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Update: Family of 2 Kidnapped Women Pleads for Their Release

Lois Brown is the mother of Abreeya Brown who has been missing with her friend, Ashley Conaway since late Tuesday night.  If you have been following our articles, we just gave you information about the two friends whom were kidnapped at gunpoint on the front porch of their home.   Brown's stepfather exchanged gunfire with the kidnapper, Brandon Cain we found out is the ex-boyfriend of Ashley who broke up with him, he was shooting at them both back then.  After brazing Ashley's head with the bullet, he was facing attempted murder charges, but tried to pay both friends $5,000 not to testify against him.  When they refused to take the money, he kidnapped them late Tuesday night.

Lois Brown received text messages from the victims, pleading for help and informing her they were trapped in a trunk of a car.  Now, police are looking for where they could be right now.  Hopefully, Cain releases the two women and they return, safe.

Brandon Cain does not even realize he has got more charges against him, whether he releases the two women or not.  Now, he will be facing kidnapping charges, not just attempted murder and if he is foolish enough to kill, it will be much worse for him.   If he is smart, he should do the right thing and let them both go.

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Police: 2 Women Kidnapped in Hamtramck

Abreeya Brown, Ashley Conaway taken from home

By Staff

HAMTRAMCK, Mich. (WJBK) -- An intense search continues for two women from Hamtramck. Police say the women were taken away at gunpoint and could be in extreme danger. Police believe at least two men were involved with this crime.

"Please bring my baby back to me safely," said Lois Brown as she pleaded Wednesday for her daughter's return.

18-year-old Abreeya Brown was abducted at gunpoint along with her best friend...Read full article, here.

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Video: 2 Women Kidnapped in Hamtramck: Could These Two Black Women Be Dead or Alive?

These two black women were only doing right when they were both allegedly abducted from their home, in front of one of their fathers.   Abreeya Brown, 18, and Ashley Conaway, 21, were taken away from their residence, because both of them were allegedly asked to pay not to testify in a trial against a previous shooting.  One of these black women was a victim and the other was a witness.   This sudden news does not surprise us, because in the black community there has been a history of witnesses being threatened for telling the truth in various sorts of cases, but especially in cases that involve murders and drugs.   It is so sad in the 21st century, these two black women were both held at gunpoint for doing right.

The question remains, could they either or both of these black women be dead or alive.   It is very sad to wait to see what may occur, after they both were kidnapped although one of their fathers exchanged gunfire with the kidnapper.

It is so very sad what has just happened to these two black women, but this is something that has helped destroy love, unity and power within the black community.  Many wicked people whom happened to be black destroy their own for doing right and they do not care whom they hurt or kill.   We must take heed to this situation and acknowledge that although we yet face racial discrimination as black women, Satan is also using our own race to take our lives, if they are not living for Jesus Christ.   No longer are we in an era that has such strong civil rights activists whose main focus was about racial discrimination, we are living in a time when Satan is making it very clear, he is using all races of people to destroy our sisters.   This is why it is so very important for us to remain close to Jesus Christ.   Let us keep on serving Him, no matter who makes fun of us in our own race or community.   Satan wants us to think God does not exist, but He does exist.  God is very real and as we have revealed to you many videos on SCR blog that featured people who actually went died and met Jesus Christ and came back to tell about it.   Jesus showed them heaven and hell.  So, do not let anyone tell you, you are wasting your time to serve Jesus Christ.  The Bible says, 'Satan comes to kill, steal and to destroy, but He comes that we may have life and have it more abundantly' (John 10:10).  Therefore, the Devil does not care whom he uses to try and destroy our lives, many times it is our very own race of women, if do not know God.

We must be very courageous in our walk with Jesus Christ and share the good news of the gospel, no matter how difficult it may seem.  Too many of our sisters are losing their lives.  Not all of them are prostitutes(escorts), strippers or living the fast life, many desire to do right, but get caught up in the wrong atmosphere and when we choose not to do wrong, our lives are at risk many times in the black community.  Most of the civil rights activists today yet try to encourage unity in the black community, but when Jesus Christ is not invited into the souls of our people, then how can there ever be peace for unity to occur?

Let us pray for these two black women,
Abreeya Brown and Ashley Conaway and ask for God's divine protection for their lives:

Jesus we bring our dear sisters before you right now.   We do not know if they are alive or dead, but we are trusting and believing you will protect them, if we ask you.   We do not know if either of them are saved, dear Lord.   However, wherever they are, we ask that they call upon you, right now.  We pray they call on your angels to protect them, in the name of Jesus.  Now, we bind every demonic force that is trying to kill them.  We bind the Devil in the minds and souls of the alleged kidnappers.   God just like you commanded King Pharaoh to release the children of Israel from captivity, we know you can do it, now.   We realize that slavery can also be within our very own race.   We realize that our own race has also enslaved us for doing right or even being righteous, Father.   We plead the blood of Jesus right now over these two young ladies lives, right now.  In the name of Jesus.   Amen.

If you need God in your life, dear sister.  Please visit our Salvation page and receive Jesus Christ in your life, today.

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Police: 2 Women Kidnapped in Hamtramck

Abreeya Brown, Ashley Conaway taken from home

By Staff

HAMTRAMCK, Mich. (WJBK) - Police say two women have been abducted in the Detroit enclave of Hamtramck.
According to a release, Abreeya Brown, 18, and Ashley Conaway, 21, were taken in front of a home on the 2500 block of Andrus Street late Tuesday night. Brown's father tells police he exchanged gunfire with two suspects before they fled with his daughter and her friend.

When police arrived, Detective Prima Brennan says they found Brown's vehicle still running with both doors open and the back window shot out. Brown's handbag was found on the ground...Read full article, here. 

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Why Couldn’t Whitney Houston's 'Spiritual Influenced Friends' Keep Her Alive Today?

Whitney Houston

We wanted to state that we were really broken up about Whitney Houston's passing. We learned quite a bit about her upbringing and how the church and others influenced her. We did not know she claimed such a great collaboration of gospel and church leaders as an anchor for her. But we are concerned about this so called 'spiritual influence'.

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Whitney Houston: Why Couldn’t All Of Her Spiritual Influenced Friends Keep Her Alive Today

Video: Detroit Teen Guns Down His Own Mother: Ways To Prevent This From Happening To You

Thirty-six-year-old Tamiko Robinson was shot and killed by her son, Joshua Smith while she was asleep on the couch.  Robinson's brother allegedly claim Smith was angry at his mother who gave him tough love.   She tried to keep him from being involved with gang activity and even took him off the streets of Detroit and brought him home.  She was a good mother to care for her rebellious son, but obviously, her love was not enough to keep him from resenting her strictness and consideration for his life.   There was obviously a demonic power that took over this teen to cause him to shoot and kill his mother as she was asleep.

Although, we touched basis on this report at SCR blog, we thought we would give our dear sisters something to help them, if they are living in fear, because their own child refuse to obey authority.  This is definitely  a spiritual matter, because we believe either a child is led by a demonic spirit or completely under God's anointing, if they have yielded their souls to Jesus Christ.   We also touched basis, regarding the type of home it could have been that allowed him to go into his stepfather's belongings and get his gun.   Therefore, no guns should ever be in the house.  We even believe if this was a Christian family, no guns should have ever been inside of the house, although we are aware some 'so-call' professed Christians have guns in their homes.   Regardless, we feel Jesus Christ must be the center of attention in each and every household, because if He is not, then do not be surprised what demons are controlled inside of the any family member's soul to commit such an evil act.  

So, are you in a situation where your children are completely rebelling against your authority and you feel like there is nothing you can do?   If so, you must take heed to what we are about to tell you, because there is a spiritual forces from the pit of hell, you cannot see.    You must control your household using complete spiritual principles designed by God.   You may think just because you carried your child for nine months you have full control and this is probably what Tamiko Robinson thought without a doubt, but God and His angels presence is the only and greatest key to molding and shaping your children in the right direction they should go in life.   Satan and His demons are very real and if you are not saved, you must immediately give your life to the Lord, before it is everlasting too late.  Also, you must be saved to have power over evil forces that come against you, it does not matter if they are working in your husband, children or any other family member, you must first accept Jesus Christ in your life and you can go directly to our Salvation page to make that happen.  Next, you must purchase a bottle of olive oil and pray over it.  Just pray a simple prayer and ask God to bless the oil.  This is something that is usually done by your pastor whom pastors a sanctified church, but because of mega ministries, we know these sort of pastors are very rare, so you can bless your oil yourself.   Next go around your house and just put a tiny dab of oil on the walls of your home as often as you would like, usually once a day is good enough, but you may desire to do it, one time in the morning and then at midnight when everyone is asleep.  Bind every demon from the pit of hell and command Satan and his demons to flee your household.  When you anoint your house, yourself and even your children, you are keeping evil spirits away and you are allowing God's anointing to work, but you must have complete faith in Him.   Next, make sure your are living a Christian lifestyle, totally abstained from sin.   Make sure you have let go of any people whom may cause a hindrance in your life and whom maybe a bad influence on your children, no matter whom it is, because no one or nothing should take your focus away from Jesus Christ.   Start making it a habit to read the Bible with your children, anoint them and make sure you have led them to Jesus Christ, that is, make sure you request they accept Him as their personal Savior.  Next, everyone should be on their knees praying for at least 30 minutes a day.   Many times, people run away from this one, they do not think it is necessary, but believe us, when a tragedy such as this one comes near your household, then you will understand why we recommend that you pray at least 30 minutes a day.   Pray and have a conversation with Jesus Christ about whatever whomever is troubling you in your life, your community, your rebellious children or even your husband,  you have got to talk to God and let Him know what problems are troubling you.   Then as you pray bind every demonic spirit from the pit of hell and command Satan to flee and do this on a daily basis.   If you miss a day, don't give up, continue where you left off, God will forgive your absence if you ask humbly Him.

 This mother is resting in peace, but it is very sad her 14-year-old son took her young life away, all because he refuse to obey.  However, demon possession controlled him to shoot and kill his mother.   Joshua Smith even was caught by police driving his mother's car, afterwards.   This sort of wickedness could be stopped, but Jesus Christ must be the head within our household, even if the black community, America or this entire world does not want God.   There is no way a child of any age should have this much control to murder anyone, but if the child is not saved, Satan and His demons could make him or her think they have the right to do whatever they please.   

We pray Joshua Smith repents and turns his soul over to the Lord before it is everlasting too late.  

As for Tamiko Robinson, may she rest in peace and we pray Jesus has her, because she did the right thing to make Joshua Smith do right, to keep him from trouble.

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Family: Detroit Teen Guns Down His Own Mother


DETROIT (WJBK) - DETROIT (WJBK) -- There is shattered glass in the front window of a Detroit home on Burns where an act of rage and violence has shattered lives. Family members say 14-year-old Joshua Smith shot and killed his mother, 36-year-old Tamiko Robinson, while she slept on the couch.

"He just shot. Every chance he got a chance to shoot again, he shot again, and there's just buckshot, holes everywhere. He murdered her, and he didn't do it with sorrow or [anything]. He did it like he wanted to do it, like he meant to do it...Read full article, here.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Good News Black Women: Missing teen found hours after being featured on 'The View'

This time, we have such good news to share with you and really wish we could discover many more miraculous stories such as this one.   However, the world is so full of evil, children whom with either or snatched while walking to or from school or runaway most of the time do not return.   Thank goodness, this time a young girl has been found once her photo was recognized by someone on the televised talk show, 'The View'.  The mother of Mishell Green must be very happy to see her daughter, after she returned home.   We do not know why this child was missing, but if by chance, she was just unhappy, maybe this is something that will change in her family household.

We had seen her face after looking at the YouTube channel for the Black and Missing Foundation, just a couple of days ago.  The organization had shown a video of her parents and sister pleading for Mishell to come home or if someone had her, to give her up.  We had no idea, God would work a miracle for this family, but miracles do happy.   Furthermore, after we heard her mother, Janell Johnson Dash allegedly say she was not going to give up hope in her own words, we realized how great her mother's faith was and how much of it is needed among black mothers whom lose their children, all across America.  Therefore, this nothing but a true testimony of what God can do, after your child has been missing for several months or even years.   

If you are a parent and have a missing child, we would like to encourage you not to give up hope.  Keep praying, fasting and believing God.   According to God's will, you will eventually find peace and know what happened to your child.  

Sometimes, God maybe allowing certain parents to go through such a trial to get their attention.  Therefore, we invite you to visit our Salvation page, if you do not know Jesus Christ.   If you do know where your child is and he or she is safe, if your family do not know Jesus Christ, we yet welcome you to the body of Christ.   You may visit our Salvation page, now. However, if you already are a born again Christian, then all you need to do is fast and pray for your child's safe return and in God's own time, He will give you an answer.   God bless.

Missing teen found hours after being featured on 'The View'

NEW YORK - A teenage girl was reunited with her family hours after her story was aired on The View.

Sixteen year old Mishell Green had being missing for more than five months after failing to show up at an after school program in New York. Her case was taken up by the Black and Missing Foundation, or BAMFI, an organization (with which theGrio has a partnership) that focuses on missing African-Americans.

BAMFI's president and CEO, Derrica Wilson, appeared on The View February 24th along with Green's stepfather, Champell Dash, her biological father, Derrick, and her mother Janell Johnson Dash, where they were interviewed by co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Elizabeth Hasselbeck. The interview...Read full article, now. 

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Black Women Let's Not Take From Our Ex-Husbands: Woman Steals Estranged Husband's Identity

This case of this black woman stealing her estranged husband's identity concerns us, because as a race of women we should be beyond using our ex-husband's identity for any reason.   Although, many of our us may not have reached a high income bracket, we should not choose to forged anyone's name on a legal document, so that we can afford to live in a home that does not belong to us.  We should have so much pride about ourselves, we would not even think of doing a thing like this, but obviously it was different for Alice Harrison, 43, who did previously purchased a home with her ex-husband, but forged his name to remove him from the deed, so she could own it, alone.  She may have had a right because she was once his wife, but according to the law, no one can forged their name on any document for any reason.

Sisters listen, we may feel we are entitled to what we may have once shared with our ex-husband, but we must do right.   In God's eyes, he would desire for us to handle it, according to the law and that would mean wait until what the judge entitles for us to have in the divorce settlement.  In a divorce settlement, it could mean we may not get a home or car, but we would have to live with that decision.  That is better than being in a situation like Alice Walker who made the wrong decision to break the law.

We as black women have been through enough for being who we are as a race.   We owe it to ourselves to be smart and trust God for whatever we desire, even if we have nothing after a divorce.   God wants us a black women to learn how to trust Him, regardless of prior shared assets.  He expects us to become successful and to teacher others how to do the same.  However, you must accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior to be able to understand having faith in Him and receiving your blessing.

Woman Steals Estranged Husband's Identity: Pa Attorney General

Philadelphia woman is charged with stealing estranged husband's identity to obtain sole possession of their home.

By Jackie Gailey
A Philadelphia woman was arrested Thursday for allegedly forging her estranged husband's name and assuming his identity in order to transfer the deed of their home to her name only, according to Pennsylvania Attorney General Linda Kelly.

Alice Harrison, 43, and her husband purchased a home on the 5000 block of North 15th Street in 1999 from Harrison's mother, according to Kelly.

The couple lived in the home until 2006...Read full article, here.

Black Women Be Cautious Meeting With Your Ex: Angry Husband Shot Unarmed Ex-Wife, After Ramming Her With His Car

Melissa Bridgewater lost her life, after meeting up with her ex-husband Jerry Hudson, 51.  He must have been insanely jealous she was staying at a $240-a-night hotel on New Year’s Day in 2010 with her new boyfriend.  Hudson seemed to had been harassed Melissa by calling her 20 times in over an hour's time before he rammed her with his car and murdered her.   If you have previously read our blog, you can recall us forewarning you about being very cautious about the relationships in your life.  Of course, this case teaches us something even more, although you may choose to move on with your life, you still need to be cautious and think before making a decision to meet with your ex-husband or ex-boyfriend.   You do not know what sort of demon maybe controlling him to take your life, especially if you are involved with another man.   The Lord wants us to seek Him, after we make a wise decision to leave a violent man who could be possessed with a demon of murder.

As followers of Jesus Christ, God wants us to be wise to never meet up with someone we used to be in a relationship with, if we have moved on with another man.   There are too many black women whom are no longer here, because they have made the wrong decision to communicate with someone they claim to no longer have feelings for.   God understands we make mistakes in our lives and the husbands we choose may not be according to his will, but after realizing that fact, we have got send a message to these men we are holy and completely serving God.   Melissa had divorced this Jerry Hudson back in 2006, reminding him there was no chance of them getting back together as a couple.   Therefore, this reveals there should have been absolutely no communication in 2010.  When we as black women let go, it means to completely let go.  Then, we must surrender our lives to God and honor His request to live a complete holy lifestyle.  It is not his will for us to make our ex-husbands or ex-boyfriends jealous, after we have let them go.  We are not saying that was Melissa's motive, but we cannot comprehend why she would meet with this man, after she had divorced him a few years before.   It does not matter if, Jerry Hudson had called her one hundred times, it was not necessary for her to meet with him and even worse, at a hotel where she and her new boyfriend were celebrating the New Year.

As you can see in the above photo, Jerry Hudson appears to have a continence of rage in his soul.  He apparently does not appear to be a holy and righteous man and so we are not surprised he would lie and say he thought Melissa Bridgewater was reaching for her gun.  When police went and searched her car, there was no gun found.   Also, in the above photo, Jerry Hudson is not an attractive black man.   You see, we as black women must not only be careful who we marry, but let us trust God for a good-looking man.   However, maybe Melissa thought he was good-looking, we can't see it.   The main thing is to make sure the black men we choose are truly saved and living a holy life.   His soul must be right with God, because it does not matter if he is is handsome or unattractive to most of us, God desires for us to wait on Him for the right man.  When God sends us the right man, dear sisters, we will not have to divorce him or he divorce us, but we as black virtuous women can spend the rest of our lives with God's appointed and anointed man for our lives.

Melissa Bridgewater was on 45 years old.  May she rest in peace.

'I thought she was going for a gun': Angry husband who shot unarmed ex-wife six times after ramming her with his car claims he killed her in SELF-DEFENCE

 By Mark Duell

An angry jilted husband shot dead his unarmed ex-wife outside a Hilton hotel where she had been staying with her new boyfriend, a court heard.

Jerry Hudson, 51, of Bolingbrook, Illinois, allegedly murdered Melissa Bridgewater outside the $240-a-night hotel on New Year’s Day in 2010.

He phoned her 20 times in the 90 minutes before her death, rammed her car and shot her six times - with two bullets in the head, prosecutors said.

‘This is not a case of who done it,’ John Lyke Jr, defending, told DuPage County Court, arguing...Read full article, here.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Beauty Salon Owner Gave Illegal Breast Growing Injections Two Years And Left A Client In Critical Condition

Dear sisters, we have done previous articles at, time and time again, regarding this issue and we are so tired of forewarning black women about allowing this to occur.   This salon owner of Divas Hair Salon and Spa in Tyler Texas, Carmel Foster has been on the run since she illegally injected another black woman to grow breasts, but now according to, they now have her in custody.  A similar incident happened over a year ago when "Black Madam" a transsexual rapper allegedly did a similar illegal procedure and had been on the run, because the victim eventually died from complications.  "Black Madam" also was on the run for until the rapper's attorney stepped in to face prosecutors.  Now, this is a real woman who has done this to another black woman and it hurts to know black women would rather risk their lives to endure an illegal procedure, instead of being grateful for the way God made naturally them  to be.

It is such a shame some black women will stoop so low to degrade themselves by hurting other black women with a fluid that could end their lives.  Likewise, it is such a crying shame many black women do not like themselves and and do not even care about themselves to risk their own lives, in order to have bigger breasts and/or bigger buttocks.   There used to be a time when we did not hear of such a desire among black women to possess bigger body parts, we were just blessed to be born with it and it was mostly the white women whom desired to have what God blessed us with.   However, nowadays there are many black women who act like they were not born with enough breasts, hips or buttocks.   God cannot bless our race of women until many of them repent for giving themselves a silent death by allowing people to cut on them to change their facial features and body parts.   Dear sisters, God is not pleased and on judgement day when these black women have to face judgement, they will not hear God say 'well done, they good and faithful servant', simply because they were followers of society and not followers of Jesus Christ.  They chose to believe the ancient lie that black women are not beautiful and neither are they well equipped.   It should not surprise us why so many black men have turned their backs on all of us as a whole. Because many of our dear sisters do not like themselves, then how can a good black man even love or respect us?   We have to be grateful God has made us well endowed and if you are not blessed with it, just know God has yet made you black and beautiful and there is some abundance about yourself, He gave you as a black woman.

Because we are tired of giving black women repeated fore-warnings about this specific issue, this time we are not going to plead with you, but forewarn you that the judgement of God is coming, because He does not like it when our dear sisters go through a process, whether illegal or not, to inject themselves with something that could kill them.  It is bad enough, many black women want to change how their facial features, which already offends God.  If you do not care about yourself enough to take heed now, we cannot help you.  If it is not these flamboyant gay and transsexual men whom are giving these illegal procedures in hotel rooms, it is ignorant black women like Foster who are taking money from other black women whom think they need larger body portions.   It is so sad, many black women will trust anyone with their body and never even think twice about losing their life after they meet up in these hotels or where ever they choose to meet.  Many of our black women do not need bigger body portions, we really think a lot of times they are just followers and just want to do something that everybody else is doing, sort of a trend.   For many years, many of sisters do not even think of the consequences, they just are born followers and this is one of the main reasons why there seems to be a spiritual block between them and God.   God cannot bless our race of women, if we fail to thank Him for how and who He created us to be.   It is time change, dear sisters.   It is time for many black women to repent and stop following the wicked ways of this world and it is very wicked to change the way God created you to be and just as wicked to change someone else for money.  Judgement is coming for the illegal giver and judgement is coming for those gullible souls whom have alleged self-hatred.

Furthermore, this illegal procedure is just as bad a selling drugs.

Salon owner 'has been giving illegal breast growing injections to women for two years and left a client in critical condition'

By Daniel Bates

Last updated at 6:43 PM on 23rd February 2012

A young woman was taken to hospital in a critical condition after allegedly being given an illegal breast augmentation in a dingy beauty salon.

Sheena Bradford was rushed to the emergency room after complaining of severe chest pain shortly after she underwent the procedure.

It is thought the 26-year-old had a chemical substance injected into her to try and make her breasts...Read article, here.

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Black Women Should Find Other Options: Mother Arrested For Stealing Education For Her Son

This is not the first time we have heard of black mothers arrested for placing their children in schools out of the area from where they reside.   However, usually they do not call it stealing education, usually they are arrested for just what it is, placing their child in a school outside of their residential area.   We cannot understand why this is so serious, but it seems as though they are trying to find a reason to arrest black women.   In this specific case, Tanya McDowell is also facing charges for selling crack cocaine and marijuana.  So, as we recognize, although she has done wrong as a drug dealer she still wanted her child to be in a better environment.  She took the plea deal, because of it.

We can understand black women who want better for their children, although we can never support them as drug dealers.   It seems like Tanya McDowell wants better for her child, but yet she allegedly does not have good morals and values for herself as a mother.   It is bad enough a lot of black men yield to dealing drugs, but Lord knows, what will our children do when their mothers are gone?   Black women must find other options.   Specifically for Tanya McDowell's situation of being accused of stealing education, we will deal with that situation first.  Since we realize the judicial system desires to incarcerate our sisters who have been placing their children in schools outside of the district for several years, black women should now make a commitment to no longer do it.   Furthermore, if black mothers like McDowell desire a better school for their children, then they should never sell drugs, because by doing so, they are messing up the environment for other black children to live in.   Black women would not be always placing their children in school districts outside of her residential area, if drug dealers would refuse to sell drugs.  Therefore, it does not make sense for black women like Tanya McDowell or black fathers to break the law of placing their children in better schools, if they have been part of the problem by selling drugs.

Black women, if you are guilty of placing your children in schools outside of your residential area, you must work hard on a legitimate job to move into a nice suburban neighborhood, so you will be able to enroll them in a decent school.  Do not break the law selling drugs or even selling yourself as a prostitute to move out of ghetto neither should you remain there destroying others by breaking the law in the black community and then decide to cheat the system and place your child in a school where they are not allowed to be enrolled as a student.   You may think you are making a better life for them by placing them in a different school, but if you are breaking the law, what good would it do, if you get shot dead by the police or your rival?   What can you teach your child then?  It would be a waste of time for you to place them in a better school, because you did not choose to live a better life.   It pays to do right, dear sisters.

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Mother arrested for stealing education for her son

A Bridgeport mother plead guilty for enrolling her then 5-year-old son in the wrong school district. Prosecutors said Tanya McDowell sent her son to school in Norwalk, even though they were living in Bridgeport at the time.

McDowell did not agree to all the facts of the larceny case. McDowell noted her disagreements in her plea so that it's on the record. However, she also was facing drug charges for selling crack cocaine and marijuana...Read full article, here. 

Source, Video and Photo courtesy: The Grio

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Black Women, We Can Do Better: Woman Steals From Nursing Home Residents

Dear sisters, we can do much better than stealing from those whom are elderly or even disabled.   There have been several crimes committed by younger workers whom maybe employed by a hospital, hospice or in this case a nursing home. Shakeana Sims, 25 is not the first to be accused of being such a thing.  They think those whom are unable to provide and care for themselves may not acknowledge what belongings of theirs may come up missing.   However, elderly people are very smart.   They have a good memory, even the ones they say have dementia.   Elderly people may not be able to care for themselves, but they are not to be taken advantage of by anyone.   We want to ask you, what has become of our sisters?   Why would any black woman stoop so low to steal from an elderly person?   Definitely, it is a spiritual matter that is in the hands of God, if these sort of black women do not repent.

If we as black women are not making enough income, we should seek God for more, not steal from anyone.   God wants us to be successful black women, but there is more to it.  He expects us to dedicate our lives to Him and completely follow Jesus Christ.   We are to be holy, not being involved with any sort of mischievous sin like theft, greed, jealousy, or lustful sin like fornication, homosexuality, adultery and even more sins than those particular ones.   We are suppose to give our lives to Jesus Christ and if we lack money, we are suppose to trust Him to show us how to make more of it.   God is taking record on any illegal shortcuts once may sneak to get involved in.   

Another thing, we as black women will someday be seniors and we would not want this sort of thing to happen to us, so we must encourage our dear sisters how to achieve wealth, instead of stealing for the elderly or anyone else.   God desires for us to be virtuous women, which are the type to be smart and become successful at whatever we do.   Therefore, if you as a black woman work a 9 to 5 job and feel as though you are not making enough money, create a goal and plan how you are going to make it happen, no matter how hard it seems, but do not steal from anyone.  God wants us to trust Him to provide the way as we create a legal and lucrative business idea, if not being employed with a good salary.

Let us pray for our dear sister and bring what she has done before Him.  If there is anyone you may know like Shakeana Sims whom has been accused of committing the crime of theft or any other sin, call out their name as we pray right now.

Dear heavenly Father, we bring our dear sister, Shakeana Sims before you right now.  She is accused of stealing from at least 2 elderly people in a nursing him.   God, if she does not know you, give her a mind to be saved.  Give Shakeana Sims a mind to give her life over to you and a will to completely serve you.   Now, we do not know if our dear sister is really guilty of this crime, but if she is, you can set her free. We pray that this young woman learns how to trust you and to acknowledge she is better than being a thief.   Jesus, we know if you can save us, you can do it for our dear sister.   We as black women go through difficult hardships, but we know you can make us wealthy, if we desire it.   Father, we pray for Shakeana and other black women whom feel there is no way out.  They are in jail and may think you don't love them, after they made the wrong choice to steal or commit any other crime, but Father we know you love our sisters just how you love us.   We believe you can deliver Shakeana Sims and our other dear sisters, in Jesus holy and mighty name.  Amen.

If you need salvation, please go to our salvation page and give you life over to Jesus Christ.   He can set you totally free, if you want Him to.    Also, we have provided a link for you to watch videos, if you desire a closer walk with Jesus Christ.   We love you and God bless.

Woman Steals From Nursing Home Residents: Cops

Police say a nurse's aide stole items from two elderly residents at a Delaware Nursing Home.

By David Chang
A traffic stop led to the discovery of property stolen from residents at a Delaware nursing home, according to investigators.

On Monday, at 12:45 a.m., a New Castle County Police officer was on patrol in the area of Skyline Drive and Mermaid Boulevard in Newark, Delaware. Suddenly police say he spotted a Ford Focus with fake registration. The officer stopped the car and spoke with the driver, later identified as Shakeana Sims...Red full article, here.

Source and Photo courtesy:

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Black Women Ask God First: Latasha Jackson, Ohio Mom, Found Shot To Death Alongside Baby And Estranged Boyfriend

We know we did not previously follow this story here on Souls of Black Women blog, but we just wanted to reveal why we as black women should be very careful to choose the right man, not only to be in a relationship with, but to also father our children.  We must learn to ask God, if He desires for us to date certain men.   We should not be so happy just because a decent or good-looking man wants to be our man, but we should be happy to discover if he is truly a follower of Jesus Christ, there is no other way it will work.   God wants us as black women to humble ourselves and ask for His thoughts about the man whom desires to be in our life, because if not, we could risk a fatal tragedy such as this one that took the life of Latasha Jackson and her baby. 

It is not so hard for us to ask God to show us whom is meant to be in our lives.   The hardest part for most of our dear sisters is that they do not want to be patient and seek God for an answer.  They get in a rush, because they believe that there is a shortage of black men, because of many other races of women are with them, they are in prison prison, involved in criminal activity and homosexuality.  Then, a lot of times, as black women we have failed to think God will guide us whom we should be in a relationship with, because we cannot see Him.  However, dear sisters we can feel God, right?   When we pray and have a talk with our Savior, Jesus Christ, there is something that moves through our spirits and He is Jesus Christ abiding in us.  The anointing we feel, is the same anointing that will give us an answer whom is the appointed man meant to be in our lives.   If we fail to do so, we could end up like Latasha Jackson.  Therefore, it pays for us to know Jesus Christ and live for Him.  Now, we are not saying Latasha Jackson was not a born again Christian.  What we are saying is this, we must make sure we are children of God and have a constant relationship with Him, so we can know how he feels about a man whom may desire to be with us or even father our children.   You cannot just say you are a Christian.   Ask yourselves, dear sisters, how much time do you spend in prayer?   Let it not be just 5, 10 or 15 minutes, but let it be at least 30 minutes per day with God in prayer.   Learn to talk with Him and ask Him how He feels about the decisions in your life.  If there is danger, ask Him to protect you ahead of time and inform you whom maybe a dangerous man you may become acquainted with.   Make this a good habit on a daily basis, to spend time with God on your knees in prayer.   You may think it is impossible for God to speak to your soul, but believe us, He will speak to you, once you make a wise decision to dedicate your life to Him.   You have got to believe God exist and He feels what you feel.   For example, when we go through racism, God knows about it.  When we are attracted to a particular man, He knows about it.   If we choose to do wrong, He knows about it.  This is how real God and His Son, Jesus Christ is.   Therefore, He knows if you are safe with a man or not and he will let you know before you get in a close relationship with him.

Now just to look at the above photo, this young deceased couple seem like they made a nice couple and the baby was so cute.  However, it does not mean it was God's will for the two of them to be together as a couple, although the baby could have yet been born between the mother and  another man, He would have appointed to be in Latasha Jackson's life.   It was never God's will that this young mother die, along with her baby and estranged boyfriend in a murder suicide.

May all three rest in peace.

 Watch Video

Latasha Jackson, Ohio Mom, Found Shot To Death Alongside Baby And Kidnapper

CLEVELAND -- A wanted man kidnapped his estranged girlfriend at gunpoint along with her 1-year-old she was pushing in a stroller, Cleveland police said Sunday, and all three were found shot to death hours later.

Police said the couple had dated for about two months and that the woman, Latasha Jackson, 19, was trying to end the relationship.

Jackson and daughter Chaniya Wynn were walking with Jackson's 14-year-old brother around noon Saturday when they encountered the man, Thomas Lorde. The teen said Lorde pulled out a gun and ordered him to walk away, according to police. The girl's father told police Lorde said he was going to kill Jackson and take the child.

Their bodies were found early Sunday in a closed garage...Read full article, here.

Source, Photo and Video Courtesy:

Gospel Singer Kim Burrell Speaks Out on Her Long Friendship with Whitney Houston

Gospel Singer Kim Burrell Speaks Out on Her Long Friendship with Whitney Houston

kim burrell and whitney houston
We found it very interesting the friendship gospel singer, Pastor Kim Burrell and singer Whitney Houston had with each other. We did not know but they had a 13 year friendship and Kim Burrell was her best friend and prayer partner.
Nearly two years ago, we saw a video of Kim Burrell singing to Whitney in the audience. This was the year that Whitney Houston was snubbed at the award shows. It was as if people did not honor her comeback, but friend Kim wanted her to know that she was loved and appreciated and even if her voice was not the same, she still made an impact on the world and to Kim.

Read more here and see videos:

Gospel’s Kim Burrell Recounts Her Longtime Friendship with Whitney Houston [VIDEOS] | AT2W

Monday, February 20, 2012

“Sparkle”Movie Featuring Whitney Houston To Be Released as Planned

Whitney Houston, "Sparkle"

The movie remake "Sparkle" by producer T.D. Jakes, will still be released as planned , says Sony Pictures, reported by The Hollywood Reporter. Whitney Houston’s starred in her final film project. It is scheduled to be released for August 17th. This film was supposed to be a major comeback for the singer.
“Sparkle” is the remake of a 1976 film with the same title that drew critical praise. The film is a saga of a trio of singing sisters, and at the time the original premiered, there was speculation that it was loosely based upon the life of Diana Ross and the Supremes and of their climb to fame. Source

Read more:

TD Jakes’ Movie “Sparkle” Featuring Whitney Houston To Be Released as Planned in August | AT2W

Friday, February 17, 2012

KeKe Wyatt and Stacey Francis: What Whitney Houston's Death Has Taught Us 'Virtuous' Black Women

The death of our queen, Whitney Houston has taught those of us black women whom are virtuous a few lessons.  Before we give you those lessons, we want to say there are some people always like to dig up dirt, after a person is gone and we do not appreciate Keke Wyatt or Stacey Francis bringing up Whitney's human flaws, as US Mirror allegedly reported.  The link is revealed at the bottom, but we will not link it, you will have to copy and paste it for obvious reasons.  We just want to remember Whitney Houston in a good way and those whom act as though they never got angry in a day in their life will reap what they so.  KeKe Wyatt maybe allegedly talking about our dear Whitney now, but she needs to recall allegedly pulling a knife on her ex-husband and stabbing him with it.   Anyway, please read what Whitney Houston's death can teach us virtuous black women in a good way.

We evaluated some of the problems Whitney had experienced before her death and it was not her problem, it is the way the American entertainment industry and just America in any profession is set up.  It does not matter how much class we as black women have while becoming very successful,  Satan always controls the music industry to reveal human flaws.   We want to say whatever struggles Whitney had was not because she wanted them, but it was because America has a history of racism and this is especially in the world of entertainment or any other profession.   Whitney Houston was a woman of class and dignity, it is seems like so many Hollywood celebrities cannot recall that fact.   Whitney Houston had human flaws just like any other woman of any race.   Therefore, this should reveal how much she has taught us virtuous black women, 'no matter how much we try, the demonic force always points out our human mistakes.'  Whitney Houston has taught us no one can love us like Jesus Christ.   Whitney Houston was a human being and whatever personal problems she had was only to teach us virtuous black women how to overcome them.  Although, she returned to the music industry, after she listened to her mother and made an announcement to retire, because her mother told her it was not worth it, she still gave up drugs and left her troubled marriage.   It is so true, becoming a superstar for America to enjoy your music, is not worth it.   Possibly, if we become successful in the entertainment industry, it is not meant for America to enjoy, because many are yet white and racist or even black and jealous.   Therefore, we should learn to know we do not have to become so famous to be great, just share our gift among those whom appreciate us, especially just for Christ.   

Furthermore, it hurts to know Whitney Houston always carried herself with so much class, but Satan always has his children in the midst of the entertainment industry to make her feel inferior as though she could never amount up to those whom are white and the crazy thing about it is this very fact, many of these people who back them up are black.   The same black folks whom are speaking against Whitney Houston are the same ones whom would expect us to back them up when they face racism, it does not matter if they are half-black like KeKe Wyatt or all black like Chaka Khan.   However, we will only stand by our dear sisters like Whitney Houston, the ones who are not so proud to say they have made human mistakes.  Not all the time will black women support us.  Many of them will only remember our bad moments in life, because they are not children of God, but Whitney Houston has taught us, God does not remember our past.   He remembers Whitney Houston reading her Bible, just days before her death and how she desired to see our Savior, Jesus Christ face to face.

Whitney Houston overcame her problems by divorcing her abusive ex-husband Bobby Brown who allegedly was responsible for getting her on drugs.  Bobby Brown allegedly threatened Whitney Houston after she had her interview with Oprah Winfrey, after their divorce.   So, she has taught us that the men in our lives can be so cold.   We can have a lot of class and integrity about ourselves, but the men in our lives may yet pull us down.   Whitney managed to get off drugs when she had the interview with Oprah Winfrey and she was very courageous to admit what happened in her abusive marriage to Bobby Brown.  She was not afraid to allegedly say it.   Also, speaking of the men in our lives, Whitney Houston taught us that we should not feel as though we have to have a man in our lives, after one relationship does not work out.   You see, many black women feel as though we are not complete not unless we have a man in our lives.  For instance, Ray J was much younger than Whitney and Bobby Brown was very immature.  So, Whitney made human flaws just like a lot of us black women, but she taught us that whether a man is old as ourselves or even younger, both types are not worth it and could drive you into a depressed state.  As you can see from our previous statement, involving the two women who allegedly accused Whitney Houston of violence over Ray J, it seems as though they forgot what it is to be a woman, one who makes human mistakes who may feel incomplete if we feel the men in our lives are not in love or attracted to us.

So dear sisters, please let us learn something positive from our dear sister, Whitney Houston's death, the world of black or white folks nor a man may never accept us, but God accepts us, because He gives us true and real love neither the world nor mankind could ever afford to give us.

As far as KeKe Wyatt Stacey Francis, if anything went down, they are suppose to forgive Whitney Houston, not bring up the dirt as though they are glad this happened to our dear sister.

Keke Wyatt Stabbing Husband:

Photo courtesy:

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hypothermia Likely Killed Stacey English Says Medical Examiner, But It Does Not Explain Her Being Found Under a Tree

Fulton ME: Hypothermia likely killed Stacey English

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 

Authorities say they now know how Stacey Nicole English died, though it's doubtful anyone will ever know why the 36-year-old Buckhead woman perished.

On Tuesday, the Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office announced that English, who was missing for nearly a month before her body was discovered in a wooded area near Lakewood Fairgrounds, most likely died from hypothermia, and her death was accidental.

There was no evidence of bodily harm, and toxicology tests...Read full article, here.

Source: AJC News
Video Courtesy:
Photo courtesy: 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Whitney Houston's Death Brings Out The Demons in Some Whites Who Don't Judge Their Own Race

One of our journalist did an article on SCR blog, opposing the viewpoint of radio host, Janet Mefferd.   We cannot understand why suddenly there is so much instigating among white celebrity entertainers in Hollywood and even whose who claim to be Christians like Mefferd.   You know, after getting over hearing about Paula White's repeated and alleged racist remarks about nappy hair as though she is under some sort of the anointing, we did not know what was to come next, which would be whites who seem as though they are happy a black woman is dead.   Their reaction seems to be much different than when Anna Nicole Smith, Elvis and Marilyn Monroe died.  They still glorify them, especially the last two.   It is really sad to say, but we feel that is unequal treatment.    Furthermore, we pray they stop lying on our dear sister Whitney Houston, she did not die of a drug overdose, she died of an accidental overdose of prescribed medications, along with a bit of alcohol.   We love and respect Whitney and will not allow white America to act as though they have no problems within their own race and have a right to judge her.

Dear sisters, time after time, we try to move on and be diverse with white people, but after all these years, if it is not working, it just won't work.  We need to get united with Jesus Christ, because He is our Savior and is the only One who understands our pain and what it is to struggle as a black woman.   Jesus created us black women for a reason, so we do not owe any apologies to anyone for being who we are.  In Jesus name, we will have peace while grieving for our dear sister and not allow all the naysayers to disrespect her memory, as though they are so righteous.

The average black woman knows what it is to feel depressed.  We know what it is like to feel as though no one love us, not even the black men we date, the ones who like Bobby Brown whom flaunt their white fiances in our faces and even the men in our family who shun us, we are familiar with that sort of pain.   So much has happen among our dear women, over the years.  We have endured so much pain of not only losing our mothers in some sort of way like Bobbi Kristina, but also enduring the death of unity among black women.   Many of our dear sisters are no longer are connected with our Creator as we were when our fore mothers were enslaved in this country of America.  The average black woman of today don't like to talk about it, but our female ancestors should be very important to us now, because it seems like the demon of oppression, to pull down the black woman has never ceased America.   Now, why is this?   Simply, because Satan is trying to pull us onto his territory, so we can never be fully delivered and set free.   Repeatedly, we have been told, we are the most ugliest women on the face of the planet and our own race carry on that old lie, 'the more darker you are and the more your features are Afrocentric, you are less desirable', not by God.   Each and every black woman is desirable by God, it does not matter how bad people say you are.  It does not matter how long you have been on drugs or addicted to prescribed medication, God loves each and every black woman and does not consider those of any other race more than us.  The Devil has created it to appear like that, but it is not true.  God wants to do a new thing for black women, but He cannot work through us, unless we desire to unite, love and respect ourselves and each other.   It maybe impossible to find peace with your relatives, because of the 'different daddy or different momma' syndrome.   However, God expects us to get along with everyone, if we can, that is what His Word says.   If not, dust your feet and love your sisters whom have no one, no family, no friends, no children.  Learn how to understand, those whom may not be related to you are very related, because they are black and most importantly willing to be in the family of God.  If black women you try to be kind to, refuse to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, then you have no choice, but to pull away, but if there is an open door for them to accept salvation, then there is a chance for unity.  However, we must not stop praying for those whom resist Jesus Christ.   We also acknowledge it is very difficult for those who deny Christ, because many of them may think God do not love them, because many white Christians are yet racist.   You have to remember, God is not a racist God, He created all races, but if one race refuses to love and respect us as equal, He has nothing to do with it, that evil spirit comes straight from the pit of hell.  Therefore, do not allow it to make you feel as though God does not love you.   Because you see, all of the evil judgmental alleged comments coming from people like Peter Fonda, Tony Bennett, Cindy Lapper and even Janet Medford who calls herself a christian, does not represent God's Kingdom.   God is not dumb, He knows their race messes up, just like our race, because He created us all human.  Therefore, we do not serve an ignorant God and certainly do not serve One whom places us beneath other human beings who may think they are better than we are.   

In Whitney Houston's memory, let us pull closer and love even our dear black sisters we do not know.   Let us learn how to help those whom suffer with depression and not judge as though we are not familiar with being African American.   Let us learn how to love those whom feel not only depressed, but also oppressed, rejected and neglected.   We are saints of God, we are not just black and just because one may die, it is not mean God is finished with all black women.  He loves us and formed us in our mothers womb, no matter if it was through rape, a bad relationship or a failed married, He yet created us and God has not forgotten about black women.   We love you dear sisters and if there is ever a time you need prayer, after accepting Jesus Christ on our Salvation page, then request it. 

Photo Courtey:

Monday, February 13, 2012

Whitney Houston’s Autopsy Updated and Other News

Whitney Houston Autopsy, Whitney Houston Toxicology

Whitney Houston’s Autopsy and News
We promised we would keep you updated on the latest news on Whitney Houston and her untimely death. Here's the latest below:
  • Legendary singer Tony Bennett suggests that drugs should be legalized just hours after Whitney Houston's death. At the Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party, which was dedicated to Houston, Bennett told the crowd, "First it was Michael Jackson, then Amy Winehouse, now the magnificent Whitney Houston. Let's legalize drugs, like Amsterdam, it's a very sane city now." We think that Bennett is probably talking too much. We don't know exactly what has happened in her death as of yet.
Sources say Whitney Houston's stylist, hairdresser and two bodyguards were the ones in the room with the singer at the time of her death. It was said that they became worried about the singer because she was in the bathroom for over an hour and they wanted to get her ready for the Clive Davis party. When they knocked on the she did not answer. When her...

Read more:

Whitney Houston’s Autopsy and New Updates Available About Her Death and Family | AT2W

Sunday, February 12, 2012

We Keep Losing Our Legends: Black Women, How Do We Deal With It?

Dear black women, if you really are easy to cry every time some famous African American dies, then you can understand why we posted this article.   Of course, we realize everyone has to come to the end of the life some day, but it is how these legendary great black men and women have died.   It hurts to hear the sudden news of Whitney Houston, and even the ones who passed on before her.   However, God does not want us to get remain depressed that we are not happy with the life he has given to us.  After we get over this sudden shock, we have to keep living and make sure we are living to please Him.  Let us remain focused on Jesus Christ, this is the only way we are going to escape all of those old memories of remembering those love songs back in our high school days, the beginning of Whitney Houston's career.   Then when she starred in 'Waiting to Exhale', then 'The Preacher's Wife', she did a good job acting in that movie with all of the other black actresses.  God yet insist, we must hold onto Him and realize He created Whitney and any other legendary African American entertainer.   Yes, that is a part of our history, but we must now pray for the Whitney's mother and daughter and move on with our walk with Christ.

Sisters, we come to encourage you to remain strong.   It is very sad, Whitney Houston was a part of our family of black women.   She was one who made it to the top while enduring her own personal struggles.   Just think about it, she was once a formed in her mother's womb, then born into this world, just like all of us black women.   She then grew up in life, learning what it was all about.   She was human and made mistakes like many other black women, the only difference she was famous and of course, everybody knew her business.   Possibly, our dear sister did not know how to cope.   Whatever the reason she overdosed on anti-depressants God knew Whitney Houston more than her own mother and daughter.   God grabbed our dear sister, just when she left this earth.  Therefore, let us wipe our tears and pray for each other in the midst of this shocking news.   Let us continue to pray for each other and stand strong.

Dear sisters, if there is ever a time when you feel depressed, you know what to do, go to our salvation page and receive Jesus Christ as your personal savior.  Then, watch the videos and learn how to live saved.   Another thing, you can always request a callback and someone will always call you back, if prayer is needed.  Do not ever get addicted to prescribed medication, drugs or alcohol, feeling like it is the only way to cope with your pain.   We are hear to give you hope and inspire you through Jesus Christ.  He is the only answer to your problems.   It does not matter who you are or where you live, Jesus wants to abide inside of you, regardless of how many mistakes you have made, God wants all of you.   Why?   Because since He created you, He knows Satan does not deserve to have your soul.  Therefore, Jesus Christ wants you to completely live for Him.   

Many famous African Americans have passed on, but this news seems like it is very difficult to deal with.   Therefore, the only way we know how to deal with Whitney's passing, is crying out to God and allowing Him to comfort us.   It works, try it.

Photo courtesy:

Whitney Houston’s Death: More Details Emerge

Whitney Houston dies At Beverly Hilton Hotel
Whitney Houston’s Death: More Details Emerge

We found out that Houston was attending the pre-Grammy Awards party for her mentor and producer Clive Davis. Representatives from the Beverly Hills Police Department confirmed that the singer died in a hotel room at the Beverly Hilton hotel. The BH's police received a 911 call from hotel security at 3:43 p.m, P.I.O. Lieutenant Mark Rosen said. Efforts to revive her were unsuccessful and she was pronounced dead at 3:55 p.m. Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina, were among the people that were immediately notified of her death.

Read more:
Whitney Houston’s Death: More Details Emerge on The Singer’s Unexpected Passing

Death of Whitney Houston: Whitney May Have Drowned In Tub

Whitney Houston drowned in tub?

Death of Whitney Houston: Whitney May Have Drowned In Tub

Houston was found by a member of her entourage on the floor of her Beverly Hills hotel room around 3:30pm, reports the LA Times. Paramedics were called at 3:43pm, and tried CPR for 20 minutes, but were unable to revive her, and she was pronounced dead at 3:55pm. No illegal drugs have been found in the room, but prescription drugs were present, and it is possible Houston drowned in her bathtub, according to TMZ.

Read more:

Death of Whitney Houston: Report Says Whitney May have Drowned In Tub | AT2W

Whitney Houston Death and Twitter Reactions

Whitney Houston Death- Celebrities Tweet Reactions

Whitney Houston Death and Twitter Reactions

Quincy Jones: Absolutely heartbroken became aware of her at 16…will miss her terribly. LA Reid: I am completely devastated by the loss of the greatest voice of all time! R.I.P. Whitney Houston. I will always love you! Toni Braxton: She’s paved the way for every single singer in the music industry. Iconic, legendary, innovating, amazing, humble…1 of the best in the world.

Read more:

Whitney Houston Death Stirs Twitter Reactions from Celebrities and Friends | AT2W

Family Spoke with Singer Whitney Houston Just Before Her Death

Whitney Houston's mother spoke with her 30 minutes before death

Family Spoke with Singer Whitney Houston Just Before Her Death

Reports state that the mother of Whitney Houston, Cissy Houston spoke with her daughter Whitney close to 30 minutes before she died. Even cousin Dionne Warwick spoke with her hours before as they were going to attend the Clive Davis pre-Grammy awards party and wanted to confirm the seating arrangement at the same table. The family stated there was nothing that appeared to be unusual.

Read more:

Family of Whitney Houston Spoke with The Singers Just Before Her Death | AT2W

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