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Black Woman Beats Intruder With Bed Post [VIDEO] | AT2W

Woman Beats Intruder with Bed Post

Black Woman Beats Intruder With Bed Post

We truly think that if women reclaim the strength God gave them, some cases of rape and violence against them would be much lower. We know it can be dangerous fighting off an intruder whose come into your home but what happened to having faith in God and protecting yourself? If you have God on your side, you can be against you?
In this day and age, with predators lurking everywhere, we need to raise up and defend ourselves at the right moments.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Atlanta's SPO Gail Thomas to be Laid to Rest: May She Rest In Peace

Last week, we gave you heads up on how this respectful Atlanta Police Officer died at the young age of only 46 years old.  Senior Officer, Gail Thomas lost her life to a drunk driver, something that could have been prevented and stopped through state legislatures, across this nation.   We believe those whom get behind the wheel of the car while intoxicated should face the death penalty or at least get a life sentence, because manslaughter is not enough.   This late police officer, Gail Thomas leaves behind a 22 year-old daughter, Jasmine who is the same age as her mother killer.

This young lady is left without a mother.  Those of us whom are yet alive without are mother present in our lives can understand how this transition is going to feel, very lonely, at first.   However, we are very sure Police Officer daughter, Jasmine will continue to be strong and continue to do what her mother encouraged her to do and that is to complete her degree at the University she attends.   She needs our prayers, because she is her mother's only child and for this to have suddenly occur would make anyone remain in distress for a very long time.   Her mother was very strong as a single mother to become a police officer and care for her only child.   Not a lot of black mothers would choose such a career, but it takes a lot of courage.

This is why we try to encourage you black women to learn how to love other and do not take another pain of a black woman, lightly, because many times, they are much worse off than you.   You may think you will not have to endure such pain, but none of us can escape emotional trauma, for it is a part of life.  However, we must remain in God and not cease His Kingdom.  Many times, He can protect us from the evil man or woman, if we pray for his angels to surround us and take charge over our lives.   

May Atlanta SPO Gail Thomas rest in peace and may God keep her mother and daughter strong in Him..
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Atlanta's SPO Gail Thomas to be Laid to Rest


ATLANTA - Hundreds of law enforcement from all over the state are paying their respects to a senior Atlanta police officer who was killed in the line of duty.

The funeral service for Senior Police Officer Gail Thomas is taking place at the Elizabeth Baptist Church in southwest Atlanta on Monday.

"It's been a huge three, four days. It's all part of our opportunity for us to kind of heal through the processing, grieve through it and allow that process to be completed," said Atlanta's Chief of Police George Turner.

Police from across the United States, Georgia and the metro area gathered at Turner Field to lead the motorcade for SPO Thomas...Read full article, here. 
Source and Photo courtesy: MyFOXAtlanta.com


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dear Black Women Be Careful of Drunk Drivers: Family, Colleagues Mourn Atlanta Police Officer Killed in Accident

Dear black women, we urge you to be careful when you are driving in your car, whether at work or just in your leisure time.  This faithful hardworking police officer, Gail Thomas, 46, was struck and killed by an alleged drunk driver Tuesday night by a 22-year-old drunk driver.   We encourage you to pray before you leave the house in your vehicle, anytime of the day or night.   These drunk drivers never stop getting behind the wheel of a car without thinking they are endangering lives.   We are very angry, because this is among thousands of other cases that has occurred for many years and when these drunk drivers are convicted, they only receive man slaughter.

We feel very sad for Senior police officer's family and comrades of the Atlanta police department and pray she is in a much better place.  We take it very hard when black women are doing their job as decent citizens.  For example, as a police officer or a veteran, a black woman may not be killed while on their task force by an enemy, but they could be murdered just by a drunk driver such as in this specific case.  Police officer Gail Thomas worked very hard and she had one child, an honor student, Jasmine who will grieve along with her grandmother.   Jasmine is the same age as the drunk driver.  However, what hurts so bad is this was a black woman who had integrity about herself and risked her own life to work as a police officer, but a careless drunk driver too her life.  It would hurt just as bad if the drunk driver was black like herself.   Our anger is against all races of drunk drivers who take the lives of human beings and most of the time stand in court in front of the judge in tears, just like this 22-year-old, Chasity Jones, who is seen on the following second video hiding behind her attorney.   

Here is a message to all drunk drivers: 'It does not make sense to cry, after you take a life.  Think about it before you get behind the wheel of a car.  Furthermore, repent and ask God to deliver you from alcohol, because no one deserves to die from your habit.'

May Senior police officer Gail Thomas rest in peace and we pray for her daughter and mother.  We also pray for the safety of her comrades and other drivers across America.  God bless.

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Family, Colleagues Mourn Atlanta Police Officer Killed in Accident

By JUSTIN GRAY/myfoxatlanta

ATLANTA - The death of an Atlanta police officer has struck at the heart of her family and colleagues.

Senior Officer Gail Thomas, 46, was struck and killed by an alleged drunk driver Tuesday night as she stepped out of her vehicle on the Interstate 75 southbound ramp.

Thomas' family says the 15-year veteran of the Atlanta Police Department loved her job, but the love of her life was her 22-year-old daughter Jasmine, a student at Georgia Southern.

“They were like two peas in a pod. Once you saw one, you saw the other. They were very close. She's taking it really hard,” said Delores Sherman, a family member.

Jasmine's grandmother says hearing that a 22-year-old alleged drunk driver is being charged in the crime is...Read full story, here.

Source, Video and Photo courtesy: http://www.myfoxatlanta.com
Source and Photo courtesy: http://www.myfoxatlanta.com

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dear Black Women, Detroit Police Arrest Suspected 'Scrap Metal' Serial Rapist

Dear black women, as we have told you before there are many black women coming up dead in various states.   Serial killers are on the loose and if you do not have a close relationship with Jesus Christ, angels will not surround and protect you.  You must be very cautious even in your own house, because evil men are out to get innocent black women.   In this specific case, of this serial rapist in Detroit, we feel this could be a break in the cases of the deceased prostitutes and strippers who were found dead, if this black serial rapist is responsible.   However, for now you must pay close attention to this story and realize just because they caught this serial rapist, does not mean these horrific murders of black women will come to an end.

This suspected 'Scrap Metal' serial rapist had the audacity to rape four women.  Mark Carter, 41, took his last victim whom was standing at a bus stop and placed her in the front seat of the U-haul truck he was driving.  Then, he threatened her by telling her he would cut her throat.   Then, this man had the nerve to drive to a scrap yard and negotiated a deal while his victim was afraid to run for help.  When he returned, he then drove to an abandoned house and raped her.  He drove off and left her.  She ran off to a neighbor and then called police and told them the whole story.  Because of his last victim's report, he is now off the streets.  However, she is too afraid to show her face.

Now, you answer this question, how can a black woman trust any black man after being raped by one? This is one of the main reasons why there is so much strife and division among African Americans.   There are too many cases like this one and it is often the reasons why black people as a whole cannot heal.  When you try to admit such pain of being raped to black women, some take it lightly and will not even take time to listen and understand the pain of a rape or incest survivor.  Furthermore, there are many men whom like Carter who do not want a black woman for a relationship, but they just want to rape them.  Although, not all black men are like this serial rapist, there have been too many recent cases of black women being either raped, brutalized or murdered and the only real solution is Jesus Christ.  He is the real healer and the only one who can take the pain away, because there have been too many black women left in this situation and the majority of the black race will not acknowledge their pain while the entire race yet faces racial discrimination.

This is very sad we continue to hear about these cases of black women either coming of dead or raped.  It time for black women to unite, pray and love each other and most of all, God.

Dear black woman, if you have been raped and sexually violated, please contact us, after going to our Salvation page.  Ask Jesus Christ to come into your life and save you from being raped or enduring your past as an incest survivor of either a stranger or a family member.   Jesus is the only One who can set you totally free.   Subscribe to our emails and respond for someone to counsel you and we will be happy to take time and give you consolation via phone.  God bless you, dear sisters. 

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Detroit Police Arrest Suspected 'Scrap Metal' Serial Rapist

DETROIT (WJBK) -- A suspected serial rapist is off the streets of Detroit. He allegedly used potential scrap metal profits to target victims.

One alleged victim spoke exclusively with FOX 2.  She says her attacker was driving a U-Haul.  She claims he threatened her life, took her first to a scrap yard and then to an abandoned house, dragged her inside and raped her repeatedly.  When the attack...Read full article, here.

Source: MyFoxDetroit.com

Alert!!! SoulsofBlackWomen.blogspot.com Is Not Connected with SoulsofBlackWomen.com

Dear readers, this is just an alert for all of our readers to let you know, there is another site that has started SoulsofBlackWomen.com.   We are not connected in any way with that site.   SoulsofBlackWomen.blogspot.com will soon be transferred to our own domain, but we are in no way in connection with SoulsofBlackWomen.com, which was not even known when we first began this blog. 

Obviously, there is people out there that like to imitate, but they will never be able to duplicate.

Please stay updated and you will know our New Site's domain.   God bless and keep reading SoulsofBlackWomen.blogspot.com

Father: Body ID'd as Stacey English, Now The Killer Must Be Found

The update on the missing Atlanta woman reveals the body found in Atlanta is Stacey English.  Her natural father, Tony English ID'd the body and now the search for the killer is not over.

We know there must be sadness among family members and close friends of Stacey English.  Obviously, they can rest now, after searching for her, but now the thought of how she died will be revealed through an autopsy.  Now, they must wait as they plan the burial for Stacey English.   Next, the killer must be found and if it is suspected that her friend from St. Louis is responsible for her murder, the law will deal with him, then God.   Afterwards, hopefully he will surrender his life to Jesus Christ and apologize for his alleged crime.  If he is not responsible, then we hope and pray the killer be found and brought to justice, then repent for the murder of Stacey English.

We of AToast2Wealth.com pray for the family and close friends of Stacey English.  Also, may she rest in peace.

Father: Body ID'd as Stacey English


ATLANTA - The father of a missing Buckhead woman tells FOX 5 that the body found near a tree in southeast Atlanta on Monday is his daughter.

Tony English, the father of 36-year-old Stacey English, says the family received the call from authorities around 7 a.m. Wednesday. An autopsy had been performed on the body on Tuesday.

English was last seen at her Buckhead condominium on December 26.

Workers looking for scrap metal on Monday called 911 after finding the body...Read full article, here.

Source and photo courtesy: My Fox Atlanta

Monday, January 23, 2012

Update, Video: Could Woman's Body Found In SW Atlanta Be Stacey English?

When are the deaths of missing black women going to stop?   It seems like as soon as there is news coverage, involving a missing black woman, then eventually a body or more is found, sometimes not long afterwards.  This time, police suspect this could be the end of their search for a missing Atlanta woman, Stacey English.   However, since the body is so badly decomposed, all they can tell is that she appears to be a woman who was African American.  Although, this may bring an end to searching for Stacey English, it does not bring closure to how she could have been murdered.

Hopefully, the next step is to find the killer and bring him to justice.   If you have been staying up to date with this blog and also, the new show, 'Find Our Missing', then you will realize there are too many mysterious cases involving black women coming up, dead.   Of course, there are all races involving missing women, but for some reason, when it comes to black women, cases hardly ever get solved.   Enough is enough, this needs to stop.  If this is the body of Stacey English, may she rest in peace, but it will possibly take her family and friends a longtime to find peace. 

Now is the time, for us to unite and consider what has been going on among our dear black sisters.   Let us not only pray, but learn how to respect ourselves, each other and most of all, God.  Let us all make a wise decision to live holy and remain virtuous women.  Let us make up in our minds to do things God's way and not our own. Let us not be so hasty in our decisions to meet male friends, but let us humble ourselves before the almighty throne of God and be patient for the right man, He has reserved for each and everyone of us.   Therefore, we will not have to be another static, if we take heed to God's voice and His Word.  Stay strong, dear sisters.  God bless.

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Woman's Body Found in SW Atlanta

Investigators Work to ID Body

ATLANTA - A woman's body was found under a tree wooded area in southwest Atlanta on Monday afternoon.
One witness said it appeared the body was that of an African-American woman.
Atlanta police were checking to see if the body was related to the case of Stacey English , who was last seen on Dec. 26. Her car was discovered still running near the Lakewood Amphitheatre on Dec. 27 -- less than a mile from where the body was discovered on Monday.
"They can not say who it is because it's badly decomposed, so we have to wait until they do the autopsy," said English's aunt, Bernice English Hucks.
Members of English's family arrived at the scene where the body...Read full article, here.

Source and photo courtesy: http://www.myfoxatlanta.com

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Black Women Love Your Kids More: Drunk Calif. Mom Left Children Outside In Cold At McDonald's

Dear sisters, when we saw this report, we could not understand why any mother would leave their children out in the cold.  Let us remind you, many white supremacists are waiting for black mothers to mess up and will be so quick to turn one in, when they see them even disciplining their child out in public.   White supremacists love to see black mothers mess up or even make mistakes with their children.  You may ask, how do we know this cop who took the kids into his police car and arrested this drunk mother could be a racist?  Simply because, in the Sacramento/Stockton, California, there is a long history of white supremacy and many of the African Americans whom live there are vulnerable to be their puppets, they easily turn on other blacks to receive more attention from the white supremacists.  This is something that has been going on since the 1980's and possibly earlier in previous years.

This black mother was wrong for being drunk and leaving her children in the bushes.  So, as black women let us be smart.  First of all, do not be caught drunk and secondly, do not ever leave your children out in the cold.   Although, it seem like the police officer was caring about these kids, one of our journalists lived in the San Joaquin Valley area recalls how carelessly African Americans are about their own race.   Therefore, this cop who arrested this woman and took the children into the car, obviously knew by this woman leaving her children out in the bushes, there was no concern for them.   

We want to encourage all black women who have been on drugs or alcohol and have been blessed to have children, be more careful to consider your children.  Do not allow those whom have a history of hating our race to act as though they are heroes.   
Furthermore, dear sisters, black women will always look bad within society as a whole, if black mothers continue to be careless with their children and not even care about themselves.   Black women, love yourself and your children and never leave them out in the cold.  Love yourself and your children enough to get off of drugs and alcohol. 

We pray that this dear woman gets herself together.   Many of you, if you are an alcoholic or on drugs, it is not too late to change.  Get yourself together, so you will not be caught in a circumstance like this one.  If you do not know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, please go directly to our Salvation's page and give your soul to Him.  Watch some videos and learn how to live holy, afterwards.  God bless you.  

Police: Drunk Calif. mom left children outside in cold during McDonald's run

(CBS)  SACRAMENTO - Police say they arrested an intoxicated Sacramento woman after she left her young children outside in the cold while she went to McDonald's.

Farris Martin, 39, was arrested on a felony charge of endangering the life or health of a child, reports CBS Sacramento.

Officers arrived just before midnight Sunday to find two children, ages 9 and 4, huddled in the bushes to stay warm...Read more, here.

Source: http://www.cbsnews.com
Source and Photo courtesy: http://www.wtsp.com

TV One's ‘Find Our Missing’ Gets the Word Out On Missing Black Women

TV One's ‘Find Our Missing’ Gets the Word Out On Missing Black Women
This is a very good thing. It's actually well overdue but at least some people are coming together to give black women who are missing the due attention and press coverage they need to increase the chances of them coming home safely. It's no shock that America conveniently concentrates on missing white women more than black women. This isn't the first time blacks are put on the back burner but it is high time we take a stand for ourselves. They may never show equal treatment, even in tragedy. We should not expect it but only take care of our business. The point is love conquers all.
Read report below:
After years of complaints in African-American circles about the lack of attention paid to missing black women in this country, a U.S. cable network dedicated to black programming begins a revolutionary series this week.
Missing Black Women in America
The program, called " Find Our Missing," is scheduled to begin airing tonight on TV One, a black cable network available in 56 million homes.

Read more here:

TV One Now Airing ‘Find Our Missing’ to Get Attention On Missing Black Women | AT2W

Has The Black Church Got Rid of Their Concern for Black Women?

One of the most important issues in many of today's mega churches is hushed among many African Americans whom worship.    Has the black church got rid of their concern for black women, is a very important subject, because even in many diverse congregations, black women are struggling the most.   Many pastors have focused on broadening their ministries into a mega one and while doing so, their sermons have not done enough to elevate black women.   We are not speaking of all ministries, but some of them that are now corporate have placed the welfare of many black women as a less concern.  Over the years, although black pastors have became wealthy by growing mega ministries, oppression has not been absent within the black community.   The black church was always the foundation of the black community, but if it no longer bothers to uplift black women whom are yet struggling as single women with or without kids, divorced women and even widows, then how God continue to bless it?

Do not be surprised of how many scandals break out among many corporate ministries in these last five years.   Simply, God has not been lifted up as the leader of many black churches, which has brought on an extreme demon of carnality.  Therefore, among all the carnality, black women many times get lost and have no direction how to resist the Devil while succeeding in their lives.  Over the years, there should have not been so many black women who died of AIDS and it should have not only been discussed just because the "Down Low" subject in the wake of J. L. King's hot selling book.   AIDS is still killing black women and God has always had the church among many of them, not just so that it can be seen on every block or street corner, but to strength all women, men, boys and girls who feel lost in a world full of evil and one of those evils in particular, is extreme prejudice within a lot of today's churches against black women.   There is a great possibility the reason why many black churches are not concern for the welfare for black women is simply because among diversity, the need to discuss certain issues which has destroyed black issues is irrelevant and the silent message seems to be: 'black women should deal with their problems by themselves and no longer look to their pastor who is too famous and making too much money to deal with their personal issues.'   Such issues that has continued to destroy the average black woman is not just lack of finances, but feeling neglected and rejected by black men in the black community, rejection in their families and even in many of today's mega churches that retain diversity who are strangely supported by black women whom also ignore such emotional pain among other black women.  

In today's era, we as black women must seek God more than ever before.  It no longer matters how it seems like the average black church has got rid of their concern and even respect for black women.   God being the center of our lives should be our main focus.   Therefore, when you observe such hypocrisy among many church attendees whom ignore the oppression within the community against black women, the only way to avoid such hostility is to turn to Jesus Christ.  Since the rise of mega ministries, it is no longer popular to deal with what is discouraging the spirits of many black women.   Many black pastors of mega ministries feel they have no obligation to deal with all of the problems that is killing black women.  Therefore, our dear sisters go missing, struggle with suicidal tendencies, combat such hostility from other black women who have no regard for their offense, hate themselves because of their family dysfunction, yet dying of AIDS, among many other problematic issues.   Let us assure you, God is not pleased with the lack of concern for black women among many black churches of today whom are also diverse ministries.   They have become too ashamed to deal with specific issues that are yet oppressing and destroying black women.    Yes, all colors hurt, but because black women have had to carry such a burden on bearing children alone, not being able to bear children with or without a man to desire them and even struggling to even keep their black man from an outside relationship (with another woman or man), much concern is needed from pastors of black churches.   Although many pastors of black churches wish to believe it is no longer relevant to deal with racial issues, racial issues will always be important, simply because evil is never absent in the spirits of humanity and many times black people, both men and women carry the same evil of white supremacists.  That evil is still trying to destroy the lives of many black women.

Dear black women, it is time for us to unite, fast and pray.  Let us not get so caught up in pride just because we may have friends of other races, but let us be honest enough to admit many of our dear sisters would still be alive today, if their was more concern from our very own family, community and most definitely, the black church.   

One more thing, dear black sisters, you must learn to seek God for yourself.  It does not matter how it seems as though there is not much concern for our lives.  God cares about all black women, just as much as He does the black man and other races.   What you must realize is this, we live in a spiritual world and many times spiritual matters involve issues that hurt us the most, which may involve racial discrimination and even such prejudice within our own race.   Learn how to call on God, bow down on your knees and seek Him like never before.  We are always ask to attend church, but the lack of concern for black women seems to not be a relevant issue to discuss.  Therefore, learn to have a relationship with God for yourself, then let Him guide you to the right church, which does not have to be a mega one, but only an anointed one.   As black women, our spiritual matters are very important to God, so He would not want you supporting a ministry that does not care much about you.   Ask God to lead and guide you and when He does, you will not be so hurt in this season of many black churches that lack concern for black women.  God bless you, dear sisters.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Children Find Human Bones on Detroit's East Side; Could This Be Another Prostitute, Dear Black Woman?

Again, human remains have been found between two abandoned homes on the East side of Detroit, MI.  We ask you dear black women, could this be another alleged prostitute, stripper or just an innocent person kidnapped off the streets of Detroit? The reason why we feel it maybe the bones of another deceased prostitute, is because allegedly, there were some connections to recent discoveries of dead women found between abandoned buildings just like this case, connected to escort services listed on backpage.com.   Although, one family denies their relative was a prostitute there were others whom did not deny their daughter's life as strippers and/or prostitutes.  Although, we pray for our dear sisters, we must tell the truth, none of this would happen, if there was more love and understanding among ourselves.   For too many years, God has been waiting on black women to get it together, stop hating each other and most of all, completely give their lives to Jesus Christ.

These bones should have never been discovered by these young kids, but we are living in an evil day.  Many of our race of African Americans deny God and refuse to yield their souls to Him.   It is time to surrender dear sisters, we do not have any more time to waste.   Do not wait on anyone else to come to Jesus Christ, but it is time for you make a choice and change the atmosphere among any circle of black women, whether it be in your neighborhood, church or school.   We deeply send our condolences out to these families of these victims and dread another tragedy.  After the autopsy, we would hate to hear the news of another dead prostitute mysteriously discovered dead within an abandoned building, but we must hear this terrifying news.  Why?  Simply, because evil will always exist, if souls refuse to surrender their souls to God and care about themselves and other people.   

Poor children, all because of wickedness they will remember this for the rest of their lives.  'God bless the children and please save and protect them from all evil.'  

Dear black women, if you wish to be saved and give your life to Jesus Christ, please go directly to our Salvation page.  God bless you, dear sisters.

Read more articles like this one @ AToast2Wealth.com

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Children Find Human Bones on Detroit's East Side

WJBK | myFOXDetroit.com

DETROIT (WJBK) -- Human bones were found near an abandoned home in the 10700 block of Wayburn on Detroit's east side. Police say it was school children who made the gruesome discovery.
Part of the garage in the back was burned up. Some of the remains were found there...Read full article, here.

Photo courtesy and source: MyFoxDETROIT.com

Friday, January 13, 2012

What Happens When A Black Woman Learns Her Black Man Has AIDS?

This question has not been hushed among many within the black community, but it is an issue we should discuss, right here on Souls of Black Women blog.  What happens when a black woman finds out her husband is infected with AIDS, is a question we must all deal with, although many black couples have ceased and joined other races in matrimony.  One of the strangest reasons why we feel many black couples have broken up, is simply because AIDS has existed since 1981 and eventually, it came into the black community taking the lives of many family men.  Therefore, attraction seemed to automatically turn men and not as many black women to date other races.   In other-wards, it seems because of AIDS black men and women have ran away from each other, instead of running to each other and praying together among ourselves.  Dear black woman, although we congratulate those whom have been happily married to one whom does not identify being African American, we must not run away from this issue. For this is one of the very reasons why, as a race of people, many have not been able to use the power, God has given to them and one of those main powers is to love one another.   

Although, certain experts claim AIDS is a man made disease to cut down on the population of every other race outside of the white race, God has allowed African Americans to be inflicted with AIDS, whether they were in sin or not before they were diagnosed with it.   Unfortunately, regardless if a man caught it through a blood transfusion or just through a sexual relationship, if he was married, he would have had to confront his wife.   So we ask you this question, throughout the years, what has happened to black women when they discovered their husband was diagnosed with HIV and then, in many cases, full blown AIDS?   Throughout the years, what happened to our dear sisters as our race became more divided between men and women and black families?  It hurts, but this is something a few of our journalists have laid on the altar, but feel it is very important to discuss.  For you see dear sisters, although many black women felt betrayed by their husband's discreet affairs with other men or just felt it was very unfair because he caught AIDS through a blood transfusion, it seems as though black women have became their worst enemy and it has gotten worst in the 21st century.   After many black men infected our dear sisters with AIDS, the lack of love among each other seems to be irrelevant.   This is indeed a spiritual matter we must take before the throne of Christ, because we have heard story, after story and nothing seems to have gotten better.  We celebrate our black history month, yet nothing has changed.  Now that many of us stand alone without a man and have not given into a bi-racial relationship, because that is not what many of us want, yet we have not realized a lot of our dear black sisters have either died and are yet dying of AIDS.   These specific black sisters whom were inflicted with AIDS are not thinking about the black men who no longer want them, they are thinking about how to remain healthy or afraid what will happen, after they die.   Therefore, they are preparing to meet God.

Dear sisters, we must care so much and think about all the women who were offended by their husbands down low lifestyle that caused her to be inflicted and now, possibly she could be still alive while witnessing how black men and black women are no longer attracted to each other, after the fact.   These women are bitter and feel betrayed by the entire black community, which may not have done much to deal with the issue of AIDS.

Dear black woman, is this you?  Were you infected with AIDS and now you see it is a different world, after you feel your black man forsook you?   Yet you possibly have experienced so much hatred among black women who do not care what has destroyed those whom are dead and yet alive.  Let us assure you, if you are a born a Christian, you will realize black women whom hate other black women, sometimes much worst then black men.  Why?  Because many black women refuse to unite when it was discovered a great percentage were dying of AIDS, even wives whom became infected while some were neglected by those who knew they had it.  

Now, after the destruction of AIDS, there has been a mass separation among black men and women, down to the teenagers in their dating years.  The women whom may have been infected with AIDS by their husbands or boyfriends are struggling in the 21st century to understand why black men seem to have turned their backs on black women, after the epidemic took thousands of lives.   Believe it or not dear sisters, these are our grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunts and cousins.  What is the answer for black women whom feel left behind, after being a part of the society of black women whom were infected with AIDS by their husbands and boyfriends, in some cases, years ago?   The answer is very simple and so clear.   Turn to God.  Jesus Christ will make up for the pain your husband or boyfriend caused you.  We know sometimes it seems like nobody cares, not even black women.   We come to tell you Jesus loves you and He has seen the wide division among the black community, even while there is still some confessions of AIDS being made between black husbands and their black wives.   The main thing is to turn to Jesus Christ, because no man could ever love you like Him.  

We heard of a case years ago, about 1990, in (West) Oakland CA., a black woman with AIDS was shunned by the black community.   You have to wonder, didn't they even care how she caught it?  Absolutely not, they threw rocks and all sorts of trash at her.   Then, years later, we discovered in Africa, they do the same thing to their people, they shunned them away when they find out they are inflicted with AIDS.  So, you see, dear sisters, it does not matter if it is a man made disease or exist because of sin, many black people just do not care about each other and as we continue to live within the 21st century, we have seen more black men and women purposely offend each other to date other races while leaving the subject of AIDS behind.   We have heard it before and it is so true, black people are their worst enemy and they are the problem, not necessarily the white supremacists.

Getting back to you dear sisters who maybe inflicted with AIDS or the virus that causes it, HIV, it does not matter how lonely you feel in the 21st century.  You may feel like this is a lost era, because of your personal condition and how you caught.  No doubt, the man whom infected you, if it was your husband or boyfriend left you all by yourself.  We come to tell you, God is a healer and He will not only heal you physically, but also emotionally.  Furthermore, we believe God can heal you of HIV/AIDS, but we must be honest, it is according to your faith, we cannot do it for you.  Learn to forgive that man or boyfriend whom infected you, whether he is dead or alive, you must forgive him.   Begin to love yourself and speak to your soul everyday.  Tell yourself, you are going to make it and do not give up on God.  

In conclusion, if you desire to give your life over to the Lord, please go directly to our Salvation page, then you will be led in a Sinner's prayer.  If you wish for someone to pray with you, just simply sign up as an email subscriber and let us know.  Someone will call you, just give us your phone number.  God bless you and until next time, stay strong.

Black Women Please Coach Your Daughters: Police Seek Suspect in Attempted Child Abductions in Atlanta

For those of you black women whom are blessed to be parents of daughters, please sit them down and give them guidance.  This article is not just to alert mothers in Atlanta to be cautious of this suspect who is out trying to snatch girls into his vehicle, but our words are for black women, all over America.   We would like for you to pay more attention to what your daughters maybe trying to tell you.  Do not allow them to go out and wander the streets alone.  Really, it is wise to have them to not just be out on the streets wandering around, because it is not safe, these days.  Even if they are on their way to school or you send them on an errand, you must take precaution.  In this case, we are not sure where these girls were on their way to, but this strange man with a perverted man tried to lure them into his vehicle.  He threatened one girl, but she was not afraid and called 911.

In the 21st century, we have to be more careful whether our daughters are on the internet or just simply walking to their destination on the streets.  We want to advise you to watch your daughters more closely and even if they rebel and say they want to go to school, to the store or shopping alone, you must share with them, regarding your concern of abductors whom may be out to snatch them.  Let them know you care, even if they still do not understand your strict supervision.  Be smart and show them stories with stories about girls whom are missing and maybe somewhere dead.  Do your job as a mother and teach them about being more humble and obedient, because America has always had child abductors and so far, nothing has gotten any better. 

Furthermore, if you are a single mother and working long hours on a job, slow down and find a way to forewarn your daughter about child abductions.  Take time to protect your daughters.  Although you may have to work, find a way to spend more time to protect your daughters, because one day it maybe too late. 

Watch Video

Police Seek Suspect in Attempted Child Abductions


ATLANTA - Atlanta police say a man is trying to abduct girls as they walk to school. Two different girls were approached Thursday morning. Luckily neither one got in the man's car.
Atlanta police released a composite sketch of a man they say is trying to abduct girls on their way to school on Thursday.

Sixteen-year-old Wanda George was approached as she left the Deerfield Garden Apartments on Campbellton road on Thursday.

"He rolled down the passenger side [window]. He was like if you don't get in here I'm going to make you get in. So I ran," said Wanda George.

Another girl was also approached Thursday morning off of Sylvan Road.

"He asked her to come to the car. She kept walking. He said come to the car, again. She kept walking.

He then turned the car and actually threatened physical violence on the child if she didn't come to the car," said Lt. Stacie Gibbs of the Atlanta Police Department.

But like George, the 12-year-old refused to get...Read full article, here.

Source and photo courtesy: http://www.myfoxatlanta.com

Thursday, January 12, 2012

George Lucas Admits Hollywood Didn't Want To Fund 'Red Tails' Because Of Its Black Cast: White Husbands of Black Women Do Face Racism

We have been asking our dear black sisters whom are married to their white husbands, 'how do they handle racism and speak with them about, whenever they face it.'  Therefore, we wondered if they faced it alone or do their white husbands even care.  Well, obviously George Lucas who is happily married to his black woman, Mellody Hobson has just experienced racial discrimination and he admits it on this following video.  We feel George Lucas is being extremely honest about racism, which something a lot of black men will not do and honestly, even some black women.  George Lucas created a film to give black actors a chance in Hollywood and because it is an all black cast, he faced racial discrimination.

We feel George Lucas has opened the eyes of many people whom wondered if racial discrimination was ever discussed among white men and their black wives.  Although, we have got our answer, it is a twist, he experienced it.  Furthermore, it is obvious he and Mellody Hobson have possibly experienced it, but like a lot of other white men and their black wives, we never know until they admit it.

We think George Lucas is a very courageous man and even better, behind every strong men, there is a very strong, positive and powerful woman. 

Dear sisters, how would we feel married to a white husband whom has always been big in Hollywood whose just admitted he has faced racial discrimination, on the behalf of our race?  No doubt, his experience with racism would make us feel totally as one and connected with him.

Watch Video

George Lucas: Hollywood Didn't Want To Fund 'Red Tails' Because Of Its Black Cast

In an appearance on The Daily Show last night, George Lucas said that he had trouble getting funding for his new movie, "Red Tails," because of its black cast.

"This has been held up for release since 1942 since it was shot, I've been trying to get released ever since," Lucas quipped to Jon Stewart. "It's because it's an all-black movie. There's no major white roles in it at all...I showed it to all of them and they said no. We don't know how to market a movie like this."

"Red Tails," which stars Cuba Gooding, Jr., and Terrence Howard, is based on the Tuskegee Airmen, the group of pioneering black pilots who fought in the United States' segregated armed forces during World War II. The movie is directed by Anthony Hemingway, the rare black director getting a chance to direct...Read full article, here. 

Source: www.huffingtonpost.com 
Photo courtesy: http://www.zimbio.com

Monday, January 9, 2012

Black Woman Lived In Jeep, Now Homeless On The Streets of Detroit: Imagine Yourself In This Situation

When we heard the news of this black woman homeless on the streets of Detroit, after getting carjacked, we wanted to share it with you. We would like all of you black women whom are struggling indoors while living paycheck to paycheck to imagine yourself as Carolyn Griffin, a 54 year-old lady who lost all of her possessions, after losing a minimum wage job.  As you know, the streets of Detroit is very dangerous, people are get murdered for no reason on the streets, all the time.  

One particular reason why we wanted each and every last black woman to read this article is for this very reason, please do not judge other black women who could be worst off than you.  Begin to love black women, you do not even know. We want you to consider the needs of black women who are poor with no place to go.  Do not turn your nose up at a black woman who may not have on proper clothes and carry foul odor.  These sort of black women are doing the best they can to survive without any financial support.  If you are living your life as though you are above the homeless, you should re-evaluate how you think, because no one is ex-exempt from being homeless.   There is so much division among black women, many fail to see the serious situations of those without anywhere to sleep, without clothes or food.   God desires for black women to change their attitudes among themselves, so He can bless us, but many will not surrender nor admit their wickedness.   Let us change our spirits, so we can bless those who are not so fortunately blessed as ourselves.   We cannot just pray for the homeless, we have to go out and help them.  When we see black women wandering on the streets, we need to start a conversation with them and become acquainted so we can assist them in anyway, we are not just talking about giving them a little pocket change, a quarter one day and a dime the next, we are speaking of, creating a network to assist black women in need of food and shelter.

The next time you see a homeless person, do not turn your nose up at them, because many live in cars and have no place to go, just like Carolyn Griffin.   Many are afraid and trust no one.  There are many black women who are turned away by their family, including the church.  These black women are just a valuable to God as you are and do not deserve the neglect and rejection from their family or the church, so the least those of us black women can do, is show our love and concern and give assistance to those who desperately need it. 

Let us pray for Carolyn Griffin right now:  
Dear God, our sister is in need right now.  She is homeless and has nowhere to go, please help our dear sister right now.  God, it seems like no one cares about black women in this world and we are the worst hated and called the most ugliest women.  God please hear our cry and because we are hurting, but we realize many of us are not hurting as bad as our dear sisters who are homeless on the streets like Carolyn Griffin, our dear sister.  Jesus, do something for Carolyn Griffin, right now.  You know her situation and you were even there when she was carjacked at gunpoint.  We bind every demon in hell that is trying to take this woman's life while she is living on the dangerous streets of Detroit with no place to go.   Protect our dear sister and do not let any harm come her way. Jesus protect this woman right now, in the precious name of Jesus.  Give her back her stolen Jeep with all of her possessions still in it.  Even better, we pray you give her a place to stay with a good paying job. Lord, we have other sisters on the streets and ask that you protect them, too.  Show us how to provide for our dear sisters and teach us not to turn our noses up at no one.  Teach us how to show love to those who are poor and feel oppressed by society and even badly mistreated by our own race.  We know you have heard our prayer and if there is anything not right in our hearts, please take it out, right now.  In Jesus name, Amen. 

Now, if you are homeless or knows someone who is, please remain updated on our future articles teaching you how to live better, no matter your situation.  We encourage you to have faith in God and put no confidence in man (Psalm 146:3) and do not give up.  

Watch Video

Carjacking Victim Lived in Jeep, She's Now Homeless

Clothes and personal items stolen

DETROIT, Mich. (WJBK) - Detroit police are looking for a stolen 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee; the woman who owns it actually lived in the vehicle. She was carjacked at gunpoint and has now lost everything she owned, including her home.

Carolyn Griffin, 54, tells Fox 2 she's "close to the edge," after losing her minimum wage job and then having two thieves steal her Jeep. Griffin was living in the Jeep and now finds herself homeless. We met her Sunday outside the Detroit Police Department's Eastern District where she filed a police report. Police are looking for a tan, 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee, license plate number BAP 3542. The vehicle has major front end damage and a hanging bumper.

"I was woken up by a tap on the window and it was a gun," said Griffin. "[The suspects were] demanding me to get out of the vehicle...Read full article, here.

Source and photo courtesy: MyFoxDetroit.com

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Update: Police ID ‘person of interest' in case of missing Buckhead woman

The person of interest resides in St. Louis, Missouri.  Like we mentioned before his name is Robert Kirk, owner of a media company.  So far police have been yet searching for any leads that may direct them to recover Stacey English, dead or alive.   

We pray for her safe return and will keep you updated on any more news, regarding Stacey English's disappearance.

Meanwhile, dear black women please take heed to this story or any other story of missing black women, whether they were prostitutes or just got caught up with the wrong guy.  We are not saying Robert Kirk is guilty, but they did have an argument, after she asked him to leave and so far, he was the last person to see her.   Therefore, we want you to continue to be careful, fast and pray before you meet man, to make sure it is God's will the both of you should be together.  A lot of you may not feel complete without a man, but this is why you need God in your life, because no man can make you feel totally complete, except for Him.  God bless.

Watch Video

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 

Atlanta police on Thursday named a St. Louis man a "person of interest" in the case of a missing Buckhead woman but stopped short of saying foul play was involved in Stacey Nicole English's disappearance.

"He's extremely important to this investigation," said APD Maj. Keith Meadows, head of the department's major crimes unit. "As far as we know, he's the last person to see her."

Charlie Garnett-Benson, a friend of English's, identified the St. Louis man as Robert Kirk. He was supposed to be staying with English, 36, the night she disappeared, according to Garnett-Benson.
He spent time with the English family during the holidays, Anthony English, Stacey's father, told Channel 2 Action News.

"He was at my mother's house breaking bread with us," Anthony English said.

Kirk told the missing woman's parents that he had fought with Stacey English on the evening of Dec. 26, compelling her to kick him out of her Lenox Road condominium, Garnett-Benson said.
Meadows said a security guard told police that Kirk had approached...Read full article, here.

Photo courtesy and Source:  www.ajc.com

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Black Women Please Be Careful Who You Meet: Missing Atlanta Woman's Car Found, Search Continues

We ask this strange question about this investigation, regarding Stacie Nicole English of Atlanta, why don't the police call this case foul play, if they admit to it being suspicious?   If the police discovered her car in a parking lot, allegedly belonging to the police department, left running with her iPad, cell phone and wallet, then why wouldn't it be foul play? In our opinion, they do not have the right people on the task force.  Then, we discovered that Stacie Nicole English asked this man visiting from St. Louis, Missouri to leave, after an argument.  Still, they do not consider this case foul play, something is not right with this investigation, because if we have key evidence of Mr. Robert Kirk, allegedly being the last person seen with her and honestly admits she asked him to leave, then we think the Atlanta Police Department needs to look further into this case.

As you know, we have been giving you you the latest news on prostitutes whom were found dead in the trunks of their cars, in Detroit.  Now, this case involves a missing woman in Atlanta.  Stacey Nicole English's car was discovered in a parking lot allegedly owned by the police precinct without her whereabouts.  Now, when the police discovered the car with the engine running, why didn't he or she immediately call the police and try to find out whom the car belong to.   We do not trust the police with this particular case and find it very suspicious they do not see this as a case of being foul play.  

We always tell you dear black women, to live your life right and be very careful of what choices you make.  Although Stacey Nicole English allegedly worked for a bank, she obviously could have met the wrong person, possibly online.  The questions remain to ponder through our minds.  How long did she know this man from St. Louis, Missouri? This case if awfully strange and teaches each and every last one of us a lesson, when a man is in our house, we should not allow him to visit with us along.  It not safe and very dangerous.  Black sisters, you have to be very careful whom you meet and not be such in a rush to have a man in your life.  Of course, we are not judging our dear sister Stacey Nicole English, but we are speaking of what troubles we can save ourselves from.  Let us pray for a good man and when we meet him, in public around close family and friends is probably the best way to get to know him.   We do not need any more black women disappearing and dying before their time.   Dear black women, please be very careful who you meet.  

We pray for the safe return of Stacey Nicole English and also for her parents and friends.  We pray God keeps them all strong during this frightening situation.  Lastly, we pray this strange man Ms. English met, admits his guilt, if he knows anything about her disappearance. 

Watch Video

Atlanta Police say an officer impounded the car December 27, the night 36-year-old Stacey English disappeared. The car was found in the Lakewood area of southeast Atlanta. It was abandoned with its engine running.

Police ordered the car towed to an impound lot. English's family reported her missing December 31, police say. When police launched their missing-person case January 1, they searched their impound lots for the car, but the search failed to produce the vehicle. Another search Wednesday yielded the discovery of the car.

Maj. Keith Meadows told a news conference "we haven't come across any forensic evidence within that vehicle to suggest that Miss English has met with foul play." But he said police were "concerned" about the "suspicious circumstances" of her disappearance.

Police say a person of interest has cooperated with the investigation, a man who last saw English following an argument. Police say he left her apartment and called a cab. A security guard reported seeing him leave. The unidentified man lives in St. Louis and is described by friends as somebody in whom English had a possible romantic interest.

Meanwhile, English's family continues to wait and worry about the fate of their daughter. Her stepfather and mother attended a police news conference Thursday. They were visibly shaken by word that the missing car had been in the possession of the police department since her disappearance.
The missing woman left behind her keys, phone...Read full article, here.

Photo courtesy and source: http://buckhead.11alive.com

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Black Women Imagine Your Body Missing: Leads in Missing Detroit Dancer Case Go Nowhere

This is very sad news for the mother of  26-year-old Kalisha Madden who went missing after leaving a Vegas Strip Club.  Now, although police say they feel this case is not connected to the four deceased bodies found in the trunks, the killer could have purposely killed this stripper a different way to trick investigators.  Also, we feel like the tipster who called the police to a location of her dead body is possibly an indication that was the killer who made the phone call, because no body was found in that particular spot.

Dear black women can you imagine your body missing and police having a hard time finding where it could be?  This is scary, but so true.  We plead with you not to dance or escort for money, but seek Jesus Christ and trust Him to help you find a better financial solution.  It maybe difficult, but you will live and enjoy your life.   Detroit Police claim they cannot continue the investigation at this time, because it has came to a dead end.  Now imagine them saying this about you.  How would you feel, dear sister?   Whether you are hungry for days and cannot afford to buy better clothes.  God would whether you take sewing classes and learn how to sew your own clothes.  Even better, sell them for money, not your body.  God loves you so much, black woman, but you have got to love Him so much, you honor and trust Him.  God is the one who created your body.  Do you think He is happy when black women choose to sell their body for money.  You have got to eat, but how can you eat dead?

You may say, 'oh I just dance for money', I am not a prostitute.  Read this very clear, if you a stripper, taking your clothes off and get paid, that is a form of prostitution.  You are no better are no less important than a harlot.   Even many of you dear black women who do phone sex for money, you are no better are less important than a harlot.  You are a prostitute.  Turn your life around a turn to Jesus before it is everlasting too late, because if you deny what you are and keep continuing to live your life this way, you will die in your sin.

If you watch this following video, maybe your mother is judgmental about your lifestyle, which is a different attitude than Kalisha's mother.  Kalisha's mother loves her daughter so much, she is not judging what she did.  Many times, dear black women our mothers can hurt us so much and say some of the meanest things, but they are handling the situation of disciplining you so harshly because they love you.  This mother on video seem to be long-suffering, but many mothers of black women seem as though they do not love their daughters enough to discipline them in a more loving way.  Dear black women, it does not matter how you much comes across or the harsh things she says, because really she may drive you to do worse things, but you are going to have to forgive and love yourself, regardless.  Show your mother how much you love her, by changing your life.  A lot of times, mothers of black women whom may prostitute or sell drugs may cam them a whore or a slut, but we want you to prove it wrong.  You are not a slut or a whore, but you are so precious in the eyes of God.  We know it may seem easy for other races of women and they may not have to deal with so much hatred of being black, but you have got to live your life different.  Think about killers hiding your corpse while you are on the other side in judgement, facing Jesus Christ for all of the things you have done wrong.  Could this be you?   You would never have another chance to prove naysayers wrong and repent to God for selling your body, pimping or even drugs.   You have got to wake up, dear black women and start seeing things God's way and not your own.  Do not let Kalisha's tragedy or any of the four women found dead in trunks become your own tragedy that would make you a memory in a negative fashion. 

If you desire to be saved, please go to our Salvation's page.  Then, after you get saved, if you need counseling someone will pray with you, if you need it.  God bless and seek Him before it is everlasting too late.  We love you.

Watch Video

WJBK | myFOXDetroit.com

DETROIT (WJBK) -- A Detroit family gets some devastating news. Their daughter has been missing since November, and Tuesday they were told by police that, so far, the tips are leading nowhere.

Since those tips are leading nowhere, Kalisha Madden's mother said a detective told her that the case is now being pushed to the backburner. That is the last thing she wants to hear, and she is determined to make sure that does not happen.

"I love my daughter, unconditionally. I don't care what she did. I don't care if she was an escort. I don't care if she was a drug addict. I don't care what she did. She still is my child," said Pam Johnson.

Her child is missing. 26-year-old Kalisha Madden was last seen November 28th at the Vegas Strip Club in Detroit.

"Witnesses state that she was seen leaving with a gentleman named Benny. They say he walks on crutches. There was a tall guy that had individual braids. My daughter had partied with them all night. She was comfortable," Johnson explained.

Madden hasn't been seen since.

"I knew instantly the next day when she didn't pick her children up that there was something wrong," Johnson said.

DPD detectives have been working this case from the beginning. Johnson said detectives used cadaver dogs...Read full article, here.

Photo and Source: http://www.myfoxdetroit.com

Monday, January 2, 2012

Two Women Shot Along With a Detroit Strip Club Manager Fatally Shot While Breaking Up a Fight

Fortunately two women whom were shot during a fight in a Detroit Strip club called Starvin Marvin survived their gunshot wounds.  However, this fatal incident could have been much worse for both of them, so this is why we encourage black women to stop stripping, dealing drugs and/or prostituting themselves.  If you choose to make money through one of those ways, you not necessarily will face death through a serial killer, but you may be in a dangerous place at the wrong time.   Names of the two women have not been released, although we assume it is a possibility they could have been strippers.

We acknowledge Detroit is a high impoverished city and it is very difficult to find jobs.  However, if you reside in Detroit or any city like it that has a lot of crime, do not give into to becoming a drug dealer, madam, prostitute or a stripper.  If you do, you may not have a mind to ever serve God, because of all the money you are paid.  For the first time, you maybe able to pay rent, feed your children and even clothe them, but your life maybe cut short because you got caught up in an environment that was risky business that involves a lot of violence.  Therefore, seek God, give him your whole heart, mind and soul.   Ask Him to lead you into a lucrative career or business that is legitimate, so you will not have to risk losing your soul and leaving your children behind.

Furthermore, the two women who survived this deadly shooting at Starvin Marvin's have a chance to repent and make it right.  By the grace of God, they are still alive, so let us pray they realize His goodness before it is everlasting too late.  Also, realize this could have been you and what if you did not survive?

By myFOXDetroit.com Staff

DETROIT (WJBK) - Detroit police are searching for the person who shot and killed a strip club manager over the weekend.

Authorities say the 39-year-old manager was trying to stop a fight inside the Starvin Marvin's on Conant when someone pulled out a gun and fired shots.

The manager was taken to a local hospital where he died from his...Read full article, here. 

Source and photo courtesy: http://www.myfoxdetroit.com

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