Thursday, December 6, 2012

Crime: Covington couple Robert and Lendene Dendydeaths ruled murder-suicide: Black women, what can be done to stop this demon of murder-suicide?

Sisters, this is an update, regarding the married couple who was found dead in Covington, GA.  Now, we cannot understand why so many lives of black women are being taken through murder-suicide, but it seems to now become a popular thing.   We have given you several stories throughout 2012 about murder-suicide, involving black couples.   

This is a sad day we are living in, it seems like no man's land, a place we no longer recognize, especially if God has blessed many of us to live over 35 years old.    The demon of depression is very strong and seems to have crept into the spirits of black couple more than any other era.  Back in the 1970's and 80's we never heard of so many murder-suicide cases among black couples, murder yes, but black men and black women whether they were married or just in relationships, many of them did not end their lives that way.   However, it was very sad when the AIDS epidemic began not just killing gay black men, but it started killing off married black couples and their children.  This is why in a way it is very sad to see black women and black men not together today, which could be God's will, because many are not seeking Him as they should anyway.   This murder suicide is become a regular routine killing black women like AIDS and drugs.  If this is hurting you sisters, you must be honest to admit there is demon taking the lives of African Americans through murder-suicide more than any other period of time.   This is a serious spiritual issue and it is so very important for all of you sisters to realize we must always remain in constant prayer.  We must be very careful what man we accept to share our lives with, because we do not know if they are strong enough to handle life in difficult times. The only way to make sure both black women and their men are strong enough to deal with problems in their lives is through Jesus Christ.  

Now, although, we do not know who pulled the trigger in the Dendy case, we have a funny feeling it could have been the man like in previous cases, we could be wrong.  However, whoever decided to initiate this murder-suicide, it is very sad and reality is, there is no other way to experience complete joy, unless we adapt to a close relationship with Jesus Christ.     In the meantime, we will pray for the family of this Covington couple.  May Robert and Lendene Dendy rest in peace.

Deaths of Ga. couple ruled murder-suicide

COVINGTON, Ga. (AP) - Authorities in Newton County say a double shooting that left a husband and wife dead in their home was a murder-suicide.

The bodies of Robert and Lendene Dendy were found inside their house in Covington Monday morning by relatives.

Newton County officials worked with the...Read full article, here.

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