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Pair Suspected of Abducting Women in Court for Shooting Case Hearing: Families Fighting Caught On Video While Rallies Are Being Held Across Country for Trayvon Martin

We can never expect for Trayvon Martin's family to ever receive justice for his death until black people stop murdering each other.   Here you can see both families fighting, because they have arrived for the hearing of Brian Cain and Brian Lee who have been suspected of not only kidnapping Abreeya Brown and Ashley Conaway, but they both are also allegedly accused of murdering and burying the two young women.    It is so tiring, we know God must shake his head every time He sees the race of black people rallying for justice when it comes to a shooting death, which involves racism, because in the 21st century African Americans are yet killing each other.   On this following video, you will see the alleged killers entering the court room, then facing the judge in court and in front of the court house, families on both sides are making threats to each other.   

Sisters, if you are a truly righteous child of God, you must realize it is time for us to pray for our race, but realize Satan has used our race the same way he used Zimmerman to take the life of Trayvon Martin.   For many years dear sisters, Satan has used the race of black people to murder each other, even after we all acknowledge white supremacists and all other races have murdered African Americans.   Therefore, because we are righteous, we must step back from African Americans whom refuse to follow and accept Jesus Christ, because the problem is more than racial discrimination, it is most definitely a spiritual issue.   If African Americans cannot open their eyes to love and unity, after we have a black (bi-racial) president, then there is a deeper issue and it cannot be solved through rallies, because God has been waiting on black men, black women and children to repent and seek Him and apologize to each other for murdering and hating our own race.   He has been waiting on black people to repent to Him for hating themselves and each other for being black.   He has been waiting on our race to stop being so unfair to rally whenever we have a case like Trayvon Martin, but refuse to love and unite among ourselves.   For how can African Americans love and respect from other races, if they cannot love each other and most importantly, God?   

It is very sickening to see all of this fighting caught on video, after two college students, Abreeya Brown and Ashley Conaway lost their lives, allegedly in the hands of their own race, Brian Cain and Brian Lee.   Yet, many African Americans are crying racism in memory of Trayvon Martin.   How can we ever expect the justice system to pay attention to African Americans whom are angry at Zimmerman not being arrested for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin?  God is expecting for African Americans to change their nature, this means to completely submit to Him, repent and apologize to each other.   This has been the solution for many years, but many black men and black women have failed to do so.   So, all of Rev. Al Sharpton's yelling and screaming for many years, after there has been a shooting death caused by racial discrimination has done no good.   All of the rallying, after a Latino like Zimmerman or a white supremacist has not been arrested has done no good.   God expects African Americans to take full responsibility for their actions that has caused oppression within their own race of people, before we can expect for other races to respect and not hate us.

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Pair Suspected of Abducting Women in Court for Shooting Case Hearing



DETROIT (WJBK) -- Security stepped in Friday to keep the peace outside 36th District Court. The families of Ashley Conaway and Abreeya Brown nearly came to blows with relatives of Ashley's ex-boyfriend, Brandon Cain, and Brian Lee.

The men were in court for a preliminary exam and are charged with trying to kill the women three weeks before they were abducted. Witnesses testified Lee fired shots at Brown and Conaway as they drove away after spending the evening with the men at a topless club.

The men have not yet been charged with their murders, but are suspected of abducting the women from in front of their Hamtramck home at the end of February. Their bodies were found Sunday in a shallow grave along the Rouge River in northwest...Read full article, here.

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Woman Gets Job With Stolen Identity: Do You Recognize This Woman?

We are wondering is there anything wrong many black women will not do?   It seems like we have discovered various sorts of crimes many are involved in the 21st century for money and it is very sad when you know the history of our ancestors before they received freedom in America.  A woman's purse came up stolen and when the person in the above photo got her identity, she got a temporary job under a name with Bank of America.   This is very disrespectful to the person whom lost her personal information, including her purse.  

We would like to say, it is a shame when someone steals another person's identity and uses it, they never even think of what emotional pain they are causing them, not to mention spending their credit cards.   Sisters, we are so much better than this and it is time to spread the word of precaution to black women whom are committing such crimes: 'stop doing wrong and get your life in order before God allows destruction on your life.'

We want to say the woman in the above photo maybe smiling there, but she won't be smiling when the law catches up with her, because God is not going to allow her to continue to use stolen identities without even considering what the victims are going through.  

After watching the following video, if you recognize this young woman, please hurry and call the Plano police @ 972-424-5678 before she uses another victim's identity.  

Furthermore, we hope and pray she repents to God and apologizes to her victim after she is caught by police.

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Woman Uses Stolen ID in Job Hunt

Plano police are looking for a woman who used a stolen identity to get a temporary job at a bank.
Police said it is not their usual identity theft case, which usually involves thieves going on a shopping spree.

The only lead investigators have is a picture of the woman taken by a former co-worker.

It began with a stolen purse in January. The woman assumed the victim's identity, even using her Social Security number, name and address. Somehow, the woman was hired at a North Texas Bank of America through a temp agency.

Officer David Tilley, with the Plano Police Department, said detectives were close to finding the woman but she had left the temporary job by the...Read full article, here.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Video: Kimberly Smedley Pleads Guilty To Illegal Silicone Butt Injection Charges: When Will Black Women Learn This Is Morally Wrong?

Here we go again, we have given you previous several stories before this one, regarding black women giving or receiving illegal butt injections.   We do not believe this is morally right in the eyes of God.  Of course, if black women are not born again Christians, they may not have a conscience nor see through a spiritual eye, regarding morals and values.  However those of us whom are true born again believers recognize this is possibly the new trend among some black women to make money, if they choose not to make money through a legitimate career.   Possibly, in this case of Kimberly Smedley, she probably thought since a lot of transgender and transsexual strippers seek to get butt injections at a lower cost than $10,000, she could make some quick cash.   However, it is against the law and morally wrong in the eyes of God.   

We encourage all of our dear sisters to please be smart and choose to do right.   Just because a lot of transgender men/women are choosing to illegally make money this way like in the case of the Black Madam, it does not make it right for any woman to do so.   If we have ultimate integrity about ourselves, we should never admire nor support these type of women, because in the eyes of God, it is wrong to involve ourselves with any sort of connections with reforming or changing the way God has created humanity.  It ought to be very offensive, if we have some sort of decency about ourselves.   We also see this as Satan's way to destroy the race of black women.  If we love ourselves so much as black women, why would we desire to give transgender people what God naturally gave us?  If we truly love ourselves as black women, why would we even risk the lives of other black women? Even when it comes to illegally injecting naturally black women with silicone injections in the buttocks, hips or breasts, it is degrading to the race of black women.  If we financially struggle it okay and God still loves us, but if we illegally make money it is not okay and we offend God and because we offend God, it is a sin.

Kimberly Smedley pleading guilty to this crime of illegal silicone butt injection charges will not be the last case, but we really pray that black women would learn choose integrity and not get involved with illegal activities, because we are better than that.  However, one can only be a servant if Jesus Christ to agree with integrity and we suppose this is why we are continuing to see a trend of illegal silicone implant treatments, many are not children of God. 

Furthermore, like all the other cases, we do not just blame Kimberly Smedley, we also blame those whom do not consider the possible risks, afterwards neither do they accept themselves how God naturally created them to be.   Therefore, when something does not go right, is it fair to complain?   We feel most definitely both parties should be in trouble for taking part in legal butt implant operations. 
Why anyone meet up in a hotel room and trust a stranger to change their body?

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Kimberly Smedley Pleads Guilty To Illegal Silicone Butt Injection Charges 

She's going to jail for literally putting junk in the trunk.

Georgia native Kimberly Smedley -- accused of traveling across the East Coast injecting women's buttocks with toxic silicone to enlarge them -- pleaded guilty today to a felony conspiracy charge stemming from the illegal operation, according to the Smoking Gun.

Smedley, 45, reportedly had clients in Baltimore, D.C., Detroit, Philadelphia and New York City who would pay a mere $1,600 for the injections. Smedley admitted to a New York Post reporter in 2008 that she was "not a nurse," yet her clients would pay for the process that included pumping their butts full of a silicone used for "metal or plastic lubrication...Read full article, here.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pastor Joel Osteen on Oprah’s Next Chapter Full Episode [VIDEO]

If you have not seen the full episode of Oprah's interview with Lakewood Church's Pastor Joel Osteen, you have an opportunity to see it now. has the full episode available now. We suggest if you watch it, make sure to see how Oprah has found her yet another imp for your life's work.

We are not sure if you all remember Oprah stating years ago that "there are many ways to Jesus", but she actually explores that question with Joel Osteen. Years ago, her audience and fans across the world, were very disturbed that she thought this when in actuality, there is only ONE WAY to God the FATHER and that's through His son Jesus Christ ( John 14:6 ).

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Watch Full Episode of Pastor Joel Osteen on Oprah’s Next Chapter [VIDEO] | AT2W

Whitney Houston's Death: Raffles van Exel Says He Wiped Clean Hotel Room of Evidence

raffles van exel and whitney houston
The Los Angeles County Coroner's Office has confirmed that there was cocaine in Whitney Houston's system when she died. But there is a question to why were there drugs in the singer's system but strangely enough there were no traces of drugs in her hotel room.

Now, what we are about to mention is what we felt in our heart of heart's in the case in Whitney Houston's death. The person that was hanging out with the singer days before and on the day of her death, has come forward. The infamous Raffles van Exel, known as a Hollywood Con and now widely known to have taken the casket photos of Whitney Houston, has admitted that he wiped the Beverly Hilton Hotel room clean of....

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Hollywood Con Raffles van Exel Admits He Tampered with Evidence in Whitney Houston’s Hotel Room | AT2W

Bodies Found in Detroit Woods are Missing Women from Hamtramck: Abreeya Brown's Mother Lois Speaks and Requests Donations for Proper Burial

We are giving you an update from yesterday.  Police say they have identified the bodies found and they are definitely the bodies of both victims, Abreeya Brown and her best friend, Ashley Conaway.  We hate hearing this news, because we were praying they would survive and be found before the the killers Brian Cain and Brian Lee would do harm to them, but God is yet very real.

Please watch and listen very closely to this update that not only give details on the gruesome discovery of both victims, but also the mother of Abreeya Brown, Lois Brown speaks out on the memory of her beloved daughter, Abreeya.  She also is requesting financial assistance for a proper burial for her daughter.

May both young ladies rest in peace with Jesus Christ.

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Bodies Found in Detroit Woods are Missing Women from Hamtramck

Associated Press

DETROIT (AP) -- The bodies of two women discovered buried in a wooded area on the west side of Detroit are the remains of two housemates who witnesses claim were forced into a car trunk at gunpoint nearly a month ago, the medical examiner's office said Monday.

Brooke Blackwell, spokeswoman for the Wayne County medical examiner, told The Associated Press the bodies discovered Sunday are Abreeya Brown and Ashley Conaway.

The women were found gagged and bound with duct tape in a shallow grave. Both were shot in the head, Blackwell said.

Brown and Conaway's bodies were clothed when they were found...Read full article, here.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Bodies Found in Detroit are Likely 2 Missing Women: Will Black People Ever Stop Killing Black Women?

Because many of our race of African Americans have denied Jesus Christ and refuse to serve Him, we do not think black people will ever stop destroying each other and unfortunately many of our dear sisters whom were good black women were not able to escape such oppression.  Like in the case of these two black women, Ashley Conaway and Abreeya Brown were both intelligent and did not cause trouble.   When Conaway met the wrong man, Brandon Cain whom could not accept she did not want to have a relationship with him, he snapped and shot her once before.  The bullets brazed her head and she and Brown who witnessed the shooting were going to testify against Cain.  He then approached them both with an offer of $5,000, which they refused.   So, he kidnapped them both and murdered them.   Spiritually, you will be able to understand what we are trying to say in this article, not just as a black woman, but a saved follower of Jesus Christ.   The reason why many of our race of black people have been cursed to kill and destroy each other, is simply because they refuse to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and even the ones whom profess Salvation have been hypocrites and have been on an assignment by Satan and his demons to murder the race of African Americans like white supremacists.

Yes, we can fast and pray among ourselves as true saints of God, but until African Americans repent to God and serve Him, they will never be able to stop sharing in destroying the race with white supremacists or any other race.   Whenever black men or black women harass and annoy and murder black women whom choose to avoid them and mind their own business, they have been given over to the Devil when they denied Jesus Christ.  Back in the early days when black people did not have equality, they were not so quick to murder their own kind.   When our ancestors were enslaved by white slave masters, they were not known to murder each other, some of them may have thought about murdering white supremacists like Nat Turner, because they wanted to end slavery, including lynchings and beatings in America.  During those years of African Americans facing severe racial discrimination, guns and knives used against each other was unheard of.   Therefore, this situation of Ashley Conaway and Abreeya Brown being murdered by Brian Cain and his friend, Brian Lee is nothing more than a case of rebellion.   Brian Cain and Brian Lee rebelled against God.   Think about it, if neither of these two guys accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, how could either of them love and respect each other or even these two black women?   The same goes many black people who cannot stand others, how can African Americans in general ever unite if they do not accept and serve Jesus Christ?   It is impossible for unity, love, peace, forgiveness and consideration for humanity to exist among the entire race of black people until they repent to Jesus Christ and unless they accept Him.  Therefore, this is why in the 21st century, we are witnessing some of the most gruesome crimes like this one while the majority of our race cannot understand why Trayvon Martin was murdered by Zimmerman, simply because many of our race refuse to love and respect each other.   Time after time, God is frowning down on the entire race who has always rallied against severe racial discrimination in this country , because many of them will not accept Jesus Christ.   There needs to be a complete repentance and surrender from the entire race of African Americans whom are the descendants of slaves in America, before we can see a supernatural change.  Our Bible says this in 2 Chronicles 7:14, "If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land."   That very verse can no longer be ignored by black men and black women, those are God's words.

May God rest the souls of Ashley Conaway and Abreeya Brown.  Both women minded their own business.  They were both college students and had a vision to become nurses.  We feel very bad, they got in the midst of a curse not caused by them, but caused by these two black men whom refuse to serve Jesus Christ.   We pray Brian Cain and Brian Lee give their souls to Jesus Christ before it is everlasting too late. 

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Bodies Found in Detroit are Likely 2 Missing Women

DETROIT - Following an intense search for two women from Hamtramck, the bodies of two women have been found in a shallow grave in Detroit. Police believe they may be Abreeya Brown and Ashley Conaway.

"On the surface, they fit the description of the two missing ladies. ... The families have been notified," Chief Ralph Godbee told reporters at the scene. "We're going to be out here a long time."

Abreeya Brown, 18, was abducted at gunpoint in late February along with her best friend and housemate, 22-year-old Ashley Conaway, right in front of their home on Andrus in Hamtramck. They had just returned from a restaurant when two men...Read full article, here.

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SC Mom, Shaquan Duley Will Be On Oprah: No Matter What You Have Done Black Women, Forgive Yourselves

In our opinion, it is about time Oprah Winfrey takes time to interview black women whom have made mistakes.   During her years of success of The Oprah Winfrey Show, it seemed as though she changed and neglected problems within the black community.   Now, of course, this sudden news of her upcoming interview with Shaquan Duley, 30, a South Carolina mother who allegedly murdered her own two boys and drove them both into the river does not surprise us since she has allegedly lost some of her income, according to previous various alleged reports.   If you recall back in the 1980's Oprah Winfrey seemed to care more about what was going on in the black community and what was negatively effecting African Americans as a whole, but seemed to change during the 1990's and years later.  Finally, we see she is reaching out to various black issues, she seemed to have left behind before she reached her status as a billionaire.   Regardless of many African Americans preferring diversity in the 21st century, we as black women can never forget those whom have been emotionally troubled.   We can never forget we are black women and many of us, if not all have experienced making wrong choices in life.   As children of God, Shaquan Duley and others whom have made the worst mistakes in their lives need to know, they are yet loved by not only us, but most importantly, God.

Sisters, being black women, sometimes it feels like we have been all alone in this world, so much, so often it seems like other black women have turned on us and even have joined other races and even abusive black men to keep us down.   Therefore, just because we may not have committed a crime like Shaquan Duley, does not mean any of us are better than her and also it does not mean we have not been driven to extreme anger and depression.   We must reach out to Shaquan Duley, because we know God forgave us from doing some of the worst sins, no matter whom pushed us aside and turned us away, many times even our kinfolk, including the black church.   Many of us have been rejected, neglected and ostracized not just by white supremacists, but from our very own race of people.   If so, this article is definitely for you to realize you need to love yourself, because God loves you.   You need to forgive yourself, because God loves you.  God not only loves us, but He created us.   

Dear sisters, you are going to have to not be ashamed to embrace black women like Shaquan Duley, because at some time in your life, you were mistreated by friends, parents, siblings, co-workers, you name it.   Learn to think about how people judged and criticized you for just being you.   Learn to think about how people judged and criticized you for committing sin, when it was not even none of their business, it was only their business to pray for you and they failed to do so.   So, you felt emotionally driven and so many times, you may have had to hold back from physically harming someone else or yourself.   In this world, nobody is perfect, there are only perpetrators whom pretend as though they are so prefect they are above humanity.    God wants you to love Him and not rebel against His Word.   Therefore, take heed, before being driven to snap and not mean to.   Ladies, we are human and Shaquan Duley is one of the best examples of a black woman whom has always probably been one of the most nicest people we would ever want to meet.   However, in a previous report, it was allegedly mentioned she was put down by her mother for not being a good parent.   Therefore, even if it is your own mother pointing out your flaws and not saying kind things to you, you need to seek God.   You need to allow God to manifest Himself in you, so you will can rise above negative things people say or do to you.   Allow God to prove you can let go of your past, no matter how bad it was, because people live and die and they do not own your soul, only God when you make a decision to accept and serve Him.   

If you have been to prison like Shaquan Duley and you feel like your life is over, please go to our Salvation page to receive Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.   Maybe you have never been to prison, but you have felt driven to hurt someone or yourself, because you have felt as though you have been in a spiritual prison, you need Jesus Christ and you need to accept and live for Him.   Sisters, learn to focus on God and not on man.   Mankind cannot heal you of your emotional pain, only God.   White, black, Latino or Asian can say and do some of the worst things to you and their cruelty makes you feel like you are nothing, but to God, you are so beautiful and you deserve better.   Make up in your mind if you are going to allow Him to take control of your life and those whom try to control your life with cruel words and torment avoid, forgive and pray for them at a distance while allowing God to make you into what He wants you to be, a virtuous, holy and righteous woman whom loves herself, no matter whom she was in the past, that's you.

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Lawyer: SC mom accused of killing sons remorseful

ORANGEBURG, S.C. (AP) -- Talk show host and media mogul Oprah Winfrey has conducted a jailhouse interview with a South Carolina mother who pleaded guilty to killing her two sons.

Winfrey went to the jail in Orangeburg last week where 30-year-old Shaquan Duley is awaiting sentencing.

Winfrey interviewed Duley's family in September 2010, a month after Duley suffocated her 2-year-old and 18-month-old sons....Read full article, here.

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Tania Coleman Convicted Of Starving 14-Month-Old Daughter: Black Women, Please Love Your Children

We cannot understand why this black mother, Tania Coleman would starve her own child to death.  All we can say is this, she must have some deep issues, she never dealt with to do such a thing.   However, Tania Coleman is not the first mother to do such a cruel thing to her own child.  There are many black women who have evil spirits and will not ask God to save them.  They refuse to repent and act as though they do not have any problems.  Many black women are good mothers, but there are many whom hate the children they bore and will do anything to get rid of them.   In this case, Coleman hid the child in a suitcase and put the child in trash on the street.   This is very painful to admit, but these sort of black women are bound for hell unless they repent.  Such insane cruelty is one of the main reasons why we have such hatred within our own race, because you figure many black mothers whom resent their children, but never went as far as Tania Coleman to get rid of them, the child will grow up and hate other people.  If black women think it is okay to hate their children, then how can the race of African Americans ever heal from so much hate and unite?  It won't happen, the more these type of mothers hate their children, the more children will have animosity toward each other and then they will continue to grow up in an extreme hostile environment.  

Dear sisters, if you cannot love your own children, God would rather you put them up for adoption.  Give them to someone whom will love them. Do not throw your children away nor keep and raise them while reminding them you hate them in all sort of vicious ways.   This is why we have so many bitter grown black men and black women now, as a child, many of their mothers and fathers, neglected and rejected them.   They recall ugly words that rob them of self-confidence and so they began turning on other people, not knowing how to love them.   We not only blame black mothers whom do this, but also black fathers, because if they do not remain in the household, they stick around and show so much hate toward the child.   Therefore, when we as a race face racial discrimination as a whole, we are too weak to fight, because many black people are a divided people.   Division or unity begins at home and if there is division, it is probably because black mothers like Tania Coleman or fathers have shown so much hate toward their children.   

Possibly, somewhere in Tania Coleman's background, her mother told her she was nothing and she would never amount up to anything.   These sort of women feel worthless and many of it occurs in the race of black people.     Whenever you see black women like Tania Coleman, it is a great possibility, she did not get enough love as a child and does not think much of herself as a mother.  Therefore, in her mind she mistreated the child just how she feels about herself.  This black woman probably hates herself, because whenever you throw away your child, you do not like yourself, the child is came out of her womb.   Another factor would be she hated the father and to her, the baby came out to resemble the father whom hurt her very bad, so she was so bitter she just threw away the child.  Abandonment could occur for many obvious reasons and we are not making excuses, we are just trying to figure out what various emotional problems could have caused such a murder, from a mother to her own child. 

If this is true in your case, seek not only psychological help, but you need spiritual help, because this is bottled up hurt. We encourage you to go to our Salvation page and ask Jesus Christ to come into your life, because He loves you more than you love yourself.  It does not matter what type of background you came out of, age or status, you need God to heal you.  God will help you get over your pain, but you must ask for it and receive it in your life.  If you feel worthless as a parent, then seek Salvation and learn how to live for God and win souls for Him.  Eventually, you will feel God's love and you will began to not only love yourself, but also your children.  Humble yourself before the almighty throne of God and allow Him to heal your emotional wounds, because He can do it.   If you are a woman whom has a lot of bitterness toward your children's father, forgive him for whatever he did to you or however he left you.   You must let go of the pain and begin to pray for him, because if you don't, you will be struggling to be happy and not know how to love your child for the rest of your life.   So please, take heed now dear sister.   We love you very much in Christ.

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Tania Coleman Convicted Of Starving 14-Month-Old Daughter

ERIE, Pa. -- A northwestern Pennsylvania woman will spend the rest of her life in prison for starving her 14-month-old daughter to death and hiding her body in a suitcase that was discovered in a pile of trash on the street.

The jury needed just three hours Thursday to convict Tania Coleman of first-degree murder in the death of her daughter, Alayja.

The toddler's decomposing body was found among the trash last May by an Erie firefighter responding to an...Read full article, here.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Leslie Rainer, Blanche Ely Teacher, Suspended For Calling Student 'Little Chocolate Boy', 'Chocolate Nobody Wanted': Why Are Many Black Women Racist Against Their Race

We know this is a previous case before the one in Seattle; however, we are just now finding out about it and had to submit this report.  We cannot allow Leslie Rainer to get off the hook, because as you can see in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, racial discrimination has not ceased, although we have become very diverse, especially in interracial marriages.  It is so obvious why many generations of black children grow up feeling insecure, because of their skin shade.  Many of them no doubt caught this racism while in their mother's wombs.  Why is it we cannot get past this issue?  It has got to be an evil genetic gene and no different than the evil of white supremacists whom do not like the entire race of black people, it just hurts much worse when your own race hates you for being black.  In the other case, involving the Seattle Superintendent, Ethelda Burke, she allegedly insulted five grown people.  In this case, involving school teacher, Leslie Rainer, she allegedly insulted a student.   Although, she claims the student was a relative, why would she make those remarks to anyone she is related to?   This means it could have been much worse, her family maybe racist against black people and may not like themselves.

Many times, it is the African Americans with dark skin whom hate dark skin people whom possess the same shade as themselves, not all the time light skin African Americans.  Therefore, if we are yet experiencing racial discrimination from other races, our very own race is to blame.   We will forever experience racial discrimination like Trayvon Martin until we repent to God and each other for hating each other.   We can complain and continue to rally against other races hating and killing our race all we want, but nothing will ever change unless black people began loving themselves and each other and stop denying being black.   This is offensive not only to others whom have no problems with the way God made them, but most importantly, it is offensive to God whom created us.  The more discrimination our race gives out to each other, the more it is coming back to us from other races like in the case of Trayvon Martin.  

We cannot understand why many black people either do not want to be black or dark skin.  Definitely, it is Satan's game to destroy the black community while many of our people are being murdered like Trayvon Martin.

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Leslie Rainer, Blanche Ely Teacher, Suspended For Calling Student 'Little Chocolate Boy', 'Chocolate Nobody Wanted' (WATCH)

A South Florida reading teacher accused of calling a Haitian student "little chocolate boy" and "chocolate nobody wanted" will be suspended.
Leslie Rainer, 46, was ordered suspended for 10 days without pay Tuesday following a hearing with the Broward County School Board, more than three times the duration Superintendent Robert Runcie had initially recommended.
“If you allow that instructor to remain in the classroom, she's risky business," the Haitian-American Coalition's Jean Robert La Fortune told the board, arguing for Rainer's dismissal before a vote was taken.
Rainer is accused of making the comments, some of which were captured on video, on the job last May at Pompano Beach Blanche Ely High School. In an administrative complaint, Runcie said Rainer, who is black, has a history of "inappropriate conduct...Read full article, here.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Black Staff Accuse Black Woman, School Superintendent of Racial Discrimination: God Cannot Bless African Americans Until They Stop Hating Being Black

Since the news broke, regarding the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in NYC our journalists have been very annoyed how many black people continue to disrespect each other while outraged over the news of such similar tragedies.   Such hatred from people like Ethelda Burke always occurs while we as African Americans have had to endure racial discrimination from other races.   It makes life very difficult, so hard, the "shade issue" seems to be an ancient demon among us that never ceases, but remains to cause such an emotional strain on us as a whole.   The ancient demon of the "shade or complexion issue" has dominated the spirits of black women and men whom pass it down into the innocent spirits of their children and grandchildren, it causes black people to live throughout life, focusing on skin shades and it is so sickening.  You wonder why we are just now getting a black (bi-racial) President?   Many black people like this school superintendent have caused so much of a complex, white supremacists have been able to conquer our ability to succeed as we should, just as human beings like every other race.  

On the Superintendent's Message from Ethelda Burke, you will see how she proudly talks about diversity among various races, "Our rich community touts several races, cultures, and ethnic groups, being the most diverse school district in the nation."  See for yourself, here at Tukwila School District.  However, it is so sad this black women allegedly does not want to love and unite with her own race, but honors diversity among various races.  Unfortunately such similar attitudes has destroyed the African American race from progress.

Trayvon Martin's murder is just one of many cases.   There has been many cases of racial discrimination, but the reason why they are bound to repeatedly occur, is because of so much hatred among African Americans.   This case of Superintendent Ethelda Burke has happened throughout many generations within many African American families, friends and neighbors within the black community.  Therefore, such self-hatred has destroyed unity among African Americans.  In the 21st century, we are yet dealing with the same issue of skin shades, very strange.   Why is it?   Simply, because it is an ancient demon many African Americans like Ethelda Burke have been possessed with.   Early on in Ethelda Burke's life, she could have experienced such hatred and so it seems as though she has never let it go and decided to share her poison with others and the Devil in her has enjoyed the emotional pain in the process.   These 9 employees whom work for her are grown people whom are dealing with something a lot of us have dealt with in our childhood.   When other grown people act like this black woman, Ethelda Burke, it makes you feel as though we as African Americans have some demonic shackles we have never been able to get rid of, except those of us whom are saved through Jesus Christ.   However, please realize this is an other form of slavery.   The sort of emotional affliction Ethelda Burke has caused on these black employees is an ancient demon that was created by Satan and his demons.  It may have begun in slavery days when slave-masters would place their mulatto children as maidservants and the dark skin in the fields, but it was created by Satan. However, after you watch the following video you will recognize, Ethelda Burkes hurt all shades of her own race and they discussed it as they sat at the round table.  Shade discrimination is a form of mental slavery.   It creates mental barriers among the African American race whom are trying to avoid evil forces that come from other races that hate black people, similar cases like Trayvon Martin.   Ethelda Burke's alleged demonic personality is the reason why we African Americans run from each other and while doing so, other races that hate us are more accepted within society.

The insanity is, the more black people act like this black woman, Ethelda Burke, the more we are among diversity with other races, but lack extreme unity within our own race.  Therefore, God cannot bless African Americans until they stop hating how He created them, as black people.  This is one of the main reasons why God's wrath has been against many black people throughout many generations, because they refuse to love and accept His creation and act as though they are punishing others whom look like them, this definitely hurts God.   Such hatred is a sin and if black people do not repent, many of them will fail to receive the blessings God has designed for them in their lives.  Therefore, instead of blessings there will be curses within many lives of black people..  Solomon 1:6 says, 'don't hate me because I am black'.   This scripture was not just for those whom are white supremacists or any other race, but also for black people whom hate being black and others whom look like them.

If you need God to save you from being like this black woman, Superintendent Ethelda Burke, please go to our Salvation page, repent and ask God to save you.  Ask Jesus Christ to come into your life and make you a changed woman or man, so that children can stop following such evil ways of self-hatred and even among themselves.   Jesus love you and He wants to set you totally free from this ancient demon that has ruled African Americans for too long.

 Watch Video

‘Stop being a big, black man scaring our white drivers’: Black staff accuse black school superintendent of racial discrimination

By Alfonso Serrano F.

Nine black school district employees have filed racial discrimination complaints against their black superintendent and are demanding her immediate suspension.

The employees from the Tukwila School District, south of Seattle, Washington, have filed complaints with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against superintendent Ethelda Burke.

The accusers range from vice principals...Read full article, here.

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Kansas City Man Shoots Wife Dead in Car Before Committing Suicide: Demonic Warfare In Marriage

On Tuesday, allegedly Jedidah Alexander, 25, shot his wife Alshyshia, 24, then committed suicide.  This is really a sad case of such a wonderful young couple who never could imagined this would happened when they exchanged wedding vows, to marry for better or for worse.  Many couples fall in love never think their marriage will end in a tragedy, because once you feel you have found love, the two of you commit to a bond to have children and live and enjoy your golden years while watching your grandchildren grow up.  This is why we really support heterosexual marriages only, because God created it to be this way.   You marry and have future generations, which was commanded in the book of Genesis, 1:2: 'And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.'  But then the Bible also said in, Exodus 20:13, 'thou shall not kill'.  Therefore, there are biblical scriptures for every situation in our marriages we are supposed to abide by, even when it comes to demonic warfare.

This is why we try to encourage black women to make sure you are serving God, not just accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but you must make very sure you are living for Him.   We are not saying this dear sister, Alshyshia was not a child of God, what we are saying is this, you should remind yourself daily that even in our marriages, we are dealing with demonic warfare and we cannot handle it.   Demonic warfare is God's battle, all He expects us to do, is live for Him and win souls into the body of Christ.   Satan does not want men and women together and this is why he tries to take control of our happiness.   He wants us to be homosexuals and not have children.  The Devil gets mad when married couples do things God's way as a man and a woman in matrimony, because he knows God commanded us to be fruitful and multiply since the beginning the universe.  Therefore, do not be shocked of what is going on among us in the nation and abroad on the subject of homosexuality and same sex couples.   If Satan cannot have his way with us to be in a same sex relationship, then he tries to annoy our marriages, which was designed by God as men and women.   In this case of Jedidah and Alshyshia, Satan was working in the car that day.   As women of God, not just as black women, we should give our souls to God and focus on Him, even when it seems like everything is falling a part and our husbands are threatening us.   If we feel like our husband maybe so angry and murder could happen, we are supposed to start praying right at that moment.   Do not argue back with him, just plead the blood of Jesus, because there is power in His name.   When you began crying out to God for His help to bring peace between you and your husband, Satan's plan for a tragedy have no choice but to cease.   

Also as black women, we must make sure we are saved and if our husbands are not saved, we have to make sure we win them to Jesus Christ, if we have accepted Him first.   Although, men and women maybe married as one yoke, both parties have to be saved and filled with the Holy Spirit.   Although,  Jedidah and Alshyshia Alexander may have been in the right type of marriage, God could have been waiting on both of them to serve him.   This is what we are trying to say, you could be doing everything right as black women being married to a man, but if God is waiting on our souls to be dedicated to Him and His Kingdom, then it will not work.  This just does not go for this deceased couple, this goes for all of us.   Satan wants to make it look like marriages do not work between men and women, so it will seem like it is okay to be a homosexual and marry the same sex, but we have to prove him wrong by making sure God is the head of our lives and our marriages, so that we can be an example in this age among many lost souls whom are condoning same sex marriages.

The demonic warfare was very obvious in the marriage of Jedidah and Alshyshia Alexander, because Alshyshia has been enduring so much emotional pain before this had happened in prior years.  She was planning to divorce Jedidah.   It seems as though he could not accept the fact that she would go on in life without him and so he snapped in front of all three of their children.  May they both rest in peace and we are praying for all three of their sons.

If you need Jesus Christ to rule in your marriage and you feel like you are in a demonic warfare, please go to our Salvation page and receive Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.  

 Watch Video

Watch Video

Man shoots wife dead in car before committing suicide as their three young boys witness horror from the back seat

A Kansas City man apparently shot his wife dead in their car before turning the gun on himself as their three young boys sat in the back seat.

Jedidah Alexander, 25, and his wife Alyshia, 24, died of gunshot wounds Tuesday in what police are describing as a murder-suicide. Police investigators say they are not looking for any suspects.

Their three children -- Jedidah, 3, Jerimiah, 2, and Jaedin, 1 -- were found in the car's back seat splattered in blood and crying, but physically unharmed...Read full article, here.

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Video Courtesy:

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Black Woman Shanae Lewis Experiences Racism From Her Own Race, She Receives A Receipt From Radio Shack That Read: 'ugly itch ghettohood usa' typed on it

Shanae Lewis receives an insulting receipt from radio shack that read,  'ugly itch ghettohood usa' typed on it.  It was not given by a white supremacist working at the store, but it was a black guy who typed out those insulting words.   We see it as racist, because if those words were typed out by a white person, the person would have probably been fired or forced to give an apology, but Radio Shack's corporation, allegedly based in Fort Worth, Texas has only said they have tried to contact her with an apology with no success.   No, as any decent black woman, she wants an apology from the sales associate or even to be fired for not doing so, which would be expected if it was a white supremacist doing such a thing, it's only fair.

Many times, it is our very own race that does many types of evil things to bring us down as strong black women.   Is God pleased with it?  Absolutely not and this is the reason why African Americans cannot rise above the very own race that enslaved our ancestors, centuries ago.  When you look at those typed words in the above receipt, it would be very insulting for any black woman or even a black man to look at.   The sales associate claims he was only playing, but is that the sort of response we would expect if it were a white, Latino or Asian person?   We cannot expect to do and say cruel things to each other and then just say we are just playing as though the other person has no right to be offended.   God will judge evil doers among African Americans, just like he has been holding white supremacists accountable for all of the evil things that have inflicted on the race for many years.   It is not fair for we as black women to just always complain about racism from white people and not speak out against such ignorance from our own race.   Let us continue to be strong like our dear sister, Shanae Lewis and not stand for this sort of cruelty, because the more African American experience racial discrimination, the more we are expected to unite and it is not fair.   We cannot unite with black men or black women who mistreat us this way, we can only unite with those whom are God-fearing born again Christians, there is no other way and unity will never occur until all black men and black women surrender to God and refuse to act out in this manner.

 Watch Video

'I want nothing to do with Radio Shack ever again': Customer's outrage she gets receipt with 'ugly itch ghettohood usa' typed on it

By Daily Mail Reporter

A Maryland shopper says she got nothing but attitude and rude writings of a disgruntled Radio Shack employee when she returned an item.

Shanae Lewis, 27, said she was driving to Washington, D.C., from Baltimore on Monday when she decided to pop in to a Montgomery County Radio Shack to buy a cassette adapter for her car.

The adapter was $20, but when the Radio Shack worker mentioned the 5-cent bag tax, Ms Lewis was confused, and said she's never heard of it.

After a brief exchange with the salesman, she decided she didn’t want the adapter anymore and...Read full article, here.

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Source, Photo Courtesy and Video:

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Update: Charges Filed in Shooting Involving Two Missing Hamtramck Women

This is an update, regarding the two missing Hamtramck women, Abreeya Brown and Ashley Conaway who were both kidnapped at gunpoint, weeks ago.   Charges are finally being charged against 24-year-old Brian Christopher Lee with Assault with Intent to Murder in connection with a previous shooting incident and also Co-defendant Brandon Cain was charged on March 11, 2012 with two counts of Assault with Intent to Murder, Assault with Intent to Do Great Bodily Harm and two counts of Felonious Assault, according to

Police have not yet admitted to finding the remains of Brown or Conaway and they have requested for the DNA of Lois Brown, mother of Abreeya Brown.   We can suspect their request is possibly to identify the remains of one of the missing women.  

This sudden news is very sad, too bad
Brian Lee and his accomplince, Brandon Cain could not have been in court to face trial before these two women came up missing.  However, we pray they both find Jesus Christ and fully repent for the kidnapping and alleged murder of these two women.

May Abreeya Brown and Ashley Conaway rest in peace if they are dead.

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Charges Filed in Shooting Involving Two Missing Hamtramck Women

DETROIT (WJBK) - The Wayne County Prosecutor has charged a second man in connection with a shooting which police believe eventually lead to the disappearance of two women.

Prosecutor Kym Worthy has charged 24-year-old Brian Christopher Lee with Assault with Intent to Murder in connection with a shooting incident involving victims 22 year-old Ashley Conaway and 18 year-old Abreeya Brown, both of Hamtramck.

Prosecutors say on February 8, 2012 Lee fired shots into a car being driven by Conaway with Brown in the passenger...Read full article, here. 

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Watch Oprah’s Interview with Whitney Houston’s Family [VIDEOS]

bobbi kristina  interview with oprah

In the days following Whitney Houston's death, her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, says she's doing as well as she can. Watch as she shares with Oprah how she's working through this tough time, how she still feels her mother's presence and why she hasn't been able to listen to her mother's music quite yet.

See all video clips of the interview here:

Watch Oprah’s Interview with Whitney Houston’s Family [VIDEOS] | AT2W

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: Police have recorded conversations between suspected kidnapper & abducted Hamtramck women

This is a late update, we are so sorry for the delay.  The following video shows the burnt car and the alleged killers facing a judge in court.  As you know, we have been keeping you up to date, regarding this crime.   Now on our post prior to this one, we reported the two black women, Ashley Conaway and her best friend, Abreeya Brown's bodies are supposed to be buried in a Detroit park, but so far, nothing has been found.  Lois Brown, Brown's mother has been seen pleading on the news for Brandon Cain to release both women, but we are afraid this could be a dead end.  Also, we suspect Cain,  the alleged killer could also be responsible for the other homicides involving the series of dead escorts whom were burnt in the trunks of their cars and also the disappearances of strippers whom were never found, which occurred two or three months ago.  Hopefully, police will look into this possibility.

Police also claim they have recorded conversations between the alleged kidnapper and abducted women.   Before, these two women disappeared, police were protecting them by reserving a motel room in Sterling Heights for them until after the court case.  They knew it was unsafe for them to return to Hamtramck,  Obviously, they were being watched when they returned home, after buying a meal at a local fast food restaurant, because the kidnappers exchanged gunfire with Brown's father and dumped them in the trunk of the car.  Now, they both could be dead and buried at a deserted location in a park, according to the latest news.

May they both rest in peace.

 Watch Video

EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: Police have recorded conversations between suspected kidnapper & abducted women

By: Web Staff

HAMTRAMCK, Mich. (WXYZ) - New details are emerging in the case of two missing women who were kidnapped at gunpoint and forced into a trunk of a car.

7 Action News has learned that police recorded conversations between the suspected kidnapper and the two women before they were abducted in Hamtramck.

Concerned for their safety, police put Ashley Conaway , 21, and Abreeya Brown, 18 in a motel in Sterling Heights and told them to stay away from Hamtramck .

Police were trying to keep the girls out of Hamtramck to keep them safe after a shooting in which Ashley was struck.

That incident happened on February 8 in Detroit. Police believe the prime suspect in the disappearance of the women, Brandon Cain, was trying to keep them quiet about the shooting.

Sources say Cain threatened Conaway . Telling her if she left her house, she was going to die...Read full article, here.

Source, Video : http://www.wxyz.comand 

Photo Courtesy:

Video: Young Black Women Maybe Dead: Search for Abducted Hamtramck Women Leads to Detroit Park

This sudden news is so sad, dear sisters.  These two missing black women, Ashley Conaway and Abreeya Brown could be dead, buried somewhere in a Detroit park, according to the latest report.  Not far from Detroit's Eliza Howell Park is where police found the burned car, now it has been allegedly said these two young black women are buried there.   Violence against black women seems to never stop and the more many of our dear sisters are murdered, the more division there is within our race of African Americans.  Some may ask what is the answer?  As we have told you all along, the answer is Jesus Christ.   As African Americans, men, women, boys and girls, it is time for us to repent in unity and let God know we are sorry for whatever we have done to offend Him in our lives.   This is the only way unity will ever exist among not only black women, but also everyone else within our race of people.   There is too much hatred among not only black men against black women, but many black women fail to love each other, even if we are strangers.   God is the only One who can remove the hatred among African Americans, which is no different than the hatred that the white supremacists have for us.

We are living in such a spiritual warfare, it is no longer about whites and Latinos hating our race, but for many years, black people have killed each other.  In this particular case involving these two black women, Ashley Conaway and Abreeya Brown were both living upright lives.  They both were college students and had dreams of having long term careers as nurses.   All because Conaway allegedly did not want nothing more than a friendship with Brandon Cain is what made him mad, according to a previous report.   There is no excuse for such ignorance, because if she refused to have anything more to do with him than a friendship, then he should have been man enough to move one and respect her, not braze her head with bullets and then certainly not to lure she and her friend with money to keep them from testifying against him.   This guy was such a gangster he had got his buddy, Brian Lee to allegedly join in on this double homicide.

Even if black men refuse Jesus Christ, it is up to us to accept Him and win others into the body of Christ.   As black women, we must now unite and become prayer warriors.   We must unite, fast and pray and turn against sin.   Therefore, when we do so, we will have combine power to pray against the murdering demon within our own race and even that comes from others outside of the race.   Our dear sisters, Ashley Conaway and Abreeya Brown were the best of friends and neither one of them deserve to die this way.   They deserved to be treated like queens, for in our history, we have already lost black women who died along with black men in slavery.  Many of our fore-mothers were raped in the fields and enforced to bore children by their slave-masters and for that reason, we should always remember never to disrespect each other as black women and most importantly never disrespect God whom brought our fore-mothers out of that era.   Furthermore, although we rebuke death, God obviously wanted us to learn something from this situation of Conaway and Brown and we cannot stop seeking and serving Him.   Even if we never earn respect from black men, we have to remember to always acknowledge God and know He created us for a reason, not by accident.   He loves us so much more than the men we may come in contact with in our lives, regardless what color they are.

It does not matter what type of black women we may come across, we are going to have to learn to respect them as we Christ loves us.   Possibly, many of our dear sisters, we may come across on a daily basis may not be living upright lives like our two sisters, Conaway and Brown, but they never deserve to die that way neither deserve to be talked about while they live.

Let us pray for the families of the two young black women who may be dead and may they both rest in peace.    If you are not saved, you may join the family of God, by going to our Salvation page and accept Him.   If you need prayer, all you have to do, is subscribe, then respond and an appointed minister will call you back.   God bless you dear sisters.

 Watch Video

Search for Abducted Hamtramck Women Leads to Detroit Park

ST. CLAIR SHORES, Mich. (WJBK) -- Outside the Saint Clair Shores Kentucky Fried Chicken where Ashley Conaway worked, friends and family held a candlelight vigil praying for Conaway and Abreeya Brown. Both were kidnapped in a hail of gunfire outside a Hamtramck home a week ago.

"I just want everybody to continue to pray that they come home. I want them home," said Lisa Conaway, Ashley's stepmother.

"I'm just here for them to come home. That's somebody's daughter, somebody's sister, somebody [loves] them," said co-worker Donte Spurlock.

They are holding out hope the women are still alive...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo Courtesy:

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