Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Why some Beauticians are very mad at black women are growing their own hair, naturally

About two months ago, we spotted a You Tube video of an angry beautician trying to discourage black women not to grow their own hair, naturally.  She was mad and fired up, because she is possibly losing a lot of business.   Since the early 80's many hair stylists have been making money by giving perms and relaxers, it was no more using the hot combs.  It became very popular for hair stylists to process a black woman's hair on a bi-weekly basis, so she could have it straightened for about 3 months.  Now, the culture has changed and many black women are learning they can grow their natural hair without spending money at the beauty salon.

Back in the early days, in our teens our mothers were tired of straightening our hair for special occasions and plaiting it everyday when we were young girls, so these beauticians in the black community became very wealthy.  Too bad for them, those days are over.

We want to encourage you sisters not to listen to those beauticians whom are trying to get you to continue processing your hair, for it is better to care for your own hair and grow it naturally.   Many of these hair stylists are losing money not just because of the recession, but many black women are wising up and saving a lot of money during this recession.   Therefore, do not feel so sorry for them, you will believe their lies and not enjoy the benefits of growing your own hair.

This one unidentified hair stylist who was so angry on this video, she told a lie when she claimed your hair will grow just the same, using relaxers and perms. Of course, we know the revolution of growing our own natural hair is not helping them during this recession, especially when a lot of our sisters already do not have money to visit their salons; however, we must care about ourselves more than their businesses closing.   If this hair stylist and others really cared about us, then they would be glad we have finally found a way to grow our hair much longer and even faster.  Thank God for the internet and our communication with various black women sharing what they know or else we would be stuck back in time, still spending money to pay for our hair to be chemically treated and even weaved.  However, we do feel sorry for all of those black women whom are still working for corporate America and a part of the celebrity elite, because they have to satisfy their superiors who give them a paycheck and that often means changing your look to blend with the women of European descent.  Those of us whom have jobs where we are not around a lot of white people and other races whom would question our natural beauty are very blessed and we should thank God for it.  Therefore, do not be a follower of all those miserable black women who believe the lie that your hair will eventually grow the same length and in the same amount of time, if you relax or perm it.   Of course, there a some black women who have grown long hair, although it has been permed, but-there are others whom have not been so fortunate and the chemicals is not good for their hair and could cause Fibroid Tumors, which is a danger for all of us, according to blacklikemoi.com and aje.oxfordjournals.org.  For many of us black women, our hair is not and never was equipped to be chemically processed, because it is a very special type of hair God gave us.  Therefore, this is why many of us should never go back to chemically processing our hair, because it will never reach its' potential to grow at a very long length.

There is a history behind perms and relaxers taking our natural pride.  Just think about all those years when many of us African American women could have been enjoying our own long hair, but we were robbed when our race begin to diverse with Europeans back in the early 1980's.  This time period was after the civil rights movement had died and the black panther party was no more active across America.  If we wore our natural hair, we were judged as being militant.  Many black people no longer want to be identified with who God created them to be. They idolized celebrities who began to have cosmetic surgeries to change their features and even chemically process their hair.  Yes, diversity is a good thing, but only to a certain extent, because too much of it has destroyed our freedom of being who we are as black people and loving ourselves.  In this age of the 21st century, now many of us have realized how beautiful our natural hair is and how God never intended for us to be robbed of enjoying growing our kinky and woolish hair, very similar to His Son, Jesus Christ as the Bible says in Revelation 1:14'His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire...' 

We are a witness, your hair is more healthy when you stop processing it.   There are so many natural remedies to cure damaged hair and many of them can be bought out of your nearest grocery store or found in your kitchen, if you already have it.  This is the secret that is helping many of us to grow our own hair without chemicals and much faster, it is the natural herbs God created from the beginning of time.

Source: blacklikemoi.com
Source: aje.oxfordjournals.org
Photo: Stockbyte, Digital Vision


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