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Newlywed found guilty of killing husband near Varsity: Black women, no man is worth losing our freedom

We want to start this article by encouraging you sisters not to take matters into your own hands when a man disrespects you.  Taking a human life is not worth you losing your freedom and his (or her) soul is very valuable to God, regardless of how much he (or she) may have hurt you.   Arelisha Bridges, 45, who murdered her 26-year-old husband back in 2010 has been found guilty and now will serve life in prison.   The newlyweds were only married 6 days. 

Why do we think this newlywed, Bridges killed her younger husband, Anthony Rankins?  There is no excuse for it, but obviously this woman has had some deep past issues that built up over the years.  Possibly, Rankins did or said something to make her feel very low.   Some black men in our past, whether they were our fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins or even ex-boyfriends have violated us very bad.  Therefore, we feel this could be the case with Arelisha Bridges.  She may have gotten to a point when she was tired of rude men offending her in many ways while noticing some black women yet putting them upon a pedestal.  It is so wrong to kill anyone and whenever some of our sisters feel as though they have had enough of the disrespect, they must learn to seek God.  For this reason, the culture within the black race is going to remain the way it is until Jesus comes, the way some black women idolize abusive men among African Americans gives them the power to dog us.    Although that is the way it is, it is wrong to kill anyone and God is not happy with murder as it says in Exodus 20:13, 'Thou Shall Not Kill.'  That is a commandment and regardless of how some men may disrespect us, we do not have the authority to take their lives.   

Sisters, do you feel so stressed out after your husband, a man in your family or in your neighborhood has done or said anything to make you feel less than the woman you are?  Do you feel as though you could kill?   If so, we want to pray for you right now.

Father in the name of Jesus, we come before you right now, thanking you for another day.  We thank you for being so gentle to us, when some black men have failed us.  You loved us when our father disowned us, you loved us when that ex-boyfriend or ex-husband dumped us for another woman and you loved and embraced us when our mothers loved our abusive brothers much more than us.  Some black men who have hurt us very bad have been our fathers, brothers, cousins, uncles, sons, ex-boyfriends, ex-husbands and even some men in our neighborhood.   We have been mistreated so bad by them, some of our dear sisters feel as though they are not beautiful.  Lord God, we ask you to heal the race of black women, for our sisters' emotions are so damaged, they do not mind taking a human life.  God heal the minds and spirits of wounded black women right now, send the murdering demon back to the pit of hell where it came from.  Heal our dear sisters right now and we bring our dear sister, Arelisha Bridges to you, asking you to heal her while she is now serving a life sentence.   Let her know you love her, regardless of how bad she has been mistreated.  Let Arelisha know, it is time for her to repent and seek you, even though she has been convicted of taking a man's life.   Be with her and all of the other black women across America and abroad whom are fed up with being emotionally, verbally and physically abused by some men whom are yet catered to by some inconsiderate black women.   Father we praise you and give all of our burdens and cares to you.  For you said in I Peter 5:7 and Psalm 55:2 to 'cast our cares on you, for you care for us.'   We want to end this prayer praising you for what you have already done in our lives, in your precious name, Jesus.  Amen. 

Now for all of you dear sisters whom are not saved and you desire to be a child of God, we want you to humble yourself and allow Jesus to abide in you.   Some of you do not know how to leave the past behind, because there is an abusive male in the present life right now that reminds you of some cruel men in your past.  If this is you and you do not know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, please go straight to our salvation page, now.  May God bless and keep you strong and welcome to the body of Christ. 

Newlywed found guilty of killing husband near Varsity

By Angel K. Brooks

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 

A woman accused of fatally shooting her new husband near the Varsity restaurant was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.

Arelisha Bridges, 45, was convicted in the March 2010 death of her husband of six days...Read full article, here.

Source and photo:
Photo: Warren van Nus



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