Year-Old Girl Over a Cell Phone

This is an update on a previous article we did involving the shooting death of Kade'jah Davis.  If you recall, we talked about how terrible it was for this young 12-year-old girl to be shot by a Joshua Brown, son of a mother, Heather Brown who assisted him in the shooting.  We want to remind you we will never be able to get over racism not until our own race stops fighting and killing over senseless situations.   In this case, there was a dispute over a cell phone.   Ask yourself, if we were back in the days of slavery, would we be fighting over cell phones or any other things that can not bring a life back?  Absolutely not and we cannot expect for white supremacists or any other race to stop killing our race of African Americans until we stop this nonsense.   

It does not make sense to continue to bring up the subject of racism until black people learn to love and respect themselves and each other.   We should not just always talk about it, but do it.   However, we suppose it has been very difficult for alleged murderers like the Browns to do so, because before you can love yourself and others whom look like you, you must love and honor Jesus Christ.  You must totally yield to His will and His way, not the ways of this wicked world.
May Kade'jah Davis rest in peace and it is too bad she was simply doing her homework when Joshua Brown took her life while his mother allegedly drove the getaway car.   
Hearing for Mom, Son in Fatal Shooting of Girl, 12

DETROIT - A man and his mother face an arraignment hearing in the death of a 12-year-old Detroit girl who police say was shot during a dispute over a cellphone.

Kade'jah Davis was killed Jan. 31 by shots fired through the door of her home. She was an honor roll student at University YES Academy in Detroit.

Joshua Brown is charged with first-degree murder. Thirty-five-year-old Heather Brown...Read full article, here.

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Emreon Bradford, 15-year-old Miami Girl Shot Three Times In Her Sleep: Black Women We Must Keep Praying At All Times

This story behooves us to be very sure we ask God to keep and protect us before we fall asleep.  This 15-year-old teen in Miami was shot in her sleep, three times.  By the time her step-father ran outside to find out whom was shooting at their home, the shooter was gone. Emreon Bradford was shot in her cheek, breast and arm.  Fortunately, her little sister Kiara who was sleeping with her in the same bed and 9-year-old brother sleeping in another bed in the same room did not get hit with any bullets.   If you know Miami, it is a one of the most dangerous place to live and it is very hard to survive there.   However, whether you live in Miami, Detroit, Los Angeles or Atlanta, there is something that can protect you and that is constant prayer with God.   It does not matter if someone has a vendetta against your family or not, if you pray and have faith in God, He will send His angles to protect you.  In Psalm 91:11, it says this, 'For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.' 

Of course, you cannot just pray, you must make very sure you visit our Salvation page and give your life to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. In this case of Emreon Bradford, we are not saying she and her family did not know the Lord, Jesus Christ.  Sometimes, God will allow you to survive like he did in her case, so you will have a testimony to tell. Then, there have been other testimonies that God allowed tragedies for a family member to acknowledge God's message through a relative who made it to heaven.   Therefore, it is according to your situation  and your survival is according to your faith.

We just want to encourage our dear sisters to have faith in God, after you give your life to Him, because He is a miracle working Savior.  It does not matter where you live or again, whom may have a grudge against you, God never fails His children.   Emreon Bradford being shot in her family home may not have had anything to do with her, but someone in her house could have been involved with drug war or gang affiliation, which we will never know.  The only thing we know is, so far, she survived and will have to have surgery in her jaw bone.   This is such a blessing, because she could be dead right now.   Out of all the shootings that occur in Miami neighborhoods most of time end in deadly outcomes, God allowed Emreon Bradford to survive.  Indeed, this a miracle along with the other news of her siblings not getting hit with bullets.   However, we pray her family moves out of the house to avoid another possible shooting rampage. 

You know what one of the biggest problems are among black women?  Simply, because there are so many problems within our race, Satan tries to make many of us feel like God does not exist, but He is very real.  Even in the midst of our struggles within our race, He is watching us and feels what we feel.  So never think just because many African Americans refuse to change their ways, refuse to love and maintain peace, God is not real.  Just the fact of Emreon Bradford is still alive and none of the bullets harmed her little brother and sister proves God is very real.   Dear sisters, you must learn to ignore your surroundings and make a wise decision to have a prayer life, because if you fall into the myth that God does not exist, Satan will fool you and when you need God's protection it may be too late.   So, our precious sisters, you want to keep praying at all times.  In  I Thessalonians 5:17, it says this: 'Pray without ceasing. That means no matter where you are, school, work or even reside in the most known dangerous places in America, you must never stop praying.  Remember, just because you cannot see God does not mean He does not exist, keep on praying and you will began to feel His presence.

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Pictured: The 15-year-old girl shot three times in her sleep

By Meghan Keneally

A teenage girl is recovering after being shot multiple times when someone opened fire on her family's Miami home early Saturday morning.

Emreon Bradford, 15, sustained three gunshot wounds- to the cheek, arm and breast.

Amazingly, her 5-year-old sister who was sleeping in the same bed as Emreon was unharmed and neither was her 9-year-old brother...Read full article, here.

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Update: 5 Charged In Murders Of Hamtramck Women

This is just an update, regarding the two dead Hamtramck women who went missing, after being kidnapped by two men from Abreeya's household.   Of course, we thought there was only two killers who murdered Abreeya Brown and Ashley Conaway.   This sudden news does not surprise us, because usually when killers are caught by police, most of the times they confess the entire story and whom else helped them in the murder, so they will not be taking the blame, alone.  This case takes a turn after learning five men are responsible for this double homicide.  Again as we mentioned in our previous articles, because Brown and Conaway allegedly met Brian Cain in a topless bar, we would not be surprise if Cain and Lee, along with the other three men have something to do with the other mysterious murders involving alleged escorts, strippers and other cases of women whom were found dead in their trunks.

We are very glad Hamtramck police have been handling this case and it did not take them long to find the killers nor the graves where both victims, Brown and Conaway were buried in a wooded Detroit Park.  However, we know this is a very difficult time for the families of the deceased victims and pray God gives them strength while learning more about this case.
May Abreeya Brown and Ashley Conaway rest in peace.

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5 Charged In Murders Of Hamtramck Women

3 suspects expected in court Monday

DETROIT, Mich. (WJBK) - Three of the five men charged with the murders of two best friends from Hamtramck are expected in court Monday. They're all accused of imprisoning, torturing and killing Abreeya Brown and Ashley Conaway. All five suspects could face life in prison.

The suspects are: Brian Lee, 25; Brandon Cain, 26; Miguel Rodriguez, 24; Reginald Brown, 24; and his cousin, Jeremy Brown, 19. Lee and Cain were already bound over for trial for an earlier shooting involving the women. The women had previously gone to police and said Cain ordered the shooting.

On February 28th, Brown and Conaway were kidnapped at gunpoint from a...Read full article, here.

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Police To Search Larry Amos' Home For Clues On Missing Arkansas Teen, Cleashindra Hall: If It Was Not For Find Our Missing Show, Would Police Have Searched?

In our opinion, if it was not for the 'Find Our Missing' television show on TV One's network, Arkansas police would not be searching the home of Dr. Larry Amos. This is why we cannot understand why last week, it was the last season finale episode, 'Find Our Missing' needs to be aired all year around.   On the following clip, you will see a snippet of how much Dr. Larry Amos was possessive with Cleashindra Hall.   Hall worked for him after school only being paid $2 an hour as a bookkeeper, along with her friend.  Neither Cleashindra Hall nor her friend should have been working in this man's home, it is never safe, regardless of his race or status.

We feel very sad, regarding Cleashindra's case, but if you watched 'Find Our Missing' on TV One's network or online, you would have recognized various cases of missing black women (along with black men).   Cleashindra had been missing since 1994.  Could you imagine, if 'Find Our Missing' never did an episode on this case, her case would still be unsolved and possibly, the Arkansas police would have never thought to look back into this cold case and search the home of Dr. Larry Amos?  In that file, it mentioned two hired workers, one was a construction worker whom noticed a splat of blood on the wall in the house and then, there was a man whom was hired to cover up a hole in Dr. Amos backyard and he admitted every time the wind blew, he would smell a very foul odor he had never smelled before.  So, why weren't their reports taken into consideration back in 1994?   

Another thing, Dr. Larry Amos is a black man who did this to his own race.   Because of black men whom rape and kidnap their black female victims, isn't this one of the main reason why there is so much division in the race.   However, when one is not a born again Christian, do not be surprised what they may do, regardless of the race. This man was supposed to be Cleashindra's boss, helping her to earn some money while going to school.  If you cannot trust those whom are in the position to give you employment, then whom can you trust?  In Arkansas and other southern states, it seems like African Americans would be able to trust their own race, but Cleashindra Hall's case teaches us we must be cautious at all times with even around our own race.   Obviously, Dr. Larry Amos did not know Jesus Christ, so the Devil controlled him to harm this young lady whom wanted nothing more, but to work an honest job.

Dear sisters, even in the 21st century, we as parents must be very careful whom we allow our daughters to work for.   There is too much evil in the world and you never know when there is a murderer that appears to be a respected doctor, lawyer or any other professional employer.
We pray the body of Cleashindra Hall is found in Dr. Larry Amos yard and may she rest in peace.

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Cleashindra Hall Case: Police To Search Larry Amos' Home For Clues On Missing Arkansas Teen


PINE BLUFF, Ark. -- Police obtained a warrant to search an Arkansas man's home for clues into the 1994 disappearance of an 18-year-old woman after someone reported seeing blood at the house, according to court documents filed Tuesday.

Authorities seized four items when they searched Larry Amos' home in Pine Bluff for evidence related to Cleashindra Hall, who was working part-time for Amos doing clerical work and preparing for college.

Amos, who hasn't been charged or named a suspect in the case, is the last known person to have seen her.
"We have no viable suspect, and what we're trying to do is narrow down the scope of the investigation,"
Police Lt. Bob Rawlinson said Tuesday, declining to comment on...Read full article, here.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Police Seek New Person of Interest in Slaying of Hamtramck Women

Police are looking for another possible suspect in the case of the 2 Hamtramck women, Abreeya Brown and Ashley Conaway who were both buried and murdered in a wooded area of a Detroit park.  Allegedly, the two women first met at least one of the suspects in a topless bar and this is possibly one of the snapshots that reveals this alleged suspect behind a couple of unidentified women. We do not know for sure, but police shows this unidentified man whom could be partly responsible for the crime.  This photo may not be very clear, but it clear enough for someone to recognize who this man is.   If you know who this suspect is, please call Hamtramck police now @ 313-876-7839.

This is why we feel this case of these 2 deceased Hamtramck women could be connected to the other mysterious cases of missing Detroit women.   If they find this suspect, maybe police will discover if this suspect, Brian Cain or Brian Lee has anything to do with the other cases of women found dead in the trunks of their cars. 

As you know, on Monday a funeral for both victims were in memory of Ashley Brown and Ashley Conaway.  May they both rest in peace.

Police Seek New Person of Interest in Slaying of Hamtramck Women 

HAMTRAMCK, Mich. - Police are looking for a new person of interest in the deaths of two Hamtramck women who investigators say were forced into a car trunk, fatally shot and buried in shallow graves.

Police in Hamtramck released a photo...Read full article, here.

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Funeral Monday for 2 Kidnapped Hamtramck Women: May Abreeya Brown and Ashley Conaway Rest in Peace

This is a very sad day for the grieving families of Abreeya Brown and Ashley Conaway.   The lives of both women are being remembered today at their funeral, which is at the Solomon's Temple.  Both young ladies were college students, studying to become nurses.  Conaway was working at Kentucky Fried Chicken while attending school. 

You can see our previous reports on how these two young women lost their lives, after Ashley and Abreeya refused to take $5,000 from Brian Cain to keep them from testifying in court against him.  When both women refused, he and his accomplice allegedly both murdered and buried them in a wooded area of Detroit.

May both victims, Abreeya Brown and Ashley Conaway rest in peace.

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Funeral Monday for 2 Kidnapped Hamtramck Women

DETROIT - Funeral services are planned for two Hamtramck women who witnesses say were forced into a car trunk at gunpoint in February.

A double funeral for 18-year-old Abreeya Brown and 22-year-old Ashley Conaway is set for noon today at Solomon's Temple on East Seven Mile.

Authorities discovered the women's bodies in shallow graves about...Read full article, here. 

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Shaquan Duley Begins 35-Year Sentence After Killing Her Two Sons, Staging Their Death: Nobody But God Gave Her Another Chance

This is an update on for our previous post, involving the South Carolina mother, Shaquan Duley who murdered her two boys, then staged their deaths, after driving them into the river.  It is a blessing she got 35 years in prison, because if you recall the case of Susan Smith and other mothers whom have murdered their children, they either received a life term or a death sentence.  No doubt, she was not just carrying her Holy Bible in the court room, just to cover up for her crime, but obviously, she truly repented and trusted in God for forgiveness.   Usually, sometimes, it is the people whom refuse to admit they were wrong and are not remorseful whom receive a life sentence or a death sentence, but those whom are remorseful, there is a God whom forgives them for committing some of the worst crimes in history.   Shaquan Duley is like a lot of black women of this era, either she is lived a previous life without the father of those boys to help her raise them or her or she is just a single black woman whom has never been married nor has children and did not receive enough love and attention from the mother and father whom raised her.   If you recall when this story first hit the press, it was allegedly mentioned her mother told her she was a horrible mother.  If this is true, then, no doubt, this is why the judge, including the jury sympathized with her.   As usual, we do not make excuses for people's committed crimes, but we do acknowledge reasons that may have caused them to snap.

Many black women may suppressed their depression while raising their children alone, but as you can see, it is not healthy.  If you do not open up to someone and let them know how much you are hurting or how much you hurt when someone puts you down as a single mother, do not be surprise what you may do.  Possibly, Shaquan Duley may have tried to open up and seek help, but no one listened, this happens a lot too.  Many times, as black women we all have felt like the world was against us, because if it was not our fathers disowning or leaving us at an early age, it was our mothers despising us because we look like our fathers or putting their female in-laws ahead of us as though we were not their own daughters.   You see, all of this buried hurt is not healthy and there needs to be a way to avoid such pain.   We would like to encourage you to seek God, even if it seems like no one understands.   Do not wait until you snap to call on God to help you get out of a predicament that you did not mean to get into, call on Him while you have seeds of emotional distress that could lead to suicide or murder.   Call on God and make sure you include your children while you are praying to Him.   Many times, if you include your children in prayer, then you can avoid feeling as though you are worthless, because there is divine unity is in God's presence and in His presence you will be able to conquer a feeling of defeat.  It may not come so sudden, but if you keep praying against demons of oppression and depression, you will be conquer the enemy.  We acknowledge many black women are in prison, not necessarily because they were bad people, but they were good people with buried pain.  Therefore, we are trying to help many of you before you make a mistake similar to our dear sister, Shaquan Duley.

Shaquan Duley still has a life and can help many people while in prison and even when she gets out.  Duley has a testimony of God's forgiveness.   We hope and pray she yet seeks God while spending time in prison, because God never stops loving any of us, when everyone else may have turned away from us.  However, those of you whom maybe fighting depression, because you may not feel as though you are a good mother, you are invited to go to our salvation page and learn how to seek God.   We love you in Christ and encourage you to remain strong in Him.

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Shaquan Duley Begins 35-Year Sentence After Killing Her Two Sons, Staging Their Death

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- A 30-year-old South Carolina mother has begun a 35-year prison sentence for killing her two young sons.

Records show Shaquan Duley (shah-KWAHN' DOO'-lee) was admitted Friday to a maximum-security women's prison in Columbia.

Divers pulled the bodies of 2-year-old Devean and 18-month-old Ja'van from the North Edisto River in August 2010.

Last month, Duley pleaded guilty to murder...Read full article, here.

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