Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Crime: Black women, Covington couple (teachers) found dead in home

Sisters, this sudden news of another black woman being found dead is very sad.   Lendende Dendy (39) was a third grade teacher at Live Oak in Covington, (GA.) was discovered dead, along with her husband Robert Dende (44) who was a football coach and teacher by her son Monday morning.   This sounds like this could be another murder-suicide case or-just maybe a homicide.  God must be trying to get the attention of black couples, these things just do not happen for no reason, because it is nonstop.  As you can see, at the end of 2012, we cannot get a break before Christmas, hearing about these strange murders.

Gina Cox worked very close to Lendende Dendy and says she was such a wonderful person who cared about kids.   As intelligent black women, we must ask this question, why do bad things happen to good people?   

There are too many of our sisters of all ages dying before their time and there must be a spiritual answer.   In our opinion, we sincerely think the key is we as saved black women coming together in fasting and prayer to bind this demonic force that is taking the lives of our sisters, including the black men they are with. We must also pray God gives them a mind to accept Him.  Those of us whom are true born again Christians realize there are certain demons assigned to take our souls and steal our happiness.  Therefore, if some black women are not spiritual to understand this fact, we must step back and pray for them, because we cannot allow them to stop us from uniting to pray against these demons that are taking the lives of black women before their time.   We take this issue very seriously and cannot not stop speaking out about it.   Some unsaved black women wonder why there are people like us on the internet always praying and binding evil spirits, it is simply because we know demons are very real and the only way to combat them is by encouraging salvation and through constant prayer.  The only way we are going to stop seeing these cases of murder and murder-suicide or any other types of crime among black women is to include God, there is no other way.  If you are a baby christian, please understand there are two worlds that dominate our world (earth), one is the heavenly realm and the other is hell, below us.   No, you cannot see demons but they work around the clock and they are the very reason why such evil takes place like in the case of Lendende Dendy and her husband, Robert and also for example, the latest celebrity murder-suicide of Jovan Belcher who took his own life, after killing his girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins.

This may look like a wonderful suburban home, but it sure is sad evil crept in to take the lives of these two people.  Somebody knows something about this double murder case that took the lives of this married couple whom were both teachers.   If not, this could be another case of a murder-suicide.   

May Robert and Lendende Dendy both rest in peace and we are praying for their family.

If you need Jesus Christ to come into your life, please go straight to our Salvation page, now.  God bless and welcome to the body of Christ, dear sisters.

 Watch Video

Couple found dead in Newton County home

By Justin Gray, FOX 5 reporter

NEWTON COUNTY, Ga. - Police in Newton County are investigation the deaths of a husband and wife whose bodies were found inside their Covington home on Monday.

Authorities say 44-year-old Robert Dendy and 39-year-old Lendene Dendy were discovered by the couple's teenage son around 7:45 a.m. at...Read full article, here.

Source, Photo and Video: MyFoxAtlanta.com


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